How To Help Poulsbo's Restaurants and Breweries:

Suggestions from Poulsbo Rotary's Covid-19 Taskforce

We love our restaurants and breweries, and the people they employ!  Here are tools and ideas you can do TODAY to help them stay afloat and provide moral support!

1.  Order take-out, curbside pickup, or delivery!  Every order helps them out! See Mayor Becky's handy spreadsheet of N. Kitsap restaurants, including contact info and menus!  Buying meals also reduces the load on the grocery stores, limits your exposure to the virus, and prolongs your food stores at home.

2.  Buy a Gift Card.  See attached for a list of Poulsbo Restaurants who offer Gift Cards.   For people who have the means, a gift card purchase is a way to provide immediate revenue. Many restaurants and breweries are at serious risk and we can help them weather this storm.  Worried about your waistline?  Consider giving your newly purchased gift card to someone who needs it now.  Worried about our long-time partner Coffee Oasis?  They are selling gift cards, but also have an updated list of items they need for their clients.

3.  Post on Social Media!  Inspire others with positive posts of your yummy delivered or curbside foods! Bought a Gift Card?  Tell about why you did it, or about the experience.

4.  Bolster the reviews of your favorite places on Yelp, Google, and the restaurant's website or social media pages!  Make an owner's day, and inspire readers to try your favorite Poulsbo meals, beers and brews!

Thank you for considering taking part in this project, and please be happy, healthy and safe.  Let me know if you have trouble with the link or attachment, or have any questions.  See you at the Zoom meeting this Friday!