Posted on Jul 26, 2019


  • Wine tasting tonight at Donna Pledger’s.  
  • Two-page ad in the Kitsap Herald is out:  The Annual Review 
  • Styrofoam round up is in progress. Official day tomorrow. Glenn is collecting.  
  • List of things that we need for the Mexican project that is moving to Poulsbo. Household goods are needed.  
  • Dave Shields brought us a beautiful day today. Thanks Dave. 

Harlan Harris earns his blue badge

Harlan Harris
Each new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge.  We are blessed to have Harlan become an official Rotarian! Harlan was speechless. Jim Schlachter, Harlan's mentor, presented the award.  They hugged without asking! Harlan said he is very grateful to be part of this community. Congratulations, Harlan! 

Jacob Maxwell - Cybersecurity

Jacob Maxwell
Jacob offered 3 steps to a stronger password. Many big companies have been hacked. Billions of accounts have been hacked. They have your security questions. Yahoo, Ebay, Equifax and Marriott have all been hacked. These are the biggest four. Equifax lost HALF of all American’s information. Marriott lost everyone’s passport number! If you don’t have a form of identity protection, you might want to get one.
Pro hackers target corporations. Hackers have to hone their skills. Corporations are more valuable to steal from. However, the FBI is all over the hacker. So lots of risk and a lot of skill involved.  
Individuals are very valuable for “target practice.” Hackers practice on them. They are called Script Kitties. We are valuable for them to train. Not so much monetarily but great practice for the novice hacker.
The easiest way to protect ourselves is to make password more difficult to hack. The easiest target is someone with a weak password who uses it across multiple accounts. Even if you have strong password and you use it across multiple accounts you are an easy target. To be less at risk you want a unique strong password for each account.  
1. Use strong passwords 
2. Use a password manager to store them all 
3. Use two step verification.  
"Tr0ub4dor&3" will take a computer three days to break into. "Correct horse battery stapleÜ will take a computer 553 years to guess. A weak password is less than 20 characters long. Using the same password on multiple accounts, using common sayings, or one having personal information are also poor practices. A strong password has more than 20 characters. 4 unrelated words work best.
He can test passwords with Password Haystack. A $2000 computer will take about 2.5 months to hack a weak password. For $10,000 it takes about 1.5 hours. Long passwords take 3.52 thousand trillion centuries. Don’t get complicated, just get long. 
Don’t use your Facebook password for anything else. They keep the passwords in plain text so employees could see it. Every account needs a unique password. Don’t use common phrases, movie lines, nursery rhymes, pet names, or big life events. 
To keep all these passwords straight. Use password managers. Low tech example is a written telephone book from Walmart. There are cloud managed apps too. One Pass, Dashline or Lastpass. The low-tech option is great but you can only use it when you have it on you. Plus there is only one copy of it. It is also susceptible to physical damage. The tech-based password managers can be harder to learn. They have more tools for security. You have to trust a cyber security company. If they have bad security your accounts will get stolen. If you lose your password you don’t get in. This is good and bad.  
Get two-step verification. If a hacker gets your password they can’t get in without your pin. You get a unique pin each time you go to log on. They will only get in if they have access to your actual phone.