Earth Heroes

See how your favorite Earth Hero makes a difference in their community!

“Everything in nature is reused or recycled!”

The Reducer always has his reusable water bottle so he never has to use paper or plastic cups. He helps his parents out by bringing their reusable shopping bags with them whenever they go to the store. He also takes good care of all his things so he can give them to others when he no longer uses them, instead of throwing them away.

“Take care of the Earth and the Earth will take care of you!”

Eco Girl joined the Earth Heroes in school  when her class planted seeds in compostable cups. Watching the seeds grow into vegetables helped nurture her love for the environment. Now she does all she can to help keep our water clean, our air fresh, and our soil healthy so plants, animals, and humans can thrive!

“Reuse the past, recycle the present, and save the future!”

The Super Saver turns off lights when he leaves the room, unplugs computers and devices when not in use, and saves water by taking short showers and turning off the tap when he brushes his teeth. The Super Saver has also found ways to use old torn-up clothes for other projects and he shops at second-hand stores to help save resources.

“There is no such thing as garbage in nature!”

The Green Wonder keeps her vegetable garden healthy and does not let crops go to waste: she donates extra produce  to local food banks and soup kitchens. She eats leftovers for lunch or helps her parents find ways to use them for future meals like soups or casseroles. She composts food scraps for her garden or feeds them to her neighbor’s chickens.