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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Poulsbo-North Kitsap!

Poulsbo-North Kitsap
We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Poulsbo Sons of Norway
18891 Front St NE
Poulsbo, WA  98370
United States
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Game Changer for girlsThe Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation is sponsoring a fundraiser called “Game-Changer for Girls” on behalf of Side by Side, a local charity fostering micro enterprise and jobs to benefit the education of girls in South Africa. The event will be held at My Girl Diner in Kingston, WA, on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018. My Girl, a replica of a '50s diner, is the perfect place for the event, which will be a fun 50’s theme evening. Attendees can dress up and participate in contests like bubble blowing, dancing the twist, or trying to use a hula hoop - or perhaps just dance to the rock and roll music and relax by the soda fountain. 
Side by Side, a Poulsbo based 501c3, has set up to produce and deliver reusable sanitation products in South Africa. Another US based organization, Days for Girls, already produces in the US and then delivers washable, re-usable sanitary hygiene products for girls in developing countries around the world. Side by Side is attempting through a project called "Game Changer" to establish a microenterprise in South Africa to produce in-country (providing jobs) the same thing that Days for Girls produces here. The need for these products is that girls in developing countries are often ostracized during their menstrual periods and lose so much school time over their teenage years that they never get a good education. Thus they struggle to learn the skills to apply their raw talent to the benefit of society.
The founder of the worldwide charity Days for Girls, Celeste Mergens, will make a presentation at our event about the importance of helping every girl remain in school, even during “that time” of the month.  Celeste has just visited Side by Side’s Game-Changer project in South Africa and will describe her experiences.  Once you meet her, you will be changed. Her passion for helping girls around the world is contagious!
Tickets $35, 5:30 to 9pm. Please contact Brenda Wall to buy tickets, to help sponsor the event, and for other questions.
Club News
Property Taxes in Kitsap County Meredith Green and Phil CookThe longer title for this presentation is "Legislation Passed and Implications for Property Taxes in Kitsap County". Meredith Green, Kitsap County Treasurer since 2010, and Phil Cook, Kitsap County Assessor, addressed the club on the impact of Engrossed House Bill 2242, which was put into law last summer to increase funding for Washington public schools. Because of the state’s constitution, which says it is the state’s “paramount duty” to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, and the State Supreme Court ruling which determined it had not done so, the legislature has increased the state levy to fully fund basic education. Meredith and Phil showed a short video which explained EHB 2242. Taxes in Kitsap are expected to increase $100 per every 100k assessed value, and Meredith explained how those numbers were derived. She said tax bills will be posted on-line starting next week.
Director Pins presented to Rotary Club Board MembersClub President Michele Doyle presented the members of her board with special “Director” Rotary pins, and thanked them for their support. She presented President-Elect Tim Nichols with a special Rotary BEER shirt. She further honored and thanked Cindy Tveit and the Public Image Committee for their efforts this year. 
$5,000 donation to Fishline from Jewelers for ChildrenRichard Koven presented a $5,000 check from Jewelers for Children to Fishline. Poulsbo Rotarians did their part by voting for Fishline as their charity of choice in the annual on line give-away sponsored by Jewelers for Children. Fishline won the award only in the last few minutes of online voting, thanks to a big push right at the end! The money will help fund lunch for school kids when they are not at school. Richard extended special thanks to Michele Doyle and Mary Nader for their help in enlisting the support of the club.
• Jan 10: Viking Tour Kickoff 7:30 am at Coffee Oasis 
• Jan 12: Wine tasting at Don Russell’s at 5:30 : Sparkling Wine 
• Jack Archer: Watch for a “Caring Bridge” website link for updates 
Thank you Sons of NorwayA grateful Shout-Out to the Sons of Norway who provide the terrific breakfast that motivates so many of us to get to the meeting so early in the morning! 
Don Russell’s “Spirit Bear Trip”Don is an avid photographer and traveler, documenting his trips with his beautiful photographs. This morning he shared with us his 2015 trip to British Columbia along the Alaskan border in search of some elusive wildlife in that area. On the trip he saw bear, mountain goat, elk, bighorn sheep, timberwolves, and humpback whales. Many of these he photographed from as close as 10 feet! His superlative accomplishment was a set of amazing photos of the Spirit Bear, an albino Black bear living in a region of British Columbia inhabited only 400 humans. His descriptions were breathtaking. Thanks, Don!
Club and community members responsible for completion of Nelson Park HouseThe December 22 meeting was a wonderful celebration of the completion of the Nelson Park House project. Mayor Becky Erickson, Dave of Coffee Oasis, and representatives of Poulsbo Parks and the City Council were present to voice their appreciation to the hard-working Rotarians, their families, and our community partners who made the renovation of the Nelson Park House a reality. Begun in May, the house has been transformed with fresh paint, new appliances and countertops, and renewed carpet and furniture. Thanks to the large number of Poulsbo Rotarians and the following partners for their hard work and amazing contributions: Carpet Recovery, Home Depot, Creative Countertops, Northwest Integrity, Bainbridge Island Rotary Club, Peninsula Paint, Downsize for Inner Peace, Coffee Oasis, and the City of Poulsbo.
Donna Etchey Classification TalkDonna graduated from NKHS in 1982 and started working at the N.K.Herald in 1996 as an office manager. When she moved into sales she became on the top producers and became publisher in 2003. After stints at the Bainbridge Island Review and the Kingston Community News she moved up to General Manger of the Kitsap News Group. That’s now 22 years at the North Kitsap Herald. 
P.K. Maclean Classification TalkP.K. grew up the oldest of four children in the very diverse Seattle neighborhood of Rainier Valley. Hers was the Protestant family in midst of the Jewish and Catholic families. Her husband passed in 2009 and she moved to Poulsbo in 2011 to spend more time with her two daughters, Erin and Megan. She is a Past President of the small Fife Rotary Club (which has since folded). Her full name is Patrice Kathleen, but her mom just put P.K. on her lunch sack so she was just known as P.K. 
Todd Tidball Classification TalkTodd grew up in southern Illinois. He started at Edward Jones as a compliance auditor, a job that had him visiting all 50 states. This gave him ample opportunity to check out places to live in the future. Eventually he decided to get into sales. He set up office here in 1999. He has been with Edward Jones now for 32 years. 
He and his wife Sue have been married for 32 years. They have 2 sons and a daughter. They have hosted 5 exchange students (all women) from Germany, Norway, Finland, Hungary, and Croatia. 
NK High School Choir CarolingThe choir from North Kitsap High School brightened up our pre-meeting breakfast with a few beautiful Christmas carols. Thanks, kids! 
  1. Thank You, Jon Pavey, for a wonderful Rotary Christmas Party. Merry Christmas! 
  2. Poulsbo Rotary Gets it Done! 542 hours of volunteer work in the last 23 weeks
Discovering the Magic of Fly Fishing - Chris MadisonWhat a delight it was to have Chris Madison, one of our most distinguished past members return to talk to us about something dear and important to him:  fly fishing!
Like Christmas, rainbows, and the night sky, fly fishing is magical.  Chris went on to share how three ingredients are necessary to create magic:  anticipation, discovery, and beauty. 
President Elect: Kathy Rayment 
Vice President: Dan Weedin
Secretary: Kristi Sutton
Treasurer: Don Lawrence
Club Service: Jon Pavey
Community Service: Geoff Schmidt
International Service: Brenda Wall 
Professional Service: Tom Eckmann 
Youth Service: Alexis Foster 
Membership: Amy Sanford-Schmidt 
Rotary Found.: Lori Cloutier 
Public Image: Cindy Tveit  
Matt Albee talks about the making of Eleven Winery
Sometimes, life takes us to our heart's desire in very indirect ways. That is certainly the case for Matt Albee, founder and leader of 11 Winery in Bainbridge Island, Washington.
In Matt's case, bicycle racing was his first love. For years, he honed this craft and gained prominence as a world-class bicycle racer. But one day, he literally woke up and thought, "I want to make wine".
They started small, in Matt's garage on Bainbridge Island, and eventually grew his business to now, when they ship over 3,000 cases of wine made from grapes from Eastern Washington. The grapes are carefully chosen because, according to Matt, it is "all about the grapes".
Eleven Winery has gained prestige and awards in a fast-growing industry. There are currently 900 wineries in Washington State, 600 of which grew up in the last 10 years. In this competitive environment, Eleven Winery has managed to stand out to gain local and national recognition for their good work. Their tasting room and wine selections have been voted "Best of Bainbridge".
A couple of interesting tidbits to pass along....
• Today's wine is meant to be consumed right away—contrary to popular belief, not all wines age well.
• Did you ever wonder where the name Eleven comes from? Matt explained that it denotes the cog used in a bicycle gear when "you go all out". A perfect way to connect Matt's two loves.
You can learn more about Eleven Winery by visiting their website at
Russ Shiplet Re-joins Poulsbo RotaryRuss Shiplet, former Rotarian returning to Poulsbo Rotary, is inducted with the hearty support of Dan Weedin and Steve Garfein. Welcome back, Russ!
Paul Harris Award to Geoff SchmidtSteve and Cindy Garfein present a Paul Harris Fellowship to Geoff Schmidt. These awards, given in the name of Rotary Founder Paul Harris, are for Rotarians who donate a total of $1000 (or subsequently multiples thereof) to the Rotary Foundation, the charitable non-profit of Rotary International. That makes 100% PFIF participation in the Schmidt family—congratulations!!
Ardis Morrow on Domestic Violence Prevention and Morrow ManorArdis recounts the circumstances of great grand—nephew Eli's death at the hands of his father—and how things have changed since those days. She remembers how Morrow Manor came about and the milestones ahead, including the status of state funding, the site preparations underway and an update on the construction schedule.
Bob Doane Presentation on Eastern MedicineClub Member Bob Doane started the Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Poulsbo nearly twenty years ago. The clinic is now the largest privately owned Chinese medicine clinic in the USA, and it attracts people from many countries. His method of acupuncture has been franchised, and is being taught and used all over the world. They’ll be opening 10 clinics a month for the next four years, expanding to Canada next, and then China. Bob talked about health and how to stay healthy as we age, and the importance of the unrestricted flow of blood through the cardiovascular system to deliver highly oxygenated blood and nutrients. Chinese medicine is cardiovascular medicine, using acupuncture to alleviate pain and herbs to maintain health. He said it is extremely good at treating chronic problems, where Western medicine often falls short. He explained some of the physiology behind acupuncture and its role in offsetting the opiate crisis facing our nation. (70% of the whole world’s opiates are produced in the US.) He cautioned that 60% of Americans have “pre clinical heart problems” causing fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia, which many can relate to. He offered free pulse diagnoses after the meeting, and opportunities to follow up at the clinic, with the proceeds of the initial evaluation coming back to the club. Thank you, Bob! 
• December 8 Christmas Party
• Dec 9 Days for Girls at NK Baptist Church 
• Dec 19 Fireside at Jerry Deeter’s 
• Dec 28 Tour of Boeing (See Steve Garfein) 
Make a charitable contribution to the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation.
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Jan 26, 2018
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Feb 02, 2018
Imagine Me- How I Got Out
Tom Eckman
Feb 09, 2018
Innovation Day
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American Cancer Society - Relay for Life
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