ZoomOur first on-line meeting using Zoom! – our first online meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is one for the books. 
Thanks to Kathy, Meredith and John Ackenhusen for putting the meeting together and managing the technology.  We will be doing our Rotary meetings virtually until we are permitted to meet as a group. 
Those Rotarians who would like to learn how to set up their phones or computers to accommodate Zoom Rotary meetings may call Nick Johnson or Steve Garfein.  If other tech -saavy Rotarians would like to participate in helping train, please let Kathy know. 


1. Poulsbo Historical Society’s Codfish Dinner has been rescheduled for June 27th at the Sons of Norway. 
2. The Fireside at Jerry Deeter’s home has been cancelled. 
3. Viking Tour has been postponed until sometime during the summer or early fall.  Those who have registered will be offered a place in the next Viking Tour or a refund.  We are announcing a postponement now before we incur additional expenses for the event. 
4. Rotary District Conference has been cancelled – there is consideration being given for doing the training virtually.   
5. Installation/Outstallation Event is scheduled for June 27th.  
6. E. Jefferson, exchange student, needs a new host family.  Please call John Waller. 


1. Laurynn Evans announced that NK School District is providing free meals to all kids up to age 18.  The meals will be provided at 6 schools.  Check www.NKSchools.org for details.  Eric from Caffe Coccina is leading a group to assure kids are fed over the weekend through NK Lunch Brigade. 
2. Tim Nichols is heading a group of Rotary volunteers who want to work on helping minimize the impact of the shut down on our local businesses and individuals. 
3. Dan Weedin announced that the District’s policy regarding the youth exchange students here and those we have abroad is to have them remain in their host countries if that is possible.  Dan has heard from all but one of the students – they are safe and will remain in their host countries. 



Mayor Becky EricksonThe City declared a State of Emergency and the Emergency Center is up and running.  As of next Monday, City Hall will be closed to outside visitors, but employees at the City agencies are working.  Meetings have been cancelled because the City cannot comply with the Open Mandated Meeting law.  Check the website for phone and email contact at various departments. 
The goal is to flatten the curve of the virus’ spread by reinforcing non-pharmaceutical interventions – social distancing, personal hygiene enhancement, and remaining at home if one is ill.
Our mayor encouraged all of us to Have Faith!!  These are hard times, but also great times to learn. 
• Mutual Aid Agreements with nearby communities have been set up. 
• The City is compiling a list of all restaurants that offer take-out along with contact information. 
• Please support local businesses for take-out! 
• The City is focusing on business revitalization. 
• Kim Hendrickson, the Director of Housing, Heath and Community Services, is putting together volunteers for food delivery to those who cannot get out or to centers where people may be quarantined. 
• There is a status called “Standby” under which if your employer is going to call you back, you may can get unemployment benefits quite quickly. 
• Be kind to people working in the grocery stores – they are working overtime. 


Olhava- College Market Place-Upper Finn Hill Road 
• Business was stable and is now falling like a stone. 
• A new hotel is planned to start construction in spring, but is now in question. 
• There is also a 100-unit apartment scheduled for construction. 
• The Mayor wants to put a large metal dragon as public art at the top of the hill on 305 going into Walmart, which will be lit at night 
Highway 3 Up Finn Hill Road 
• New plantings in Westwood Subdivision 
Highway 305 Corridor 
• Support the restaurants on 305:  Blossom, Sushi Bento, Jersey Mike’s and others 
• Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a fabulous medical facility; the Mayor would like to recruit more medical facilities in Poulsbo. 
• Would like to recruit more high end retail or developer for housing for area above Central Market 
• City is buying 13 ½ acres on Highway 305 greenway from Washington State.  Trails will be built with a connection to Fish Park.  The area is between Bond and Central Market. 
Viking Way 
• $1M grant has been received for Fish Park enhancement 
• New Mac Donald’s 
• Explore how the social services agencies are working at Fish Line 
Albertson’s Store in Poulsbo Village 
• Would a daycare work there?  Retail is changing so fast, we need to look at that space for services. 
Historic Downtown and Old Town – Activities and Major Considerations 
• Three weeks ago, all the shops were full – now there are lots of vacancies.  It is very worrisome.
• The Poulsbo Beer Run took place a week ago because at that time, there was no directive from the State that would necessitate cancelling the event. 
• Support the local restaurants for take-out. 
• There is a new apartment building planned for the old police department space.  It is under appeal currently because the owner’s view is obstructed with the planned construction. However, views are not protected by law. 
• City is considering how do we control speed in downtown? 
• What to do about the intersection where the Carousel was last Christmas? 
• Should food trucks be considered downtown? Other places? 
• City Council will shortly make the decision about what to do for the July 3 celebration.  Some citizens think there should be no fireworks and others think it is a Poulsbo tradition and should continue. 
• July 3rd celebration does not impact the Play for All effort. 
• The City will suffer a financial hardship because of the slow down – we have resources, but we don’t know the long-term impact.  We don’t know the impact of funding for the park at Morrow Manor. 
• How do we control the speed on Fjord Drive – a young man died recently from speeding there. 
• Should the city allow Accessory Dwelling Units and if so how many and under what circumstances? 
Knoll Road, Lincoln and Caldart 
• All the subdivisions there are doing well, but they are not low income housing.  Crystal View (new) will be expensive as there is great access and views 
Roundabout at Johnson Parkway ----there is artwork of Viking shields planned there.  There will also be a walking path under the roundabout.  The city has cameras on all the parks and in public places to prevent vandalism. 
Major Areas of Planning and Issues under Consideration for the City of Poulsbo: 
• How do we create more affordable housing? 
• How do we fund more open space and trails? 
• How do we provide walking areas along thoroughfares for pedestrians? 
• How do we balance pubic safety and social support? 
• What is our 50-year plan for infrastructure?  What will our area look like and how do we plan for it? 


These are trying times, but we are learning new skills and we are being forced to explore new opportunities and skills using more technology and discovering other ways to connect Every challenge is an opportunity! 


1. Check in with our neighbors and friends and be sure they have what they need.  We need to stay connected while we are disconnected. 
2. Support our local businesses – order take-out!! 
3. Volunteer to help with City programs through Kim Henderson’s office (see earlier in the minutes) 

Support your neighbors! 
Poulsbo Small Businesses! 
Have faith!