Year End Appeal

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thank you all for your past support of the Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation. Poulsbo Rotary Club members have a history of building a better community for all of us, both locally and abroad.

Your Poulsbo Rotary Club needs your help!

As this Corona Virus Pandemic continues our fundraising also remains a tremendous challenge. Our local community and global needs are greater than ever. We are reaching out to our fellow Rotarians and friends asking for your financial support. We have a goal of $100,000 to fund our committee’s projects and activities for our 2022-2023 fiscal year.

In years past we have relied heavily on our Annual Fall Gala Dinner Auction for our philanthropic activities. In an effort to ensure the safety of our members we have postponed our auction until early next year. We will also have other smaller fund raisers that contribute to our overall goal, including: the Kitsap Great Give, Rotary 1905 Gear and the Viking Tour bicycle ride.

As you plan your year-end giving, would you please consider donating to your Rotary?

Our Rotary Foundation urgently needs to receive donations by early January so our committees can plan for their commitments for the next Rotary year, including:        

  • Youth Exchange Committee: Hosting/Sponsoring International Exchange Students
  • Domestic Violence Committee: Supporting Morrow Manor, our newly built supportive housing for domestic violence victims and domestic violence safe houses
  • Youth Services Committee: Financial aid to local schools, NK Schools Foundation and Kitsap Juvenile Youth Fund
  • Community Service Committee: Help sustain several organizations like Fishline & Coffee Oasis, Support our Parks through maintenance and cleanups
  • International Service Committee: Emergency food, water, shelter, and sanitation needs abroad
  • Environmental Services Committee: Newly formed Education and Awareness programs for a cleaner and Sustainable Environment      
  • Professional Services Committee: Support for NK High School Technology and low-income students

There are many ways you might choose to fund another contribution so we can continue these good works. We have included an insert on financial tips and suggestions on ways to source your support.

Please donate by January 8th so together we can continue to support vulnerable individuals and improve our local community… and the world.


Tom O’Hare
Foundation President

Donna Pledger
Club President

Ray Donahue
Club President Elect

For questions or assistance, contact Ray Donahue or John Ackenhusen, the Foundation Treasurer.

Thank you – your gift will make a difference locally and around the world!

Donate Now

How much should you donate? Obviously, this decision will be unique to each person, but we suggest thinking about how much would you have spent at our annual dinner auction as a starting point.

Other ways to donate:
  1. Write a check and bring it to our next meeting or send to:

    Poulsbo Rotary Club
    PO Box 1334
    Poulsbo, WA 98370

    Make checks payable to Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation.

  2. Make a distribution from your IRA. If you are over 72, you can donate part of your annual required minimum distribution (RMD) tax free. This “Qualified Charitable Distribution” is paid directly by the custodian of your IRA to the Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation.  It counts toward your RMD but is not taxed as income. There is an annual limit of $100,000 per person on these distributions.

  3. Donate shares of stock. The capital gains on your highly appreciated stock are avoided because the Poulsbo Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.  We can supply the account numbers so your brokerage firm can transfer the shares directly to the Foundation.  The Foundation sells them without capital gains and you get the credit for the value on day of transfer, which counts as a charitable donation and is deductible to the extent allowed.