Posted on Mar 29, 2019

Dan Weedin gave us a Youth Exchange update

Dan Weedin gave us a Youth Exchange update
John Waller will be our new Youth Exchange Officer, as Dan takes on the District role. We will be getting TWO exchange students this fall: a young man from Germany and a young woman from Brazil. SIX host families who live in the NKSD attendance area will be needed. Contact John W if interested! 
Dan was joined by Serenity Todd — Outbound next year to Belgium, Chris Carthum — Outbound next year to Italy, and our own Mc from Thailand! 
Tim Nichols and Dan Ryan
President Tim Nichols honored Dan Ryan for all his behind-the-scenes work. Thank you for Being the Inspiration! 
Alex Martin with Tim Nichols
Alex Martin thanked the club for sending him to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), where he learned leadership skills and other elements for success! 

Important Announcements

Glenn Robbins announced that the next Styrofoam Roundup is July 27th!
• Glenn Robbins announced that the next Styrofoam Roundup is July 27th!
• Mike Cloutier shared that the Rotary International Board has adopted a new Diversity and Inclusion Policy. 
• Kathy Rayment returned from PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar). She said it was inspiring, with lots of camaraderie. And she got to see Meredith pass by with a flag in the flag ceremony! 

Residence XII Alcohol & Drug Treatment for Women by Liz Braun

Residence XII Alcohol & Drug Treatment for Women by Liz Braun
Note: Residence XII is the Northwest’s premier non-profit alcohol and drug addiction treatment center for women, located in Kirkland, WA. Since 1981, they have treated over 18,000 women with addictions and helped those who love them.
Liz Braun was joined by Jean Renn (community relations) and Robert “Bert” Romero (public relations) to talk about this specialized facility for women. Alcoholism, and its associated conditions, is the greatest killer of addicts. Popular singer from the 1940s, Marion Hutton, started Residence XII (R12) in 1981, a time when it was very hard for women to “come out” as alcoholic. They tend to open up more when around only women, so the facility is for women only. “Sisterhood is our Secret Sauce.” 
Bert told her story of alcoholism, noting that “you’re in it before you know it,” and you feel like there’s nowhere to turn with your and embarrassment. She found out about R12 at a 12-step program. She took a deep breath, entered the inpatient program, and now celebrates 15 years of sobriety.
Jean Renn, now 5 years sober, talked about healthcare costs before and after drinking.
Many mental health issues co-occur with addiction, especially in young people. Many are turning to heroin to escape stressors, and it’s easy to obtain. Prescription opioids are another path to addiction. Many women are also veterans, survivors of physical abuse, and/or sexual abuse, many of whom can’t open up in the presence of men. They are also more likely to be left by their partner when they enter treatment.
The facility works with families, since addiction is a family disease. The family program is free. Bert shared that it was her husband’s comment, “I don’t have another relapse in me” that affected her deeply. Relapse wasn’t an option if she wanted to stay married. 
Residence XII, located in Kirkland, is built like a home — three stories tall, serene, and surrounded by wetlands. It offers a 30-day inpatient program as well as out-patient and family services. There is a HUGE support network of 1800 active members, and 18,000 alumni. It is both NON-PROFIT and home grown. 
Don Russell wants to assist in getting a facility like this in Kitsap County. 
A few addiction statistics: 
• Children of alcoholics are 4 times more likely to develop alcoholism, and they’re more likely to marry an alcoholic or abusive partner. 
• Divorce rate is 3x higher for people with alcoholism. 
• Drugs are now the #1 cause of accidental death in the US 
• 64,000 people died of overodse in the US last year. This is 650% crease from 1990.