Posted on Aug 02, 2019


  • Club Picnic Aug 11 at Brenda Wall’s 
  • David Hedderly-Smith had surgery and is doing well 
  • Aug 16 Wine Tasting (Washington whites) at Anne Pyles’s home
  • Reminder: Morrow Manor is a construction site. You’re welcome to drive past or contact Jim Schlacter for permission to tour. 
  • Oct. 3: Olympic College Fundraising Event — How to Help All People Thrive. This is a joint project, through a partnership between our Professional Services Committee and Olympic College. The flyer is on our Facebook page. 

Nick Johnson - How we grow Rotary

Nick Johnson
Our club is thriving, we have community leaders who are unable to connect with the club, so how can we grow? Amy and Geoff Schmidt have started a new club, Crossroads Rotary Club of Kitsap, which will have its own charter. It’s geared toward leaders who can’t attend our meetings. Their meetings will be 1 hour evening meetings, twice per month. They have 40 interested and 20 have already committed. Our club needs to decide if we want to sponsor the new club. The Board met and voted in support of sponsorship. There will be a CLUB VOTE in two weeks to determine sponsorship, which does have a financial component. A short Q and A followed. This will allow more members of our community to join Rotary.

Poulsbo Police Department’s Strategic Plan 2019-2021

by Dan Schoonmaker 
Dan SchoonmakerDan was selected as the Chief of Police for the City of Poulsbo in December of 2016. He had grown up in Bellevue and was interested in returning to the area. He had a 27-year career with the Westminster Police Department, which is in Orange County, with a population of about 92,000. Dan earned a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science. He has also coached youth football at the middle school level and is now on the varsity football staff at North Kitsap High School. He lives with his wife, Debbie, and doesn’t plan on moving any time soon. 
Dan began his talk by addressing the July 3 shooting. Although he couldn’t talk about it, he asked 1. that we trust an investigation is being done by professionals, 2. that we have patience, because it takes time to do a thorough job, and 3. we provide support for the community. This was the most Poulsbo Police, continued: intense scene he has experienced in 30 years of law enforcement. The removal of the memorial is also being investigated. 
Dan talked about crime: it’s steady, and slightly down. They’ve hired two more officers. They have a good working relationship with the surrounding jurisdictions, and they’ve added an additional manager. 
Dan introduced the Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 — he provided handouts on the tables. Their challenges are training (expensive, with no new funding sources) and recruitment (all chief working together), and remembering that public safety is a priority, even when it’s not. 
85% of the people they arrest in Poulsbo don’t live in Poulsbo. He never expected to live in the city in which he works, but Poulsbo is his home. Dan praised his great team: the community, the city team (made of officers, department heads, city council, Mayor, employees), and the police officers. 
Chief Schoonmaker led a short Q and A. He said there are fewer homeless people on the streets in the last couple of months because the have Police Navigators — a behavioral health team that connects people with resources, if they’re willing. He dispelled the false rumor that the officer involved in the July 3 shooting had been fired by Port Gamble. He explained a little about the vetting process of their officers: thorough background checks, only 40% get through interviews.