Date Task Assigned To
  12/1/2017 Meeting Setup Erin Sorensen
  12/1/2017 Meeting Setup Robert Doane
  12/1/2017 Meeting Setup Laurynn Evans
  12/1/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Jennifer Forbes
  12/1/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Jeffrey Hora
  12/1/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Craig Steinlicht
  12/1/2017 Thought for the Day Robert Gelder
  12/1/2017 Teardown Ardelle Rein-Halvorsen
  12/1/2017 Teardown Amy Sanford-Schmidt
  12/1/2017 Teardown Christine Kastanopolous
  12/8/2017 Meeting Setup Christine Kastanopolous
  12/8/2017 Meeting Setup Jacqueline Wood
  12/8/2017 Meeting Setup Donna Etchey
  12/8/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Rebecca Heryford
  12/8/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Debra Vaughan
  12/8/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Todd Eggers
  12/8/2017 Thought for the Day Behzad Mostofi
  12/8/2017 Teardown Steve Garfein
  12/8/2017 Teardown Robert Gelder
  12/8/2017 Teardown Chad Solvie
  12/15/2017 Meeting Setup Frances Malone
  12/15/2017 Meeting Setup Rebecca Heryford
  12/15/2017 Meeting Setup Chuck Regan
  12/15/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Scott Snively
  12/15/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Erin Sorensen
  12/15/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Alexis Foster
  12/15/2017 Thought for the Day Nick Johnson
  12/15/2017 Teardown Cynthia Tveit
  12/15/2017 Teardown Emily Authenrieth
  12/15/2017 Teardown Cindy Garfein
  12/22/2017 Meeting Setup Damon Bell
  12/22/2017 Meeting Setup Scott Snively
  12/22/2017 Meeting Setup Chris Doving
  12/22/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Robert Gelder
  12/22/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Danny Fritts
  12/22/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Loretta Byrnes
  12/22/2017 Thought for the Day Nick McCallum
  12/22/2017 Teardown John Powers
  12/22/2017 Teardown Steve Hogg
  12/22/2017 Teardown Kimi Kinoshita
  12/29/2017 Meeting Setup Jed Selter
  12/29/2017 Meeting Setup Steve Garfein
  12/29/2017 Meeting Setup Craig Adams
  12/29/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Jim Heins
  12/29/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Ann Pyles
  12/29/2017 Greeter/Finemaster Dan Weedin
  12/29/2017 Thought for the Day Ahmis Loving
  12/29/2017 Teardown Donna Pledger
  12/29/2017 Teardown Jerry Rice
  12/29/2017 Teardown James Schlachter
Russell Hampton
Members assigned to Setup should arrive at 6:15 AM
Those assigned as Greeter/Finemaster should arrive by 6:30 AM
If you cannot perform your assigned task,
it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute