Posted on Aug 09, 2019
Cathy Rayment
Proud Rotarians last week were Lori and Mike Cloutier. This week’s proud Rotarian is Aaron Murphy and his daughter Paige. Kathy asked each member to take a Rotary sign, take a photo and send it to her. 


  • Next Friday is the vote to support the new Crossroads Club, which is being proposed by Geoff and Amy Schmidt. Please plan to attend. 
  • Sunday is the Rotary picnic from 1:30 to 5:30 at Brenda Wall’s home. Please bring your lawn chairs. 
  • Wine tasting next Friday is at John and Ann Pyles’home at 5:30 
  • The Jewel Box is selling season passes for its new season which opens September 20. 
  • Poulsbo Community Theatre has their fundraiser on September 7th – tickets are $25. Check it out at
  • Outbound exchange student needs work. Contact Ed Stern. 
John doing announcements
This fun photo show Jon doing announcements, Ed Stern trying to help Outbound Exchange Student Chris Carthum some work, and Cindy Garfein diligently taking notes for these highlights! 

Rotary Friendship Exchange Trip to New Zealand in March 2019 

Duane and Patti Edwards
Duane and Patti Edwards
What is a Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE)? A group of 6 couples (or 12 people total) who visit another country (or region of the US) for two weeks. People from the district we visit, come to our district first. People stay in Rotarians’ homes and have in-depth experiences learning about the culture, history, and enjoying the location they are visiting. Any Rotarian may apply and they may take their spouse or partner on the RFE. 
RFEs are advertised by notifying all Rotarians when enrollment in an exchange is open. We can improve our chances of being chosen if we host an inbound couple when they visit us. Expenses for the RFE include air fare, hotels and meals for a day or so before the exchange begins, costs for restaurant meals and entertainment excursions. Travel may be added at the front and/or back of the exchange. Anyone having questions about RFEs may ask Duane or Steve Garfein. 
The RFE to New Zealand was at the South end of the North Island. It started in Wellington. During the RFE, Duane and Patti visited 5 Rotary clubs. Wellington is a beautiful city and the Capitol of New Zealand. One of the highlights of the city is a 400 -acre park with incredible birds. New Zealand goes to great lengths to protect their bird populations. 
Their first stop was a visit to Stolz Island, where they stayed on a 5000 acre sheep farm and watched the dogs work the sheep. They also did a paddle journey in Whanganui and visited local Rotary projects in Plymouth. The RFE also included visits to Plimmerton and Eastern Hutt. Patti and Duane felt the New Zealand people were very welcoming and the hospitality was wonderful. 
After the exchange, Patti and Duane visited several sights on their own. They spent more time in Wellington and then took the ferry to the South Island – 3 ½ hour ride. New Zealand is a land of fjords, mountains and beautiful bays. Flax is plentiful as it is used for many products. They visited Joseph’s Glacier, Queenstown, Gray mouth, Te Anu, Milford Sound, and Dunedin Castle (the only castle in NZ), the Marila Boulders, Kaikoura, and Christchurch, where there is still lingering evidence of the 2011 earthquake. 
Their #1 priorities were to swim with the dolphins (Duane) and see the penguins (Patti). They saw the blue penguin – the smallest penguin on earth – swims 70 miles a day and goes on land after dark to avoid predators. 
Finally, Patti explained the legend of the Silver Fern – it is told by the Maori people that the moonlight shining on the silver fern guides warriors back home. It is a symbol of honor among the Maori people.