Posted on Dec 07, 2018
Glen Robbins Trash Talk Task Force
Glen Robbins spoke on behalf of the Trash Talk Task Force and reminded people to spread the word about the Styrofoam Roundup on Dec. 29! 
Glen Robbins receives Viking Spirit award
 Then Devyn Newcombe awarded him the Viking Spirit Award! 
Mc shared about his week
Mc shared about his week: exciting High School Football in Tacoma, Zoo Lights, and learning to make Rice Krispy Treats! He’s sad to be leaving the Clark family, but eager to meet his next host family.

Important UPCOMING Club Events

• Christmas Party is tomorrow! (Wine will be auctioned, too, to benefit the fire recovery efforts for Paradise, CA) 
• Bonnie Pedersen’s Christmas party Dec. 15 
• Fireside at Jerry Deeter’s Dec. 18 
• Rand Hillier’s “Aloner” Christmas Open House 2pm-7pm 

Workforce Development Within the Construction Trades - Russ Shiplet

Russ Shiplet of the Kitsap Homebuilder's Association
Russ Shiplet, Executive Director of the Kitsap Builders Association, discussed some of the challenges facing construction-related trades as vocational training has decreased in the wake of an increasing emphasis on STEM opportunities. He stressed the need for relevant internships, grants, mentoring, revisions of very restrictive child labor laws, and efforts to reduce the stigma of “Vocational education” He shared the construction careers education ladder, which showed the path from middle school to technical college and employment, illustrating that the outdated idea that jobs in the construction trades mean “low wages” is a fallacy. Russ explained the basics of the Builder Grant Program, whose motto is, “Building an Industry Workforce One Intern at a Time.” The program’s focus is on the jobs that are needed the most at this time: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, paint, and HVAC. They target ages 18-24, and pair the winners with mentors for six-month internships. They help recipients develop a work schedule, set goals and objectives, and monitor their progress. 
Russ ended his presentation with a question/answer session. Thank you, Russ.