These are the highlights from our November 15th club meeting, presented in stream of consciousness format, yet somehow still informative. We hope to add photos in the near future.
And so it begins. Another meeting. Bacon. Eggs. And Samwise's favorites: Po-ta-toes.  

I (Nick Johnson) made a mistake. Two city council members at my table. Whoops. 

Kathy's Back! (Club President Kathy Rayment has returned from vacation)
On the agenda:
  • Raab Park (Paul), Club Nominations (Board & Directors), Save to Grow (Gale), Induction (Claudia) and other things I'm sure. 
  • Board meeting on the 21st, 5:30 at Kathy's abode.  
  • No meeting on the 29th! Be aware that if you show up, you'll be sitting in a big dark room, alone, hungry and sad. 
Donna (Pledger) leads the pledge!
We are proud Rotarians without any proud Rotarians this week! Grab a sign, take it home, post it at your home, take a photo, be a proud Rotarian.
Guests (introduced)! Ardis (Morrow presents a story)! Thought of the Day!

  • Christmas Party on December 7th, Kiana Lodge 
  • Fireside at Deeter's December 17th 
  • Clipboard 101! The clipboard should end up at the last table! If you don't grab yours, check the metal cabinet. Stop emailing Jon! 
  • Social Committee meeting after the meeting 
  • Put a dollar in the can, or something. It does something. Pinky. I don't know.          
Buzz Whitley Big Band raised over $1,500 for the Rotary! Boom.

Club Officer and Board nominations for next year announced by me (Nick Johnson)! 
  • Special Appointments (not voted in by the club) 
    • Domestic Violence Protection Chair / Joe Hulsey 
    • Youth Protection Chair / Mike Cloutier 
    • Youth Exchange Officer / Jon Waller 
    • Scholarship Chair / Mitch Sudy 
    • Fund Development Chair / Kim McCoy 
Club Directors (will be voted in by the club on December 13th) 
  • Club Services Chair / Jon Pavey 
  • International Services Chair / Naveen Chaudhary 
  • Community Services Chair / Jim Schlacter 
  • Professional Services Chair / Steve Garfein 
  • Public Image Chair / Cindy Putman (spelled correctly – woot woot!) 
  • International Foundation Chair / Ardelle Rein 
  • Membership Chair / Cheryl Harris 
  • Youth Services Chair / Naveen Chaudhary 
Officers (will be voted in by the club on December 13th) 
  • President / Nick Johnson 
  • Secretary / Christine Kastanopolous 
  • Treasurer / Don Lawrence 
  • Immediate Past President / Kathy Rayment 
  • Vice President / Todd Tidball 
  • President Elect / Donna Pledger 
New Member Induction! Claudia Alves. She can P-R-O-J-E-C-T  H-E-R  V-O-I-C-E. Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary Claudia!

Audrey Wolf announces a tour of Olympic College! Let her know if you want to join the tour. She'll figure out the date and time once she figures out who wants to come, and what everyone wants to see. EMAIL HER!
Gayle Heller tells us about about Save to Grow, and her recent trip to Tanzania. 
  • Tanzania. East Africa. South of the Equator. One of the poorest countries in the world. 
  • Goal of STG (Save to Grow - Microsaving and Loan groups) was to help rural villages operate like a bank. Shared Interest Savings Groups. Pretty cool. 
  • WHAT! Photos of powerpoint slides, inside powerpoint slides! Is this the Matrix? How deep does this rabbit hole go? 
  • Our ISC (International Service Committee) granted $5k to BI Rotary in 2017, and an additional $7k in 2019. 
  • We will now be singing and chanting when we start our Rotary meetings.