Date Task Assigned To
  7/7/2017 Meeting Setup Steve Hogg
  7/7/2017 Meeting Setup Nick Johnson
  7/7/2017 Meeting Setup Sally Olsen
  7/7/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Ben Rogers
  7/7/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Aalesa Barker
  7/7/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Richard Tizzano
  7/7/2017 Thought for the Day Damon Bell
  7/7/2017 Teardown Dan Weedin
  7/7/2017 Teardown Craig Steinlicht
  7/7/2017 Teardown Alexis Foster
  7/14/2017 Meeting Setup Ingemar Anderson
  7/14/2017 Meeting Setup Kevin Ryan
  7/14/2017 Meeting Setup Justin Ingalls
  7/14/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Ray Donahue
  7/14/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Loretta Byrnes
  7/14/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Bob Hill
  7/14/2017 Thought for the Day Kimi Kinoshita
  7/14/2017 Teardown Brett Clark
  7/14/2017 Teardown Ben Rogers
  7/14/2017 Teardown Karen Timken
  7/21/2017 Meeting Setup Donna Pledger
  7/21/2017 Meeting Setup Bob Linz
  7/21/2017 Meeting Setup Jeffrey Hora
  7/21/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Kurt Waeschle
  7/21/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Joseph Hulsey
  7/21/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Jacob Maxwell
  7/21/2017 Thought for the Day Aalesa Barker
  7/21/2017 Teardown Chad Solvie
  7/21/2017 Teardown Jackie Wood
  7/21/2017 Teardown Naveen Chaudhary
  7/28/2017 Meeting Setup Dan Weedin
  7/28/2017 Meeting Setup Alexis Foster
  7/28/2017 Meeting Setup Aalesa Barker
  7/28/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Jackie Wood
  7/28/2017 Greeter/Finemaster James Nall
  7/28/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Aaron Murphy
  7/28/2017 Thought for the Day Ray Donahue
  7/28/2017 Teardown Jeffrey Griffin
  7/28/2017 Teardown Geoff Schmidt
  7/28/2017 Teardown Bob Hill
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Members assigned to Setup should arrive at 6:15 AM
Those assigned as Greeter/Finemaster should arrive by 6:30 AM
If you cannot perform your assigned task,
it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute