Posted on May 17, 2019

Exchange Student: Mc update 

Exchange Student: Mc update
Mc gave two weeks worth of info on his activities. He only has 1 month remaining! He attended a baseball game and found it to be boring. 
He was introduced to the visual of a 'butt crack' (a cultural exchange) at the ball game. 
Mc attended the conference in Victoria and had to say final farewells to many fellow exchange students from Dist 5020.
He got to eat a meal at Fat Smittys, telling of the money on the walls and ceiling. 
Donna and Ardis took him to play PUTT PUTT golf. 

Important Announcements 

• Please collect the placemats at your table for composting 
• Jewel Box Theatre show coming up featuring Farm Strong band. 
• Wine Tasting May 31 at the Hulseys’ house 
• The Social Activities crew is busy making plans look for opportunities to socialize. 
• Nick Johnson and Jon Pavey will be cleaning up/clearing out the Rotary storage locker. Date TBD 

Steve Hogg: Distinguished Students of Service (make up)

Alaina Marcott
Alaina Marcott could not attend the club meeting where this award was presented so Alaina came to our meeting today to receive her award. Her math teacher showered her with praise for her work in the classroom, athletic field and community. She is bound for UW to study Environmental Science. $100 award.

Club Appreciation Moment

Mike Cloutier
President Tim Nichols called Mike Cloutier to the podium and recognized him for his service to the club and district related to Youth Protection. His work as Youth Protection officer has made it possible for our club and the district to keep the program alive and safe for the students. 80% of the club has completed the YP training. Mike told us that scenario training will be coming soon for our club to participate in. 
Meredith Green interrupted the discussion to present a "Meritorious Service Award" to Mike from the district! 

Don Froehlich: Three Decades a Bird-Bander

Don FroehlichTravels and Travails of a Field Ornithologist 
Don Froehlich is a 'bird bander.’ He is a freelance field ornithologist, who has worked in the field for 30 years. He shared many details from his fascinating work. 
1.2 million birds are banded a year. 
Since 1964 there have been 64 million records of banding birds to monitor individual birds to see how they migrate, reproduce, molt and survive. 
He showed a picture of the globe, and it highlighted the migration of 1 bird (Red Knot). The bird traveled in 5 days from the Hudson Bay to the Caribbean, rested for 11 days, and then continued to south Argentina. 
He explained that in 1986 the sparrow eggs failed, producing few offspring. That was tracked and attributed to the fall out from Chernobyl nuclear radiation disaster. 
Certain birds replace their wings 1x per year. That process of how they do it is still not understood. What triggers it? 
He is presently working in Borneo where there are two seasons: Rainy, with rains 2x per day, and non-rainy, with rains 1x a day. 
Dan showed pictures of his work, including photos of some amazing birds. He reported that a new species of bird was discovered on a recent project. 

NICK JOHNSON Viking Tour News 

NICK JOHNSON Viking Tour News
• Danny Fritz gave Nick a metal Viking helmet, complete with horns. 
• 271 registrations in. More expected with good weather 
• 67% men 
• Oldest registered is 80 
• Youngest is 8 
• 34 people from outside the state are participating 
Viking Devyn Newcombe
Viking Devyn Newcombe