Posted on Oct 13, 2017
WISER - Karen Klein and Carrie Arndt
Friday the 13th was a truly “lucky” day for us at the Rotary, as we had the privilege of hearing from guest speakers Karen Klein and Carrie Arndt. Their subject – the Woman’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research, or WISER, in Muhura Bay, Kenya. This wonderful organization, partnering with Duke University, is addressing the educational and healthcare needs of young woman in the area. This program “..takes a holistic approach to the boarding school environment. Unlike other schools in the area, WISER provides everything a girl needs to be successful including — clothes, books, safe housing, female role models, leadership training, healthy food, mosquito nets, HIV education, and essential medicine”. 
How successful are they? 
• 85% of all WISER girls attend a college or university. 
• 95% of all WISER girls in the 2016 graduating class qualified for university. 
• In 2016, WISER girls won three science, math, and engineering prizes at the state level and came in fifth in the seven state regional competition. 
Rotarian monetary donations can go a long way: 
$3000  equals a full scholarship to the WISER School for a year. 
$1000  equals a safe place for 25 girls to live. 
$500 equals all school supplies for 25 girls for one year. 
$100  equals health care for 10 girls for a year 
$50  equals clothing for 2 girls for one year 
$25  equals all textbooks for one girl for one year 
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