Posted on Feb 08, 2019
Terry Burns
Terry Burns shared a Thought for the Day, then Club President Tim Nichols thanked him for Being the Inspiration for many years, and gave him a pin.
Mc tells about his week
Mc’s Update: He hung out with Dan Weedin and went to a Husky Basketball game! He got a hat, a poster, and learned about the players. He then walked the HUGE UW Campus. Yesterday he tried German cuisine: a pretzel with salt and mustard!

Important Announcements 

• NOW: Volunteer Opportunity to help with Olympic College Foundation scholarships. See Michele Doyle, Jim Sund, Meredith Green, or Audrey Wolf ( 
• Feb 17: Discounted ACT theater ticket for Uncle Vanya, plus backstage tour. See Steve Garfein 
• March 2: “Realtor Lady”: Comedy for a Cause: Bridget Young benefit for Kingston Coffee Oasis. 
• Rotary District 5020 Conference is May 9-11. 

Viking Tour Update 

Nick Johnson updates the club on preparations for Viking Tour
Nick Johnson announced that the FIFTH annual Viking Tour will be Sunday, May 19. 70 people have already registered! Remember — this is the club’s second biggest fundraiser. The new website has all the information (still, and the 7:30 am kickoff meeting is coming soon.
Let Michele Doyle or Steve Hogg know if you’d like to help staff the Viking Tour booth at Bainbridge’s Chilly Hilly on February 24. That’s when we get a lot of sign ups.
Nick asked for your help: Encourage GROUPS to register, and they’ll get 15% off!


Paul Harris Awards

Michele Doyle and Chris Doving
Chris Doving was awarded his Paul Harris +1, and Michele Doyle became a Paul Harris Society Member and received her Paul Harris +4! Rotarians who contribute a total of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation, foundation of Rotary International, receive a commemorative pin called the Paul Harris Award, named after the founder of Rotary. Pins awarded for reaching this contribution level subsequent times have small jewels to distinguish the award level. The Paul Harris Society is a separate recognition for members who choose to contribute $1000 or more in a given year.

Coffee Oasis, Changing the World for Homeless Youth 

Daniel Kluth
Our guest speaker Daniel Kluth joined Coffee Oasis three years ago, and he’s excited to report that the Kingston Coffee Oasis will open in March. He expressed gratitude to the club for their support, which dates back to 2011, when Poulsbo’s Coffee Oasis entered the planning phase under Past President Meredith Green. 
Coffee Oasis is a catalyst for positive change. Kitsap County has 1338 identified homeless youths ages 13-25, and many gaps in services remain. Daniel shared three key truths about dealing with the issue: It’s about relationship, there are no overnight fixes, and this is cross-cultural work.
Daniel reminded us that being “on the streets” is a way of thinking — not a place. The thinking needs to change — not just the circumstances. There are three codes to the street: stay alive, don’t snitch, and have integrity (a very literal interpretation of integrity). Many homeless youths struggle with planning for the future, the concepts of identity and ownership (including their own bodies), and the difficulties of not having an address. They seek help for friends over themselves because it makes them feel needed and valued. They don’t want to be like adults, who are often seen to be users (they want something), authoritarians (do it this way), rescuers (big hearts with no boundaries), or SAFE (someone who will stick around). They need SAFE adults/ positive adult role models.
The sustainable coffee business supports the faith-based programs and services. The coffee is organic, direct trade, with all the beans roasted in house. They sell espresso, food, and offer catering. 
The youth programs cover a broad range of services, including job training, internships, youth shelters and supportive services, crisis intervention, and counseling. In 2018,104 youths exited homelessness. Daniel said that plans for 2019 include expanding the crisis team, hiring more case managers, opening Kingston Coffee Oasis and Tacoma Coffee Oasis, and opening Terry’s House (Feb 15) for victims of human trafficking. The budget has gone from $281k per month last year to $329k per month for 2019. 
How can you help? *Spread the word *Buy their coffee *Join Real Hope Club (monthly donations) *volunteer (if you can be consistent), *pray. 
Thank you Daniel!