Todd Tidball
Todd Tidball was standing in for Kathy Rayment, who is on vacation at Whistler, B.C. As President in 2003-2004, Todd reminded us that he had the privilege of presenting Olympic College with a check for $100,000 from our Rotary Club. It was the culmination of a 10year fundraising effort. It was also the time that the work at Oyster Plant Park was completed. The ribbon cutting of the new park took place in Hugh Nelson’s term in 2005-2006. 
Thanks to Leo, who played the piano during our social hour. 


Carole MiltonCarole and Ardis
Ardis introduced and thanked Carole Milton, who donated $20,000 to Morrow Manor.  Later in the meeting, Jim Schlachter thanked Bruce Nilsen and his family for the donation of all of the appliances for all 8 units at Morrow Manor. Todd reminded everyone that it was possible to make a tax free Qualified Charitable Donation from an IRA if you are 72 years or older. Please check with your CPA for details. 
Styrofoam round up
It was announced that at last year’s Styro Roundup – 302 cars dumped Styrofoam. At this year’s event, 560 cars dumped Styrofoam. Great work to the Trash Team headed by Lori Cloutier!! 

Update from Duda, our exchange student from Brazil:

In the past couple of weeks, Duda switched host families and is now living with Joe Hulsey and Mary Gorman. Based on her traditions at home, she expected everyone would wear white on New Year’s Eve. She was surprised that we did not have that custom. She enjoyed seeing a Seahawks game and visiting the Museum of Flight. 

Update from Leo, our exchange student from Germany:

Leo has a new host family
Leo moved to his new host family – Brett and Chelsea Clark
Brett and Leo delivered gifts to children as part of a Les Schwab “toys for kids” program and Leo really enjoyed the spirit of giving. He missed seeing fireworks at the Space Needle on New Years (cancelled because of high winds). He very much enjoyed visiting the Museum of Flight.

Captain Jake Gillanders, Poulsbo Fire Captain and Executive Director of EMPACT Northwest

Capt Jake GillandersAfter being involved in firefighting, paramedics and rescue efforts for many years, in 2010 Jake and a team of six other volunteers traveled to Haiti to work on the rescue efforts after the earthquake that killed 100,000 people. Jake and his team soon learned that none of the volunteer organizations were interested in using the medical and rescue talents of his group. The team decided to form their own non-profit. EMPACT Northwest was born.  
Since then they have recruited more volunteers who are fire fighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, physicians assistants, mental health professionals, architects and engineers. EMPACT Northwest has become a world-wide disaster relief organization capable of deploying anywhere in the world. The volunteers are based primarily in the Pacific Northwest. 
The team responds domestically and internationally for medical emergencies, disasters and scheduled medical missions. They are dedicated to assisting under-served populations and areas that are socioeconomically depressed whether they are in rural US or in Haiti. 
They conduct training for first responders in communities so they are prepared when disasters strike. They advocate for disaster mitigation. 
EMPACT Northwest has been involved in disasters in Haiti, Japan, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, and the US.
Each of the volunteers is held to the same qualifications standard of training and capabilities as similar-sized FEMA teams and are required to maintain their physical, cognitive and psychomotor qualifications through their time in the organization. 
Their mission is to reach any disaster area in the world in 60 hours. They are self-contained and arrive fully functional except for fuel and water. They are skilled in Rescue Systems including technical search, structural shoring, heavy lifting, structural breaking; Rope Rescue Technology and Fast Water Rescue. 
EMPACT Northwest is a non-profit organization and is funded by donations and grants. The website is