Kathy Rayment

Kathy Rayment, presiding;

Speaker Ed Carriere Suquamish Tribe Elder and basket weaver, Bonnie Carriere, Tony Modugno to be inducted as a new member, Eric Ryan, Carolyn Hederly-Smith, Frank Cariopo


by Meredith Green: "Character is a tree. Reputation is it's shadow". Abe Lincoln 


Christmas & Holiday Party  Dec 7th
Fireside at Deeters.     Dec 17



Leo and Duda

Leo and Duda told of their Rotary District Exchange Student trip to LA with other students visiting 5020 this year.  They visited Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm and took surfing lessons. A good time was had by all.

New member induction - Tony Modugno

Tony Modugno
Tony Modugno was sponsored by Jacob Maxwell. Tony is involved in the construction business And is also a volunteer fireman. Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary Tony!
John Ackenhusen
John Ackenhusen received his BLUE badge after completing the tasks to shed the red. (Each new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge.)

GUEST SPEAKER: Ed Carriere of the Suquamish tribe

Ed Carriere
Francis Malone arranged for our speaker and did a very respectful introduction of our guest, Mr. Ed Carriere of the Suquamish tribe.  He came to talk about his basket weaving that was taught to him by his great-grandmother starting 70 years ago. He recently published a book on ancient Salish sea baskets. 
Examples of baskets
Ed brought several examples of baskets that he has made using the same techniques and patterns of original basket weavers. Some of the patterns were discovered as areas were reclaimed and basket pieces unearthed.
Samples he showed us: 
 1. Hat with knob a whalers hat. 
 2. Shrimp Trap 
 3. Clam Gathering basket 
 4. Cross warped style a fishnet design using hazelnut shoots 
 5. Back pack burden basket a large ancient style basket that he made which Integrated 4000, 3000, 2000, and 1000-year-old weaving patterns.  
 6. A cooking basket capable of holding water 
Preparing a reed for weaving
He then demonstrated how he prepares the wood to make the reed for weaving. (All of us in the front row were worried he was going to cut himself with the small sharp knife he used.) Color was included in the design by using bark and roots from choke cherry, wild cherry, bear grass from the mountains, and horsetail root to get the black color they need. 
Questions and answers followed until time ran out.
The club sang happy birthday to Cheryl Harris. Some sang well. Some did not. 
Our resident trashy woman, Lori Cloutier, told us that we have arranged to collect 300 lbs of plastic wrap per week which will be recycled to make TREX decking.
Matt Ryan's number was drawn for a possible payday of $2860. The club members moaned in sadness that he did not pick the ACE of SPADES so the Fraffle continues with only 7 cards left.