Posted on Jun 28, 2019

Important Announcements

  • 6/28:  Wine tasting at Bonnie’s house 
  • Recycle News  
  • 7/27:  Styrofoam Roundup – Kitsap Fairgrounds 
  • Plastic bag pick-up EVERY Friday at Rotary Meetings 
  • Old Rotary cookbooks found during storage cleanup can be obtained for free.  First come, first gets! 
  • In the Charity world, everyone is asking for money.  Rand Hillier announced that the new watch guides are available.  Just email Rand if you want a copy. 

Rick Grantham receives Blue Membership Badge

Amy Schmidt presented Rick Grantham with a Blue badge for completing all the membership requirements. Each new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge. Congratulations Rick!

President Tim Nichols recognized:

  • Devyn Newcombe for providing so much help to increasing membership! 
  • Kristi Sutton for 9 years of dedicated service in the role of club secretary! 

Rotary Year in Review 

President Tim Nichols 
Tim shared thoughts and pictures of this year’s highlights including:
  • Exchange student Mc going away party and his receiving a GoPro Camera 
  • Cemetery clean-up project 
  • Trash Talks from Lori Cloutier 
  • Viking Tour and Nick Johnson 
  • October Auction Gala 
Tim also encouraged the group to call out their own highlights:
  • Devyn Newcombe - Appreciation Moments and Spirit Awards 
  • Frances Malone – Getting to hear the presentation better by the efforts of others for 
  • working with the technology in the room 
  • Kristi Sutton – The fishing industry presentation from Jim Shields and Mike Burns (sp?) 
  • Rand Hillier – The energy of every Friday meeting 
  • Don Lawrence – Friday meetings are his positive pill 
  • Lori Cloutier – Loved all the trashy people who helped out on the Trash Talk campaign and at the Viking Tour 
  • Cheryl Harris – Gratitude for the Christmas Caroling provided during her illness 
  • John Powers – Even when not at the meeting, still knows the meetings are beneficial 
  • Brenda Wall – Ardis Morrow’s inspiration and stories 
  • Dan Weedin – The Zero Waste effort at the Viking Tour event 
  • Meredith Green – Watching Tim navigate running the meetings and his leadership development and growth 
Tim Nichols had his own list, including Kids in Concert, Foster Care support, and how so many of the programs / presentations were led by club members, such as:
  • Russ Shiplet - State of Trades 
  • Don Russell – Brazil / Jaguars 
  • Laurynn Evans – Diving 
  • Kim McCoy – Girl Scouts 
  • Tom Hall – Central Market 
  • Bob Hawkinson – Scholarships 
  • Steve Garfein/ Ned – Service Awards 
  • Mayor Becky Erickson – State of the City 
  • Duane Edwards– New Zealand friendship exchange 
  • Tom Hall / Mary Nader – Fishline 
  • John Powers – Kitsap Economic Development Association 
In recognition of the service of the Board and Committee Chairs, Tim made a donation in each of their names to a fitting charity. 
Joe Hulsey was recognized as Rotarian of the Year. Congratulations Joe!

Departments’ Year in Review

Professional Services – Steve Garfein
  • In keeping with a focus on young professionals, 10 awards were provided, including 
  • student and teachers to attend a Space Program event.   
  • 4 “The Way Things Work” (TW2) Tours 
    • Olympic College – Space 
    • Centennial Building / Vibe 
    • Safe boats 
    • ACT Theatre 
  • Mission Statement development
    • AI / Robotics 
    • Preparing folks for change 
  • Preparing folks for change
    • Attracting young professionals
Community Services – Geoff Schmidt
  • A Thank You from previous chairs helping and advising 
  • Committee fully utilized budget 
    • Sponsored community orchestra 
    • Kids Helping Kids (hospital visits during Christmas and Easter) 
    • $4,500 Backpacks to foster care kids 
    • Work parties – new and recurring 
    • ADA park development 
    • Eagle Scout project support 
    • Gold Star project – positivity tent.  Poulsbo Mayor Becky Erickson wants this to be an annual event
Youth Protection – Mike Cloutier 
  • 80% online Awareness Training participation 
  • Only 24 members have not taken the training 
Domestic Violence Prevention – Joe Hulsey 
  • Morrow Manor 
    • Construction is on track and on schedule 
    • Receiving volunteer hours from certified and retired electricians
  • Focus on Victims – Prevention 
    • Getting to kids before they show up in the system and in court
    • Identifying gaps to fill in order to have greater impact
Youth Services – Med Reed 
  • Recognized the year’s members on the committee 
  • Committee interested in supporting Kitsap Strong and impact of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) 
  • Budget of $25K supported: 
    • 4 iPads for Pearson Elementary ($1,524) 
    • 4 iPads for Poulsbo Elementary ($1,524) 
    • The Coffee Cart ($600) 
    • Burke Museum ($618) 
    • Virtual Reality Goggles ($500) 
    • Islandwood overnight program / 80 student 
    • One student sent to the RYLA program (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) 
    • Mentored the NK Highschool Interact Program 
    • 15 separate scholarships – Rotary scholarship program 
International Services – Naveen Chaudhary and Donna Pledger
  • Naveen recognized and thanked all the committee members 
  • Committee utilized all the budget of $27,720, supporting 9 projects in 9 countries 
    • Shelter Box – Canada, $2,000 
    • Eye Glasses for Children of the Nation – Dominican Republic, $2,000 
    • New Kitchen for Walk in the Light – Burkina Faso, Africa, $4,000 
    • Latrines for Etta Projects – Bolivia, $2,000 
    • Hygiene Kits for Days for Girls – Senegal, $4,000 
    • Community Banks for Save to Grow – Tanzania, $7,000 
    • Hygiene Kits for Side by Side – South Africa, $5,000 
    • Soup Kitchen for House of Hope – Cofradia, Mexico, $3,370 
    • Stoves for Rotary sister club – Guatemala, Funds not yet disbursed.