Domestic Violence Prevention

Poulsbo Rotary’s Domestic Violence Prevention Committee is dedicated to projects and programs to support our community’s most vulnerable populations.

The major work of our committee for more than a decade has been in providing housing and support for survivors of domestic violence in our North Kitsap community. These large projects have been a partnership between Poulsbo Rotary, the City of Poulsbo, the Kitsap County YWCA.

Eli’s Place

Eli’s Place is named for the grand nephew of Poulsbo Rotary member Ardis Morrow. More than a decade ago, Housing Kitsap made available a dilapidated duplex housing unit near the Poulsbo City limits. Working with the City of Poulsbo and the Kitsap YWCA, Poulsbo Rotarians renovated and furnished the duplex and the property to house victims of domestic violence in the North Kitsap community. The Domestic Violence Prevention committee was the guiding force behind the organization and decision making for this work.

Morrow Manor

Morrow Manor is an eight-unit housing complex for survivors of domestic violence. It was built on land donated by a Poulsbo Rotarian. The Domestic Violence Prevention Committee organized the outreach for fundraising that included contributions large and small from philanthropists, corporations, and many many individuals. The Committee also worked with the City of Poulsbo to organize and manage the construction. The Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation controlled and managed the funding for the project and the turnover of the property upon completion of the work. Many Poulsbo Rotarians participated in completing this huge, multi-year project.

Future Activities

Morrow Manor and Eli’s Place will still receive our committee’s support from time to time for maintenance and furnishings, and to provide items such as Christmas gifts for occupants of the property. However, our committee and its members are looking for new directions to work on the difficult problems of preventing domestic violence in our community.

Join Us

We are always looking for new members to help in this effort.