Guests: Greg Goodwin (Rand), Dr. Willy Fugere (Steve Garfein), Karl Ursthet (Cindy), Mark Hughes (Meredith) 
Steve Garfein
Ardis was sick!!! Steve Garfein substituted with an Ardis-worthy story 
Russ Shiplet shared his thought for the day: It is meaning in your life that causes you to have ideas that will help people.


  • With Jon Pavey’s (and Cindy Putman’s) dentist as the guest speaker, Jon announced today was the only day he’s ever been happy to see his dentist! 
  • March 6: 5-9PM Western Red Brewing – beer and pizza to fight POLIO 
  • Jewel Box Gala is March 14 – tickets at 
  • Poulsbo Historical Society Gala is March 21 – see Shields brothers for tickets 
  • March 24 – Fireside at Jerry Deeter’s 

Duda’s Update: 

  • She joined the Nichols family for skiing. She talked about how good she was until it came to stopping.  
  • Ahmis took Duda to the Edmonds Art Walk and they had a delicious dinner followed by Key Lime pie.
  • Her water bottle had some fermenting juice, which caused a stir at school when it sprayed all over.
  • Duda will be going to the Rotary International Convention in Honolulu with the Cloutiers and Mike asked for contributions to help get her there.

Leo was skiing with the Deeters

Guest Speaker: Dr. William (Willie) Fugere – Fernwood Family Dental

Advancements in Dental Technology – How technology will make your next visit faster, more comfortable, and more precise (Part of Poulsbo Rotary’s How Things Work presentations)
William Fugere
  • Dental school at Oregon Health Sciences 
  • 5 years as Navy dentist 
  • 3 years in private practice 
  • Wife is a math teacher at Olympic High School in Silverdale 
  • Two young girls 
New technology using Digital Impressions – Crown or Cap: Past practice (and still the current practice for gold) involves many steps in different locations, requiring precise work by multiple qualified people. It is a long process and subject to many possible issues that impact the end result. Remake of crowns made this way is 7%. 
With digital impressions, a small camera takes multiple, three-dimensional impressions of the mouth and specific tooth (teeth) involved. With the digital impression, there is no room for compounding errors with multiple steps in the process. 
The dentist can review the “photo” of the tooth and examine it for accuracy immediately. Changes can be made by doing an additional photograph. The photographic image is set and permanent.
Training time for operating the CAD machine is about 20 minutes; training time to do wax models for crowns is several years. A milling machine then makes a ceramic crown that fits the measurements of the digital image exactly. Turnaround time is 1 day to 1 week, depending on the circumstances. Patient comfort is much better. Remake of imperfect crowns is 2%. 
This technology can also be applied to orthodontia.
Placement of implants
Placement of Implants: In the old procedure, a ceramic crown is placed on the top of a titanium screw. The exact placement of the screw is vitally important for the implant to be successful and there are many errors. (Fun fact: Cindy Putman had this procedure at Dr. Fugere’s office later this very day!) 
With new technology, there is Guided Implant Placement: A CT scan is made of the mouth and the implant is inserted through a digital guide-----noting all the hard surfaces (bone) and tissue. The guide is created in 3D and that guide is used to insert the implant in the exact place. Implant surgeries are incredibly accurate. 
This new technology means that patients are more comfortable with these procedures, they are faster and better. 
Fernwood Family Dental
Dan Weedin handed out some fines: 
  • Mike Cloutier (hard name to say) 
  • Harlan Harris for being a nice guy 
  • Ahmis for taking Doodles to key lime pie 
  • Rob for almost making them miss the ferry 
  • Chuck for sitting by himself 
Fraffle – no winner