Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson was our Proud Rotarian of the week!

Program - Kids in Concert

Kids in Concert Laura Millesen
Laura Millesen serves as the Artistic Director of Kids In Concert, a free after-school music program (and more!) for ages 5-18, located in Suquamish. The focus is on classical and orchestral music, with a strong mentor-student relationship.
KIC provides instruments, lessons, healthy snacks, and more, without cost to the families. The students become leaders, then mentors, then teachers as they age up.
KIC opened with a beautiful rendition of Ode to Joy, then played a popular hit from The Greatest Showman. They then showed the range of their talents by singing This is Our World, This is Our Time, which drew tears from most of the audience!
KIC’s first class started 7 years ago, with 11 students. Today featured only a small part of their current group of 60! They have 20 volunteers and 10 paid teachers. Their goal is for all children to have a chance to find their voice in a safe place, and grow, and feel confident.
Kids in ConcertKids in Concert
Several club members have kids or grandkids in the club and endorse the program whole- heartedly!
kids in concertKids in ConcertKids in Concert
The 3 day per week program offers more than teaching an instrument; they also have choir, art, and reading help, and they provide a snack. They offer supportive services, such as helping navigate the FAFSA form, and a college-bound program. They’re working to be part of the UW Social Work program. It costs $2200 to fund each student, so they rely on donations and their fundraisers. Their next fundraiser is their annual Sweet Escape, on March 21, which will feature a special guest Native violinist and storyteller, Swil Kanim. Several students spoke about their experiences, and all agreed that the members start as friends and become family.
Kids in Concert
Ardis Morrow told a story about God creating the world, and making Earth a place of balance. In the end, Washington State and all it’s glory was balanced by the idiots in the “other Washington.”


Rand Hillier
  • THE CLUB’S WEBSITE IS BEING REMODELED/REFORMATTED/BEING GIVEN A FACELIFT Please be patient as the various new featured areas are being written. Please let Cindy Putman know if you’d like to volunteer to help.
  • Claudia Alves will be going to a Friendship Exchange to Peru through the Kingston Club. There are openings for two more people.
  • Rand has organized a zipline canopy tour on Camano Island on April 25.

Exchange Student Report

Duda and Leo
Duda went to the Viking Jazz Fest and loved “The Brazillian Guy,” who played three instruments at a time! She also shadowed Craig Adams at the vet clinic.
Leo went to Great Wolf Lodge and said it was SUPER FUN. SUPER COOL. He joined the soccer team and said his friend is going to teach him how to play!

Classification Talk: Tony Modougno II 

Tony Modougno II
Each new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Tony was born and raised in New York, but moved outside The City. He cautioned that his first language is Sarcasm. You’ve been warned. His background is in hydrology, but he moved to emergency medicine and joined the fire service. He was in the fire service for 26 years, becoming a captain, and then an assistant chief. His crew was called to 9-11, being told only, “Something’s going on.” They were to help with water supply, and spent two days digging (without a breathing apparatus). It really opened his eyes and inspired him to live by the motto: Don’t put off what you can do today.” He and his wife visited Seattle and loved the broad range of the climates. They moved here 7 years ago. He loves outdoor stuff, skiing, and wants to start a race car team.
Tony had a chance to start his own business in construction management (to help fund his racing team dream!), and it’s now three years old and doing well. He joined Rotary to help him access his community on a deeper level.

New Member Induction: Kimberly Kinzer

New member Kimberly Kinzer
Kimberly was sponsored by Laurynn Evans. She’s known as both the NKSD Overseer and “The Warm Demander” in her field. She responded to Cheryl’s questions with an impressive resounding “YES!” Welcome to the club!

Viking Tour Update: Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson Viking Tour
In true Nick Johnson fashion, he talked about RAIN, including the word petrichor (a great word, by the way), the fact that a raindrop requires 2 minutes to reach the ground, that the wettest place is actually in INDIA (not Poulsbo!), and that there is 1 BILLION tons of rain in the world in one minute. 
And now, for something completely different: Viking Tour is now a bike ride and a BREW FEST!
Again, the goal is 500 riders (we had 350 last year). We already have 97 signed up (compared to 65 at this time last year). The BREW FEST will be open to the general public, and will have beer, wine, and cider, and food trucks! Central Highland Homes and FPH Construction, Inc. are returning as Title Sponsors for the 6th year running! THANK YOU! Spread the word!

Trashy Talk by Lori Cloutier

Trashy Lady Lori Cloutier led the group in a rousing game of 
Trash or Trex
She reminded people that products marked #4 or #2 can be recycled as thin film, along with your plastic grocery bags, Ziplocs, and produce bags (and more). Cheat sheets were on the tables, and will be provided here as well. See below.
Trashy cheat sheet