Zoom meeting We started the meeting in break-out rooms again -  
Alexa - an almost 3 yr old (August 2) whose daddy is a soldier in Afghanistan lead the Pledge of Allegiance this morning - it was precious and brought tears to many Rotarian’s eyes. 
Frances Malone
Our Proud Rotarian is Frances Malone - who just celebrated a birthday and was treated to a birthday  parade by her fellow Rotarians.  She’s our proud Rotarian!  Frances has worked for Weisfields Corporation, Goodwill Industries and 23 years with the Seattle Times Newspaper. Rotarian 7 years, Trashy Trash, Morrow Manor, Public Image and for a while, International Services.  Frances said she’s been on many boards but that Rotary has been the best organization she’s ever been involved with. 
Guests:  Jennifer Levcun - flight attendant for Alaska Airlines & Lynne Peter-Contesse & Brandon Wieschhaus (Jon Pavey’s neighbor - he’s completed an application for membership). 
Ardis Story
Ardis’ story:  Tom & Grace attended a marriage seminar… what they learned… know what’s important to each other.  Asking the men if they know their wives’ favorite flower.  Tom leaned over and said, “It’s Pillsbury, isn’t it?” 
Hugh presented an emergency Thought for the Day - “Always try to stop talking before people stop listening.” 
PK MacLean recited the the 4-Way Test 
Poulsbo Historical Society Dinner announcement - On-line Auction from June 20 - 27.  Soon, you can go to poulsbohistory.maxgiving.bid to support the Poulsbo Historical Society. 
Duda Update
Duda update - she did an art project - it was the size of her graduation cap and she designed a beautiful motif that represented her Brazilian Heritage. She’s been trying to convince her natural mom to get a puppy - she’s been trying to do it for 17 years.  It looks like they’ll be getting a female puppy so now she and her family are trying to come up with a name.  We learned the Duda is allergic to cats, she has the sniffles and it turns out that the home she lives in has a cat that has taken a liking to her.  She doesn’t mind though, she likes cats.  She received a little flack for wearing her Cougars sweatshirt.  Aaron and Dan have tasked her with representing the Dogs next week.  
Leo update
Leo update - less than a week to go and he’s been working a lot on his schoolwork.  He’s also been doing a lot of bike riding too.  He’s also learned about Senior Skip Day so now he’s trying to figure out how he can represent.  His return home date is July 17. 

Kimberly Kinzer Classification Talk

Kimberly KinzerEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work.   Bay Area in California - with mom, dad and sister.  Moved to WA at age 11 - next to elementary school. - had an influence on her career - Mr. Wallace was a mentor and grew up loving school.  Her Uncle Sam was the 1st in his family to get a degree - Masters - worked in the US Senate and had a great influence on her.  Kim was the 1st girl to graduate school, with masters and doctorate.  Lived in Seattle for a long time, worked in Seattle, Highline public schools.  Her hubby convinced her to come to Poulsbo - reminded her of Orcas Island - where she grew up.  Happy to get out of the city and traffic but commuted another year to Highline Public schools until she got a job for the NK School District.  Her husband Adam is also an educator “on the other side.” 

Really important to Kim; kids, social justice, and every child should have with they need.  She’s in her 28th years in education and has held a variety of positions.  It’s worth our time and effort to do whatever we can to help kids become their best selves.  This year has been a challenge - building a plane while we’re flying it” - experiencing Zoom fatigue but working diligently to determining how they’ll proceed for the coming school year. Doing everything they can to help Seniors get to the finish line.  A little more about Kim - went to S. Africa to work with kids and brought them school supplies.  Went back twice more to work with teachers on a literacy project.  Feels lucky to have done that.  Enjoys reading, traveling, yoga and since moving to Poulsbo is learning Print Making.  She has 2 daughters, a son and elder dog and a “covid” puppy. Has loved being a Rotarian so far! 

Empowered Kenyan Women Catch the Rain and Sun 

Presentation by Kim McKoy

Kim McKoyKim McKoy has spent 40 years in the Non-Profit Sector with a drive to help and lift up those in need.  When we met Kim, she worked for Girl Scouts - Gary recently learned that she was doing something different as the Executive Director of Path From Poverty.  This organization has been around for 28 years. Her presentation was about the empowerment of women in Kenya .  She started with a video that showed the environment and harsh conditions these women live under. Imagine washing your hands is a pool of dirty water - with cholera and diphtheria.  Women (from the time they are little girls)  walk every day to wherever they can find water with 40 gal jerry cans.  It’s a dangerous 8-9 mile trip in dangerous land with wild animals and men with evil intentions.  She talked about the Kamba people of the Bantu Tribe.  PFP works in areas about 3-5 hours drive south of Nairobi; areas of extreme poverty.
Women searching for waterPFP has been working with impoverished Kenyan women in anti-poverty work and water equity for 20 years.  They initially partnered with a Microsoft Millionaire and Kenyan woman. They invited a handful of Kenyan women to establish groups that provide education, support, accountability, sharing of best practices and fellowship. PTP installed water catchment and solar panels - water to keep from having to fetch dirty water.  Solar for lighting so kids can study at night 
PFP – Kenya:  in-country management.  Helping women with micro- enterprises and other things.  Working with women to learn how to earn and save money.  They then pool their money to get more water tanks to the community.  Kim introduced us to the 7 women that help run the Kenyan operations.  They are amazing beautiful people who Kim had said she’s “never met anyone with so little who would give so much.”   
These Regional Program Managers work with several regional groups to implement programs that help women.  Their local Rotary Club has made these ladies honorary Rotarians - no cost to them. 
Kenyan woman with globe

PFP - US - provides financial support to help supply water tanks and solar panels. 
Laying cement for the tank baseKim went on to tell the stories of some of the people the PFP helps.  
Women helping Women - “Alone, women survive, but in a group, they THRIVE” 
Most Kenyan woman are of Christian Faith - and are devoted to their faith - what should make them disheartened (barren, dry land, scare dirty water), doesn’t prevent their joyfulness.  But when they have to try to find water, they don’t have time to care they way they would love to for their homes, children or themselves.  One story Kim shared was that a group of women could either get water from a local river that has oil in in from an oil spill, or cross a dangerous highway with children in their arms and the jerry can on their back to get to another water source. Culturally, the men do not help.   
In 2019 - there were 195 tank installed in the region.  The cost is $1400 per tank.  PFP Kenya raised enough money for 98 tanks and PFP US gifted 97 water tanks. 
PFP Kenya goes beyond water and energy to help the women in their regions:  
Lydia is in her 50’s - she has as mental health issues.  She has 4 adult children - all the product of rape while walking for water.  2 of her children have Polio.  One adult child has left home.  Her youngest son is an alcoholic.  Still caring for the adult children with Polio.  She lives in a mud hut - no door, and on a regular basis, she is raped.  Lydia doesn’t have the capacity to work and one of the regions learned her story and built her a proper home to live in. 
Water Tank installed on siteGrace - was subjected to genital mutilation - as a result, she always smelled of urine.  She was married to a disabled man and has been ostracized from her community and church.  One of the regions has helped fund repairing her body so she was able to be welcomed back into the community and be married to her man in her church. 
Isaiah 40 - 31 
Those who hope in the  
Lord will renew their 
They will soar on wings 
like eagles; 
they will run and not grow 
they will walk and not be 
Current Rotary Involvement - Rotary clubs in 5030  have contributed $6000 
Connected to Machako Rotary in Kenya 

How can we help? 
Join a work team and spend 9 days in Kenya 
Buy a tank for a Kenyan woman & her family 
Donate $10 or more that would be a tank for a family -  go to www.pathfrompoverty.org 
Besides rain water - what fills the tanks? - Monsoons once per year and if lucky twice per year. But sometimes it doesn’t rain at all. 
Michele Asked about the men in their society - PFP does invite men to participate in the programs and some men are curious, a few want to help.  But they are not focused on changing the culture. 
Again, if you want more information, reach out to Kim - if you’re interested in a trip, reach out to Kim.  If you’d like to donate, go to www.pathfrompoverty.org 

Additional announcements:  

John Waller - June 15th - more coming on celebrating Leo and Duda 
Cheryl - Membership meeting will be on 22nd. 
Waldo winners: Waldo was on Duda and Leo’s slide - Duda wins $1,000,000 for knowing where it was this week. Cindy Putman - saw Waldo on 4-way test page - she get’s $1,000,000 also! 

Happy Bucks 

Frances - $10 for her wonderful 84th  Birthday Parade!  Thank you to everyone who participated and brought her flowers, candy, cards and toilet paper! 
Mike Cloutier - $100 - son’s surgery was extremely successful! 
Lori - $1 - Spending quality time with 7-month-old Alice - their granddaughter