Posted on Sep 13, 2019


  • Fireside September 17th at 6:30 at Jerry Deeter’s house 
  • Beer tasting  September 20th at 5:30 at Naveen’s house 
  • September Community Service Project is the food drive with Lions Club to benefit Fishline – September 20 and 21 at Walmart, Central Market and Red Apple Grocery. Sign up with Jim Schlachter. 
  • When you check in at the Friday meetings, please log your volunteer hours in the yellow column. We value your time and want to keep track of the CLUB’S TOTALS! 
  • Sept 28 at 1pm at Fishline. Bob Hawkinson’s Memorial service. Parking director needed 12:30-2:30. Please let Ed Stern know if you can help with parking. 
Rappin Rand Hillier with the money purse
Dancing Danny (aka Rappin’ Rand Hillier) with the mystery purse: Please add money when it comes your way. Craig Adams will build a money tree for the auction.

Morrow Manor News

Morrow Manor is going up! Shane Seaman talked about the foundation grant which is about ¾ of a million dollars. But in order to get it all we have to get title insurance. In two weeks we will discuss and then vote on getting the title insurance. 

More on the Auction!

Lori Cloutier is looking for auction sponsors. At the $3000 level, you get to have your label on the wine! Joe Hulsey is collecting auction items. Please call him with your ideas and donations! 
Leo and Duda
Leo and Duda had an awesome week. They went to a weekend retreat with all the other Rotary kids in the area. Leo got a mountain bike from Leo Fried. Duda had two swim meets this week! She qualified for District. She moved to Meredith’s on Monday. She is tired. She thinks we are funny. Kids laughed at her cashew candy. When she told them cashews are a fruit they were surprised. She can’t believe we don’t know that. 
NOTE: Youth Exchange Officer John Waller announced that Duda is looking for work/odd jobs to earn money for the big Youth Exchange event in Southern California! 

Outside the Auction: Rotary Fundraising with the 4-Way Test

Presentation by Dan Barry 
Dan is a former member of our club who now lives in Bellingham. He owns a music studio, sells insurance and has a travel agency. He is happy to be back in Poulsbo. He talked to us about fund raising. He is doing it in Ferndale, in his club of 9 members. Pretty hard to make money! He put up a quote from The Man in the Arena that essentially said: Credit belongs to the worker that actually does the job. The one that gets dirty. You have to take a chance and be courageous. 
He feels we did this with Viking Tour. That is why we were successful. 
Membership in Rotary is declining. We are just trying to maintain our numbers at this point. If it declines can we still fund raise? In Poulsbo, yes. In Ferndale, no. It is too small. What about a 30member club? Maybe. So where do the lines cross when thinking about having an auction? 
We did an exercise. Think of a home. Nick described a home. Bedrooms etc. Emotionally warm. Or it is a boat. Brenda described a home as one where your family lives. Your compound. Her whole family lives on the property. Or a shipping container could be a home. Gary describes a home as a yurt or a tent. Maybe a tree house or log cabin. His idea came up on the screen. The idea is to think outside of the box. When it comes to fund raisers think outside the box. We all know what fundraisers typically look like. BUT when you come up with an idea for a fundraiser, think outside of the box. That is what makes them successful.
What is the best business plan? It is well thought out. Has a lot of capital. Lots of partners. Lots of experience. People that succeeded are not necessarily what you think. Like Facebook, Harry Potter, Walt Disney. 
Why is he talking to us today since we are already successful? He wants to tell us about the six attributes of a Rotary fundraiser. PURPOSE 1. Community engagement. 2. Membership Growth 3. Promotes one of the 6 causes of Rotary. 4. Community Awareness 5. Engage Interact, Rotaract and other Clubs 6. Display the unique Character and Assets of the club members and region. SUCCESS 1. Thorough Planning. 2. Club Commitment and Buy-in 3. Dedicated Leadership. 4. Community Sponsorship. 5. Participation with Interact, Rotaract, other clubs and community groups. 6. Earnings that are commensurate for the time invested. 
In Rotary we like to 1. Promote peace. 2. Fight disease. 3. Provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene. 4. Save mothers and children 5. Support education 6. Grow local economies. So donate a portion of your funds to the six causes of Rotary. This will help it be more successful. 
Ideas: weekend boat in, group cruise to Mexico with silent auction onboard, comedy show, jazz music festival, classic car show…. 
Concert One is the event the Ferndale club is putting on. They only have 9 members, so they are bringing in Greyson Chance, pop musician, to Mt Baker Theater. Selling 1500 seats. Skela is opening for Greyson. The proceeds go to five local charities that help women, children and people in need. They are already planning next years. They intend to keep this going year after year. More information is on our Facebook page.