Meeting Teardown Tasks

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Here are the teardown tasks:
  • Sound System:
    • Tri-fold the rubber mat behind the podium and place it on top of the sound cabinet,
    • Unplug the podium microphone from the attached cable.
    • Unplug the podium microphone cable from the wall jack by the window.
    • Neatly coil the microphone cable and place it on the left side of the second shelf in the sound cabinet.
    • Disconnect both ends of the laptop sound cable, coil and put it to the left on the second shelf of the cabinet.
    • Disconnect the video cable from the laptop and the jack on the wall.  Neatly coil the cable on the real and
      put in cabinet on top of the sound cable.
    • If AC extension cord was used, disconnect and anti-kink coil it and place in middle
      bottom shelf of sound cabinet.
    • Use switch on wall between last two windows to raise the projector screen.
    • Cash box & Fraffle Ticket Basket: right side bottom shelf of sound cabinet.
  • Podium/Lecturn
    •  * Leave the right side of the middle shelf clear in the sound cabinet.  The badge boxes will go there *
    • Podium banner: rolled up and placed on shelf in front of amplifier in the sound cabinet,
    • Microphones (Wired, Wireless, and Lapel):  Place in sound cabinet to left of amplifier.
    • Bell & Gavel: go on left bottom shelf in sound cabinet
    • Fine Buckets:  go on middle bottom shelf of sound cabinet on top of power cord.
    • The podium itself and table stays out (it belongs to the Sons,)
  • Flags and banners
    • Nation flags (US, Canada, exchange student) and the flag stand: Unscrew flag poles and
      roll flags on their staffs.
    • Club banner and stand:  roll banner up, remove crossbar from stand and collapse stand.
    • The above go in the metal cabinet outside the coat closet,
    • Trading flag banners: Use pole with green top to take down banners and hang them on the
      carabiner clip in Storage Room.
    • Once all banners are taken down and are on the clip, use rope to raise the banners off the floor.
  • Reserved Parking Space Sandwich Boards:
    • There are two sandwich boards in front of the parking spaces in parking lot. Pick up and
      put them in Coat Closet Cabinet.
  • Front door Greeter table:
    • Badge boxes:  Collect any badges from stragglers, and put in proper slots in badge boxes.
    • Pens: put with other pens in badge box.
    • Table Signs : Place on top of badges in the badge boxes,
    • Badge Box Covers: Place covers on the badge boxes, latch.
    • * Put two black badge boxes on right side middle shelf in sound cabinet. A-L box goes in first.
    • Put smaller tan badge box to left of black boxes on top of video cable reel.
    • Any last minute badges can just be put on top of black badge box.
  • Sound Cabinet:
    • After everything is in it, roll it into the storage closet where the flag banners are. 
    • Push it up against the raised banners inside the closet with the doors to the wall.
    • Turn off Sound System. (Switch is above the red light on wall next to sound system door)