Jim Jenner shares his story of using pigeons to help young people.Our speaker on July 29th was Jim Jenner—Writer and a corporate Director of PACCOM Inc. Jim is an international award winning writer and director who has a passion for pigeons. He explained that this passion emerged when, as a young boy, his parents moved from a rural area where he was immersed in nature daily, to the concrete jungle of Seattle.
His distress at this wrenching change was mitigated when he met another young boy, who remains his life-long friend and who introduced him to raising pigeons. It provided him an opportunity to continue to stay in touch with nature in that urban environment.
Jim shared an abbreviated cut of his engaging documentary “Young Wings—The Power of Pigeons” that documents the miraculous impact raising pigeons can have on young people living in tough environments, such as South Central Los Angeles. That film is a companion to his recently published novel, “The Featherhood.”
As a true pigeon aficionado, Jim shared with us an array of little known facts about pigeons, including the fact that pigeon guano is just found where they rest, that they fly dry. He also shared that pigeon racing is a very popular sport around the world and that top pigeons are sold for six figure sums. It’s safe to say everybody who attended the meeting will never view pigeons as “flying rats” again. For more info go to http://www.pigeonfilms.com.