Posted on Sep 20, 2019


  • Beer tasting  September 20th at 5:30 at Naveen’s house 
  • September Community Service Project is the food drive with Lions Club to benefit 
  • Fishline – September 20 and 21 at Walmart, Central Market and Red Apple Grocery. Sign up with Jim Schlachter. 
  • Sept. 24 and 26: Tues/Thursday Student exchange open house 6:30-8:00. Please share with interested high school students and families 
  • There’s a new box of club flags. Please let Jon know when you take some When you check in at the Friday meetings, please log your volunteer hours in the yellow column. We value your time and want to keep track of the CLUB’S TOTALS! 
  • Sept 28 at 1pm at Fishline. Bob Hawkinson’s Memorial service. 
  • Oct 3rd. Helping ALL People Flourish, Hosted by The Olympic College Foundation and Poulsbo Rotary Club 5:30 PM – 8 PM Harvey Theatre, Bldg 7, Olympic College Bremerton 
Rappin Rand
Rappin Rand dances for the money purse. OMG. Seriously. Rand dances for the money purse. And raps. $$$ 
Dan Ryan presents check to Shields brothers
Community Service Director Dan Ryan Presented a check for $2200 to the Poulsbo Historical Society for AV equipment and a couple dip jars. Dave and Jim Shields accepted on behalf of the Society.

Youth Exchange Student Duda spoke about Brazil 

Duda talks about Brazil

She is from Salvador, Bahia in the NE of Brazil. The 5th biggest county on the planet. We do not speak Spanish. We speak Portuguese. Each state in Brazil is very different from the other. There are many famous places like Rio de Janeiro, Porto de Galinhas, Lencois Marnhenses, Gruta da Lagoa Azul, the Amazon, Chapado do Veadeiros, and Chapada Diamantina (her favorite). 
The fires in the Amazon are sad but she thinks they are getting better. We all need the forests -they help the climate and host many unique plants. Plus remember, many people live in the forest, and they depend on the forest and rivers. Although most people can’t just go to the Amazon, Duda was able to go there on a school project. They have a fruit called Acai. You can make juice or ice cream, but they just eat it as lunch. She made cassava flour. It is a lot of work and they sell it really cheap. Her village had 13 houses with only one family living there. They all had showers, but they do not use them. They bathe on the river and do their clothes in the river too. She loved playing with others while she washed her hair. They do not have beds. They sleep on swings and they are uncomfortable, but you get used to it. They don’t have much money but they are happy. They leave for college and usually come back to help the family. 
Duda talks about BrazilDuda lives in the capital of her state , which used to be the capital of Brazil. They have to largest number of black people outside of Africa, and racism is a constant fight. She lives near the beach, which was once called the third most beautiful beach in the world. She can see the sea from her house. At the city ’s main churc h, they tie ribbons on handrails. You make three knots and make three wishes. When the ribbons break your wishes come true. Her historical center is a colorful and active part of town. 
They were colonized by the Portuguese, but they have a lot of Africans and natives. The Portuguese wanted them to be Catholics, but they created their own religion called Candomblé. The festival Carnival is insane: the party fills the streets, huge trucks come through with bands on them. Crazy big and cool. February is her favorite month for this reason. 
She showed a video of a famous singer. Amazing. Can’t wait to go visit! 

Poulsbo Rotary Gala and Auction

Lori Cloutier
Lori Cloutier was called to the front to plead for help. Advertising is a big part of the auction. $150 and $250 for ads in the program. Arron Murphy and Terry Burns a re the first to sign up. She explained this with a GREAT video of members in costume. Bob Doane is our presenting sponsor at $5000!!! Thanks Bob. Table wine sponsors are SOLD (John Pavey and Phil Rasmussen). YEAH!!. Reception sponsor is still available -$3000. Please fill this spot. We also have a form on the table. It just needs to be filled in and attached to a check. Mary Gorman and Joe Hulsey gave $1000 today. GREAT presentation. 
Joe Hulsey needs people to fill out the form if you have donated something to the auction. If you haven’t donated something, please do. Joe is collecting live auction items. We need a few more. 
Michele Doyle
Michele Doyle had all helpers stand. We need more people. It is Halloween themed, and tickets are on sale now for $75. The auction raises between $85K-110K. The money goes to community services, international service, youth services and professional services. Last year we gave $96,000. Our money comes from the Auction, Viking Tour and various grants. The Auction is by far the largest money maker of the year. Invite your friends. We need TREASURE. 
The Silent auction needs 40-50 items. Gift baskets etc. It brings in 10-15% of the money but people really like it. We want everyone to have something to bid on. Everyone needs to go get items – check with Naveen. 
Joe is in charge of live items but he is leaving prior to the auction to the Philippines. If you have any ideas of something new, talk to Joe. He needs more items for the Viking Fest Basket. 
Raising the paddle gets us 30% of the income. Golden tickets get $3500 and Dessert Dash gets $6000. We have dessert dash leaders already. There is no profit in the sale of tickets. The cost of the event is $15-18,000. If you use your credit card please add in the 3% fee so we don’t have to pay them. You can give Michele a check. Ads and sponsorships bring in $15K. YOU CAN: solicit donations. Michele can store them. John Ackenhusen is running the books. Aaron Murphy is spearheading the 7 men for 7 hours. 
We could use some help on the day. Brenda Wall is going to take over the catering. Paella!!! Need finance table minders. Need costume contest judges. Need help with set up and tear down. Need desserts. Please bring bottles of wine to Rotary to fill two wine coolers donated by Bob Doane. 
Please attend. Please invite your friends. Wine will be on the table. Tickets are $75. Open seating unless you buy a table. To get a ticket, go to the Poulsbo Rotary website. Under Announcements, click on buy your tickets. Or make a donation. On the right you can print an auction procurement form. 

New Club - Crossroads Rotary

Crossroads Rotary
Amy, Tonya and Barb visited from New Crossroads Rotary club. They have signed up 18 new Rotarians from the area. They meet 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the Western Red Brewery 630-730pm. First meeting is this Wednesday. Formal speakers start in October. We traded flags.