Meeting Highlights, July 17, 2020

Zoom meetingNotes taken by Meredith Green, abbreviated from closed captions by John Ackenhusen, and formatted by Cindy Putman. TEAM EFFORT!! Please join the note-taking team!  


Announcements and business: 

September and October
  • Harlan Harris mentioned 9 sponsor spaces remain for the Year in Review Ad. $100 each – please contact Harlan if interested! Here is a link to last year’s ad, for reference, on pages 13 and 14.
  • Nick announced because of the COVID surge, it is likely that we won’t meet in person until September or October 
  • Duda arrived safely in Brazil after a 30-hour flight. She has a new puppy named “Vike”, but hasn't seen him yet because she is in quarantine with her aunt.
  • Dan Weedin - next working group for Racial justice and equality committee is 7pm Tuesday. Working on Education ideas

Comments from President Nick

Rotary opens opportunitiesLet's have fun
  • The club members officially approved a change in Club Bylaws articulating the definition of committees.
  • Rotary’s theme this year is “Rotary Opens Opportunities.” 
  • Nick’s theme is “Let’s Have Fun!” 

Presentation from Holly Ridge Center: 

Holly Ridge CenterRotarian Audrey Wolfe introduced Executive Director Dedra Miller and Development Director Erica Delma. Holly Ridge Center serves families, children zero to 3 years, and adults with developmental challenges. Dedra shared a film about a family whose daughter was born prematurely with a tumor in her mouth and a single ventricle. Through the services of Holly Ridge, she learned to move her arms, track with her eyes, and her treatment included in-home visits. 
Holly Ridge serves the military, contracts with six school districts, and serves regardless of ability to pay. They provide applied Behavior analysis (autism intervention), social work, family resource coordination. They have been seeing exponential growth each year, particularly becasuse the Navy has designated Naval Base Kitsap as one of their locations to homestead military families with special needs kids.

Holly Ridge receives funding from medical billing and contracts with school districts and other organizations, but it doesn’t meet their costs, so they also seek to raise funds. 
Dedra said that Covid caused big changes in their operations. Marginalized communities are particularly affected. They are supporting families via video conferencing, but they needed Internet access and computers for some of their families. Working with adult clients remotely too.
Erica mentioned that tech and access to wifi are important to their needs. They are working to establish a poulsbo satellite location, to improve in-home tele-health. They are also offering similar services to the Tribes. They are currently serving 1700 children.
How can community members help Holly Ridge? 
Volunteer program - in process of further defining a program, there are a number of ways to support, board members, limited opportunities with Children, and just to do physical projects to help their program, help with defining how to bring in and educate volunteers.
How do families learn about Holly ridge center?
Physicians, day care teachers, families self refer, adults come from the County, partner with school districts.
Thanks to Dedra and Erica 
Holly Ridge Center! (
Nick's Book of the Week: Norwegian Wood, Chopping Stacking, drying wood the scandinavian way.
Happy Bucks and fines
  • Kathy - dear Rotary Thank you for the year I’ll never forget
  • Michele Doyle wants to fine Rand Hillier - doesn’t understand links.
  • Lori happy buck for Kathy wearing Duda’s shirt
  • District community grant to Nick and Daniel Frederick Coffee Oasis - grant to fix up Coffee Oasis
  • Joe announcement - 14 August Morrow Manor turnover delayed until 9 October - Quadrant homes needs to deliver a plat map...
  • Margene - program from Kitsap Homes of Compassion - she is now manager from 2 homes in Bremerton - dream job
  • Harlan professional Services gave Homes of Compassion $5k last year
  • Aaron - $5 because Kathy had a shirt on. 
  • Ardis - Kathy got the concrete guys to help her put her initials in at Morrow Manor.
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