Posted on Jul 05, 2019

Important Announcements 

Kathy Rayment, new club President
  • TODAY was Kathy Rayment’s (above) FIRST MEETING as President!  
  • Next Saturday is Service Saturday: Clean up at Poulsbo Cemetery 
  • July 26: Wine Tasting at Donna Pledger’s — Sparkling Wines 
  • July 28: Silverdale Rotary’s Great Duck Race! 
  • Steve Garfein reminded the club that when we have oatmeal for breakfast (first Fridays of the month), the $400 saved goes to Fishline.
Dan Weedin
Dan Weedin, sporting a silk Australian Aboriginal design tie he traded a Mickey Mouse tie for in a past Rotary friendship exchange!

Friendship Exchange from Australia!

Friendship Exchange from Australia!
Eight new friends from Australia came to our area and joined our club today. They shared many interesting facts and stories about their country and club activities. Australia has 16,000 miles of coastline. They have six states and two territories, and have never had a revolution or civil war. As a nation, they love their sports! They’re famous for “strine,” which can be hard for outsiders to decipher. They have universal free healthcare and enjoy the second highest standard of living. 
Chris and Mary Bell came from the Lismore Club. They have a hobby farm with koalas and beehives. They have a Powerhouse diesel generator, which Chris restores. Three of their club’s big projects are helping drought-affected farms in Queensland, graffiti removal, and helping end polio. 
Ron and Lyn Chittick joined us from Lismore West. They have a 200-acre cattle farm, and Ron is a livestock auctioneer. Their club’s projects include making a bicycle track for a local school for disabled children. They help fund a rescue helicopter with the money they make at cookouts (barbecues), they run a buggy to help patients at a local hospital. They also participate in graffiti removal, and they’re helping rebuild after a devastating flood that affected 68% of the businesses — many of which still haven’t reopened. They donated “flat pack” (pre-manufacture) schools for Thailand after the 2006 tsunami. They partner with House of Hope in Samoa, an orphanage for abused children, and they purchased an X ray unit for Vanuatu. 
Bill and Di Stuart came from Club Warwick Sunrise in Queensland, which is currently in a drought. They raise Angus cattle and a few Jerseys, and sheep. Warwick has many historical sandstone buildings, plus lots of cattle and transport industry. Their club holds a variety of fundraisers (book sales, food van catering) to purchase a bus and build toilets in India. They purchased solar lights for “slum children” together with an E-club. 
Kevin comes from a club with about 100 members, and he shared how he raises $1 million for his club! They sold raffles lottery tickets for a dream home. They build a house every year for low or no cost from contractors. They now raise 1.8 million dollars by selling $3.6 million in tickets! Wow! 
Paul Densmead came from New South Wales and is part of the Lismore Club. Their Opera at the Channon fundraising project helps fund a rescue helicopter. 
Jane Flood lives in Wauchope, New South Wales, and she is a member of the Eclub NextGen, which is an online club. They sent 1404 menstrual kits (Days for Girls) overseas in 2018. They do caravan tagalong trips. They raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors (RFDs) and Rotary Mental Health Services with RFDs. They support Aboriginal art in central northern Western Australia. They do house renovations for the RFDs. They sponsored a Ph.D. student to research pancreatic cancer, and they also supply solar lights for students in India. Part of their fundraising efforts are through catering. 
Franz and Catherine Huber hail from Surfers Sunrise Club on the Gold Coast. One of their big projects is to manufacture wheelchairs out of discarded bicycle parts ($100 each). They have made nearly 9000! 
Bill Rex was unable to attend. 
View photos from the presentation here!
Be checking your email for upcoming Friendship Exchanges! 
Steve Garfein with Kevin Hilgers and his wife
We were also joined by visitors from Canada! Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair for 5020, Kevin Hilgers and his wife, from the Harborside Club.