Professional Service

The charter of the Poulsbo Rotary Professional Service Committee is to establish pathways for rewarding professions and vocations for both students and adults in the Poulsbo community.

We support projects and programs that ensure that every student graduates with a pathway to a job, vocation, profession, occupation. Our focus is on the under-privileged. We seek programs and opportunities to mentor and guide youth and adults to find their path to success. Below are several programs we have sponsored in the past or envision in the near future.

Partners for Work

We hope to establish a new program, affiliated with the Kitsap Building Association and their Kitsap Builders Learning Academy to give real-life construction experience to students and to advise them about the building trades and the abilities, skills, and pathways to succeed.

Distinguished Students of Service

Over the past several years the Professional Service Committee has worked with North Kitsap High School to identify Distinguished Student of Service. Specifically these are students who have made positive contributions to the North Kitsap High School Community and/or in the community outside NKHS. Is a good ambassador for the school and to the community. Winners have received commendations and monetary awards in recognition of their efforts.

Kitsap Homes of Compassion

Last year the Professional Service Committee sponsored an award for $5,000 to Kitsap Homes of Compassion to further their efforts to provide housing for the homeless in the Poulsbo area, as well as counseling and support to help those who can to find work and regain their independence.

Other Projects

  • We seek to establish a Poulsbo area Partners for Work program similar to ones that have already been established in the Seattle area. In Partners for Work, Rotarian business people help create employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, providing for them both networking and leadership in helping open the door towards paid employment.
  • This year the Professional Service Committee sponsored $1900 to retire all student lunch debt for graduating seniors at North Kitsap High School. Students in need of financial support to pay for lunch were obligated to repay this debt in order to graduate.
  • Equipment for teachers at North Kitsap Schools
  • Business outreach campaign to promote reasons to join Rotary and to expand the range of professions in our club.
  • The Way Things Work Tours – orientations to a variety of current professional ideas
    • Olympic College – Space
    • Centennial Building / Vibe
    • Safe boats
    • ACT Theatre