Meeting Highlights, July 10, 2020
Zoom meetingThank you, Cindy Garfein, for taking the notes for these Highlights. 
We started the meeting in break-out rooms again, for small-group fellowship. 
Nick played a video of John Ackenhusen conducting the Rotary Virtual World Choir at the Rotary International Conference. CONGRATULATIONS, JOHN (and thank you)! 


  • Amendments to our By-laws have been distributed by email. The vote will be at next week’s meeting. 
  • Check out Slack for various important information. The Slack categories are highlighted at the left of the screen. 
  • The Service Saturday tomorrow at Fish Park and the Cemetery Park have been cancelled until we move to Phase 3. 
Duda BléDuda Blé 

Exchange Student Duda’s last meeting before she heads for home! We will miss her!!! 

Paul Harris awards 

Paul Harris Awards
Ardelle Rein-Halvorsen presented Paul Harris Awards to the following club members. Rotarians who contribute a total of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation, foundation of Rotary International, receive a commemorative pin called the Paul Harris Award, named after the founder of Rotary. Pins awarded for reaching this contribution level subsequent times have small jewels to distinguish the award level. 
  • Joe Bettridge – Paul Harris 2 – a Rotarian for 37 years (not in attendance) 
  • Karen Timken – Paul Harris 4 – a Rotarian for 11 years (not in attendance) 
  • Lori Cloutier – Paul Harris 8 – a Rotarian for 29 years 
  • Nick Johnson – Paul Harris 1 – a Rotarian for 7 years 

Debbie Moore – Senior Program Manager for Partners for Work 

Debbie Moore Partners for Work
Partners for Work coordinates with King County Rotary Clubs (33 of 44 clubs) to find work opportunities for all people with disabilities. In the last ten years the program has grown from helping 5 people to 130. Debbie connects job seekers, families, schools, agencies, Rotarians and business leaders together. 
King County Rotary activities for job seekers: 
  • Rotary greeters 
  • Mock interview practice 
  • Community connections through Rotary activities 
  • Job site visits 
  • Informational interviews 
  • Rotary District events 
  • Introductions at Rotary meetings 
The program is expanding in Kitsap County to the Silverdale and Bremerton Rotary Clubs. Harlan Harris, our Professional Service Committee Chair will contact Debbie. Email Debbie
Shauna Euritt is the Employment Consultant who works with Debbie. Email Shauna 
Here’s a link to the 5030 page on Partners for Work: 
Here is a link to the Silverdale Rotary Youtube Video shared in the presentation: 
Rotary Speakers needed
Gary Nakamura would like more suggestions for Rotary meeting speakers. 
Hollow Kingdom
Nick’s book pick of the week is Hollow Kingdom, by Kira Jane Buxton – a zombie apocalypse, which sounds terrible but is very good. This is an adult book for readers 16 years old and up. 
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