Thank you, Nick, for taking the notes for these Highlights. 75 participants this week!  
Zoom meeting time!It's Zoom meeting time! 
Yeah technology. So, I (Nick) forgot to take notes for the first 10 minutes so check out the recording to see what you missed.  Cindy’s note: There is link to the recording of the meeting and to  John Ackenhusen’s OUTSTANDING closed captioning.  See links at the end of the notes.  
So, we started out with only a small amount of technical difficulties. Not too shabby. 

Meredith was our proud Rotarian which is cool. 
Ardis told a joke which was funny. No surprise there. 

Mr. Pavey was a little late so we there weren't many announcements.  
• Contact Aaron for volunteer opportunities. 
• Talk to Dan about all his various happy hour meet ups. 
Duda said some stuff, but I missed it. Sorry. I think she is wood working and stuff.

Congressman Derek Kilmer

Featured Presentation by Congressman Derek Kilmer

And now on to Congressman Kilmer! Co-Chair of the Committee to Modernize Congress. 
He gave us an overview of the new CARES act that just passed. 
  • Working on getting more PPE. 
  • Trying to get the Defensive Production 
  • Act going a bit harder. 
  • Working on getting more money into people's pockets. Direct deposit of $1,200 for most. 
  • Expansion of unemployment assistance. 
  • Loans through the SBA for making payments to businesses. 
  • Working on another bill, more to come next week. 
  • Assistance for larger industries BUT with lots of smart limits on how the money can be used. Nice. 
  • Student resources also! Funding from K12 and Higher Ed.  
  • Renter and homeowner support also included in the CARES act. Ban on evictions, moratorium on foreclosures, and some other stuff. 
What comes next: A new bill that adds additional funds to the CARES act. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" Working on CARES act 2.0. 
  • Increase access to testing.  
  • Triggers into economic support. 
  • If you have questions, or need a hand with anything, please get in touch with his office: 
Answers to questions for Derek: 
  • Big banks have more access to the payment protection program now. Wells Fargo was the hardest hit because of past restrictions on them. 
  • Community banks are doing great and getting more guidance. 
  • The definition of "Essential Business" has been pretty all-over-the-place. The Federal guidance needs to be stronger. 
  • Trying to increase testing capacity and PPE to our state, and specifically our region. Focusing on keeping people employed and putting in economic triggers to make the aid last longer. 
  • Many decisions, such as 501C6 as essential workers, are coming from the state government, and they are using a "Science based" approach. 
  • UW is working on a "Rapid Tests" and there are a few other things in the works to help detect who has the antibodies to the virus. 
  • Economic Industry Disaster Loans - Coronavirus counts as a disaster, and the CARES act adds a bit more around EIDL loans. 
And now the questions and answers are getting too complicated to document. WATCH THE RECORDING! So many things. Again, find and watch the recording. 
Leo is here! “Playing video games, being quarantined. So... yeah.”
Just raise your hand   

Happy bucks! 

  • Jacob got his car stolen! But got it back! 
  • Aaron is just happy in general. And for Derek, and Gary, and Hugh. 
  • David is happy for the weather. 
  • Ed is happy for Ardis. 
  • Becky is happy for helpline volunteers. 
  • Rand is happy for Derek and other public servants. 
  • Meredith is happy for... I'm not sure... Unusual time periods... 
  • Brenda is happy for yard work. And scavenger hunts. And fun. 
Here's a link to the audio recording of our meeting with Representative Derek Kilmer.
Since Congressman Kilmer didn't use a slide show, the video's kind of goofy. 
The chat, close captioning (thank you John Ackenhusen) and video are also available at;
Zoom meeting in progress