Environmental Service

The Environmental Service Committee promotes environmental sustainability through the reduction of waste and the restoration of natural habitat.

We organize events and partner with other organizations to educate the public, restore habitat and promote recycling.

Education Outreach

Participating in community events such as Earth Day, Salmon Days and Viking Tour we have the opportunity to educate the public on what we can do to reduce waste for a healthier planet.

Styrofoam Roundups

Kitsap County’s Styrofoam Roundup has kept several tons of Styrofoam out of our landfills, Kitsap County collects around 5 semi-truck loads at each event.

Near Zero Waste Events

At Viking Tour, even with around 300 participants and even more volunteers each year we are able to keep trash going to our landfills to under 10lbs.

At company picnics, meetings and work parties we are at the ready to help make the event successful while minimizing waste.

Malawi Solar Project

Njewa Campus: Many places in Malawi don’t have reliable power.  By establishing solar power, we are able to provide access to electricity throughout the year.  This reduces the use of fossil fuels and keeps food and medicine refrigerated so that they are not wasted.

Great Peninsula Conservancy

Grover Creek Preserve Project : Building habitat piles and constructed logs to support small animals and promote forest regeneration by mimicking nurse log conditions during decomposition

Simple actions you can take to reduce waste:

Use travel cup/mugs
Use beeswax wraps
Bring your own bags shopping
Use cloth napkins
Use laundry sheets
Use dryer balls
Shut off water when brushing teeth
Take short showers
Shop in bulk with your own jars/bags
Shop second-hand shops
Donate used items
Use loose leaf tea
Take your own to go box to restaurants
Use up leftovers
Donate fruits & vegetables you’re not going to use in time
Use reusable rags for cleaning
Store food in reusable containers
Use travel silverware at picnics and other events
Use a reusable straw or go without


Not sure if that container is recyclable? Do you include it in your curbside container? What the heck do you do with those used batteries? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the resources below:

Terracycle / Pay to recycle almost anything and find free recycling solutions.

Kitsap Public Waste and Recycling Events / From styrofoam to old tires, these events help take care of some nasty problem materials.

What are Green Walkers?

Do you ever go for a walk and notice trash on the side of the road?  Have you ever noticed how much of it is recyclable?  Imagine if every time people went for a walk, they took a bag with them, and a pair of gloves or a trash pickup tool, picked up what trash they passed and recycled what could be recycled.  Well, we didn’t want to just imagine it, so we stated doing it and thought it deserved a proper name: Green Walks.

Go for a Green Walk today and share photos of what you find and brag about how much of it you were able to rinse and recycle.

Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

ESRAG provides an organizing point and informational resources to share information with clubs and communities about sustainable practices and the global humanitarian crisis of climate change.

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