Trashy Task Force

The Trashy Task Force is focused on the problem of the plastic waste that contaminates our landfills.

We organize events and partner with other organizations to collect clean plastic waste and send it to places where it can be properly recycled. In doing so, we also train our fellow club members and the public to assist in this effort.

Zero Waste Events

At the Poulsbo Rotary Club’s Viking Tour fundraiser, held May 19th (2019), the club worked to turn it into a Zero Waste event. The result was a reduction of waste from a 4 cubic yard container to 9 pounds! This was a big event with over 300 riders and many volunteers.

Styro Round-Ups

Kitsap County’s 2018’s Styro Roundup – 302 cars dumped Styrofoam. At 2019’s event, 560 cars dumped Styrofoam. Rotary’s Trashy Task force assisted in promoting this event by mobilizing the personal and business networks of its members to get this event into newsletters, bulletin boards and podiums of local organizations. 

Next Styro Roundup: June 12, 9:00am to 2pm Port Orchard Safeway 3355 Bethel Rd SE, Port Orchard, WA. Click here for more details.

TREX Community Challenge

The TREX Community Challenge (TREX makes decking materials out of recycled plastic) encourages organizations to collect 500 pounds plastic grocery bags and other plastic films within a 6-month period.  Challenge winners receive a high quality TREX Bench for their community! Currently, the Trashy Task Force partners with Central Market and Safeway to collect approximately 300 pounds of bags, pallet wrap, and thin plastic film per week, more than 17K pounds recycled!  The TTF can help local organizations meet the TREX Challenge with a special custom matching program. 

E-mail us if you would like to collect for a bench for your organization.


Not sure if that container is recyclable? Do you include it in your curbside container? What the heck do you do with those used batteries? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the resources below:

Terracycle / Pay to recycle almost anything and find free recycling solutions.

Kitsap Public Waste and Recycling Events / From styrofoam to old tires, these events help take care of some nasty problem materials.

What are Green Walkers?

Do you ever go for a walk and notice trash on the side of the road? Have you ever noticed how much of it is recyclable? Imagine if every time people went for a walk, they took a bag with them, and a pair of gloves or a trash pick-up tool, and picked up what trash they passed and recycled what could be recycled. Well, we didn’t want to just imagine it, so we started doing it and thought it deserved a proper name: Green Walks!

Go for a Green Walk today and share photos of what you find and brag about how much of it you were able to just rinse and recycle!

Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

ESRAG provides an organizing point and informational resources to share information with clubs and communities about sustainable practices and the global humanitarian crisis of climate change.

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