Meeting Setup Tasks

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Meeting Setup Instructions

Initial Instructions

  • All left & right directions are as if facing the front from the back of the room.
  • Move “Reserved” Sandwich Boards from metal cabinet in coat closet to in front of parking spaces 2 and 3.
  • If front doors are not unlocked, use Allen wrenches to right and left of front doors to latch push bars open
  • If not on, turn on 3 light switches in foyer
  • Turn on all meeting room lights except “hanging strands.” 2nd set on wall past the storage closet.
  • Lower projector screen (switch is between 3rd and 4th windows.) Move any obstacles out of the way.
  • Lower window shades on all 4 windows at front of room.
  • If necessary, move podium to the middle of the front row of tables along with small table to the right of the podium

Front Door Greeter Table Items

  • Roll Sound System Cabinet (in storage closet) to Greeter’s table and remove badge boxes (3), cash box, Fraffle basket & tickets, sign-up sheets and a visitor log sheet.
  • Remove covers from black badge boxes and place on floor beside greeter’s table.
  • Place Fraffle restriction & Sign-Up reminder signs on Table.
  • Write meeting date on sign-up sheets and visitor log.

Flags and Banners (cabinets in coat closet and Storage room)

  • Move large speaker stands to front of room. Pull up center pole and insert metal pin in first hole to prevent collapse before tightening clamps (gently).
  • Move flag stand and National Flags (US, Canada & Exchange Student) to center front of room. Shorter brown staff goes on exchange flag (marked).
  • Move Club banner and small three legged stand and crossbar to front of room to left of sound cabinet.
  • Large club trading flag banners are in storage closet. Unwind support rope to lower banners down.
    Unhook banner cords from carabiner clip and use pole with green tip to put banners up on rafter hooks. (Move drink table if necessary.)
  • Remove Polio cans in green bag and thingies from cabinet in storage closet and put one of each on each table. Return green bag to cabinet.

Sound System Setup

  • Roll Sound System cabinet to front of room. Place one speaker on left speaker stand as you go by. 
  • Move cabinet in front of power outlet below left window. Leave space to walk behind. Don’t plug in cabinet power cord!
  • Put remaining speaker on right speaker stand. Set folded rubber mat (was under speakers) on table next to podium.
  • Remove two wireless microphone receivers from left of amplifier in the cabinet and place on top of cabinet.
  • Unwrap the two speaker cables on back of cabinet and run to the speakers. Unwind 4 loops to right speaker, 10 loops to left speaker. Keep cables against the wall.
  • At each speaker, loop cable once around the stand pole and plug into speaker (left plug).
  • Unwrap podium microphone cable (unwind 6 loops) and run against wall to podium mike stand.
  • Remove wired and wireless microphones from left side of amplifier. If first Friday of the month, swap out re-chargeable batteries in wireless mikes from battery charger.
  • Loop mike cable once around mike stand and plug cable into wired mike.
    Set in podium mike holder. Turn off podium mike (Switch towards front of podium). Set wireless mikes on podium with power off.
  • Remove video cable from 2nd shelf and plug into projector connector (between 2nd and 3rd windows). Run against wall to podium. One loop around microphone stand.
  • Run sound cable (mini jack to two RCA plugs) from table on podium (wrap once around mike stand) to back wall and plug into RCA jacks on front of amplifier.
  • NOW, Plug cabinet power cord into wall outlet and move cabinet closer to wall.
  • Lay rubber mat over the cables from the podium to the front wall so they don't get tripped over.
  • Turn on all units using power strip switch (located all the way in the back on the shelf to the right of the amplifier).
  • Set amplifier master volume control (lower right) to 2 o’clock position. Leave all other controls as set.
  • Place Bell, Gavel and Fine Buckets on table to right of podium.
  • Unroll president's banner located in front of amplifier and hang on front of podium
  • Check microphones for sound from speakers when turned on.
  • Once President arrives, turn on projector for connection to laptop. (Note: will automatically turn off if not connected to active signal for 15 minutes)