Posted on Mar 22, 2019

Distinguished Students of Service Awards

Distinguished Students of Service Awards
In order for students to be eligible for a DSS Award, they need to have met the following criteria: Makes positive contributions to the North Kitsap High School Community and/or in the community outside NKHS. Is a good ambassador for the school and to the community. Is respectful to peers and teachers. Exhibits a positive attitude toward learning. Maintains good attendance. Is an active classroom participant. And, perhaps most importantly, the student exhibits a high potential for making positive contributions to society beyond his tenure at North Kitsap High School. The following students were nominated by their teacher, Eric Nieland, and signed off by both their school principal and the NKSD Superintendent. Our five March 22, 2019 Award Recipients are: 
Katie BaggeKatie Bagge: Katie excels in her course work and often trains other students in class with complex processes and problems. She is heavily involved in community service efforts and volunteerism through several clubs and organizations: Lifesavers, Future Farmers of America, and the Girl Scouts of America. She is the head varsity football team manager. She offers informational presentations to peers and younger students. She enjoys thinking outside the box and plans to pursue vet school at WSU.
William ButlerWilliam Butler : William excels in his course work and is often the first student done with detailed projects. As a leader, he is heavily involved with fundraising and volunteer efforts to support the baseball team. He is very active with a positive attitude offering help and advice to fellow students. He is a role model for his peers and younger students. He is involved with many CNC projects and is interested in pursuing engineering and college baseball.
Therese GordonTherese Gordon: Therese excels in her course work, she is often the person to help explain coursework to other students. She is a national level archery competitor with several awards for her skill. She is not only a competitor, she is an archery coach helping train others is to learn the sport. She shares her culture with her fellow students and is fluent in Japanese. She is interested in pursuing engineering in college, although she hasn’t decided which type (but not electrical!).
Sam GroetschSam Groetsch: Sam excels in his course work and often leads discussions in class. Leader in both his local Boy Scout troop as well as in our school’s Honor Society. Very active in fundraising and community service efforts for Scouts and the Honor Society. Often takes the leadership role in group projects, and is very helpful to fellow students. He plans to pursue engineering in college.
Andrew Iaroslavtsev:Andrew Iaroslavtsev: Andrew is a strong and diligent worker in AP Psychology. He is consistent in making sure his work is done on time and up to the highest standard possible. Andrew was a good sport this year especially being the only male in class and was always up for participating in activities within the classroom. Andrew consistently challenges himself in all matters. This year he is taking 3 Advanced Placement classes including AP Psychology, AP Language & Composition, and AP U.S. History. This trend is not something new either as he has challenged himself in the past with AP World History and two years of Engineering where he always did excellent work on all of his projects. He has been accepted to Western Washington University.

Important Announcements 

• Academic scholarship applications are posted on WASHBOARD.ORG These are for high school seniors heading to college, and current college for NKHS boundary area students. Bob Hawkinson is looking for someone who can do word processing and post to spreadsheets; there are templates for all of it. 
• Steve Garfein shared that the Professional Services Committee will fund four students, 11 grade or below, and three NKHS teachers, to attend the Space Frontier. 
Foundation’s NewSpace conference in July.  
• April 26 Wine Tasting at Geoff and Amy Schmidt's 
• District Conference in Victoria May 9-11 
• Viking Tour May 19: Joe Hulsey is the Manager. It will be a ZERO WASTE EVENT! If you want to sponsor, talk to Paul Vaughan. We already have four beer garden sponsors. Spread the word! Shirts are available! 

Jim Gillard’s New Member Talk

Jim Gillard’s New Member Talk
When Jim wasn’t fighting fires, he was heavily involved in youth sports. He loves the positive influence it has on on the development of kids. He has coached over 18 teams, including NK Little League and All Star teams all the way to regionals and nations. He believes in teaching resilience to kids, while creating fun and lasting memories. 
His career started at age 16 when he became a full fledged volunteer firefighter, following in the footsteps of his dad, brothers, and uncles. In 1989 he went on his first fire call with his dad, and he was hooked. In 1995 he got a degree in geography from UW and worked his way up the ranks to Poulsbo Fire Chief. 
Why Rotary? Jim loves coaching, but his kids are growing up. In his new position he’s also doing less “hands on” life saving with the fire department, now that he is the chief. He wants to find new ways to go out into the community to make a difference.

Lydia Rush’s New Member Talk

Lydia Rush’s New Member TalkLydia is a former club member who moved to Japan, and has now returned. She worked as a nurse for more than 10 years in hospice and ICU. When she and her husband moved to Japan she took her love of socializing and helping people and used it to help sailors when the housing market crashed. She discovered her love for volunteering. 
She was out shopping in Japan when the Tsunami hit. In the aftermath, she researched what was needed: clothes, baby supplies, and transportation in the form of bicycles. She drew up a document and her husband worked with the US Base commander to get permission to restore all the abandoned bicycles on base. Other Rotarians helped with this project and they got over 100 bicycles to those in need.