Brenda WallArdis Morrow
Brenda Wall stood in as President this week as Kathy Rayment was on Day 9 into her family trip to Whistler. After the introduction of our guests, Ardis had a story for us… and believe it or not, Jon Pavey had NO announcements for us! But he did note that Tonya Thomas had done an accounting of our Rotary Exchange Flags and we have 442 clubs around the world represented on our banners. Jon is in the process of putting pins in a map to visually show how well connected (and travelled) our club is!

Zip Line Tour

April 18 there’s an all-day event at Camano Island to have an adventure in the Canopy with a Zipline tour. A clipboard was passed around to get the club behind this excursion where we’ll give our exchange students, Leo and Duda, a great story to take home with them!
Duda and Leonard
Duda and Leonard went to the Trampoline park in Silverdale and Don Russell started teaching them how to use their cameras. Leo started a Crossfit lesson and went on a very muddy bike ride and also spent time with his family on a beautiful lake. 
Claudia – a new Rotarian – was our thought for the day but she didn’t get the e-mail so she delivered an impromptu message by giving us a teaser as to classification talk which will be delivered in the future. She said she’s got a Rotary story so unique that she’s confident no one else can tell that story so stay tuned! 

Classification Talk by David Roefer

David Roefer
Meanwhile David Roefer gave his classification talk where he started with a little pep rally. He moved here from Vegas to get into the Marine Corps (on his mom’s urging) but his peanut allergy prevented him from joining. He has high aspirations for his life (long term) so he decided to work for a company called Banker’s Life where he helps people with retirement, long term care, life insurance and Medicare. In the next 40 years, David would love to have an impact in public transportation, education by helping younger adults figure out what they want to do in life. David loves the outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, he hopes to buy a kayak this summer. He loves getting his hands dirty so also enjoys gardening and working outdoors. He has a younger sister and brother living with his mom in Vegas and he lives in Poulsbo with his Grandmother and Great Grandmother (who is 90) and help care for them. Interesting tid-bit, David’s Great Grandmother built the home that Ann and John Pyles currently live in! David is a confident speaker and encouraged all of us to go out to coffee with him so he can get to know us all better! 

Russ Shiplet – Executive Director of the Kitsap Home Builder's Association

Russ ShipletHe’s been involved in the education sector for many years and is the Commissioner for 2 Flag Football leagues – one here in Kitsap and one in Midland, Tx.  He talked about the high demand for Building Industry Professionals. We learned how our club was an integral part of the KBA. Established in 1955, the KBA represents 300 builders, developers, remodelers and associate members. The KBA works with the county and city jurisdictions to establish fair and reasonable odes and ordinances and is 1 of 14 local builder associations in WA state. As a member of KBA members also get the benefit of being a member of the Building Industry Association of WA (BIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
Currently, the housing market in Kitsap County is HOT (it’s a seller’s market). Median home value is almost $400k – up 6% and in 2020 the projected increase of another 6.2%. 
The average home is about $238/sf to build today – in 2013 it was $146. Baby Boomers hold a sizeable majority of the positions in the building industry – and as they retire, they leave a gap that’s projected to exceed a $5mm. If we don’t fill these gaps which are projected to happen over the next 5 years, leaving a massive shortfall in the industry. Currently, the trades command high wages because of the shortfall in resources. KBA has a mission to address these Workforce Development needs. 
Right now, South Kitsap High School and Peninsula High School are the only schools in Kitsap offering any trade education. KBA is passionate about creating opportunities for our high school kids to learn more about the trade industry and how they can earn high wages and have no college debt. 
The Construction in Motion program was created to help expose younger kids to the construction industry – it’s hands-on, interactive and fun!   
Trades in Motion is a way to bring high school students into a job environment and rotate them through the building process where they get hands-on experience building a home. It’s a weeklong program that students apply for – if selected they are taken to a jobsite where they will be briefed on safety (done daily) and taken to a jobsite. 
The Builder Grant Program – this provides a 6-week internship for 18-28 year-olds.  Selected applicants are paid for an internship (a fair wage) by the employer and given an award from KBA upon successful completion as well. During the 6-week program, participants get hands-on training and at the end of the program, they may stay on permanently if their employer offers them a job. The KBA may also provide scholarships to successful participants to get continued education. This year, they had 9 participants. 
How can we help? The KBA has a 501 (c)-3 to receive donations from Rotary or Rotarians. Encourage public and private schools to bring trades back into the classroom and speak at the school board and 3, ask any builders we know if they are hiring young adults. 
The KBA is planning on starting a Youth Chapter to help grow the workforce under mentorship of the KBA and its members. Talk to Russ Shiplet if you’d like to get more information on how the KBA is working to build a skilled workforce in Kitsap. 
*****To wrap up, neither Jim Sund nor Jon Pavey picked the Ace of Spades. The pot grows…