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Poulsbo-North Kitsap

We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Poulsbo Sons of Norway
18891 Front St NE
Poulsbo, WA  98370
United States
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Leslie Reynolds-TaylorLeslie Reynolds-Taylor, “Minister of Fun” and incoming Vice President of the Port Orchard Rotary Club, spoke about her journey to become a pilot for UPS. She first formed her dream of becoming a pilot after she flew with her dad at age five. She overcame many obstacles, including deafness at age five that took many operations to repair, and the world’s general attitude that “Girls can’t fly,” which she refused to accept. After high school she showed great perseverance in her efforts to pass the test that would allow her to fly, and she succeeded, and went on to help pave the way for female pilots. When she successfully landed a plane that was one fire – with passengers—she finally experienced acceptance. She flew and captained many planes in her career, including a 767! Although she is now retired, she certainly has kept busy. Ten years ago she and her son decided that Port Orchard needed a skate park - so they built one! Leslie finished her talk with a question and answer session and discussion about programs in the area, including the aviation class at CK Middle School, the Women in Flight program at the Seattle Flight Museum. 
Jon PaveyLori Cloutier and Jon Pavey gave a brief presentation on our progress to ward our Rotary Foundation goals. Lori shared that we exceeded our Foundation goal of $15.5K by reaching $22K! She also shared that at $4,146, we were close to our $5,200 goal for Polio Plus. Jon then told of his own experience with polio as a child, and how Rotary’s eradication effort brought him to join the club. As a child, he lost the ability to walk, due to a mild case of po lio. He had treatment, including surgeries, braces on his feet, and “really ugly shoes. “ He feels VERY LUCKY, due to the care he received, research, and advancements in medicine. At the end of Jon’s talk, Lori reported that Bob Doane stepped up to donate up to $980 dollars to meet our goal! Keep bringing in your spare change for the Change Receptacle for Change and Polio cans! 
Sidney updateSidney graduates on June 9th! PROM next weekend!
Terry Ward’s Classification TalkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Terry shared his path from homelessness as a child to his current position as the Regional Publisher for Sound Publishing. He worked many jobs in publishing houses, but credits his success to a mentor who showed him the importance of 1, Investing in other people, and 2, that it doesn’t matter where you came from; what matters are the leadership lessons you learn from it. 
Steve GarfeinRotarian Steve shared a preview of what those participating in the upcoming Spruce Goose tour in McMinnville, OR will get to see. Steve’s interest in Howard Hughes stems from his experience working at Hughes Aircraft on the Apache Helicopter project. While he didn’t ever meet Hughes, his project was directly affected by Hughes’ micromanagement. Steve explained that the use of composites on the Spruce Goose (which is not really made of Spruce wood) led to the use of com posites on the Apache. Steve has written a screenplay about Hughes life following his catastrophic crash in Beverly Hills . He described the only Spruce Goose flight. It was not intended to fly, but lifted off as it sped along the water because of the massive thrust of its eight powerful engines. Only the skill of Hughes’ copilot prevented a crash landing. 
Jackie WoodEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Jackie Wood presented her Classification Talk. She was born in Hong Kong, and her first language was Chinese. Her family later moved to Honolulu, where she grew up. After high school, she attended Cornell University to study Hotel Management and was subsequently hired by the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle. She later moved through a number of local companies, including Microsoft, and finally landed in marketing with Washington Mutual. She was able to conduct her duties from her home in Indianola and finally decided she should start her own event planning business, Sparkwood Events.
new members, Don Russell, Ray Donahue, Bob Hill  and Jim Nall as their spouses and sponsors look onTim Nichols conducted a huge induction ceremony for four new members, Don Russell, Ray Donahue, Bob Hill and Jim Nall, as their spouses and sponsors look on. Congratulations Don, Ray, Bob, and Jim. Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary!
Harriet Bryant and Vicki Collins received a check for $500 for OurGEMsOurGEMS helps young women in Kitsap County to become successful and influential leaders through a team-mentor approach. Harriet Bryant and Vicki Collins received a check for $500 for OurGEMs as Alexis Foster and Michele Doyle look on. 
Nick Johnson shared the Viking Tour results• Overall 4.4 out of 5 score from participants 
• Registrations totaled $13,704 ($1k over last yr) 
• Net profit was $16,462 (vs. $9000+ last year) 
Alexis Foster received her Blue BadgeEach new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge. Alexis Foster received her Blue Badge from President Mary Nader.
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Mary Nader
Jun 23, 2017
Paul Stillwell
Jun 30, 2017
Meridian Energy Group, oil refining technology
Bonnie Block
Jul 07, 2017
“Challenge- Photographing Birds in the Pacific Northwest”
General Ed Browne
Jul 14, 2017
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