Another stream of consciousness effort by Nick Johnson

Opening statements:

  • Welcome to National Chocolate Souffle Day! February 28th, 2020, Year of the Rat 
  • Partners in this morning’s exploration of empathy: Don & Larry. 
  • On the docket for today, Bloedel Reserve. 
  • Attendance seems to be a bit light today, coronavirus perhaps? People staying home... avoid mass gatherings... WASH YOUR HANDS! 
  • Interrupters! Francis, Kathy... so far. 
  • Todd Tidball... Proud to be a Rotarian... Maybe. 
  • Guests! Ann's friends from Guatemala. Kimi's Bloedel Family. Matt's son. Chuck's mates from Crossroads. 
  • Ardis, keep it classy. Scared for a moment, but it was clean. 
  • Deborah has a thought. Or maybe Mark Twain did. 

Jon Pavey has announcements! 


  • Fireside (Tuesday, March 24) 
  • Tour of Hospital in Silverdale (March 18) 
  • Historic Society Auction (March 21) - Codfish Dinner!  
  • Jewel Box Gala (March 14) - Tickets on JB's Website 
  • Drive to Get Rid of Polio at WRB (March 6, 5-9) 
  • Rand has a report! 29 peeps signed up for the Zip Line tour. April 25. Spaces remain.

Ann and David chat about Guatemala: 

Guatemala project


  • Many, many projects (latrines, worm compost) 
  • Helping kids make some moolah. 
  • Contact Ann to Contact David. 

Caleb from Crossroads Club! 

Caleb and Amy
  • Does not have grey hair. 
  • April 19th is the Kitsap Art Heist! 
  • Buy a ticket, get some artwork. It'll be awesome. 
  • Do you know artists? Put them in touch with Crossroads. 
  • Sponsor the event! Get some prizes, be a good person, help out the event. 

Amy from Crossroads! 

  • More Art Heist info: Fun, food, wine, tent, art, tailgate, party, football. 

Plant trees in Port Gamble

Jacob Maxwell


  • Jacob Maxwell invites us to come plant trees in Port Gamble. 
  • April 19, 9am. More info to come. Toast masters. Planting Tees. Forest. Preserve. Park. Heritage. Earth. Day. Little. Norway. 

Dude & Leo are not here. Snow and sun. 
Viking Tour. Yeah. 

Time for our Guest Speaker!!!!! Bloedel Reserve:

Karen Gerstenberger & Edward Moydell

Edward Moydell

  • Take a stroll of well being in nature... Goulet! Learn more: 
  • Super interesting history: 
  • Vision: To provide refreshment and tranquility in the presence of natural beauty. 
  • Mission: To enrich people’s lives through a premier public garden of natural and designed Pacific Northwest landscapes. 
  • 150 Acres. Opened in 1988. 60k people served. 3,500 members. 4m budget. 5k plants. 45 staff. 200+ volunteers. 28 trustees. 
  • Check out the video! 
  • Come take a scroll. Free and open to the public. Nature is your therapist. 
  • Free 6-month membership. Access to the grounds. Workbook. 
  • 1,500 people strollin' per year. The program has 12 self-guided walks. One orientation class at the start. One at the end. 
  • Tons of quantitative benefits: lower blood pressure, lower pulse rate, reduced stress, lower cortisol, enhanced immune response, sense of well-being, improved mood, less anxiety, relaxed body and emotional states., gentle movement, exercise, unplug from technology, increased peace, joy, gratitude, hope, inspiration...  
Karen Gerstenberger

How you can help: 

  • Come and visit the Reserve! 
  • Join in the Stoll Program! 
  • Steve Hogg went trick-or-treating at the Reserve a million years ago. 
  • Find the session info here: 
  • Francis is a huge fan of the strolls. Ask her about it. 

Fine Masters! John, Daryl, Russ. 

  • Leap Day! Rand has a b-day in February. Anniversaries: Jim (M), Matt & Pat. 
  • Joined Rotary in Feb: Michele. 
  • Proud Rotarians don't have to pay a buck. 
  • Happy Bucks! 
  • Friends from Guatemala 
  • McKenna is in NYC for College! 
  • Bloedel! David's Great Uncle! 
  • Showing Up 
  • NKHS The Wiz! 
  • Dodging Bullets 
  • F1!  
  • NATO 
  • Kathy! 

Fraffle winner is Ed Stern. And he's a big.................................... loser.