Posted on Mar 15, 2019
Med Reed presents check
Med Reed presented a check to the Poulsbo PTSA. They requested money for a Digital Safety Seminar, with 150 child identification kits, including DNA swabs, finger prints, photos. was offered to parents, teachers, and staff, and then opened to the community. Over 100 people came, and they’ve had multiple requests to host it again. 
Mc Update
Mc enjoyed some Thai Cuisine with Gary Nakamura, Kimi Kinoshita, and Frances Malone. Last Tuesday he tried “Burger Soup,” which was confusing, because he thought that “burger” is supposed to be a sandwich!

Morrow Manor

Jim Schlacter reported that they got the plat for Morrow Manor recorded and the work is out for bids! 

Important Announcements 

• March 22: The Way Things Work: See Steve Garfein for details
• Jim Moore’s memorial will be held on May 11
• Viking Tour May 19
• Tim Nichols honored Jim Schlacter for Being the Inspiration, with his work on Morrow Manor, and, well, everything!
• The District Training Conference is coming up May 9th through the 11th. It’s a great program that helps participants learn how Rotary works outside the club. And the club will help pay for your registration!

Naomi Nichols: Kitsap Foster Care Association 

Naomi Nichols
Naomi Nichols is a teacher at Vinland Elementary School with a Master’s Degree in counselling, a foster mom, and President of the Kitsap Foster Care Association. There are currently around 367 kids in foster care here is Kitsap County, and not enough licensed homes. There are only 23 licensed foster homes, and right now, only 6 are open for long-term placements, 4 for respite, and the other 13 aren’t accepting placements at this time. A snapshot of the CURRENT needs is on the following page (3), just to further paint the picture. The need for licensed foster homes is GREAT. Many foster children keep their possessions in a garbage bag, and they have no place to call home.
Naomi offered an analogy to describe what it’s like to become a foster parent: the dream of jumping in a cool refreshing lake on a hot day, versus the reality of realizing you don’t know how to swim! She recommended the movie, “Instant Family” as the most accurate depiction she’s seen come out of Hollywood. 
The Kitsap Foster Care Association has been supporting foster parents since 1991, and currently offers trainings, dinner meetings, backpacks for kids, gifts, trips to the mariner’s, Clothing Closet, and more — all to help provide stability to the children and families. It was funded by the state until a few years ago, so they have turned to the community for help. They hold fundraisers, accept donations, and receive funding from grants from organizations such as Poulsbo Rotary. 
How can you help? You can work to become a foster parent, you can help pack backpacks (August), take the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) training to volunteer as a voice for a foster child, participate in their biggest fundraiser — The Ghost Train — in October.
The #1 goal is to return foster children to their biological families. When that is not possible, there is a process for becoming eligible for adoption. A child needs to have been in foster care for 20 of 24 months for the state to file for termination of parent rights, and it’s still a 8-9 month process after that. Babies in foster care since birth are typically adopted around age two and a half.
Naomi quoted Richard Tizzano: “You have to love them as hard as you can as long as you can.” 
Here is a snapshot of the 367 kids that need foster care placements NOW:
Kids that need foster care now
Poulsbo Rotary wishes to thank The Kitsap Foster Care Association, and all Kitsap Foster Parents, for all they do for kids!