Posted on Sep 27, 2019


  • Jewel Box musical running now, "The Fantasticks".
  • Bob Hawkinson’s memorial service Sept 28 at Fishline 
  • Bob Kimball, local artist and former Rotarian, is hosting an open house at his studio. 
  • "Dealing With Stress" is the topic of the Alumni Speakers Series at OC Brem. Oct 3rd 6:30pm 
  • October 14 is the annual Olympic College Foundation luncheon 
  • Rand Hillier passed around a thank you note he received from past exchange student Niké Panta. She was given a Paul Harris Fellow for her work with youth in her home district. 
  • Bourbon tasting is the theme of the next club social on Oct 18th.  5:30pm 
  • Deb Broughton, on behalf of the Auction Comm., is heading up the dessert dash. She is in need of more desserts. Please sign up! 

Special Guests

Feluine Douf
Feluine Douf and her husband run a girls school in St Louis Senegal. She has been working with Days for Girls to help keep girls in the classroom.  For 10 days DFG trained 5 girls on how to make and provide training on the use of reusable hygiene kits.  The initial goal was to make 60 kits per month. Presently they make 120 kits per month and help girls in 30 different schools.  The girls who lead the program are now making a living & supporting their families by making kits.  Feluine expressed her appreciation to Rotary for helping girls stay in school. With Feluine were Shirley Wilder, director of the local DFG chapter, Diane Heesacker and Molly Mansker. 
Paul Kremer & Martha Leen
Paul Kremer & Martha Leen both eye surgeons from Bremerton were introduced. They demonstrated a new tool they have, courtesy of the Poulsbo Rotary and a district grant to help determine the level of correction needed for children in countries they go to visit. The tool which looks like a camera can determine in seconds what both eyes need so they can provide glasses to help them see. "I went to school for a very long time to learn how to do what this tool can do in about 3 seconds," Dr Kramer said with a chuckle. 

Business of the Poulsbo-NK Rotary Foundation

Shane Seaman, Foundation president, called a meeting of the Poulsbo NK Foundation to order and presented the need for a vote to approve the purchase of a title insurance policy so that we can receive a $749,000 grant from the state of WA. The measure was approved. 
Leo and Duda
Leo and Duda, our exchange students gave an update on their week.  They are preparing a "To Do" list of things they hope to do while living in the U.S. Leo reported that the airline he is scheduled to fly home with has filed for bankruptcy so he has to find a new way home. Duda was able to visit Hurricane Ridge with Geoff and Amy Schmidt. 
Todd Tidball auctioning rum cake
Rum’s the word! Pat Ryan donated a rum cake to the club which was auctioned off to raise $45 for the Poulsbo-NK Rotary Foundation. Thank you, Pat! 

North Kitsap School District

by Laurynnn EvansLaurynn Evans
Our own Dr Laurynn Evans, NKSD Superintendent, is starting her 3rd year at NK Schools.
Laurynn visited all 11 campuses in the first 3 days of school. The start of the year was exceptional. There are 30 new faculty and staff this year.
They are continuing work on capital improvements using funds from a levy. $80-90mm is needed but $40mm was approved. The HVAC at Poulsbo Middle school was replaced, Electrical work done to keep up with demand and a new playground installed at Wolfe Elem Next summer $11mm worth of projects will be tackled. 
Highlights of her talk: 
  • CHOICE Academy doubled enrollment which keeps kids at NK vs. transferring to other schools 
  • Signature Programs 
    • Dual language at Vinland 
    • "Options" at Suquamish Elementary
    • Robotics Academy at Kingston Middle 
  • (Math, Science, and robotics are all taught at the same time. Only 30 seats but 60 applicants so they are expanding.) 
  • Starting a robotics class at NK HS with a pathway to engineering. In sports, 1 in 10,000 get to go professional. In engineering, everyone can go pro! 
Dr Evans can use community involvement with the Strategic Plan and the Alignment Plan. A copy of the short version of the Strategic plan was left on tables but a longer version is available on the district website. 
The overall goal is to have all programs and people moving in the same direction for optimal results.  The student is the focus of all objectives. 
Laurynn made it very clear that NK Schools is committed to helping ALL students. Not just some. Not just the 'right' ones. All in for All students. Everyone gets a shot at preparing for the future. She noted that today's 7th graders have never lived in a world without smart phones. 
Dr Evans presented 3 main goals: 
1. Early Foundations a pre-school program 
2. Focusing on the whole child developing critical thinkers 
3. Equitable access and opportunity for all  
4 Pillars to Achieve these goals 
1. Effective instruction for all students 
2. Strong relationships with families and community 
3. Managing the climate for learning and work 
4. Investing in people 
The challenge by Dr Evans to the faculty and staff is to choose the "complex but right" way of dealing with issues vs. "simple but wrong".  
She solicited our help and asked the community to get involved: There are 3 committees to join: Finance, Facilities and Equity. The school also provides Special Education Seminars to attend. 
She ended by thanking our club for the contribution funds and time to make NK Schools better. 

Faces in the crowd

Memorial photos of Bob Hawkinson

Bob Hawkinson photos