Anna Reyes-Potts - speaker
Paul Hayes - BI Rotary visitor
Erik Ryan- Matt and Pat’s son 
Katie Davis  
Kim McKoy had a guest. 
Proud Rotarian this week is.....Roger Ludwig 

Featured Speaker: Anna Reyes-Potts, TMF Manufacturing

Anna Reyes-Potts
Anna Reyes-Potts serves as the General Manager of TMF Manufacturing in Poulsbo, located in Twelve Trees Business Park.  TMF stands for "Too Much Fun." Anna received her civil engineering degree from Columbia Univ. TMF specializes in precision aerospace and aviation manufacturing. They started in 1992 as a prosthetics manufacture but sold to a large company before transitioning to a new organization. 
She showed a list of well-known companies that are located in the NW for whom they manufacture parts. Recently they received a 5-Star supplier award for 100% on time AND quality parts. Machining, a big part of their manufacturing process, is a subtractive process whereby they take a block of material and remove material until you get down to the final product. Every piece involved is traceable a requirement for aerospace. They have made products have been sent to space! 
They have been featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine with a story about their traceability software. They developed this software and write the software they need to make the products. 
Anna showed us a latch used by Beachcraft and a cylinder made of aluminum. Very high quality. 
TMF is phasing out of doing direct business to the consumer because the quality standards are not always required so they are focusing on aerospace which has the highest of standards. They concluded they cannot easily or cheaply change the standard of quality to suit various customers.  
Anna is active in the community by being part of several local organizations and serves on the Olympic College advisory board. She also does consulting on the side. 
TMF ManufacturingTMF Manufacturing is part of the Kitsap Aerospace Defense Alliance working to bring technical manufacturing jobs to our area. The company is looking to develop a scholarship to help students or out-of-work people get involved in the aerospace industry.
After a brief presentation, which included the sample products, Anna answered a variety of questions with the answers summarized below:
  • It takes 8-24 hours to set up a machine for a final product (Program, set up, sample print) But maybe only 10 minutes to cut the final product for mass production. 
  • They recycle all the waste materials. 


  • Jewel Box Theatre tickets available. 
  • Kingston Rotary is sponsoring a $3,000 trade school scholarship. Apply via their website. 
  • Rand Hillier is coordinating a zip-line tour on April 25th. Feb 14 is the deadline for signing up and making a deposit of half the funds.  
  • News of the passing of Jack Jensen, long time Kingston Rotarian, was shared. His memorial service was scheduled for February 1st. 

Exchange Student Report

Duda was the only exchange student to share this week: 
  • Attended a "Queen" concert at Admiral Theatre 
  • Attended a hockey game in Everett her first hockey game and was introduced to Dipp'n Dots! 
  • Helped paint Coffee Oasis 
  • Used her camera and new found camera skills (Thanks Don) to take pictures at a recent swim meet. Few swimmers get to see themselves in picture form. 

New Member Induction

Katie Davis
Katie Davis was inducted as a new member of the club. Sponsored by Bonnie Pederson. She is a Keller Williams real estate agent who lives in Poulsbo. Cheryl Harris lead us through the process to welcome her to our club. 

Congratulations to Glen Robbins and Naomi Nichols

It was announced that Glen Robbins received Person of the Year recognition from the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce. Naomi Nichols (Tims wife) was selected at the Teacher of the Year! Congratulations to both of them!

Happy Birthday Rand Hillier

Happy Birthday Rand!

We sang Happy Birthday in various keys and styles to Poulsbo legend Rand Hillier! 

Steve Hogg had his ticket drawn for the FRAFFLE prize of $426.50. He was the only person in the room to be disappointed when he did NOT pick the Ace of Spades.