Posted on Feb 15, 2019
Deputy Chief Jeff Russell
President Tim Nichols asked for an emergency back-up Thought for the Day, and Darryl Milton offered a KUDOS to Jeff Russell, who was recently promoted to Deputy Chief with the Poulsbo Fire Department. He has been leading the department through the past several snowy weeks and they “...only got the rigs stuck a time or two!” Congrats, Jeff! 
Mc's Update
Mc’s Update: He really enjoyed the SNOW DAYS! He made a snowman and learned to use the word, “Indeed.” He tried buffalo (bison) meat yesterday and discovered he prefers beef!

Important Announcements 

• Feb 24: Revealing the Eli Sculpture 3pm 8897 Three Tree Lane, Bainbridge (across from The Barn) 
• Viking Tour booth at Chilly Hilly to get signups — 9:30-3ish. 

Viking Tour

VIKINGS have entered the building! ARRRRRRRGH! Steve Hogg (pictured above with Mc) led the club in an ARGH! Contest, as the official kickoff to Viking Tour Season 5! We’ll have a booth and a strong Viking presence at Bainbridge’s Chilly Hilly on Feb 24, which kicks off the bicycling season. Our job will be to harass riders at the finish line and offer discount coupons for signing up for Viking Tour. Please sign up! Set up is at 9:30 and tear down is a 3pm, and we need donations of water and cookies. Please plan for possible bridge delays, as it’s going through inspections.   

Classification Talk, Mary Gorman

Mary GormanEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Mary Gorman gave a very rousing New Member Talk! Suffice it to say there is NOT enough room here to to it justice! She grew up in Brownsville, but has travelled extensively, and has eaten an impressive array of crazy foods (horse, porcupine, road kill— twice— and snake!) She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Mathmatics and Economics and has taught across the world. She earned a Doctorate in Education, and is now a Real Estate Agent with John L. Scott. Her daughter is a nurse, and her son is in the Construction Management program at WSU, and she’s been married to Joe Hulsey for 13 years. 
PLUS: Mary spent 20 years on her dad’s fishing boat in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Her dad taught her that, “Fear is just not to have done it. Do it!” She started as a deck hand, but when her father was injured, he changed the permit to her name and she went out and caught fish. 
She has been a hooker (British Rugby), she owns a Harley, she loves to dance, she has a woodshop in her basement, she can tie six knots in two minutes, she loves to travel, she likes warm water diving, and she loves listening and dancing to WAYLON JENNINGS. Mary has many loves (including Joe), and above all, she believes each day should be THE BEST DAY EVER! So it usually is. 

Girl Scouts: Building Girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character, Who Make the World a Better Place

by Kim McKoy, Liz Brown, and Miguel Francisco 
Kim McCoyIt turns out that in addition to Service Above Self and Rotary’s 4-way Test, there’s one more key element in Kim McKoy’s DNA: THE GIRL SCOUT PROMISE (On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law), and it makes for the perfect mix. Kim began her Girl Scout journey 36 years ago in Seattle, and returned as the Regional Director of the Peninsula Region, Girl Scouts of Western Washington. This region serves 2500 girls, across a wide expanse of our state: Bainbridge to Neah Bay, and Gig Harbor to Westport. Over the past 107 years, Girl Scouts have become famous for their cookies, camping, and crafts — but the are keeping with the times and excelling in STEM programs, winning national championships in robotics, and producing piliots as young as twelve! Rest assured, cookie sales are coming soon, but there is much more to Girl Scouts than cookies! 
Liz BrownLiz Brown shared her journey Girls Scouts. First her daughter hit kindergarten and brought home a flyer, but nothing came of it. Then her daughter brought a flyer home from first grade, and the stars seemed to align. As a mother of a son with autism, Girl Scouting gave her something special to do with her daughter, and it allowed her to meet other moms who had children with medical needs. She now co-leads a troop of over 40 girls, and they keep busy. Liz has a mad passion for people who are at risk to “become a statistic,” and she strives to help empower at-risk girls and help bring balance to their lives. Liz currently serves the region’s membership committee as a Community Engagement Manager (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). In particular, she looks for kids who are under-represented; cost does not need to be a barrier, because girls from low income families qualify for free membership. 
Miguel Francisco
Miguel Francisco, also a Community Engagement Manager, is “MAN ENOUGH TO BE A GIRL SCOUT.” He is a Guatemalan American who feels very fortunate to have grown up male, because the Guatemalan indigenous culture pushes boys to grow up to provide and to become a success. That is not the case for girls, who are typically less valued, and receive less education, tend to start families young and become very dependent. This often leads to feelings of inferiority, domestic violence, and a  cycle that continues. Miguel’s own mother was orphaned young, and her grandparents gave her to a man at age 12 because they saw her as a burden. She gave birth at age 14. 
So Miguel took steps to remove himself from that culture. He married an empowered Filipino woman, and he’s helping his nieces through Girl Scouts. He sees his nieces going out and selling cookies and becoming more outgoing, and he is very proud of them! 
Kim opened the presentation up for questions, and she stressed that Girl Scouts will always be GIRL SCOUTS, and for girls in kindergarten through 12th grade, they work hard to educate parents to help empower girls. The troops provide mentoring through two adults for every 12 girls. From youngest to oldest, there are Daisies (grades K–1), Brownies (grades 2–3), Juniors (grades 4–5), Cadettes (grades 6– 8), Seniors (grades 9–10), and Ambassadors (grades 11–12). The club thanked Kim, Liz, and Miguel for all they do, and for their presentation, and Tim gave a Be the Inspiration pin to each speaker. THANK YOU!