Jimmy Vincent came with Russ Shiplet
Roger Ludwig also brought a guest.

Ray: Thought for the day. 

Dalai Lama, “if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”. 

Ardis Morrow tells a story

Ardis Morrow tells a story
A government worker was in his office bored. He saw a cabinet that was never opened. He opened it and found an old lamp. He took it out and a Genie came out and gave him 3 wishes. He asked for an ice cold Coke. Boom. It worked. Then he wished to be on a tropical island with women that adored him. Poof. One more wish she says. He wished to never work again. Poof, he was back in the government office. 

Report from the Poulsbo-NK Rotary Foundation

Shane explains Poulsbo NK Rotary Foundation
Shane Seaman, president of the club’s foundation spoke and updated us on business. There is an open spot on the committee. No one has stepped forward. If you are interested let Dan Ryan know. This year we are working on Marrow Manor. This group is the 501C arm of the club. They are in the club but independent of the club. Shane has been president for 3 years and has one to go. Meetings are on Tuesdays. Lately it has been once a week because of Morrow Manor. But will go back to once a month. Join us if you’re interested.


Jim Davison at recent trash roundup
Cheryl introduced Jim Davison. He is a lifetime Rotarian. He joined in 1972. He comes to us from NJ. He is splitting his time between NJ and WA. He has been approved by the board. He responded YES to all of Cheryl’s questions. That’s Jim volunteering BEFORE he was inducted! Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary Jim!


Jon Pavey
  • Jon Pavey: The party was awesome. Best ever. Leo and others played the piano all night long and they were good.
  • Tuesday Dec 17 from 7-9 Fireside at Deeters'
  • Saturday Dec 14 party at Bonnie Pedersons
  • Wednesday Dec 25 2-7pm go to Rand's Aloner Party at his house.

Exchange student reports

Leo: Updated us on his week. He went to John Ackenhusen's house to decorate cookies. They ate German food at Tizzleys. His highlight of the week was that John loaned him a keyboard. He went to Sluys for the first time yesterday.
Duda: ordered a sandwich from Sluys. It was massive. She went to a tree farm and the family took hours to choose the the right tree. She thought it was insane. She was happy to go home after that. 

Michele Doyle - Election of Club Officers and Committee Chairs

Called a special meeting to order. We are voting on our officers. We have a quorum. 
We are voting on all the Club Committee Chairs. The following individuals have been nominated:
Cindy Putman, Public Image, John Waller, Youth Youth Exchange. Jon Pavey, Club Services, Steve Garfein, Professional Service. JoeJoe Hulsey, Domestic Domestic Violence Prevention. Jim Schlachter, Community Service. Naveen Chaudhary,, International Service. Lori Cloutier,, Trash Talk Task Force. Cheryl Harris, Membership. Mike Harris, Membership. Mike Cloutier, Youth Protection officer. Ardelle Rein-Halvorsen, Rotary International Foundation. 
Club officers: Individuals have been nominated for the following positions:

Nick Johnson, President, Kristi Sutton, Secretary, Don Lawrence, Treasurer, Kathy Rayment, Past President (requires no vote), Todd Tidball, Vice President, Donna Pledger, Funds Development. 
All nominations were seconded and approved unanimously. 
Some club chairs gave gave us an update, as time allowed.
Cindy Putman, Public Image, said the web page and Facebook will be getting revamped, based on requested feedback from the District. PI will be selling Viking hats and having a patch sewing party. Partnering informally with Play for All. Joint event at Salmon days with the trash committee. Lori spoke about trash talk task force. Dec 28th Styrofoam round up. Please start collecting plastic. We need someone to research Ghost fishing. We need people to help with the trash force. 
Joe Hulsey spoke about Domestic Violence Prevention. His committee has a lot of members but many are not Rotarians. Three are from Cross Roads. They have a large committee. Third Friday of the month they meet at SONs right after the main meeting. Morrow Manor is one of their big tasks. Jim Schlachter leads that project. The houses are almost up. Things are going well. We printed a bunch of posters about DV. We need help distributing them. We would like them in bathroom stalls. Joe wants to get the other Rotary clubs to help get them out. Eli's Place is repaired and there are two people living there. Yay! Bruce Nilsen will still help us with all of the appliances when we are ready. We need a plan to furnish Morrow Manor. 
Steve Garfein spoke about Professional Services and Rotary Friendship Exchange. You can go to the Ukraine. We also need to host 6 couples from Peru. Then he spoke about the Outreach Campaign and the distinguished students of service, the Way Things Work, Furfure of Work lecture series, Olympic College Speakers, and Active Giving at OC. The meetings are moving to Thursdays to avoid conflict. Lastly, this year we sent 4 local teachers to the space conference. 
John Waller on Youth Exchange. Three students are going abroad. Two to Brazil and one to Argentina. Very excited. We need host families for next year. Thank you to Dan Weeden, Mike and Lori Cloutier. Thanks to Meredith for hosting Duda. Please come forward and host a child next year. Duda and Leo need to work please keep them in mind. 
Ardelle Rein-Halvorsen, Rotary International Foundation will be presenting some Paul Harris awards. Rotary International Foundation provides $150 million to projects large and small. Our club donated over $500K so far. When you donate you can designate where your money goes. You can donate to a general fund or get specific, disease, polio, mothers and children, disaster relief etc. If you donate $100 or more just write on your check what you want it to go to. During December our club is matching points up to $250 this month!! Please donate. 
Today we awarded 4 Paul Harris Awards. Rotarians who contribute a total of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation, foundation of Rotary International, receive a commemorative pin called the Paul Harris Award, named after the founder of Rotary. Pins awarded for reaching this contribution level subsequent times have small jewels to distinguish the award level. Michele Doyle, PH +5!! Cindy Garfein PH+5!! Jim Heins PH+1. Meredith Green PH+3!! Paul Harris Society pins were awarded to people that commit to giving $100/year until Polio is eradicated. Ardis Morrow, Meredith Green, Ardelle ReinHalvorsen, PK MacLean, and Lori Cloutier. If you haven't gone ƚo the Gates Foundation (one of Rotary's partners in polio eradication) you should go. It is an amazing building.
Cheryl Harris Membership Committee. We need new ways to get and retain members. We need people to know what Rotary is. We want to grow Rotary so we can do more good in the world. People stay in clubs or jobs because they have a friend in the club. We want to make sure we make everyone feel like they have a best friend in the club. The Red Badge helps with that process. Our unique candidate is bold, has a sense of humor and wants to do good. They put the badges in the hallway so that new members had time to actually meet the greeters. The induction ceremony changed back to the three YES questions. We are trying to engage in more friendships so that we can do better in the world. We want to bring in new members and retain them. 
Fine Masters: Rand and Lauren.
Happy Birthday Donna Pledger and Pat Ryan.
Lauren reminded us that we are lucky. We have an amazing life. She is asking tables to donate money to go to Fish Line. Super cool idea. 
Raffle: Jerry Deeter...and he pulls a 4 of clubs. Sorry Jerry.