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Lisa Martin - Build Bridges, Not Walls

Lisa Martin - Build Bridges, Not WallsFormer Club member, Lisa Martin, described her journey from tourist to committed activist, starting with her vacation in Zihautanejo, Mexico, where she first encountered some of the indigenous children who were not allowed to attend the Mexican schools. This led to her meeting Marina, a local woman who had started an informal school to educate these children, most of whom do not speak Spanish as their native language. Lisa gave up her comfortable life in Massachusetts to help Marina develop with the assistance of Rotary an NGO called the Netza school. The resulting school now has a brick and mortar presence and 400+ students. The journey has not been without hurdles. Lisa was sidelined for two years, recovering from a serious car accident. The school was taken away from Marina by the Mexican government. However, Marina decided to start a new, private school and Lisa has documented all of this in her recently completed book, "From A to Zih". 
Lisa Martin - Build Bridges, Not Walls Hugh Nelson 2017-05-12 07:00:00Z

Memorial Plaque for Steve Foster

Jack Archer presents the Memorial Plaque for Steve FosterJack Archer presented a plaque he helped produce to commemorate recently deceased Club member Steve Foster. Steve was a past club president and multiple time honoree of Rotarian of the Year. His memorial plaque will be attached to a railroad caboose play structure Steve built at Martha and Mary Preschool.
Memorial Plaque for Steve Foster Hugh Nelson 2017-05-12 07:00:00Z

Debra Vaughn Classification Talk

Debra Vaughn Classification TalkEach new club member gives a classification talk to let others know about his/her life and career. Debra Vaughn is a retired Speech Therapist who initially thought she wanted to work with adults, but discovered that she preferred assisting kids and ended up focused on helping disabled ones. During her career she had a 3-year adventure living in Saudi Arabia, and most of the rest of the time she lived in Southern California. She also described the trauma of husband Paul’s dealing with injuries from a recent head-on car crash. Now that Paul has recovered, she is concentrating on getting her 3 dogs trained and returning to playing the piano.
Debra Vaughn Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2017-05-12 07:00:00Z

Happy Birthday Ardis Morrow!

Happy Birthday Ardis Morrow!Michele Doyle and the club wished Ardis Morrow a happy 92nd birthday as the Club serenaded her by singing Happy Birthday. 
Happy Birthday Ardis Morrow! Hugh Nelson 2017-05-12 07:00:00Z

Sidney Minute 5-12-2017

Sidney Minute 5-12-2017Sidney described her experience at the District Training Assembly, including the opportunity to hang out with the other Exchange Students around the District. She also noted that she’d be spending the day with 7 dogs and expressed her excitement to be moving in with Meredith Green over the weekend. 
Sidney Minute 5-12-2017 Hugh Nelson 2017-05-12 07:00:00Z

Steven Solomon, Changing Lives

Steven SolomonSteven Solomon, Senior Annual Giving Officer with the Rotary Foundation, described the profound effect Rotary has had on his life as a way of illustrating what Rotary can do. As a high school student, the Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove, IL, selected him for an International Exchange to South Africa. That led to his meeting a number of influential South Africans, learning the Zulu language, and developing his interest in South African affairs. His enthusiasm for the work of Jane Goodall resulted in his meeting her and being invited to learn about a program called “Roots and Shoots” she was involved with in Tanzania, and he eventually opened a branch of the program in South Africa, with Rotary assistance. He later used his knowledge of Zulu as a clever way to make connection with Desmond Tutu at an event in Chicago, which led to his spending 5 days working with Tutu and being invited to his 80th birthday celebration.
Steven Solomon, Changing Lives Hugh Nelson 2017-05-05 07:00:00Z

Alexis Foster Classification Talk

Alexis FosterEach new member gives a classification talk, describing to other members something about their life and career. Alexis Foster delivered her Classification Talk, describing her journey from a 6-year old girl in Chicago who decided she wanted to be a lawyer, to becoming the City Prosecutor/Risk Manager for the City of Poulsbo. Along the way she briefly considered being an engineer, but discovered that her limited math skills made that unlikely. She finally returned to her dream of becoming an attorney, getting her law degree from Arizona State and then working briefly as an “in house Counsel” for a private company, and then moving on to be a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with Kitsap County for 5+ years before moving to her current job. 
Alexis Foster Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2017-05-05 07:00:00Z

Jacob Maxwell, Entrepreneur

Jacob MaxwellJacob Maxwell, a young entrepreneur and NKHS grad, described his journey from Verizon tech to starting his own business—Above and Beyond Tech—dedicated to providing people with one-on-one assistance with using the whole spectrum of technology, often in their own home. He also noted he aspires to hire and inspire other young people to reach their full potential.
Jacob Maxwell, Entrepreneur Hugh Nelson 2017-05-05 07:00:00Z

Sidney Minute, 5-5-2017

Sidney minuteSidney was our featured Viking Tour Photoshop victim (which she unfortunately missed due to an early departure). But she did have a chance to introduce her mother, father and brother at the meeting. She also reported on her excursion to Cape Flattery, her plan to attend the DLTA and do some additional sightseeing with her parents.
Sidney Minute, 5-5-2017 Hugh Nelson 2017-05-05 07:00:00Z

Wendell Verduin - Side by Side in South Africa

Wendell Verduin - Side by Side in South AfricaWendell Verduin talked about the activities of the South African organization “Side by Side” and the current initiative there in concert with “Days for Girls.”
Wendell Verduin - Side by Side in South Africa Hugh Nelson 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z

Viking Tour Update

Nick Johnson with a Viking Tour updateNick Johnson reported that registrations for Viking Tour are ahead of last year and that a lot of additional sponsors have signed on.
Viking Tour Update Hugh Nelson 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z

Kerris, the Courtroom Therapy Dog—Kevin Kelly 

Kerris, the Courtroom Therapy Dog—Kevin Kelly Kitsap County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Kelly introduced us to Kerris (Welsh for “love”), the courtroom therapy dog. He explained that Kerris is a specially (and rigorously) trained dog trained to provide a calming effect to witnesses in a courtroom setting. He is used in the Kitsap County Drug Court and basically sits quietly by the witnesses who would like him nearby to calm their nerves. Kevin explained that both adults and child witnesses seem to be comforted by his presence, as they offer testimony on often traumatic experiences. He mentioned that some children being interviewed only responded when Kerris was present. Kerris can sit calmly in the courtroom for hours at a time, but is ready to play like any other dog when he’s home with Kevin.
Kerris, the Courtroom Therapy Dog—Kevin Kelly Hugh Nelson 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z

Poulsbo Elementary Math Olympians

Poulsbo Elementary Math OlympiansAlela Tallon and her Math Olympians from Poulsbo Elementary received a check to support their participation in this year’s Math Olympiad.
Poulsbo Elementary Math Olympians Hugh Nelson 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z

Danny Fritz on the Kitsap Great Give

Danny Fritz on the Kitsap Great GiveViking warrior Danny Fritz describes how much you should contribute to Poulsbo Rotary Club in the upcoming Kitsap Great Give.
Danny Fritz on the Kitsap Great Give Hugh Nelson 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z

Sidney Minute 4/21/2017

SydneySidney shared her excitement that her parents will be visiting next week. She also reported on seeing the play “Secret Garden” in Seattle and celebrating Easter with her host family. She noted that the Dutch also recognize the Easter Bunny.
Sidney Minute 4/21/2017 Hugh Nelson 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z

Wine auction raises more than $1,000

Wine auction raises more than $1,000Todd Tidball, in his new sequined coat, auctioned some premium wines, donated by visiting Rotarian Mark Olson of Sebastapol, CA, raising over $1000.
Wine auction raises more than $1,000 Hugh Nelson 2017-04-14 07:00:00Z

Cassava Production in Nigeria

Poulsbo Rotarian Loretta ByrnesPoulsbo Rotarian Loretta Byrnes described her experience working with the Gates Foundation in Nigeria to improve the nutritional value of Cassava, a staple of the Nigerian diet. She explained the complexity of processing Cassava into an edible product, which produces tapioca, but also produces the deadly byproduct cyanide, which is often just dumped on the ground, creating deadly pollution. Harvesting is difficult and requires extensive weeding. Efforts to introduce more nutritionally rich and productive strains of the plant proved challenging because farmers were not necessarily enthusiastic to try unfamiliar strains of the plant. It provided a fascinating window into a very different culture few of us know about.
Cassava Production in Nigeria Hugh Nelson 2017-04-14 07:00:00Z

Welcome new members Erina Weible and Bronson Charrette

Welcome new members Erina Weible and Bronson CharretteRand Hillier inducted new members Erina Weible and Bronson Charrette into the Club, accompanied by their sponsors Brenda Wall and Meredith Green. Congratulations and welcome to Poulsbo Rotary!
Welcome new members Erina Weible and Bronson Charrette Hugh Nelson 2017-04-14 07:00:00Z

Damon Bell delivers his Classification Talk

Damon Bell delivers his Classification TalkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Damon Bell described his upbringing in Watts and Compton and his progression from an initial unsuccessful stab at college to achieving his PhD, and his current job as college administrator at Olympic College. Along the way, he appeared on several TV game shows and spent time as a kindergarten teacher.
Damon Bell delivers his Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2017-04-14 07:00:00Z

Sidney Minute 4-14-2017

SidneySidney just returned from a trip to Arizona, Nevada and California, including the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Las Vegas. She will be attending a play in Seattle next.
Sidney Minute 4-14-2017 Hugh Nelson 2017-04-14 07:00:00Z

Support Poulsbo Rotary in this year's Kitsap Great Give on May 2nd

Kitsap Great Give 2017

The Kitsap Great Give 2017 is coming soon!

Kitsap Great Give is a 24 hour, online giving event that is part of the National Giving Day. It is your opportunity to help support a local nonprofit in your community AND your donation will be proportionally matched by event sponsors.

Please support the work of Poulsbo Rotary during the Kitsap Great Give on May 2, 2017. See www.kitsapgreatgive.org

Please like and share us on Facebook

Support Poulsbo Rotary in this year's Kitsap Great Give on May 2nd Hugh Nelson 2017-04-06 07:00:00Z

Get ready for Viking Tour on May 21st!

Viking Tour 2017
The Viking Tour is a group bicycle ride on the Kitsap Peninsula taking place on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. The tour starts and finishes in historic Poulsbo, “Little Norway” at 9 a.m., and is held during the iconic VikingFest carnival and festival. So if you’re an out of towner, plan on coming out Saturday and stay the night to experience Viking Hospitality! Cost is $45 (all routes).
The ride has three different lengths for all riding levels: the “Odin”: a 59-mile journey featuring over 4,000 ft of climbs. the “Thor”: a 30-mile ride which is fairly flat and just for those looking to have a bit of fun with a little less challenge and the "Freyja": a 16-mile relaxing ride where you can enjoy yourself without breaking too much of a sweat.
Do you have a team or group that is thinking about riding in the Viking Tour? If so, good news for you! We just launched team registration! With team (or group) registration, you can register multiple people at once using one payment, and you can save some money!
  • Small Team (10-15 riders) / $450
  • Large Team (16-20 riders) / $720
What does this mean? This means the more riders you get, the less it costs per rider! For example, if you have 15 members it is only $30 per rider thus saving you $225.
You can find out more information and register at poulsbovikingtour.com
7am-4pm (9am Start)

Rest Stops, Mechanics, Medics

Vendor Village, Beer Garden, Dinner, Live Music
Get ready for Viking Tour on May 21st! Hugh Nelson 2017-03-31 07:00:00Z

Morrow Manor receives $240,000 donation: Rick Darrow 

Rick Darrow presenting award to Morrow ManorRick Darrow, CEO of Liberty Bank (and Poulsbo Rotarian), shared his personal story about domestic violence, and how he came to be involved with the Domestic Violence Prevention Committee with Rotary and the Morrow Manor Project. Together, Poulsbo Rotary, Liberty Bank, and the YWCA partnered to raise money for Morrow Manor. With some coworkers at the bank, he applied for a competitive grant through the Federal Home Loan Affordable Housing program. The grant was awarded, and today Rick presented a check from Liberty Bank for the staggering amount of $240,000 for Morrow Manor! 
Morrow Manor receives $240,000 donation: Rick Darrow Hugh Nelson 2017-03-31 07:00:00Z

Fundraising for Poulsbo Rotary: A Discussion

Fundraising for Poulsbo Rotary: A Discussion let by Todd TidballTodd Tidball led a group discussion about this year's Poulsbo Rotary Auction. The concern is that our auction has been losing steam. We do raise money, but the trend line is declining. This fall’s auction is slotted to be at the Clearwater Event Center, which has room for 400, but only 150 or so came to last year’s auction. The club gave a resounding YES that we can fill that room, agreeing that it needs UNIQUENESS and more promoting to stand out. Brainstorming followed, and auction input surveys were provided to each member.
Fundraising for Poulsbo Rotary: A Discussion Hugh Nelson 2017-03-31 07:00:00Z

New Rotarians: Tony Smallbeck and Rebecca Heryford

New Rotarian: Tony Smallbeck Rebecca Heryford
The Club inducted new Rotarians Tony Smallbeck and Rebecca Heryford. Both were sponsored by Meredith Green. Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary!
New Rotarians: Tony Smallbeck and Rebecca Heryford Hugh Nelson 2017-03-31 07:00:00Z

Classification Talk: Paul Vaughan

Paul VaughnEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Paul Vaughan shared highlights from his career in radio, communications, and satellite systems . He and his wife love cycling, gardening, and training their dogs for agility competitions. He will be this year’s Viking Tour “Sweeper.”
Classification Talk: Paul Vaughan Hugh Nelson 2017-03-31 07:00:00Z

Through the Valley: My Captivity in Vietnam, by William Reeder 

retired Army Colonel William ReederHighly decorated retired Army Colonel William Reeder gave the club a small but profound glimpse into his harrowing year as a POW in Viet Nam. This humble man, who prefers to be called Bill, endured unimaginable physical and mental hardships as the last American taken captive in the Viet Nam war. After being shot down near Ben Het and evading the enemy for three days with a broken back and a shrapnel wound to his foot, he was captured and caged in the jungle before enduring a three-month death march, without shoes, on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. He walked step by step, nearly perishing, to a “regular prison,” where he stayed for months with terrible injuries and multiple diseases. 

In writing his book that Naval Institute Press published last year, he agonized over reliving every detail, asking himself, “Why am I doing this? Who will read it?” His wife provided the answer: Because it is motivational and inspirational. He speaks from the heart of the value of talking to others about experiences of returning from captivity, and how it helps one’s mental state. This summary does not do justice to Bill or his book, as the depth and scope of his resiliency changes those who meet him.  
Through the Valley: My Captivity in Vietnam, by William Reeder Hugh Nelson 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z

Induction of three new members

New members Ahmis Loving, Terry Ward, and Erin SorensenMeredith Green leads the ceremony to induct three new Rotarians: Ahmis Loving, Terry Ward, and Erin Sorensen. Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary! Thank you, sponsors - Donna Etchey, Marlene Mitchell, and Brenda Wall! 
Induction of three new members Hugh Nelson 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z

New project opportunities in Fish Park

Gaston Peter-Contesse reported that FISH PARK will be getting 3 additional acres to add to its current 40. Poulsbo Rotary has completed a number of projects in Fish Park alongside the contributions of other local Poulsbo groups and organizations. Gaston gave a shout-out to Mayor Becky Erickson for her key role in procuring the land for the city for 1 dollar.
New project opportunities in Fish Park Hugh Nelson 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z

Donations for Polio Plus

Raising funds for Polio PlusPolio Plus is Rotary International's program to End Polio Now. Members tossed their spare coins (plus Ann Piles’ check for 96.50!) into the Change Receptacle for Change to END POLIO NOW Bring your change! 
Donations for Polio Plus Hugh Nelson 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z

Sons of Norway grant

Jim Schlachter presented a $1000 grant to the Sons of NorwayJim Schlachter presented a $1000 grant to the Sons of Norway Dancers to help provide updated costumes. They have 80 kids now, and serve as wonderful ambassadors for Poulsbo.
Sons of Norway grant Hugh Nelson 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z

Gwen Hannon Retirement

Gwen Hannon RetirementTom Hall presented a beautiful cake to celebrate Gwen Hannon’s retirement. Congratulations Gwen!
Gwen Hannon Retirement Hugh Nelson 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z

Single Payer Health System Discussion

Doctors Peter Lucal and Ken FabertDoctors Peter Lucal and Ken Fabert, representing Health Care for All— Washington (HCFA-WA), explained why they believe a statewide single-payer, publicly-funded health system will offer high quality, sustainable, affordable medical care for all Washingtonians. They believe such a system would assure everybody has some health care, with reasonable premiums. The savings over the current system would come from the reduction in the current typical administrative costs, which run 33%, and through the negotiation of costs with providers. They believe it would also limit what they consider to be current unrestrained litigation. Such a plan would cover everything, including dental care, for everybody who doesn’t have a health plan through an employer and would probably require some reasonable co-pay.
Single Payer Health System Discussion Hugh Nelson 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z

Columbia Tower Stair Climb

Kurt WaeschleKurt Waeschle reported the results of his Columbia Tower stair climb— 788 ft/69 floors/1356 steps in full “Turnout Gear” 19 minutes and 32 seconds. Money raised $3005 ($2000 from Rotarians). 
Columbia Tower Stair Climb Hugh Nelson 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z

Athletic Medicine Award

Jim Schlachter presented a check for $450Jim Schlachter presented a check for $450 to two North Kitsap High students to participate in a national athletic medicine competition.
Athletic Medicine Award Hugh Nelson 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z

Saint Patrick's Day

Sons of Norway team on Saint Patrick's Day
The Sons of Norway leprechauns treated us to a special St. Patrick’s Day breakfast and look. 
Ardis Morrow shared an “appropriate” St. Patrick’s Day “story.”
Saint Patrick's Day Hugh Nelson 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z

Sidney Minute 3/17/17

Sidney Minute 3/17/17Sidney described her busy social calendar, including a visit to Ocean Shores last weekend and plans to attend some plays and a movie in the coming weekend.
Sidney Minute 3/17/17 Hugh Nelson 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z

Rotary Youth Protection Program

Dan Weedin and Jim SundClub Youth Protection Officer Jim Sund and Youth Exchange Officer Dan Weedin provided the annual Club briefing on Youth Protection issues. They explained the importance of adhering to Club Youth Protection policies not only to protect the young people the Club works with, but also Club members. They noted that this involves being aware of physical and emotional boundaries and that there is an even higher possibility of misunderstandings when dealing with exchange students because of language and cultural differences. They warned to be aware of humor and to limit social media contacts to Club activity. They also described the importance of prompt reporting of any inappropriate “incident” to Club officials. 
Rotary Youth Protection Program Hugh Nelson 2017-03-10 08:00:00Z

Upcoming All Club Fireside 

An All-club Fireside will be held at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club in Bremerton March 22nd, 5:30—8:00 It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Rotary Foundation. Cost $26.50
Upcoming All Club Fireside Hugh Nelson 2017-03-10 08:00:00Z

District 5020 District Leadership Training Assembly 

Co-Chairs and Assistant Area Governors Elayne Burton and Sue ShipleyDistrict 5020 District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA) Co-Chairs and Assistant Area Governors Elayne Burton and Sue Shipley announced that the DLTA scheduled for the Clearwater Casino is sold out, but that they are looking for hosts for 100 attendees for dinner on May 5th. A sign-up sheet will be available to indicate how many people hosts will be able to accommodate. 
District 5020 District Leadership Training Assembly Hugh Nelson 2017-03-10 08:00:00Z

Announcements 3/10/17

Announcements 3/10/17
  • Whiskey Tasting 17 March at Jackie Woods’ home 
  • Club Fireside 21 March, 7:00 at Jerry Deeter’s home 
  • Steve Garfein will be leading a trip to McMinville, OR July 7-8 to see the Spruce Goose and do some wine tasting. 
Announcements 3/10/17 Hugh Nelson 2017-03-10 08:00:00Z

Sidney Minute 3/10/17

Sidney Sydney shared her activities for the previous week, including a sleep over and going to shows with friends and her plan to visit Ocean Shores.
Sidney Minute 3/10/17 Hugh Nelson 2017-03-10 08:00:00Z

Rand Hillier on Foundations our members help fund

Rand Hillier on Foundations our members help fundRand Hillier explained the nature and role of the various Rotary foundations that our members fund. 
Rand Hillier on Foundations our members help fund Hugh Nelson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z

Upcoming All-Club Fireside

All Club FiresideThere will be an All-club Fireside at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club in Bremerton March 22nd, 5:30—8:00. It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation. Cost $26.50 per person.
Upcoming All-Club Fireside Hugh Nelson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z

Kurt Waeschle Fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma

Kurt Waeschle Fundraiser for Leukemia and LymphomaKurt Waeschle modeled the gear he will be wearing as he sprints up the stairs of the Columbia Tower in Seattle, as part of a fund raiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He picked up over $600 for the cause at our meeting.
Kurt Waeschle Fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Hugh Nelson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z

Sidney Minute 3/3/2017

SydneySydney shared her activities for the previous two weeks, including skiing and attending the Rotary Exchange Student event in Comox, B.C. 

She’s heading to the Antique Market this week. 
Sidney Minute 3/3/2017 Hugh Nelson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z

Visit by Fil-Am Association of Kitsap

Russell Gonzales and Ella HasardRussell Gonzales, Secretary of the Association, introduced Miss Fil-Am of 2016 Ella Hazzard. He also noted that they are seeking scholarship applicants with some Filipino heritage, with $5000 available.  Info at www.filamkitsap.org.
Visit by Fil-Am Association of Kitsap Hugh Nelson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z

Announcements 3/3/2017

  • Two Service Saturday projects on March 11: 
Days for Girls at North Kitsap Baptist Church, 9:00 to 2:00; sewing & assembling kits 
Fish Park work, 9:00 to 12:00, north section of the park. 
  • Club Fireside 21 March, 7:00 at Jerry Deeter’s home 
Announcements 3/3/2017 Hugh Nelson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z

Rotary International Foundation 100th Anniversary Celebration

Rotary International Foundation 100th AnniversaryOur club will celebrate the Rotary International Foundation 100th Anniversary on March 22 at Kitsap Golf and Country Club. The event will be from 5:30pm to 8pm and tickets cost $26.50 per person. See Donna Pledger for tickets.
Rotary International Foundation 100th Anniversary Celebration Hugh Nelson 2017-02-24 08:00:00Z

Paul Harris Fellow Awards

Paul Harris Award recipientsThese awards, given in the name of Rotary Founder Paul Harris, are for Rotarians who donate a total of $1000 to the Rotary Foundation, the charitable non-profit of Rotary International. Clubs and individuals may "donate" on behalf of other deserving individuals to recognize their contributions to the ideals of Rotary. Margene Smaaladen has a Paul Harris Fellow Award in the works for someone else, earning her a second sapphire (3rd award - sapphires are given for multiple awards). Danny Fritts was awarded his blue sapphire (2nd award). Karen Timken received her third sapphire (4th award) Steve Garfein received his fifth sapphire (6th award), so his pin is now fully surrounded! Congratulations and thanks to each of you for your generous donation!
Paul Harris Fellow Awards Hugh Nelson 2017-02-24 08:00:00Z

Himalayan Stove Project with George Basch

George Basch - Himalayan Stove projectGeorge Basch shared his moving story of transforming lives and communities by replacing deadly stoves in the high Himalayan region with safe and economical "Envirofit" stoves. The Himalayan Stove Project has impacted the lives of 30,000 people so far, replacing smoky stoves that cause 4+ million deaths per year with new stoves that decrease pollution by 90% and reduce fuel consumption by 75%. The project is staffed completely by volunteers, with heavy Rotary involvement from all over the world. The need is estimated to be a million stoves, many of which need to be delivered over treacherous mountain trails to populations in the Tibetan Plateau, where, due to the lack of wood, they have been burning "yak poop." The stoves cost $150 by the time they are delivered, and are truly saving lives. For more information or to make a donation, please visit http://himalayanstoveproject.org. Thank you, George, for your gift to the world!
Himalayan Stove Project with George Basch Hugh Nelson 2017-02-24 08:00:00Z

Viking Tour Promotion

Steve Hogg promotes the Viking TourNick Johnson and Steve Hogg shared details for the logistics for promoting the Viking Tour at the Chilly Hilly this Sunday.
Viking Tour Promotion Hugh Nelson 2017-02-24 08:00:00Z

Classification Speaker...Danny Fritz

Danny FritzEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Danny Fritz is a past club member who recently rejoined. Along with many that come from California to visit, Danny came to the Northwest and fell in love with the area. Two years later he made the northwest his home, where he started a sound production company. However, he found his real calling and real passion when he stopped shaving. Combining his love for children, support for community programs, and striking similarity to Saint Nick, Danny has been named the official Santa of Poulsbo.
Classification Speaker...Danny Fritz Hugh Nelson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z

Guest Speaker, Tom Eckmann, President of Fishline

Tom EckmannAs Fishline celebrates it’s 50th birthday, making it the 2nd oldest food bank in the nation, Tom “pop’s the hood” for us to show what powers that machine. 

The food bank serves 1,000,000 pounds of food per year from various sources. Grocery rescue, food drives, locally grown, as well as purchased foods all play a pivotal role.. They are a “market style” food bank that uses a point system called “fish bucks”. The market sees over 32,000 family visits per year and is staffed with over 160 volunteer shifts per week. 

What happens to the spoilage, you may ask. Well, food that is not worth to be “sold” in the market is set aside and donated to local pig farmers who then supply the bacon. Fishline also operated 2 thrift stores in Poulsbo called Second Season. These businesses generate nearly $400,000 in earned income. The 6.5 paid staff members, 3 contractors, and 250 plus volunteers (who teamed up to donate 36,000 hours in 2016, are the gasoline that make the motor go.

Tom explains that they are much more than a food bank. They are a resource and they are a partner. They are proud of their “Food for Thought” program, Birthday Fairy, Christmas Child, Home Share, Safepark, and more. Thank you for sharing the story of Fishline, Tom. We can only hope that we look as healthy and strong as Fishline when we turn 50!
Guest Speaker, Tom Eckmann, President of Fishline Hugh Nelson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z

International Spotlight...Behzad Mostofi

Behzad MostofiBehzad told about his adventure with getting a commercial grade freezer, donated in part by Rotary and Caring Clowns International, into the Ukraine for his project at a Ukrainian orphanage just as war was to break out. The project took 3 years, but once the freezer was in place, the orphanage kitchen was complete. The orphanage works to teach job skills to the residents in order to prepare them to enter society as adults. 

Behzad calls out this challenge: “I dare you to get involved in International, it will do something to your heart.” Thumbs up to you, Behzad!
International Spotlight...Behzad Mostofi Hugh Nelson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z

New Member Induction...Tony Fyrqvist 

Tony FyrqvistTony Fyrqvist (fur-qwist) was inducted as a new member of the club. He is a native of Finland and a commercial lender at Liberty Bay Bank. He has been married to his wife Lisa for 35 years and enjoys his 5 children and 5 grandchildren. He is a passionate hobby enthusiast when it comes to soccer, roller hockey, boating, guitar, and ping pong. Welcome to Poulsbo Rotary Tony!
New Member Induction...Tony Fyrqvist Hugh Nelson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z

Announcements by Rand Hillier

  • Rand HillierMarch 25th, Poulsbo Historical Society Codfish Dinner Auction
  • February 26th, Help needed for the Chilly Hilly  @ Bainbridge Senior Center. Talked to the horned Hogg (Steve Hogg) if you are interested in assisting.
  • Kurt Waeschle is participating in the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb on Sunday, March 12th in support of LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). We can support him by donating to his climb. See Kurt for details on how you can help.
Announcements by Rand Hillier Hugh Nelson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z

Paul Polsen - Big Air Productions

Paul Polsen - Big Air ProductionsPaul Polsen, President/Owner of Big Air Productions, Inc., described his experience starting out as an artist and sculptor, transitioning into the production of amazing “cold air inflatables.” He shared one of his early experiences of fabricating a huge King Kong inflatable and installing it on the Empire State Building. His products became even more diverse through the development of inflatable stage sets, such as the elaborate set he designed and fabricated for the traveling Broadway production of “Cats.” He pointed out that his inflatable set replaced a conventional set that required seven semi trailers to haul, while his set took up only half of a U-Haul, saving the customer millions over the course of their tour. Significantly, he now employs up to 25 Kitsap residents for projects, most of which are for clients all around the country. 
Paul Polsen - Big Air Productions Hugh Nelson 2017-01-27 08:00:00Z

Jim Schlachter - Morrow Manor Progress

Jim Schlachter - Morrow Manor ProgressJim Schlachter, who is the Project Manager for Morrow Manor, provided an update on the progress of the project, most notably that the first of many trees on the property was recently felled. 
Jim Schlachter - Morrow Manor Progress Hugh Nelson 2017-01-27 08:00:00Z

Todd Tidball Auctions more Wine

Todd Tidball Auctions more WineTodd Tidball auctioned three more bottles of premium California Pinot Noir donated to the Club to add $400+ to our auction proceeds. Donna Etchey accidentally made the high bid of $135 for one of the bottles. 
Todd Tidball Auctions more Wine Hugh Nelson 2017-01-27 08:00:00Z

Tracy Conway Nurturing Expressions

Tracy Conway Nurturing ExpressionsTracy Conway, RN, founder of Nurturing Expressions, shared the evolution of her business from being that of a mobile service, bringing breast pumps and lactation services directly to clients to the more comprehensive support services currently provided by her company. They now provide a wide array of products and services to support breastfeeding, including a boutique store in West Seattle and a new location in Poulsbo. She noted that a key service they also offer is working with insurance companies, including Medicaid, to assure the services can be provided affordably to the widest possible array of clients.
Tracy Conway Nurturing Expressions Hugh Nelson 2017-01-27 08:00:00Z

Mayor Becky Erickson - Poulsbo State of the City

Mayor Becky EricksonMayor Becky Erickson shared her State of the City with the club, highlighting the challenge of balancing economic growth with maintaining the character of Poulsbo. She reviewed the city and surrounding areas by neighborhood. She shared the some of the many changes coming to our city in the next few years, and stressed the importance of diversifying the housing options to maintain the diversity of our city. 
Mayor Becky Erickson - Poulsbo State of the City Hugh Nelson 2017-01-20 08:00:00Z

Classification Talk - Ben Rogers

Ben RogersEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Ben Rogers shared his story of discovering the importance of service. Through a childhood with love, laughter, and tragedy he finally found “home” in Poulsbo with his family, where they now enjoy their better quality of life. He is a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual Insurance.
Classification Talk - Ben Rogers Hugh Nelson 2017-01-20 08:00:00Z

Molly Mansker: Days for Girls

Molly Mansker - Days for GirlsMolly Mansker from the Poulsbo Chapter of Days for Girls spoke to our club about the organization's activities. Their motto is: Every girl. Everywhere. Period. Days for Girls International is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit. Women, and girls discover their potential and self-value, are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow and contribute to their community's betterment while ensuring quality sustainable feminine hygiene. Rotary International is one of a number of "Impact Partners" for Days for Girls, which has numerous community projects in countries world wide. Poulsbo Rotary has contributed to a Days for Girls project in Kenya. Molly explained that many girls there miss 5 days of school per month because of feminine hygiene issues, and that humanity can’t afford this. Fundraising and organizational support for Days for Girls pays for feminine hygiene kits that are distributed to young women in the communities served. For 8 years, women have been sewing washable sustainable feminine hygiene pads that last 3-5 years. Making the kits is very labor intensive, with each taking 3-4 hours to complete. However, for the girls who receive them, they bring freedom.
Molly Mansker: Days for Girls Hugh Nelson 2017-01-20 08:00:00Z

Vocational Spotlight - Jeff Hora

Jeff HoraWe periodically ask a club member to retell about his/her life and work for the benefit of newer members. Jeff Hora told us about his journey from small town to playing in the Navy Band, serving in a number of places all over the country and abroad, and obtaining degrees in music education and composition. He taught himself programming and got a communications degree the discovered a passion for connecting with the technology needed to get things done. When Jeff transitioned out of the Navy to the business world he worked for a cloud computing company, a cellphone manufacturer, and a “little” computer company called Microsoft. Eventually he saw the light and moved across the Puget Sound to finally call Poulsbo his home. Here he founded his company, Social Sapiens, as a means to fix what he describes as “the gaping hole” in social media marketing strategy .
Vocational Spotlight - Jeff Hora Hugh Nelson 2017-01-20 08:00:00Z

Sidney’s Week in Review (1/20/2017)

Sidney EngelbertinkSidney Engelbertink told the club about her visit to Lake Crescent, her opportunity to sing Karaoke, and her attendance at a party at Kimi Kinoshita’s. She taught us the word for vacation in Dutch. 
Sidney’s Week in Review (1/20/2017) Hugh Nelson 2017-01-20 08:00:00Z

40th Anniversary of Poulsbo Rotary

40th anniversary of Poulsbo RotaryOur club will celebrate our its 40th anniversary at the Feb 3rd meeting!  
40th Anniversary of Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Dr Berit Madsen, Peninsula Cancer Center

Dr. Berit Madsen, Peninsula Cancer CenterDr. Berit Madsen, Radiation Oncologist and cofounder of the Peninsula Cancer Center here in Poulsbo provided a fascinating look at the progress of current cancer treatment with radiation. Of particular note was the emerging ability to custom design treatment, based in genetic study of the tumor, sometimes allowing the avoidance of chemotherapy, or even the avoidance of any treatment at all.
Dr Berit Madsen, Peninsula Cancer Center Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Viking Tour - new logo

Viking Tour LogoNick Johnson introduced the new logo for the 2017 Viking Tour. The Viking Tour is a group bicycle ride on the Kitsap Peninsula taking place on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. The tour starts and finishes in historic Poulsbo and is held during the iconic Viking Fest carnival and festival.  The ride has four different lengths for all riding levels: the Odin (58-miles), the Thor (31-miles), the Freyja (15-miles).
You can find out more information and register at poulsbovikingtour.com.
Viking Tour - new logo Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Support and acknowledgement for John Powers

John Powers with Ed SternMembers were pleased to note the return of John Powers after the sad news of the passing of his beloved wife Bonnie.
Support and acknowledgement for John Powers Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Denny Davis receives blue badge

Denny DavisEach new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge. Longtime Rotarian Denny Davis received his Blue Badge for our club.
Denny Davis receives blue badge Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Classification Talk - Kurt Waeschle

Kurt WaeschleEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Kurt Waeschle described his journey progressing from firefighter in China Lake, to his current job as Chief of the Navy Region Northwest Region Fire Department, with an intervening assignment for the Navy in Italy.
Classification Talk - Kurt Waeschle Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Vocational Spotlight - Leo Fried

Leo FriedWe periodically ask a long time member to retell about their life and work for the benefit of newer members. Leo Fried shared with us his journey from being a novice jewelry maker, to street jewelry vendor, to Pike Street Market vendor and finally landing in Poulsbo to open his first and subsequent store fronts for Blue Heron Jewelry.
Vocational Spotlight - Leo Fried Hugh Nelson 2017-01-13 08:00:00Z

Phil Parker “AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Rotary Exchange”


Phil ParkerPhil Parker, a 1978 Rotary Exchange recipient for Dijon, France from his hometown, Fallon, Nevada spoke to our club about his experiences and education abroad, which changed his life and gave him an idea that led him to change lives of others.

Along with meeting his wife and obtaining a degree, he experienced challenges that would spark an idea about improving literacy throughout the world. He identified literacy challenges as a result of lack of books published in native language or as he referred “underserved languages”.

With a partnership from the Bill Gates Foundation, he has pioneered an AI system that creates algorithms to produce language and content transfers. This breakthrough gave way to over 57,000 titles of math books in 400 to 500 different languages. Books are produced with glossaries with content platforms in local languages, all in respect to the local communities, in many cases centered around weather and agriculture. We thank Phil for his efforts and information about how he is working to improve literacy.
Phil Parker “AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Rotary Exchange” Hugh Nelson 2017-01-06 08:00:00Z

Vocational Services Month -  Scholarships - Bob Hawkinson

Bob Hawkinson - Poulsbo Rotary Scholarship ApplicationsBob described the Scholarship Programs provided by Poulsbo Rotary. Last year our Rotary awarded 14 academic scholarships as well as 4 vocational scholarships, totaling over $14,000! Academic scholarships are now done electronically while the vocational scholarships are submitted via paper application. Poulsbo Rotary has posted our online academic scholarship applications for incoming freshmen for the academic year 2017-2018 at theWashBoard.com. The scholarship rules and application process can be found at theWashBoard.org. Online applications only this year. No paper academic scholarship applications will be accepted.
Vocational Services Month - Scholarships - Bob Hawkinson Hugh Nelson 2017-01-06 08:00:00Z

Membership Committee Recognizes...

Membership committee recognizes those who have added to our membership!Memebership Chair Meredith Green calleed to the front a group of vibrant Rotarians to be recognized for their membership efforts in 2016. Their accomplishments: Each sponsored a new member into the Club last year! (PR committee member Brett Clark wants to thank to the handsome chap on the end (Rand Hillier) for sponsoring him!)
Membership Committee Recognizes... Hugh Nelson 2017-01-06 08:00:00Z

Sidney Update (1/16/17)...

Sidney briefed us on school. “School is…... well…...School”. Surprisingly enough, we understood EXACTLY what she meant. 
She celebrated the New Year since her last update. She went to friends of her host family in Seattle and noted that the celebration of the holiday was relatively uneventful compared to the Netherlands. At home friends, family, and neighbors gather outside their homes at the stroke of midnight to wish goodwill to each other for the newly arrived year. Sounds like a wonderful place Sidney. 
Word of the week: Ja (yah) is the word Yes Nee (nay) is the word No   
Sidney Update (1/16/17)... Hugh Nelson 2017-01-06 08:00:00Z

Announcements by Rand Hillier (1/6/17):

  • Rand HillierJanuary 21...Chamber Gala. Rotarians up for nomination: Chad Solvie/Jim Shields (Person of the Year) Blue Heron Jewelry (Business of the Year) Jim Sund (Volunteer of the Year)
  • January 14th...Service Saturday Jewel Box Theater 9a-12p
  • February 4th...40th Anniversary of Poulsbo Rotary Think of those to invite from the past
Announcements by Rand Hillier (1/6/17): Hugh Nelson 2017-01-06 08:00:00Z

Wesley Ludwig tells about the Coast Guard Academy

Wesley LudwigWesley Ludwig described his first semester at the Coast Guard Academy.
Wesley Ludwig tells about the Coast Guard Academy Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

Hugh Nelson and Brenda Prowse visit from Paris

Hugh Nelson and Brenda ProwseHugh Nelson and wife Brenda Prowse were surprise guests via Skype, sharing a bit about their life in Paris and how Hugh has continued his involvement with Poulsbo Rotary rather than seeking to join another club in Paris.
Hugh Nelson and Brenda Prowse visit from Paris Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

Mark Middleton Classification Talk

Mark MiddletonEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Mark Middleton delivered his Classification Talk, describing his life growing up on Bainbridge Island and eventually marrying the love of his life, his wife Suzy. Mark noted it was appropriate that we heard from Hugh and Brenda. Over the years since starting his real estate career in 2005, he had always enjoyed doing business with Brenda Prowse’s company, and then he joined her team when she moved her business to Realogics Sotheby's International Real Estate in 2012. Hugh had encouraged him to join Poulsbo Rotary.
Mark Middleton Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

Paul and Debra Vaughn join Poulsbo Rotary

Paul and Debra VaughnPaul and Debra Vaughn were inducted as new members. Congratulations Paul and Debra and welcome to Poulsbo Rotary!
Paul and Debra Vaughn join Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

Sidney updates us on her week

Sidney Our exchange student Sydney told us about her week, which included snowshoeing and ice skating. 
Sidney updates us on her week Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

Ardis tells a story

Ardis MorrowArdis Morrow shared yet another of her weekly comical stories.
Ardis tells a story Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

End of the year meeting

The theme of our December 30th meeting was “Potpourri, “ which well described the events of the day. The meeting began with an extended period of fellowship, where the attendees were encouraged to share with one another. That was followed by individual sharing: 
End of the year meeting Hugh Nelson 2016-12-30 08:00:00Z

Speak Fear-Less 

Joey Pipia
Main program speaker Joey Pipia, provided a funny, magic-filled presentation on how to speak with less fear.  His key points: 
1. Breath (This is natural) 
2. Focus (Like a laser) 
3. Prepare (Script) and Rehearse (Be a Pro) 
4. Enthusiasm (You can’t argue with the breath of Gods 
5. Confidence (Perception is reality) 
Speak Fear-Less Hugh Nelson 2016-12-16 08:00:00Z

Guatemala Rotary Friendship Exchange

Ann Pyles shared the details of a recent Friendship Exchange trip completed by her and several other Club members to Cuatro Cayos and San Lucas Tolimon, Guatamala. 
Guatemala Rotary Friendship Exchange Hugh Nelson 2016-12-16 08:00:00Z

Todd Tidball - Brenda Wall mini Auction Fundraiser

Mini auction fundraiserTodd Tidball and Brenda Wall (L) auctioned off some remaining Dinner Auction items for a handsome return. 
Todd Tidball - Brenda Wall mini Auction Fundraiser Hugh Nelson 2016-12-16 08:00:00Z

Dolph Jaeger - Charter Member of Poulsbo Rotary

Meeting was graced by a visit by Charter Club member Dolph Jaeger Meeting was graced by a visit by Charter Club member Dolph Jaeger 
Dolph Jaeger - Charter Member of Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-12-16 08:00:00Z

Christmas Carols provided by the NKHS Choir

Christmas Carols provided by the NKHS ChoirChristmas Carols provided by the NKHS Choir
Christmas Carols provided by the NKHS Choir Hugh Nelson 2016-12-16 08:00:00Z

District Governor Joanne Croghan

District Governor Joanne Croghan
Rotary District Governor Joanne Croghan (with her gift chicken) was the featured speaker at today's meeting. This was stop number number 88 on her District tour. She described the Poulsbo Rotary Club as “closest to her home and closest to her heart”.
Joanne considers herself an “ordinary” Rotarian even as she explained about some extraordinary projects that she has put together throughout the world. Her most significant contribution was in leading her Bainbridge Island Club (with support from Rotary International Grants and funding from other clubs) in organizing the drilling of 191 bore holes to provide sources of clean water in Uganda.
She says “I don’t have the power or the resources to get these kinds of projects done...but WE together, WE can do great things”. “Ordinary Rotarians make a difference everyday”, she tells the group. She concluded with “Just keep doing what you’ve been doing so well for so long...and have fun doing it!”
District Governor Joanne Croghan Hugh Nelson 2016-12-02 08:00:00Z

Coffee Oasis wins the $5,000 prize!

Richard Koven receives congratulations from Club President Mary Nader Club member Richard Koven was recognized and congratulated for all his efforts organizing fellow members to vote for Coffee Oasis in the annual Jewelers for Children competition to support local charities. Poulsbo Rotary has completed several projects that were important contributions to establishing a Coffee Oasis site in Poulsbo. Earlier in the week Richard was on hand at a ceremony at Coffee Oasis to present them with the $5,000 award check. He was also recognized for his efforts in generating funds for many other charitable organizations.
Richard, who appeared at this meeting as himself and not as Super Koven, a persona he used at club meetings during the fundraising, admirably returned credit back to club members by joking, “I just beat you up until you helped out.” Great work Super Koven!
Coffee Oasis wins the $5,000 prize! Hugh Nelson 2016-12-02 08:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary Receives Award!!!

Lori Cloutier receives award from District Governor Joanne CroghanRotary District Governor Joanne Croghan was on hand to present the Rotary Foundation Award to the Poulsbo Rotary for all of the Club’s hard work and donations to Polio Plus, the Rotary International project to eradicate polio throughout the world. On hand to accept the award was Lori Cloutier, our club’s Foundation chair. Governor Joanne told the group “make no mistake, it’s the members that make the difference”.
Poulsbo Rotary Receives Award!!! Hugh Nelson 2016-12-02 08:00:00Z

Sidney Update - December 2, 2016...

Sidney telling about  her California tripCalifornia dreamin’! Sidney told us a little about why she’s been absent from Rotary for a couple of weeks. She’s been in sunny Southern California “getting sun”. She spent her time with other exchange students on their California field trip doing little bit of surfing, spending some time at Disneyland, and enjoying the weather. There was also a little bit of rain involved in her trip to California, about which she admitted “I may have brought the rain with me.”
Sidney Update - December 2, 2016... Hugh Nelson 2016-12-02 08:00:00Z

Sharon Lee, Poulsbo Branch Manager, Kitsap Regional Library

Sharon Lee, Poulsbo Branch Manager, Kitsap Regional LibrarySharon shared a wide variety of interesting information on services the Library offers, including: 
  • In addition to physical books, their Website is a “Digital Branch” which allows access to a wide variety of services via the Internet, including a digital library card. 
  • The Library offers E-books which can be downloaded and automatically disappear after two weeks, avoiding late fines. Audio book CDs can also be checked out. 
  • They provide free access to reference resources that otherwise require fees. 
  • Members can download up to 5 free songs each month to keep 
Sharon Lee, Poulsbo Branch Manager, Kitsap Regional Library Hugh Nelson 2016-11-18 08:00:00Z

Club Supports North Kitsap Schools Foundation

Shannon Singleton received a check from Youth Service Chair Nick McCallumNorth Kitsap Schools Foundation President Shannon Singleton received a check from Youth Service Chair Nick McCallum for $4700 plus to support STEM Education projects in North Kitsap Schools. 
Club Supports North Kitsap Schools Foundation Hugh Nelson 2016-11-18 08:00:00Z

Poulsbo Community Orchestra

Poulsbo Community Orchestra - Steve SwannSteve Swann shared information on the Poulsbo Community Orchestra, including their move to the North Kitsap Community Auditorium for their concerts and their upcoming free Christmas Concert Dec 4th at 3:00 pm.
Poulsbo Community Orchestra Hugh Nelson 2016-11-18 08:00:00Z

Election of Club Officers for 2017/2018

Michele Doyle - Election of Club Officers for 2017/2018Club President-Elect Michele Doyle announced the official nominations for officers and Chairs for 2017/2018 and invited any additional nominations. Voting will take place at a December meeting.
Election of Club Officers for 2017/2018 Hugh Nelson 2016-11-18 08:00:00Z

Randy Linaman rejoins Poulsbo Rotary

Randy Linaman rejoins Poulsbo RotaryRandy’s Back! Former member Randy Linaman was re-inducted by Meredith Green as Behzad Mostofi looks on. Congratulations Randy and welcome back!
Randy Linaman rejoins Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-11-18 08:00:00Z

YWCA Presents Award to Poulsbo Rotary

YWCA Presents Award to Poulsbo RotaryThe Kitsap County YWCA presented an Award to Poulsbo Rotary for our contributions to the prevention of domestic violence. Club member Alexis Foster presented the Award Certificate to Club President Mary Nader on behalf of the YWCA. 
YWCA Presents Award to Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-11-18 08:00:00Z

Denny Wilford: Polio Survivor/Foundation Spokesperson 

Denny WilfordDenny Wilford, Gig Harbor Rotarian, shared his journey from surviving polio as a child to assisting those stricken in the Somali region. He wanted to not only participate in the powerful vaccination programs, but also improve the lives of other survivors. Through his slides, music, and words, he gave us a glimpse into the inspiring success of the Cheshire Home Rehabilitation Center in Ethiopia with its life-changing hydrotherapy program. People who had been crawling have become mobile, allowing them to stop begging, get jobs, and support themselves with dignity. 
Denny Wilford: Polio Survivor/Foundation Spokesperson Hugh Nelson 2016-11-11 08:00:00Z

Foundation Month Feature! 

Jeff and Nick discuss the Rotary FoundationJeff and Nick, complete with ASK sashes, educated the club about the history of the first 100 years of the Rotary Foundation, highlighting events such as End Polio now, International Peace Centers, and Paul Harris Awards as well as Sustaining Members, The Paul Harris Society, Matching of points toward Paul Harris Society of up to 250 points toward your 1K, making a $26.50 donation, #100actsofgood and other ways you can contribute.
Nick showed us how to FUNNEL our CHANGE: CHANGE RECEPTACLE for CHANGE!  
Foundation Month Feature! Hugh Nelson 2016-11-11 08:00:00Z

Danny Fritz rejoins Poulsbo Rotary

Danny FritzMeredith and the Club welcomed back Danny Fritz at his official Re-Induction. Congratulations Danny for rejoining Poulsbo Rotary!
Danny Fritz rejoins Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-11-11 08:00:00Z

Brenda Wall - Thank you!

Brenda WallMary extended a thank you to Brenda Wall for her part on the Auction Team (Brenda missed last week’s recognition).
Brenda Wall - Thank you! Hugh Nelson 2016-11-11 08:00:00Z

Sidney - November 11th

SidneySidney’s Week in Review included school, “totally crazy and unexpected” election results and her excitement over going to tomorrow’s HUSKY GAME! 
Sidney - November 11th Hugh Nelson 2016-11-11 08:00:00Z

Sidney Engelbertink presentation about the Netherlands

Sidney EngelbertinkOur own Exchange Student Sidney Engelbertink, shared information about herself, her family and her country, the Netherlands, and her home town—Oldenzaal. She noted that the Dutch are the tallest population in the world and that 86% speak English. She shared that the significance of the color Orange to the Dutch is that the House of Orange led the battle against the Spanish. She noted that her hometown has about 30,000 people, and like most of the Netherlands, is very flat and most travel by bike. She has a passion for riding horses and teaching kids to ride. 
Sidney Engelbertink presentation about the Netherlands Hugh Nelson 2016-11-04 07:00:00Z

Denny Davis Classification Talk

Denny DavisEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Longtime Rotarian, but new Poulsbo Club member Denny Davis, formerly of the Bainbridge Island Club, delivered his required Classification Talk. Denny spoke of the devastating impact alcohol had on his family as he was growing up. He was the son of a Minister, and eventually became one as well, spending 20 years in that role in Oregon. He also spent time as the President of Northwest College and time working with the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. In all, he’s been a Rotarian for 45 years, only recently relocating to Poulsbo. 
Denny Davis Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2016-11-04 07:00:00Z

Days for Girls in Kenya

Molly Mansker-Stoker and Gayle HellerMolly Mansker-Stoker received a check for Days for Girls in Kenya, Africa.
Days for Girls in Kenya Hugh Nelson 2016-11-04 07:00:00Z

Second Table Ministries Award

Wendell Verduin - Second Table MinisteriesWendell Verduin received a check on behalf of Second Table Ministries for work in South Africa.
Second Table Ministries Award Hugh Nelson 2016-11-04 07:00:00Z

Brandon Ryder Eagle Scout Project

Brandon RyderBrandon Ryder received funding for materials purchased for his Eagle Scout project.
Brandon Ryder Eagle Scout Project Hugh Nelson 2016-11-04 07:00:00Z

Rotary Foundation 100th anniversary

Lori CloutierLori Cloutier shared that the Rotary Foundation is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  She proposed that our Club perform 100 acts of kindness to recognize that milestone.  She also asked that all Paul Harris Award holders wear their pins to the next meeting.
Rotary Foundation 100th anniversary Hugh Nelson 2016-11-04 07:00:00Z

Sidney Update - 10/28/16

2016 Rotary Exchange Student Sidney Engelbertink, who’s birthday was on Tuesday, enjoyed her All American birthday in the most hallowed of American tradition...at a local Mexican restaurant, complete with “Happy Birthday” sung in Spanish and an oversized sombrero (would have liked that picture to post here).
Sidney felt a little homesick spending her birthday away from her family. As she explained, to celebrate her birthday at home they had a party FOR her, which was really WITHOUT her, she laughed. Her most remarkable part of the week - ALL THE RAIN! “So much rain!” she said.
Word of the Week “Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd” aka "Happy Birthday".
Sidney Update - 10/28/16 Hugh Nelson 2016-10-28 07:00:00Z

Dr. David Mitchell, President of Olympic College…

Dr. David Mitchell, President of Olympic College…Dr. Mitchell, president of Olympic College, spoke about expanding and improving student access and achievements at Olympic College. In 2015, Olympic College was a finalist for the Aspen Prize for Community Excellence. “It was an honor,” Dr. Mitchell said “with thousands of community colleges, to be selected as a finalist”. 

Military education and veteran’s services are projects that the College is very proud of, along with the College's partnerships with Western Washington University as well as with WSU’s expanded partnership into mechanical and electrical engineering.

Dr. Mitchell told the group “College still is a great return on investment. Olympic College is a college where you can get a degree and still be debt free”.
Dr. David Mitchell, President of Olympic College… Hugh Nelson 2016-10-28 07:00:00Z

Pamela Benson, Wide Mouth Frog/Girls Night Out

Pamela Benson, Wide Mouth Frog/Girls Night OutPamela, owner of Wide Mouth Frog, spoke about the success of the 1st fully organized Fall Girls Night Out. There were over 400 women in attendance! The event raised over $3000 to bring the total raised to $14,222. Donation from these events go in great part to Morrow Manor. Pamela wanted to remind everyone that there is a list of shops that were involved in helping to make Girl’s Night Out a success. She asked that we look to support those business as consumers in the way that those businesses support the community.
Pamela Benson, Wide Mouth Frog/Girls Night Out Hugh Nelson 2016-10-28 07:00:00Z

Your 2016 Rotary Auction Team...

Your 2016 Rotary Auction TeamPresident Mary called up the 2016 Rotary Auction team to be recognized for their amazing efforts in making our 34th Rotary Auction a wonderful success. In all, the auction raised $62,500 net dollars. That’s a lot of great money that will do a lot of great work.
As the money tree loses it leaves and the money suit goes back in the closet, Todd wants to remind all that the auction is not complete. There are still Accounts Receivable to collect, and the team would like to be able to close the books. If you have balances, Todd asks to have them in by December 1st. 
Your 2016 Rotary Auction Team... Hugh Nelson 2016-10-28 07:00:00Z

Announcements 10-28-2016

Announcements-Seahawks Party at Steve and Cindy Garfein’s. November 20th! Save the date!
Announcements 10-28-2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-10-28 07:00:00Z

Emma Smith reports on her year in Columbia

Emma SmithBack from Colombia, Rotary Rebound Student Emma Smith, shared her experiences in Colombia last school year (Rebounds are students who have spent a year abroad on the Rotary Youth Exchange program and return home for their 'rebound year.')
  • The process of getting to Colombia was more complicated than she anticipated, making for an initial arduous journey. 
  • She found she had to deal with some negative stereotypes her classmates held of Americans, of which she was eventually able to overcome by obtaining their trust and respect. 
  • She initially found it challenging navigating through the differences in culture and the educational system, complicated by her initial rudimentary grasp of the language, which improved dramatically with her total immersion. 
  • In spite of the challenges, which were mitigated by great host families, she ended up thoroughly enjoying her stay and was able to do a great deal of traveling around the country. 
Emma demonstrates Salsa dancing with club member Leo Fried.
Emma Smith demonstrates salza dancing with Leo Fried
Emma Smith reports on her year in Columbia Hugh Nelson 2016-10-21 07:00:00Z

Classification Talk - Bob Linz

Bob LinzEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Bob Linz, a recent transfer from the Bainbridge Island Rotary, related his experience growing up as one of five children in a poor family in Jacksonville, Florida and the major impact on his life of a life-long mentor that took him under his wing when he was only six. He went on to describe how his early success with purchasing and selling some property led to a successful career as a real estate broker. After a long run with the BI Rotary, including a term as President, he has joined us because of his recent move to Poulsbo.
Classification Talk - Bob Linz Hugh Nelson 2016-10-21 07:00:00Z

Etta Projects - Penny Nixon

Penny Nixon - Etta ProjectsPenny Nixon of the Etta Projects shared the progress of various projects conducted by her organization in Bolivia. Poulsbo Rotary has been a long time contributor to various Etta Projects. Penny discussed recent water-related projects and a project to provide sanitation and privacy through the construction of eco-toilets in rural areas. They are also moving into training women in Bolivian villages to provide basic health care to their population. They are planning a trip in September 2017 to deal with dental and vision care. Also on their agenda is to create a retraining center to update the healthcare training they provide.
Etta Projects - Penny Nixon Hugh Nelson 2016-10-21 07:00:00Z

Featured Presentation: Alanna Imbach: People Thrive in Co-working Spaces

Alanna ImbachAlanna shared both her passion for and path-way to finding the benefits of what is now known as Co-Working spaces. She and her husband have founded Vibe Coworks, which will bring co-working spaces to Poulsbo. Co-working spaces are membership-based work spaces where diverse groups of workers from different professions  work together in a shared, communal setting. Such settings are on the rise, and typically offer cutting-edge spaces and increased motivation and stimulation. We are eager to explore this more. 
Featured Presentation: Alanna Imbach: People Thrive in Co-working Spaces Hugh Nelson 2016-10-14 07:00:00Z

Announcements October 14, 2016

  • Thank you to all volunteers for our recent club work parties!
  • Check awarded to Delta Kappa Gamma for planning a seminar: Closing the (education) Achievement Gap 
  • AUCTION UPDATE:  105 donations in now! Still time for sponsors, advertising. Need volunteers AFTER 10/21 Rotary and Sat 9am, greeting table, and clean up 
  • Larry Bartholomew asked for volunteers to help PR Committee plan the 40th Year Celebration (Feb. 2017) 
  • Sidney shared that she loved Homecoming (fanciest dress ever!) and dinner with Mary.  
  • Snoop Rand rapped and sent the mystery purse around. 
  • Paul Harris Major Donor award presented to Bob Doane (shown in photo). This award with special pin is given to members whose cumulative contributions to the Rotary Foundation exceed $10,000.
Announcements October 14, 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-10-14 07:00:00Z

Vocational Moment: Gayle Heller

Gayle HellerGayle shared her vocational path to finan cial planning. She learned to budget in childhood, and went on to work in insurance, then investing on Wall Street, and now in financial planning. Her mother taught her to “Make the world a better place than when you came,” and she definitely does!  
Vocational Moment: Gayle Heller Hugh Nelson 2016-10-14 07:00:00Z

Five New Members Inducted into Poulsbo Rotary

Five new members - Kurt Waeschle, Jackie Wood, Donna Strep, Alexis Foster and Ben RogersMeredith Green inducts five new Rotarians, pictured here with their sponsors and families. The new members are Kurt Waeschle, Jackie Wood, Donna Strep, Alexis Foster and Ben Rogers. Congratulations to all of you and welcome to Poulsbo Rotary!
Five New Members Inducted into Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-10-07 07:00:00Z

Geoff Schmidt receives his Blue Membership Badge

Geoff Schmidt receives his Blue BadgeEach new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge. Geoff Schmidt receives his Blue Badge from wife (and fellow Rotarian) Amy Sanford-Schmidt.
Geoff Schmidt receives his Blue Membership Badge Hugh Nelson 2016-10-07 07:00:00Z

The Butterfly Readers Program - South Africa

Carol McCullars (right) and Suraya Van Schalkwyk (left)Carol McCullars (right) and Suraya Van Schalkwyk (left) shared the story of how Carol established Butterfly Readers at the Athlone Girls School, a South African school populated by the children of domestic workers in a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. Carol’s initial success was mentoring into a top notch student a single young boy who was struggling with reading. Carol was invited by Suraya to apply those skills to assist a group of 8th grade girls at Athlone who were reading at kindergarten levels. Her success there has spurred her determination to continue and expand those efforts.
The Butterfly Readers Program - South Africa Hugh Nelson 2016-10-07 07:00:00Z

Tribute to Steve Foster

Rand Hillier pays tribute to Steve FosterRand Hillier offered a moving tribute in recognition of the recent passing of beloved long-time Rotarian Steve Foster. Steve not only served as President of the Club, but also made innumerable contributions to major Club projects and served as an example of service to the community for all Rotarians to emulate. Steve was selected as our club's Rotarian of the Year on several occasions. He was always ready to participate in club projects, and he always added to the fun with his keen sense of humor. We will miss you Steve!
Tribute to Steve Foster Hugh Nelson 2016-10-07 07:00:00Z

Rapping Inc. by The R-dogg - Rotary Auction Update

Rand Hillier as R-Dogg
Our talented lyrical and choreographic Rotarian, Rand Hillier aka The R-Dogg, spit his Auction rhymes to start off the Rotary Auction update.
“Don’t do me dis...cuz I’m getting good at this!” raps The R-Dogg.
Michelle Doyle boasts that 90 tickets have been sold but her goal is to get 200! $55 in the pre-sale, $60 at the door. Business sponsorship opportunities are available, contact Donna Etchey for details.
Rapping Inc. by The R-dogg - Rotary Auction Update Hugh Nelson 2016-10-04 07:00:00Z

Denise Frey YWCA-Survivor Driven Domestic Violence Advocacy

Denise Trey YMCA-Survivor Driven Domestic Violence Advocacy
Denise Frey, Executive Director of The YWCA of Kitsap County, walks us through Home Safe...Beyond the walls of Morrow Manor. Denise explains that Morrow Manor is about cutting the strings of control and empowering “hopeless victims into successful survivors”.
She tells us “Domestic violence is a COMMUNITY problem, affecting ALL of our lives” and that “The GAME CHANGER is a community wide response of people speaking up and getting involved at the first signs. Whether it be a friend, a neighbor, a coworker...get involved!”
She left us with her favorite quote and how she envisions the transformation of Morrow Manor.. “A house is made of bricks and beams, a home is made of hopes and dreams”
Denise Frey YWCA-Survivor Driven Domestic Violence Advocacy Hugh Nelson 2016-09-30 07:00:00Z

Pastor Brad, Fellow Rotarian from South Africa

Pastor Brad, Fellow Rotarian from South AfricaBradley Stoffels, Executive Director with Emmanuel Early Childhood Development Center in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, expressed his deepest gratitude for the partnership and support with Caring Clowns International, Second Table Ministries, and Poulsbo Rotary. Brad shares a slide of one of his schools that works with over 185 children, to provide early childhood development to children ages 0-5.
“Despite all the things that we have...poverty, HIV, WE HAVE CHILDREN COMING TO SCHOOL! What you give is what makes that possible” Brad graciously explains.
Pastor Brad, Fellow Rotarian from South Africa Hugh Nelson 2016-09-30 07:00:00Z

Announcements 9-30-2016

Jon PaveyAnnouncements
  • Service Saturday 10/8 @ Fishpark and Oyster Park 9a to 12p
  • Wine Tasting on 10/7 @ Duffy’s to honor Butterfly Readers 
  • Travelling Wine Tour Oct 14 thru Oct 15, Spruce Goose Winery in Oregon
Announcements 9-30-2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-09-30 07:00:00Z

Tom Eckmann Entrepreneurship 101

Tom Eckmann Entrepreneurship 101Tom has more than 40 years of experience with startup, early-stage and growth companies. He held senior level management consulting positions with A.T. Kearney, Arthur D. Little, and KPMG Peat Marwick and served as the senior operations officer in two publicly-held technology firms. But his true passion is entrepreneurship and he’s started and sold two software companies, a business service outsourcing company, and a renewable energy company. In 2007 he joined the faculty in the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington where he shares his experiences teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. Tom earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California in Berkeley. 
In his presentation, Tom covered definitions of entrepreneurship, the many paths to become an entrepreneur, why it matters, and the vocational/professional services components. He suggested that we invite club members to talk about their businesses, invite new business owners for short presentations, try a project for business mentoring, explore partnering with others, support business-oriented education programs and collaborate with schools to promote entrepreneurship.
Tom Eckmann Entrepreneurship 101 Hugh Nelson 2016-09-16 07:00:00Z

International Spotlight: Walk in the Light

International Spotlight: Walk in the LightBrenda Wall introduced guests from Walk in the Light. Our club granted $3K for 7th graders in Burkina Faso to assist in providing clean water, healthcare and education. Our club previously granted funds for a health center. Brenda also announced that a fundraiser, Walk for Water, is coming up Sept 24.
International Spotlight: Walk in the Light Hugh Nelson 2016-09-16 07:00:00Z

Denny Davis and Bob Linz join Poulsbo Rotary

Denny Davis and Bob LinzCongratulations to new Poulsbo Rotary members Bob Linz and Denny Davis (shown in order leftmost in photo), who were inducted on September 16th. Welcome to our club!
Denny Davis and Bob Linz join Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-09-16 07:00:00Z

Announcements 9-16-2016

Announcements 6/19/16Announcements
  • Fantastic Fishline Food Drive last week! 6,977 lbs of food collected plus $2K!  
  • Mary asked for input on whether to start early or end late when we need 5 more minutes 
  • AUCTION UPDATE: get your tickets now — price goes up on Oct 1. It’s crunch time — get donated items to Jesse Nino. Bring WINE: goal is 100 bottles in 2 weeks. Advertising will be starting soon! 
  • Mary thanked members for helping at Morrow Manor ground breaking last Friday.
Announcements 9-16-2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-09-16 07:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary Auction - 2016

Rand Hillier says The annual Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation Auction will be held on October 22, 2016. Rand Hillier says "Give Big!

Your donation helps our club do many good things in our community, in our country, and internationally. The dinner auction is the principal fundraiser for our club, and without your support, we simply could not do as much.

Your local Rotary Club is one of the best investments you can make in the health and welfare of our community. Since every Rotarian is a volunteer, essentially every penny we can generate from your donation is invested directly into a project in either local or international communities. This compares very favorably with any other charity you support. In every case a friend or acquaintance from the club is there to ensure that the funds are well spent and that results are achieved. The Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and your contribution is tax deductible, subject to tax regulations.
Poulsbo Rotary Auction - 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-09-16 07:00:00Z

Morrow Manor Groundbreaking Ceremony

Morrow Manor GroundbreakingOn September 9th numerous members of our club along with representatives from the YWCA of Kitsap County and City of Poulsbo met to break ground for Morrow Manor.
Here are two sections from the story reported in the North Kitsap Herald.
"The upcoming site preparation for Morrow Manor was celebrated Sept. 9. The work is expected to begin in October. When completed, the four townhouse duplexes — set amidst alders, cedars and firs near Noll Road and Mesford Street — will provide a safe and nurturing place for survivors of domestic violence to rebuild their lives."

"Morrow Manor will be owned by the YWCA of Kitsap County. One acre of the site will be developed into a park, which will be deeded to the city. The park will feature a sculpture of Eli Creekmore, a young boy who died because of domestic violence; his life and death drive his aunt Ardis Morrow’s work to develop housing solutions for domestic violence survivors, and to ensure they are better protected by the law. Morrow Manor is named in her honor."
Morrow Manor Groundbreaking Ceremony Hugh Nelson 2016-09-09 07:00:00Z

Emergency Planning If/When the "Big One" Hits

Kitsap County Department of Emergency ManagementMike Gordon, Director Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management, explains what we can expect and how to prepare in the event of a seismic catastrophe. Key elements of good preparedness include neighborhood awareness, proper storage of flamables, having a 14-day supply of essential dry foods and clean drinking water, as well as battery-powered emergency communication capability.
Emergency Planning If/When the "Big One" Hits Hugh Nelson 2016-09-09 07:00:00Z

Gayle Heller Presents $3,500 Check to Dr Dennis Carlson

Gayle Heller Presents $3,500 Check to Dr Dennis CarlsonDr. Carlson of Bainbridge Island and founder of Kossoye Development Projects in Ethiopia came to receive the grant for their work helping the rural people in the north. They provide seeds and teach how to grow vegetables. The Club has helped over several years supplying money for a pump for water, a shed to store seeds, training about cultivation and propagation.and the purchase of seeds. He has worked for over 60 years in Ethiopia. In 2003 he started a two-year study to find a way to help the rural people suffering from malnutrition. They only ate a grain called teff and a little lamb but no vegetables. Fifty per cent of the people were stunted. They have measured the children over the years. After two years the children who are the vegetables were an inch and a half taller than the others. This year the people have packaged 100,000 seed packets for distribution which will help feed 500,000 people.
Gayle Heller Presents $3,500 Check to Dr Dennis Carlson Hugh Nelson 2016-09-09 07:00:00Z

Jim Sund Birthday

Jim Sund birthdayWe sing Happy 70th to our own Jim Sund!
Jim Sund Birthday Hugh Nelson 2016-09-09 07:00:00Z

Vocation Spotlight-Ann Pyles

Ann PylesAnn, describing herself as a serial entrepreneur, took us through the many jobs and businesses that took her throughout the country. From San Francisco to Green Bay and back, she’s been a researcher, an art dealer, started a series of non-profit start up’s,  and also many successful home health care businesses, only to name a few of her accomplishments. (Not to mention the Poulsbo Farmer's Market) She credits her successes to the strong work ethic she learned from her parents.
Vocation Spotlight-Ann Pyles Hugh Nelson 2016-09-02 07:00:00Z

Shannon Singleton, North Kitsap Schools Foundation

Shannon SingletonShannon Singleton, President of North Kitsap School’s Foundation and the most recent addition to the North Kitsap Schools staff as a speech and language pathologist, talked about the purpose of the North Kitsap Schools Foundation, which is to provide a way for the community to come together to support education and academic opportunities for all NKSD students. 

The grants provided go toward teacher programs, professional development, education materials, academic support for struggling students and field trips. Last year they distributed $80,000 in grant money. 

Poulsbo Rotary has donated over $6,000! A portion of that money went to purchase a set of classroom iPads, which helped to support children with special needs to learn to read at higher levels...and fall in love with reading again! 
Shannon Singleton, North Kitsap Schools Foundation Hugh Nelson 2016-09-02 07:00:00Z

Announcements September 2, 2016

Announcements September 2, 2016
Jon Pavey offered the following announcements: 
  • 9/16 Wine tasting at Amy and Geoff’s 
  • Clown Classes (Caring Clowns International) 10/15 and 10/22. Call Duffy @ (425) 890-2092
  • 15th Annual YWCA Charity Putt Putt on 9/23
  • Sons of Norway Rummage Sale on 9/24
  • Kingston Rotary Household Chemical Pickup on 9/24 10a-4p at George’s Corner Park and Ride
  • Rotary/Lions Joint Food Drive for Fishline 9/10 & 9/11. Looking for 2 hr volunteers. 
Announcements September 2, 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-09-02 07:00:00Z

Classification Talk-Chris Dovey

Chris DoveyEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Chris, the son of Norwegian immigrants, was born in San Francisco, California. His first job was with the family business writing invoices, which turned out to be the beginning of his long and successful accounting career. Following high school he moved to Norway, where he studied business before coming back to San Francisco to get his degree. Chris says the best part of the accounting profession is the versatility of it. He can work in any business and in any location, and he has. He’s been with a biotech firm, pharmaceutical company, worked with protein bars, and the family favorite...halloween costumes.
Classification Talk-Chris Dovey Hugh Nelson 2016-09-02 07:00:00Z

Sidney’s Weekly Update 9/2/2016

Sidney's weekly updateThis week saw Sidney’s first day of school. She was amazed at the size of the North Kitsap High School, but equally amazed at the excitement that the teachers have for teaching in America. Just like any first day of school, it didn’t go off without a hitch. “It had its challenges” she said with a sigh. Challenges that had her “accidentally” taking 2 lunches. She is looking forward to the weekend and getting to go to Seattle. We look forward to hearing about it new week.
Sidney’s Weekly Update 9/2/2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-09-02 07:00:00Z
End Polio Now Campaign is On...

    End Polio Now Campaign is ON....How Are We Doing?

End Polio Now Campaign is On... Lori Cloutier 2016-09-01 07:00:00Z

Membership Updates August 2016

Mark Middleton and wife Susie Legier with Ardis Morrow and Meredith GreenBrett Clark with Rand HillierMeredith Green inducted Mark Middleton as a new member (pictured here with his wife Suzy Legier and his sponsor Ardis Morrow). Each new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge. Brett Clark was presented his Blue Badge by Rand Hillier.
Membership Updates August 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-08-26 07:00:00Z

Stuart Grogan - Executive Director, Housing Kitsap 

Stuart Grogan - Executive Director, Housing Kitsap Mr. Grogan explained the mission of Housing Kitsap is to manage, preserve and build safe affordable housing for individuals, families and communities throughout Kitsap County.  He explained that when the cost of housing exceeds 30% of a family’s income, it creates financial stress.  Larger housing expenditures may prevent families from being able to purchase other basic necessities.  His agency uses a variety of strategies to increase the stock of affordable housing and to assist clients in finding housing that fits their needs and income.  This can be transitional or permanent housing, for renters or buyers.  He also described various partnerships developed to meet these goals.
Stuart Grogan - Executive Director, Housing Kitsap  Hugh Nelson 2016-08-26 07:00:00Z

Meredith Green New Rotary Assistant Governor

Meredith Green New Rotary Assistant GovernorMembership Committee Chair Meredith Green announced she has been selected to serve as Assistant Governor for Rotary Area Nine. She also announced changes in Rotary policy regarding options for Rotary clubs to serve potential members who cannot make regular meeting times.  These  alternatives include “Passport” and “Satellite” clubs designed to accommodate people interested in Rotary membership and participation in less traditional ways.
Meredith Green New Rotary Assistant Governor Hugh Nelson 2016-08-26 07:00:00Z

Paul Harris Awards for Pat Ryan and Anita Blau

Pat RyanAnita BlauRotarians who contribute a total of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation receive a commemorative pin called the Paul Harris Award, named after the founder of Rotary. Pins awarded for reaching this contribution level subsequent times have small jewels to distinguish the award level. Pat Ryan receives a “Plus Four” award, arranged by husband Matt Ryan. Anita Blau receives her “Plus One” award. Congratulations to you both!
Paul Harris Awards for Pat Ryan and Anita Blau Hugh Nelson 2016-08-26 07:00:00Z

New Inbound Exchange Student

Sidney EngelbertinkDan Weedin, introduced our new “inbound” Ex- change Student, Sidney Engelbertink, from the Netherlands, to the Club .  Sidney’s first Host Family is Rotarian Jeff Russell and his wife Kim. Sidney will attend North Kitsap High School. President Mary Nader presented Sidney with the flag of the Netherlands.
New Inbound Exchange Student Hugh Nelson 2016-08-26 07:00:00Z

Announcements August 26th

Jon PaveyJon Pavey offered the following announcements: 
  • Sat Sep 24 10:00am to 4:00pm— Kingston Rotary household chemical collection 
  • Sep 9 at 9:00 — Ground breaking for Morrow Manor 
  • Sep 9/10 11:00am to 5pm — Rotary and Lion’s Food Drive for Fishline 
  • Still need a host site for Sep 16 wine tasting 
  • Don’t forget to attend  “meeting after the meeting” at Coffee Oasis each week.
Announcements August 26th Hugh Nelson 2016-08-26 07:00:00Z

Morrow Manor in Full Swing

Fundraiser • Swing Dancing • Fun

Morrow Manor Full Swing Fundraiser
When: Saturday, September 17 – 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.
Where: Sons of Norway Hall, Poulsbo
Please join us at Morrow Manor in Full Swing, a fun fundraising event and swing dance party that supports this wonderful cause!
You'll enjoy hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and fabulous swing dance music by the Buz Whiteley Band. Tickets are $25 per person or $200 for a table of eight. Please purchase your ticket in advance; no tickets will be sold at the door. Paper tickets will not be issued. Instead, your name will be added to the guest list.
Follow this link to purchase tickets.
Morrow Manor in Full Swing Hugh Nelson 2016-08-21 07:00:00Z
Morrow Manor Groundbreaking on September 9th
Morrow Manor Groundbreaking on September 9th Hugh Nelson 2016-08-21 07:00:00Z
Mark Shorn - Kitsap Forest and Bay Coalition
Mark Shorn - Kitsap Forest and Bay CoalitionMark Schorn, a volunteer with the Kitsap Forest and Bay Coalition, makes a powerful case for  “Saving the Port Gamble Forest”, the title of his presentation. In addition to the importance of preserving the rich cultural resources, this project aims to restore the Port Gamble Forests in a way that preserves a habitat that will support the interconnected food chains throughout this region.   
Finally, Mark asserts the Port Gamble Forest will boost economic growth for neighboring communities by becoming a major recreational hub for the state of Washington.  It is poised to provide year-round access to the Sound to Olympics Trail, Olympic Discovery Trail and Cross State Trail accommodating cyclists, runners, equestrians, bird watchers and people of all ages and abilities.  
Mark Shorn - Kitsap Forest and Bay Coalition Hugh Nelson 2016-08-19 07:00:00Z
Gayle Heller - Gift of Life International
Gayle HellerGayle Heller provides us with an update of our work with Gift of Life International, serving children who need open heart surgery in El Salvador. 
Gayle Heller - Gift of Life International Hugh Nelson 2016-08-19 07:00:00Z
Wendell Verduin Receives Paul Harris Award
Wendell Verduin receives Paul Harris AwardWendell Verduin joins the pantheon of Paul Harris Fellows. His life is one of service to others, most recently with Second Table Ministries with projects in South Africa.
Wendell Verduin Receives Paul Harris Award Hugh Nelson 2016-08-19 07:00:00Z
Isaac Cameron: Thinking Differently about Prisoners
Isaac Cameron
Isaac was introduced by his grandfather, club member Wendell Verduin. Isaac is a third year law student at Harvard Law School, having graduated from Amherst College in 2011.  He is currently serving as a summer associate at the Foster Pepper Law firm and was a summer associate at Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender in Seattle in 2015.  Before law school he worked as a program coordinator at the New York Public Library, as a manager of a software development team at a large Chicago-based industrial parts supplier, and as a strategy consultant for a startup in Boston. Before heading off to Amherst, Isaac spent most of his childhood growing up in the Pacific Northwest. 
He set the tone for his speech by inviting people at each table to discuss their own past choices that could have resulted in an arrest. THAT was enlightening! He followed up with a mini mock trial with Dan Weedin “on trial” for hooliganism, with Aaron Murphy and Roger Ludwig acting as prosecution and defense (or was it the other way around?). The jury is still out….
Isaac then spoke about the importance of empathy in our world, including empathy toward prisoners on Death Row. He referenced Brian Stevenson’s book, "Just Mercy", which teaches, among other things, that, “A person isn’t as bad as their worst mistake.” Stevenson also penned the Equal Justice Initiative in Alabama. Isaac reviewed the case of Anthony Roy Hinton, who spent 23/24 hours per day in solitary confinement for 30 YEARS before he was exonerated. He had been convicted on faulty evidence. What if this were you? Or your loved one? Isaac shared the importance of practicing empathy on a daily basis, so that we can see beyond the surface and consider that all people really shouldn’t be defined by their worst mistakes. 
Isaac Cameron: Thinking Differently about Prisoners Hugh Nelson 2016-08-12 07:00:00Z
Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation Auction 2016 Kickoff
Todd Tidball and Brenda Wall discussing the AuctionTodd Tidball and Brenda Wall discussing the AuctionTodd Tidball and Brenda Wall kicked off the Auction Season! We need to net $71,000, so the goal is $99,000….and fifty cents! The Oct. 22 event will include a plated dinner. Cost is $55 by Sept. 30. We need sponsors, donations, and advertisers. The dynamic duo ran a creative 50 dollar per bid” auction and raised $1,300 for a HUGE bottle of wine (which Michelle Doyle won)
Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation Auction 2016 Kickoff Hugh Nelson 2016-08-12 07:00:00Z
Meeting Announcements 8/12/2016
Meeting AnnouncementsAnnouncements August 12, 2016
  • 8/13: Drawing for Trip to Maui to Benefit Wall of Hope - Tickets $50 - Contact Brenda Wall 

  • 8/19: Wine Tasting at Hogg residence 

  • 8/19: Boots on the Ground 9-12 at Fish Park 

  • 8/27: Annual Picnic at Bonnie Pedersen’s: 3:30pm 

  • 9/9: Morrow Manor Ground Breaking at 9am, 

  • 10/15 and 10/22: Caring Clowns, Int. hosting 2-day Clown School in Kingston. Cost = $95. See Duffy for details 

  • New member pictures being taken over the next two weeks. 
  • Ongoing: PR Committee needs more members to deliver what members want! Join us! See Larry Bartholomew 
Meeting Announcements 8/12/2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-08-12 07:00:00Z

Local Journalism - program by Donna Etchey and Terry Ward

Donna Etchey
Donna Etchey, General Manager/Advertising Director, Sound Publishing, and Terry Ward, Regional Publisher for West Sound, Sound Publishing, presented our program on August 5th.
Donna noted that people often ask if newspapers are dying. Her answer was that they obviously are not, with Sound Publishing’s growth from 15 to 45 papers and 500 employees during her involvement with the company. She explained that what has changed is the nature of the content delivery, which is now both paper and Internet based.
Terry Ward
Terry offered some insight into why he is in the business. He described growing up with a mother and siblings that had to earn their money as migrant workers and sleep in parks. His life was changed by a newspaper publisher who offered him a job as a reporter, in spite of his lack of training in journalism, and who trained him in all aspects of running a newspaper. From that experience, he developed his own mission to: 
  • Invest in others 
  • Give back 
  • Support community journalism 
He explained he sees the role of their newspapers is to “inform folks” and to “offer them an opportunity to speak back.” His view is that community journalism has a bright future and that the reason newspapers fail is the same as any business that fails - poor management. He said many of the newspaper failures are driven by investors who “strip mine” the newspapers they buy, hoping to make bigger profits.
Finally, Donna offered a handout of contacts for submitting stories to the various Sound Publishing newspapers and encouraged people to get submissions in early. In answer to a question, Terry explained that not all stories make the paper because they have to exercise editorial judgment to deal with space limitations in a particular issue. He also pointed out that some things that do not make the print edition may be found in the on-line version. In answer to another question, he noted that they have abandoned the dedicated “apps.” Instead, they design their Web pages to work with both desktop and mobile devices. 
Local Journalism - program by Donna Etchey and Terry Ward Hugh Nelson 2016-08-05 07:00:00Z

President Nader - the Idea Thingee and Annual Budget

President Nader on new club ideasPresident Nader introduced a new way for club members to make suggestions about club activities, called “The Idea Thingee.” It’s a jar that will reside at the podium each meeting, to be a receptacle for members to place suggestions, ideas for speakers, topics, feedback about the Club, suggestions for service, etc. The submissions can be anonymous. Mary will distribute the resulting suggestions to the appropriate committee for action.
Mary also presented the annual budget, This will be the last year of a “transition” to the new budgeting process required by the movement of the Auction to October. The budget amount allocated for the year, so far, is $70,641, but this will be supplemented by a portion of the October Auction proceeds for the second half of the year. That amount has not been identified, since the proceeds are unknown. It’s estimated that the total available for the complete year will be about $100,000.
President Nader - the Idea Thingee and Annual Budget Hugh Nelson 2016-08-05 07:00:00Z

Support for Poulsbo Garden Club

Check presentation to the Poulsbo Garden ClubRepresentatives of the Poulsbo Garden Club accepted a check from the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation to support the development of a Norwegian Garden at the Poulsbo Library.
Support for Poulsbo Garden Club Hugh Nelson 2016-08-05 07:00:00Z

Announcements 8/5/16

Jon Pavey making announcementsJon Pavey offered the following announcements: 
  • Wine Tasting at Hogg residence August 19th 
  • Day at the Races – Emerald Downs, Sat Aug 13th Sign Up Now! 
  • Drawing for Trip to Maui to Benefit Wall of Hope - Tickets $50 - Contact Brenda Wall soon to get your chance to win 
  • Annual Picnic at Bonnie Pedersen’s home - 3:30pm Aug 27th 
Announcements 8/5/16 Hugh Nelson 2016-08-05 07:00:00Z

Obliteride Rest Stop Volunteers Needed

Gaston Peter-Contesse asks for volunteers to support the Obliteride rest stopGaston Peter-Contesse presented information on a volunteer opportunity: 

What: Obliteride Rest Stop support (Obliteride raises money to support Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to eliminate cancer) 

When: Saturday, Aug 13 from 8:30 to 12:30 (or whatever portion thereof people are available) 

Where: Silverdale Waterfront Park 

What to bring: nothing unless you want to wear Rotary logo stuff (also, if he get people signed up a week ahead of time, they will provide t-shirts for all volunteers) 

Duties: van will drop off all supplies, we set up rest stop then tear it down and put it back in the van at around noon) 
Obliteride Rest Stop Volunteers Needed Hugh Nelson 2016-07-29 07:00:00Z

Announcements 7/29/16

Jon Pavey announcementsJon Pavey offered the following announcements: 
  • Wine Tasting at Hogg residence August 19th 
  • Tentative Emerald Downs excursion August 13th 
  • No more “purple pinkies” for Polio Plus 
  • Meeting on Youth Exchange - August 1st, 5:30 at Tim Ryan Construction Office
Announcements 7/29/16 Hugh Nelson 2016-07-29 07:00:00Z

Silverdale Rotary Whaling Days Duck Race

Barbara Beagle challenges club members to support Silverdale Rotary's Duck RaceBarbara Beagle of the Silverdale Rotary Club made her pitch for Rotarians to buy an entry for the Whaling Days Rubber Duck Race, July 31st.
Silverdale Rotary Whaling Days Duck Race Hugh Nelson 2016-07-29 07:00:00Z

The Power of Pigeons

Jim Jenner shares his story of using pigeons to help young people.Our speaker on July 29th was Jim Jenner—Writer and a corporate Director of PACCOM Inc. Jim is an international award winning writer and director who has a passion for pigeons. He explained that this passion emerged when, as a young boy, his parents moved from a rural area where he was immersed in nature daily, to the concrete jungle of Seattle.
His distress at this wrenching change was mitigated when he met another young boy, who remains his life-long friend and who introduced him to raising pigeons. It provided him an opportunity to continue to stay in touch with nature in that urban environment.
Jim shared an abbreviated cut of his engaging documentary “Young Wings—The Power of Pigeons” that documents the miraculous impact raising pigeons can have on young people living in tough environments, such as South Central Los Angeles. That film is a companion to his recently published novel, “The Featherhood.”
As a true pigeon aficionado, Jim shared with us an array of little known facts about pigeons, including the fact that pigeon guano is just found where they rest, that they fly dry. He also shared that pigeon racing is a very popular sport around the world and that top pigeons are sold for six figure sums. It’s safe to say everybody who attended the meeting will never view pigeons as “flying rats” again. For more info go to http://www.pigeonfilms.com.
The Power of Pigeons Hugh Nelson 2016-07-29 07:00:00Z

Rachel Fisher receives scholarship award from Poulsbo Rotary Foundation

Bob Hawkinson presents scholarship check to Rachel FisherBob Hawkinson presented $1000.00 Scholarship to WSU student Rachel Fisher. Our club has added two more categories of scholarships this year – college students who are residents within the North Kitsap High School geographical boundaries and attend college with the US, and college students who are attending OC/WWU at Poulsbo. Rachel was a Running Start student who took classes simultaneously at NKHS and OC, and she will be a Junior at WSU this coming year. She is majoring in English and wants to be a teacher. Bob emphasized that she must complete the gift requirements to actually receive the check—a good lesson in itself.
Rachel Fisher receives scholarship award from Poulsbo Rotary Foundation Hugh Nelson 2016-06-17 07:00:00Z

Mary Nader tells about the Rotary International Convention - 2016

Mary Nader presentation about Rotary International Convention 2016President Elect Mary Nader shares experiences of her attendance at the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, South Korea, one of the most connected and modern cities in the world – a marvel of exemplary growth. The Keynote Speakers's messages were outstanding.
Mary Nader tells about the Rotary International Convention - 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-06-17 07:00:00Z

Frank Gempse presentation on climate change

Frank Gempse presentation on climate changeOur Speaker for the morning, Frank Gempse, 26-year resident of Bainbridge Island, and a holder of three-degrees in science and engineering, explains the causes and effects of climate change and what it means for the future, relative to the world's human, animal, and plant life. He discussed our predicted dwindling food and water supply with an ever-increasing world population. One of the things we can and should be doing to help lessen the environmental damage is tell our legislators we care. The other is to pay attention to how we treat our environment.
Frank Gempse presentation on climate change Hugh Nelson 2016-06-17 07:00:00Z

Steve Garfein presents flags from six sister clubs

Steve Garfein presents flags from six sister clubsSteve Garfein presents six sister club flags to add to our growing collection, while announcing a change in District policy.
Steve Garfein presents flags from six sister clubs Hugh Nelson 2016-06-17 07:00:00Z

Remembering Ken MacCaffree and Kevin Howell

Pat Ryan remembering Ken MacCaffree and Kevin HowellPat Ryan remembers two of our long-time members who recently passed away: Ken MacCaffree and Kevin Howell. Kevin was an attorney for the Kitsap County Prosecutor. Ken was a former UW professor, economist, and labor arbitrator.
Remembering Ken MacCaffree and Kevin Howell Hugh Nelson 2016-06-17 07:00:00Z

Farewell to Katri Ollila, Rotary Exchange 2016

Katri with Steve GarfeinSteve Garfein proudly displays the two faces of our 2016 Exchange Student Katri Ollila from Finland, as we sadly say goodbye on her final day.
Katri receives her gift necklaceBrenda Wall helps President Naveen finally latch the Club's gift necklace around Katri's neck after some hilarious moments of all- thumbs struggle.
Katri with Rand HillierKatri displays the incredibly crafted inlaid wooden gift box made for her by Rand Hillier.
Katri with Dan WeedinDan Weedin saying his last goodbye's to Katri. 
Katri showing her gift ringKatri excitedly displays her gift ring.
Katri gets a farewell hug from President NaveenPresident Naveen gives Katri a farewell hug as we all say goodbye to this delightful young lady who has touched all of our hearts with her warm, outgoing personality.

Katri graduated with the North Kitsap High School Class of 2016 on Saturday, June 11th.

We wish Katri success in her future and hope she will keep in touch with her sponsors and our club as her life unfolds. We love you Kitri 'God Speed'
Farewell to Katri Ollila, Rotary Exchange 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-06-10 07:00:00Z

Donna Pledger receives Poulsbo Rotary Blue Badge

Donna Pledger receives blue badgePresident Naveen presents Donna Pledger with her Poulsbo Rotary Blue Badge. Each new member receives a red name badge. After completing a series of new member tasks designed to help them fully participate in the activities of the club, they receive a blue name badge. Congratulations Donna! Thanks for being a member of our club!
Donna Pledger receives Poulsbo Rotary Blue Badge Hugh Nelson 2016-06-10 07:00:00Z

Concetta Anne McIntyre, Executive Director, Disaster Aid Canada speaks to our club

Concetta Anne McIntyre, Executive Director, Disaster Aid CanadaConcetta Anne McIntyre, Executive Director of Disaster Aid Canada, a survivor of three natural disasters herself, briefs us on the importance of being prepared in the event we are confronted with such a calamity.
Concetta Anne McIntyre, Executive Director, Disaster Aid Canada speaks to our club Hugh Nelson 2016-06-10 07:00:00Z

Kitri Shares Experiences & Dan Weedin Sponsors

Kitri tells about her Rotary year with Dan WeedinDan Weedin and Kitri share her Exchange Student experiences in Poulsbo, while Dan seeks sponsors for two of the next three quarters of the 2017 exchange student program.
Kitri Shares Experiences & Dan Weedin Sponsors Hugh Nelson 2016-06-03 07:00:00Z

Lynn Effinger presentation "The Power of Perseverance"

Lynn Effinger presentation "The Power of Perseverance"A HEARTFELT THANK YOU, FROM LYNN EFFINGER I want to thank the members of the Poulsbo Rotary Club for giving me the opportunity of being the guest speaker at the June 3rd breakfast meeting. I was honored to be able to share my presentation, "The Power of Perseverance," with so many people committed to community service and making a difference in people's lives. The icing on the cake, for me was sharing the talk with the young recipients of Rotary-generated scholarships, also in attendance. The main driver for my giving the presentation across the country is to do my best to inspire and motivate others (especially young people), to aspire to high achievement in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue... and to NEVER let anyone define who you are or what you can accomplish.
Lynn Effinger presentation "The Power of Perseverance" Hugh Nelson 2016-06-03 07:00:00Z

Rotary Academic Scholarships Presented

Presentation of Rotary academic ScholarshipsJim Sund introduces the recipients of the 2016 Rotary Academic Scholarships, who are: Jenae Arnold, Adele Keller, Marlon Basco, Jalena Myers, Calvin Beddoe, Kiley Pugh, Mindy Calder, Kasey Stenman, Gillian Grennan, Charlotte Tizzano, Zachary Halstad, and Hanna Uffens.
And the recipients of the Career Technical Education Scholarships, who are: Madison Hagerman Sadie Walker Grace Nieland Congratulations to all and thank you for your efforts to become outstanding students and citizens of the future. 
Presentation of Rotary academic ScholarshipsPresident Naveen presents each of the Scholarship students with Rotary's 'Four Way Test Pins, suggesting that one day, they may become Rotarians as a result of this experience.

Rotary Academic Scholarships Presented Hugh Nelson 2016-06-03 07:00:00Z

Donna Pledger gives Classification Talk

Donna Pledger gives classification talkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Donna Pledger, a graduate electrical engineer, described to the club some of her experiences working for 12 years as an electronic systems engineer performing classified activities around the world. She also worked teaching Japanese engineers English. More recently she obtained her master’s degree in non-profit management, served on the boards of several Kitsap County non-profits, and has worked in project management and as a supervisor at The Coffee Oasis and now at Masterworks.
Donna Pledger gives Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2016-05-27 07:00:00Z

North Kitsap Career and Technical Education Presentation

Megan Sawicki giving North Kitsap CTE PresentationMegan Sawicki (shown) and Kim Eimers, gave a presentation to our club about CTE (Career and Technical Education), which is based on the premise that providing students with hands-on, real world working scenarios in middle and high school will better prepare them for the working world beyond high school. Current CTE programs fuse STEM with leadership and academic knowledge to create enhanced, more engaging, learning programs for students.

In North Kitsap, staff has focused on creating meaningful learning experiences, connecting students with community experts, and building skill bases for post- secondary options. Megan Sawicki and Kim Eimers both currently work with CTE at the district level. They provided an overview of the goals and programs for the CTE program at Poulsbo Middle School and North Kitsap High School.

Current classes offered are: Engineering, Computers, Culinary Arts, Athletic Medicine, Environmental Science, Production Arts and Personal Finance. Approximately 15-percent of the student population of NKHS and PMS are enrolled. The program is funded by the state, but needs more funds to expand and continue to offer these and additional courses.
North Kitsap Career and Technical Education Presentation Hugh Nelson 2016-05-27 07:00:00Z

Girls Night Out Donates $5800 to Morrow Manor

Girls Night Out donation to Morrow ManorPamela Bellesen, owner of Wide Mouth Frog and Girls’ Night Out organizer, presented a donation of $5,800 to Morrow Manor. The Girls’ Night Out fundraiser was held on May 4th. Poulsbo merchants hosted a fabulous evening of shopping, camaraderie, and fun. Proceeds from the sale of swag bags went directly to Morrow Manor. The donation also includes gifts from individual merchants who pledged a percentage of their proceeds from the night. Pamela is the creator of the lovely “home is my haven” lapel pins that she sells at Wide Mouth Frog to benefit Morrow Manor. Ceramic pins are sold at the Verkstad Gallery.
Girls Night Out Donates $5800 to Morrow Manor Hugh Nelson 2016-05-27 07:00:00Z

Your Viking Tour Fundraiser Team 2016

Group photo of Rotarians who volunteered to help with the Viking Tour fundraiser.“It takes a Village” of Poulsbo Rotarians to successfully execute a fund-raising event like Viking Tour!
Your Viking Tour Fundraiser Team 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-05-27 07:00:00Z

Special Award for Viking Tour Chair Nick Johnson

Award presented to Nick Johnson President Naveen Chaudhary presented Viking Tour 2016 Chair Nick Johnson with a rare Rotary "Beyond the Call of Duty" pin for his efforts in helping to attract 309 riders and thus raise more than $12,000 for the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation.
Special Award for Viking Tour Chair Nick Johnson Hugh Nelson 2016-05-27 07:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary's 2nd Annual Viking Tour a Big Success!

Poulsbo Rotary's 2nd Annual Viking Tour a big success
Over 300 hundred riders showed up for the second annual Viking Tour! Thank you Poulsbo and everyone who participated!
From Tour Chair Nick Johnson: "The weather looked threatening but the sun stayed out and the wheels kept turning. A big Viking hug to the sponsors, volunteers and participants for making this ride happen. We will release final stats when they become available but in the meantime we estimate that we raised over $10,000 which the Poulsbo Rotary Club will direct back into the community through various scholarships, community service projects, support for domestic violence prevention and other programs."
Rotary brings together people like you — from all walks of life — who want to use their expertise for good - people whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back to their communities. At Rotary, we connect for good — and form lifelong friendships in the process. Together, we empower youth, improve health, promote peace, and advance our communities in all corners of the globe. With 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs worldwide, our global community’s impact has never been greater — and it continues to grow.
Belonging to the Rotary Club of Poulsbo provides members with an opportunity to give back to your community and to connect with like-minded leaders and friends. People join Rotary for many reasons, including community involvement, personal development, professional networking, and camaraderie. But perhaps the most important benefit is the satisfaction you gain from making a real difference in your community and in the world.
Governor Inslee finishes the 63 mile Odin courseWashington State Governor Jay Inslee rode the 63 mile Odin course - shown here at the start/Finish line.
A big thank you to our Tour Chairman, Nick Johnson - Thanks Nick!
Poulsbo Rotary's 2nd Annual Viking Tour a Big Success! Hugh Nelson 2016-05-22 07:00:00Z

North Kitsap Interact Club Donation to "Dessie's House"

North Kitsap Interact Club donates to Dessie's HouseOur active and supportive North Kitsap High School Interact Club (a Rotary affiliated high school service club sponsored by Poulsbo Rotary) exceeded its $1000 goal and presented a check for $2864.50 to Brenda Wall for Dessie’s House, a project sponsored by Wall of Hope in Ethiopia.
North Kitsap Interact Club Donation to "Dessie's House" Hugh Nelson 2016-05-20 07:00:00Z

Taylor Wall Receives Paul Harris Award

Taylor Wall receives Paul Harris AwardLori Cloutier, our Rotary Foundation chair, presented a Paul Harris Award to Taylor Wall to honor her contributions in our community. A $1000 contribution was made to the Rotary Foundation in Taylor's honor by mother Brenda Wall, who has added a “bling” (a small jewel indicating each new multiple Paul Harris award) on her award pin. 
Taylor Wall Receives Paul Harris Award Hugh Nelson 2016-05-20 07:00:00Z

Mike Hall Classification Talk

Mike Hall Classification presentationEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. With roots in Nashville, Tennessee, new club member Mike Hall, who is an internist, recently retired from the Navy after many years of service, including a tour in Afghanistan. Mike’s first beer was a drink from legendary Johnny Cash.
Mike Hall Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2016-05-20 07:00:00Z

Eric Nalder Journalism Presentation

Eric Nalder journalism presentationPulitzer Prize winning journalist, Eric Nalder, captivated and hopefully motivated his audience with his quietly passionate but unmistakable call to action. Finding his way into reporting after giving up early attempts at pig farming in Norway, Eric shared his life working in the Truth Business, which for him has been a constant life of learning from all segments of society. Like in the movie Spotlight, investigative reporters do go through intense experiences of doubt and sparring within...an emotional roller coaster. But it is the reporter’s job to “ferret out stuff which becomes the grist to demand change,” such as the Hanford nuclear debacle and most recently the Panama Papers. Because of its potential to save lives, strengthen democracy, and save communities money, the power of investigative reporting lies in the synergistic relationship of well-trained journalists with an engaged public that insists on an open government.
Eric Nalder Journalism Presentation Hugh Nelson 2016-05-20 07:00:00Z

Donation to North Kitsap Choir Boosters

Donation to North Kitsap Choir BoostersMeredith Green presents North Kitsap Choir Boosters with a check from the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation for $500 in response to their grant request for the purchase of an electronic keyboard.
Donation to North Kitsap Choir Boosters Hugh Nelson 2016-05-13 07:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary honors Russell Ferguson

Poulsbo Rotary honors Russell FergusonPat Ryan honored the memory of our long-time member Russell Ferguson,
who passed away Monday, May 9th at his home in Bainbridge Island at the age
of 73.
Russ, owner of Kitsap Tire in Poulsbo, was known for his good service and fair
prices. After falling into ill health, Russ sold his business to his son.
A Poulsbo Rotary member since 1984, Russ became a Paul Harris Fellow
eventually going into 'inactive' status with our Club because of his ill-health.
Funeral arrangements are pending at Cook Family Funeral Home.
Poulsbo Rotary honors Russell Ferguson Hugh Nelson 2016-05-13 07:00:00Z

Morrow Manor receives $2,000 contribution from Caring Clowns International

Ardis Morrow receives a check for $2,000 on behalf of Morrow Manor from Jed Selter of Caring Clowns International following their successful auction that raised $24,000.
Morrow Manor receives $2,000 contribution from Caring Clowns International Hugh Nelson 2016-05-13 07:00:00Z

Sonja Tymann and Christopher Doving inducted as members of Poulsbo Rotary

Meredith Green, inducts Sonja Tymann, a Realtor sponsored by Chris Morrissey and Christopher (Chris) Doving, a CPA sponsored by Meredith. Congratulations Sonja and Christopher and welcome to Poulsbo Rotary!
Sonja Tymann and Christopher Doving inducted as members of Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-05-13 07:00:00Z

Erin Smith presentation about new Kitsap Online Food Market

Erin Smith presents his ideas for a Kitsap online Food MarketErin Smith of the SmithShyre Farm in Poulsbo presented his new online farmers market "Kitsap Fresh", which is an online farmers market co-op dedicated to Kitsap grown goods, where you can access 30 + local farms and food producers all from one online storefront. Erin is a believer in and advocate for local food and crafts. Your order is sorted, organized and waiting for you. Every Sunday & Monday you can login to your online marketplace, select items to purchase from local farmers & craftspeople. Then meet them at one of their distribution locations each Wednesday to pick up your order. Current pick-up sites: The Slippery Pig Brewery in Poulsbo and CJ's Evergreen General Store & Catering in Bremerton. Erin told us there are 640 vegetable farms in Kitsap County—an amazing number of sources for Kitsap Fresh. Good luck Erin!
Erin Smith presentation about new Kitsap Online Food Market Hugh Nelson 2016-05-13 07:00:00Z

Classification talk by Brett Clark

Classification talk by Brett ClarkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his or her life and work. Brett Clark, a married man for a full nine-days, shares his profession as a top executive of the Les Schwab organization and manager of the Poulsbo operation on Viking Way.
Classification talk by Brett Clark Hugh Nelson 2016-05-13 07:00:00Z

Flat Paul visits the Auto repair shop

Jim Sund and David Krafsky tell about taking Flat Paul to the auto shopJim Sund and David Krafsky take Flat Paul on a journey through an Auto repair shop, introducing him to mechanics and shop foremen who explain the fine points of auto repair. The 1942 Plymouth shown on the video screen, is the car that Flat Paul may have owned and drove around the Chicago suburbs.
Flat Paul visits the Auto repair shop Hugh Nelson 2016-05-07 07:00:00Z

Viking Tour - May 22nd is the big day!

Viking tour race start and parking on Viking AvenueViking Tour is an annual bike race and fun ride for both serious competitors and all the family sponsored by the Poulsbo Rotary Club. May 22nd is the BIG DAY! The Viking Tour committee needs volunteers for the day of the event and urges all Poulsbo Rotarians to help spread the word and also to help recruit participants to enter this family-fun event, which raises funds for the many worthy causes our Club undertakes every year, for the Poulsbo Community.
Shown are the 3 parking lots and star indicating the race starting (and finishing) point at the North Kitsap Fishline Campus for the various events.  
Viking Tour - May 22nd is the big day! Hugh Nelson 2016-05-06 07:00:00Z

Richard Koven Presents Flag of the Paris Avenir Rotary

Richard Koven presents Naveen with the Paris, France Rotary Club (Club Rotary Paris Avenir) Flag from his recent visit. Apparently while France is known for it cuisine, the club meets in the evening, but they don't always have a meal (just once a month); instead, they serve a wide variety of wines and cocktails to members and their guests. My kind of club!
Richard Koven Presents Flag of the Paris Avenir Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-05-06 07:00:00Z

Kitsap Great Give 2016

Kitsap Great Give 2016From Rob Gelder regarding the Kitsap Great Give. You helped make GREAT things happen! The final tally from the Kitsap Great Give is as follows: 16 Donors have donated $3,225 to the work of the Poulsbo Rotary AND 69 donors have contributed over $51,789 for MORROW MANOR (a project of Poulsbo Rotary in partnership with the Kitsap County YWCA and the City of Poulsbo).
Kitsap Great Give 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-05-06 07:00:00Z

Tristan Peter-Contesse - Conservancy of the Puget Sound Eco-system

Triston Peter-Contesse, Conservancy of the Puget Sound Eco-SystemTriston Peter-Contesse, our Guest speaker, was introduced by his club member father, Gaston. Triston, representing the Puget Sound Partnership, explained the importance of the conservancy of our eco-system to enhance the ever-decreasing Chinook Salmon from our waters.

We learned that the Puget Sound is considered a Fjord, and the largest in the continental U.S. supporting 15 salmon watersheds along 190-miles of Kitsap shoreline, including Silverdale, Kingston, Gig Harbor and parts of Pierce County. Our eco-system faces constant challenges from commercial development, improper maintenance of storm water retention and uncontrolled run-off.
Tristan Peter-Contesse - Conservancy of the Puget Sound Eco-system Hugh Nelson 2016-05-06 07:00:00Z

Ardis Morrow Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Ardis Morrow's 91st Birthday with a beautiful cake and the traditional Happy Birthday song. What a treasure to have her in our Rotary Membership
Ardis Morrow Birthday Celebration Hugh Nelson 2016-05-06 07:00:00Z

Mother's Day at Poulsbo Rotary - 2016

Poulsbo Rotary celebrates Mother's DayPresident Naveen Presents all of the Rotary mothers and their guests with a beautiful Rose in honor of Mother's Day.
Mother's Day at Poulsbo Rotary - 2016 Hugh Nelson 2016-05-06 07:00:00Z

Kari Driskell - Touching Hearts, Saving Lives

Kari Driskell - Touching Hearts, Saving LivesKari Driskell, Harrison Medical Center Foundation Donor Advisor, delivered an eye-opening presentation on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) statistics and explained how Harrison is grappling with the issue here in Kitsap County with an initiative called Touching Hearts, Saving Lives. When a heart attack occurs, responders must act within the first 10 minutes to assure a reasonable chance of survival. The chances decline 10% each minute. King County has the highest heart attack survival rate in the nation (62%), while Kitsap has better than average at (16%). Kari noted that the rate for Kitsap is projected to improve through several measures funded through the Harrison Medical Center Foundation: First, the introduction of a new cell phone app called "PulsePoint", which will link emergency responders with citizen volunteers experienced in CPR techniques to crowd source help for rapid CPR response. The application also directs these citizen rescuers to the exact location of the closest public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
Nationally, a Cardiac arrest occurs once every two-minutes and deaths are 10-times more frequent than all of the types of Cancer deaths combined. 80% of cardiac arrests occur in the home, so families are encouraged to install home AEDs. Michele Doyle offered Kari a vendor space at our Viking Tour event to help spread word of Harrison's efforts. Meredith Green pointed out that our meeting hosts, the Sons of Norway, have been reluctant to install an AED on the premises because of the potential liability, and that perhaps this is reason why other businesses may be reluctant to install AEDs. Ms. Driskell explained that the 'Good Samaritan Law' precludes any such liability.
Kari Driskell - Touching Hearts, Saving Lives Hugh Nelson 2016-04-29 07:00:00Z

Poulsbo Historical Society Garage Sale

Steve Hogg pitches the upcoming Poulsbo Historical Society garage saleSteve Hogg, wearing Viking Tour garb, had Jon Pavey's rapt attention as he pitched the Poulsbo Historical Society's garage sale, promising that all you have to do is empty out your garage, and the Society's volunteers will pick it up!
Poulsbo Historical Society Garage Sale Hugh Nelson 2016-04-29 07:00:00Z

Use Facebook to Promote Viking Tour

Nick Johnson explained the reasoning behind and best way to use Facebook to promote Viking Tour (Viking Tour, to be held on May 22nd, is an annual bike race and fun ride for both serious competitors and all the family sponsored by the Poulsbo Rotary Club) and also announced a $50 prize drawing for a lucky club member who submits one or more Tour sign-ups. He also noted that Al Pacino's photo was the first ever to appear on Facebook.
Use Facebook to Promote Viking Tour Hugh Nelson 2016-04-29 07:00:00Z

Kingston Rotary Club presents $2,000 donation to Morrow Manor

Kingston Rotary presents $2000 to Morrow ManorGale Kirsopp of our sister-club Kingston Rotary, proudly presented the Morrow Manor Project with a $2,000 check, reminding us all that the Kingston Rotary was originally organized and sponsored by members of Poulsbo Rotary.
Kingston Rotary Club presents $2,000 donation to Morrow Manor Hugh Nelson 2016-04-25 07:00:00Z

Viking Tour - Getting ready for May 22nd

Viking Tour May 11thNick Johnson gives us a pitch on the upcoming (May 22nd) Viking Tour cycling event, which is shaping up to exceed last year's inaugural event. Viking Tour is both a competition bike race and a family fun ride, all combined into one. Dave Smith’s ‘Somerset’ is this year’s major Sponsor with a $7,500 Donation!
Viking Tour - Getting ready for May 22nd Hugh Nelson 2016-04-25 07:00:00Z

Kitsap County Search Dogs

Kitsap County search dogsKitsap County search dogs
Club member Sally Olsen gave us a riveting talk about her work with KCSD (Kitsap County Search Dogs) and on the extensive role and training these volunteers and their dogs play in assisting law enforcement and private citizens in finding lost, injured, and sometimes deceased loved ones.
These highly trained Volunteers receive no pay and fund their needs for equipment, dogs and all essentials out of their own pocket. KCSD currently has 15 human members and 16 dogs (one of Sally’s three is shown above). Search teams are only deployed by law enforcement. They do not respond to private calls for help. A 911 call must be made to local police or the sheriff to bring a search tem into action. KCSD is a division of Washington Explorer Search and Rescue (WESAR)-Kitsap Unit. The KCSD worked the Oso, WA,  landslide and helped locate all 47 of the missing victims in that terrible tragedy. Thank you Sally, for your Volunteer work. 
Kitsap County Search Dogs Hugh Nelson 2016-04-25 07:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary Sponsors Math Olympiad

Poulsbo Rotary sponsors Math OlympiadWe were honored to have a class of elementary students and their teachers who recently competed in the ‘MathOlympiad’, a program and idea originated by club  member Roger Gallington. Meredith Green presented a Grant award as two young students delivered thank you speeches. 
Poulsbo Rotary Sponsors Math Olympiad Hugh Nelson 2016-04-25 07:00:00Z

Jon Pavey Update on Flat Paul

Jon Pavey update on Flat PaulJon Pavey gave us a humorous apology on why ‘flat Paul’ took two weeks to accomplish his rounds, all the while being accompanied by Jack Archer and a number of garage mechanics working on Jon’s sick Cadillac. Flat Paul is a photo (as shown) of Rotary Founder Paul Harris mounted on a paint stick, used to promote the Rotary Foundation and the good work of Rotary International.
Jon Pavey Update on Flat Paul Hugh Nelson 2016-04-25 07:00:00Z

Roger Ludwig rejoins Poulsbo Rotary

Roger Ludwig rejoins Poulsbo RotaryRand Hillier reinstalled Past President Roger Ludwig as a new member, while presenting the ‘Rotary Rock’, a theme Dr Ludwig used during his year as president. 
Roger Ludwig rejoins Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-04-25 07:00:00Z

Dan Weedin and Jeff Hora - Sharing Viking Tour on your Facebook Page

Dan Weedin and Jeff Hora talk about using Facebook to promote Viking TourDan Weedin and Jeff Hora introduced the Viking Tour Facebook page and described how to "share' the page with friends, asking them to 'like' and "share' the recently developed page to help spread the word. Viking Tour, to be held on May 22nd, is an annual bike race and fun ride for both serious competitors and all the family sponsored by the Poulsbo Rotary Club. Visit the Viking Tour Facebook Page.
Dan Weedin and Jeff Hora - Sharing Viking Tour on your Facebook Page Hugh Nelson 2016-04-16 07:00:00Z

Gayle Heller donates raffle winnings to Morrow Manor

Gayle Heller donates raffle winnings to Morrow ManorAnd the big winner of the weekly raffle, the pot having grown to a whopping $2,600.00, was Gayle Heller, who generously donated her proceeds to the Morrow Manor fund. Thank you Gayle!
Gayle Heller donates raffle winnings to Morrow Manor Hugh Nelson 2016-04-16 07:00:00Z

Aaron Murphy leads Wine Auction Fund Raiser

Aaron Murphy leads Wine Auction FundraiserAuctioneer Aaron Murphy conducted the auction for the cache of wine brought up by Mark Olson from Sebastopol California. The wines came from Petaluma and the Napa region of California. Bob Doane, Craig Steinlicht, and Rand Hillier were the lucky winners—party anyone?
Aaron Murphy leads Wine Auction Fund Raiser Hugh Nelson 2016-04-16 07:00:00Z

Silverdale Rotary donates $10,000 to Morrow Manor

Silverdale Rotary donates $10,000 to the Morrow Manor projectAssistant Governor Elyane Burton and the Silverdale Rotary board members presented a check for $10,000 to Amy Sanford for the Morrow Manor fund.
Silverdale Rotary donates $10,000 to Morrow Manor Hugh Nelson 2016-04-16 07:00:00Z

Jim Sund - Youth Protection Policies and Protocols

Jim Sund talking about youth protection policiesLarry Bartholomew introduced our speaker, Past President (2004-2005) and current Youth Protection Officer Jim Sund, who was ably assisted by Dan Weedin, Shane Seaman and Chad Solvie. As an active club involved with many exchange students and Interact Club members (Jim & his wife have hosted seven exchange students), Jim and his team are determined to educate all Poulsbo Rotarians on Rotary youth protection policies and protocols that we now have in place. We also note with Rotary fellowship pride, that Sund was recently presented with one of Kitsap County's top "Earth Day" awards, a five-star environs certification for exceptional waste management practices in his recently sold auto repair business.
Jim Sund - Youth Protection Policies and Protocols Hugh Nelson 2016-04-16 07:00:00Z

Public Relations Committee wants your input

As the new Rotary year approaches, there are changes coming to our public relations activities and inner-club communications at the direction of the incoming board. We are interested in hearing from all of our members on what and how they would like to be informed in this effort. As you know, we are an active club, with several committees busy serving our local, national and international efforts to serve humanity. Your participation and input is important in helping us meet those obligations and goals. Please contact Public Relations Chair Bill Effinger with your suggestions. Thank you.
Public Relations Committee wants your input Hugh Nelson 2016-04-10 07:00:00Z

Presentation by new club member Anita Blau

Presentation by new member Anita BlauEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about her life and work. New member Anita Blau told our club about her teaching career and about the 28-years she has served previously as a Rotarian in several other parts of the country. We are pleased that she has chosen Poulsbo Rotary to be her club of choice—Welcome Anita!
Presentation by new club member Anita Blau Hugh Nelson 2016-04-10 07:00:00Z

Katri introduces her family from Finland

Katri introduces her family from FinlandOur Exchange Student, Katri Ollila, introduced her entire family: mother Heli, father Jarmo, brother Juho, sister Aina, who are here visiting from Finland in support of Katri’s Exchange Student status—Welcome all!
Katri introduces her family from Finland Hugh Nelson 2016-04-10 07:00:00Z

Kyle Donn Presentation about Children of the Nations

Kyle Donn presentation about Children of the Nations
Kyle Donn, Community Development Manager of Children of the Nations, introduced us to their program, which focuses on ministering to orphaned and destitute children and raising them to
transform nations. The Village Partnership Program was designed to specifically meet the needs of children (some of whom are orphans, some not) living with destitute families or caregivers who are unable to properly provide for them. Their Village Partnership Program is unique in that it is not a relief or handout program, but rather a hand up.

Last year, Poulsbo Rotary gave the organization $3,000, which was used to rebuild classrooms and to help fight Ebola, helping to save children from dying of the disease.
Children of Nations was started in Poulsbo by Chris and Debbie Clark. Their first office was in the founder's home, which it eventually outgrew. They now operate out of an office in Silverdale. The organization has grown to become a $9 million operation and continues to grow exponentially, currently serving more than 5000 children in several countries while maintaining very low administration costs of 13%.
Kyle Donn Presentation about Children of the Nations Hugh Nelson 2016-04-10 07:00:00Z

Merideth Green, Jeff Williams, & Bridget Young Congratulated as Rotarians of the Month

Jeff Williams Meredith Green receive congratulations for DLTAWe were treated to a video of the Rotary District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA) in Victoria before our meeting began. Meredith and Jeff Williams planned and executed the entire event, which was the largest so far with 550 in attendance who participated in a multitude of breakout sessions and speaker presentations on a wide range of topics. Meredith and Jeff also were recognized as Rotarians of the month for April for their efforts in organizing DLTA, and Bridget Young was recognized as Rotarian of the month for March for her efforts in rebuilding Nepal after the earthquake as part of a Rotary project organized by the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island. Shown from left are Jeff, Bridget, Meredith, and Club President Naveen Chaudhary.
Merideth Green, Jeff Williams, & Bridget Young Congratulated as Rotarians of the Month Hugh Nelson 2016-04-10 07:00:00Z

Viking Tour is Coming May 22nd!

Viking Tour will be on May 22nd!“Aargh” roared Viking fashionista Steve Hogg as he, Nick Johnson, and Michele Doyle modeled and promoted the individually designed Viking helmets to be worn by the volunteers at our great 2nd annual Viking Tour.
The Viking Tour is a group bicycle ride on the Kitsap Peninsula taking place on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016. The tour starts and finishes in historic Poulsbo and is held during the iconic Viking Fest carnival and festival. The ride has four different lengths for all riding levels: the Odin (63-miles), the Thor (35-miles), the Freyja (14-miles) and the Loki (3-mile family ride). All participants of the Odin, Thor and Freyja lengths can participate in the free two-mile time trial challenge where the top three male and female winners get cash prizes! This spectacular event will be held in conjunction with Poulsbo’s Viking Festival. The bike tour will take place on Sunday, May 22. Please let volunteer coordinator Kathy Rayment know you wish to wear one of these designer exclusive helmets at the event. (I want one!) 
Register and find out more details at http://poulsbovikingtour.com/info.html.
Viking Tour is Coming May 22nd! Hugh Nelson 2016-03-12 08:00:00Z

Meals on Wheels Serves Kitsap County

Deborah Horn, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels KitsapIn her mellifluous voice, Deborah Horn, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Kitsap, described the incredible success of this private non-profit organization during the course of its 43-year history. As its name suggests, the nutritious meal and socialization program is offered countywide and boasts meal service at 8 dining meal sites. Additionally, an extensive home meal delivery service not only provides meals that are developed by a dietician, the home visits service as a vital social connection and safety check for older adults. There are over 100 volunteers operating at all levels of the organization. Last year, 65,816 nutritious well-balanced meals were served to 894 unduplicated seniors. Our admiration is extended to Meals on Wheels Kitsap for contributing to the health and well being of our Kitsap communities. 
Meals on Wheels Serves Kitsap County Hugh Nelson 2016-03-12 08:00:00Z

Report from the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation

Duane Edwards reports to the club about the Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary FoundationFor those who may lack financial planning skills, Duane Edward’s short presentation on the purpose and function of our Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation was greatly appreciated. He explained the various accounts, the amounts presently in those accounts, and identified the restrictions placed on each of those separate accounts. The nine-member Foundation Board of which he is president, invests some of the funds and regularly evaluates the returns on those investments. All club members are members of the Foundation. Thank you Duane and the other 8 members of the Board for your service. 
Report from the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation Hugh Nelson 2016-03-12 08:00:00Z

Anita Miller and Connie Lord - about the Bremerton Symphony

Anita Miller telling the club about the Bremerton SymphonyOur presenters on March 4th were Anita Miller and Connie Lord, representing the Bremerton Symphony Association. October 1942 marked the first Bremerton symphony performance, and it has carried on with concerts continuously through the present day. This symphony is a regional gem and represents the whole west sound. Their outreach programs include many, many youth. Join them in Poulsbo on April 15 for the HMS Pinafore, which combines the orchestra with the symphony chorale. The program will be performed at Gateway Fellowship, 7:30 PM.
Anita Miller and Connie Lord - about the Bremerton Symphony Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary welcomes new members Force Tolar and Donna Pledger

Force Tolar and Donna Pledger during membership ceremony We welcome our newest club members, Force Tolar (left, with microphone) and Donna Pledger (to his right). We are grateful to their sponsors Ann Pyles and Naveen Chaudhary for bringing these outstanding citizens into our Rotary Family.
Poulsbo Rotary welcomes new members Force Tolar and Donna Pledger Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

Caitlyn Orcutt - Classification Talk

Caitlin Orcutt classification talkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his/her life and work. On March 4th Caitlyn Orcutt gave her classification talk. She received her degree in finance and agricultural business from Washington State University and currently works for Timberland Bank. However, she first traveled with her husband while he was serving our country in the U.S. Army.
Caitlyn Orcutt - Classification Talk Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

Donation to Morrow Manor from the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association and Visit Kitsap Peninsula

Morrow Manor receives donation from the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association and Visit Kitsap Peninsula The Morrow Manor Project was the recipient of a generous check for $1,880 presented by the representatives of the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association and Visit Kitsap Peninsula, sponsors of the Lovers and Liquors Valentine Expo, which was the event that generated the funds. 
Donation to Morrow Manor from the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association and Visit Kitsap Peninsula Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

Classification Talk - Chris Morrissey

Chris Morrissey presents his classification talkEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his life and work. From his presentation on February 26th, we learned that Chris Morrissey lives a “suspenseful” life. His early years were spent growing up on a ranch with many diverse chores to occupy his time. Athletic, Chris joined the football team at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR). From there he was called to join the Eastern Sierra Hotshots who are the elite firefighters who lead the initial attack against fires. After 3 years, he moved to the great state of Washington and fulfilled his lifetime longing to be his own boss in construction. This decision was hastened by the fact that he was left literally swinging in suspense high above the ground while working on the Columbia Towers in Seattle. Hang in there, Chris!
Classification Talk - Chris Morrissey Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

Marlene Mitchell and Bill Effinger named Rotarians of the Month

Bill Effinger and Marlene Mitchell - Rotarians of the MonthCongratulations to Marlene Mitchell and Bill Effinger, who were named as Rotarians of the Month by President Naveen. Marlene presented the club with the first Viking Tour sponsorship check from Kitsap Bank. Bill was commended for his leadership efforts in producing the NK Herald Advertorial recognizing the achievements of Rotarians for the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce Awards.
Marlene Mitchell and Bill Effinger named Rotarians of the Month Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

Shane Seaman - Domestic Violence Cases

Shane Seaman speaking about domestic violence casesPoulsbo attorney and club member Shane Seaman spoke about domestic violence legal issues at our club meeting on February 26th. Sometimes we all want to take the law into our hands because we are frustrated and angered when we feel justice isn’t being served in the manner we believe it should be.
So, it is good that we learn about the complexities and nuances that are unique to every single case that judges must deal with in making fair and sound rulings that protect everyone’s interests under our laws. 
Thank you, Shane, for sharing the procedures and considerations that are made in domestic assault cases. Understanding the bigger picture can only make our club more 
effective in protecting the victims of domestic violence.
Shane Seaman - Domestic Violence Cases Hugh Nelson 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z

David Smith, Jon Pavey, and Aaron Murphy receive Paul Harris Award Recognition

David Smith, Jon Pavey, and Aaron Murphy receive Paul Harris Award RecognitionCongratulations to Paul Harris 2nd award Honorees David Smith and Jon Pavey and to Paul Harris 3rd award honoree Aaron Murphy, all serving as role models of generosity to the next generation. 
David Smith, Jon Pavey, and Aaron Murphy receive Paul Harris Award Recognition Hugh Nelson 2016-03-01 08:00:00Z

Glen Robbins gives Classification Talk about his work and community service

Glen Robbins talks about his career and service to the communityEach new member to our club gives a "classification talk" to tell other members something about his life and work. In his classification talk, Glen Robbins reveals a lifetime of service that is grounded in his upbringing. A native son to this area his whole life, he has positively touched every aspect of community life. In education he began as a teacher and he left as a principal. Today he serves on the board of the Kitsap School Foundation. Although he is currently President of the Sons of Norway, he dons his apron every week to work alongside the other volunteers to serve us breakfast. Glen embodies lifelong learning as he steps into his new role as school board member. 
Glen Robbins gives Classification Talk about his work and community service Hugh Nelson 2016-03-01 08:00:00Z

Ardis Morrow selected for KCF Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Announcement of Spirit of Philanthropy Award for Ardis MorrowAt our February 19th meeting, a surprise announcement was made by Kol Medina, executive director of Kitsap Community Foundation. One of this year’s Spirit of Philanthropy Awards will be given to Ardis Morrow in recognition of her charitable efforts spanning decades. The presentation team from KCF includes board members Rick Darrow and Harriette Bryant, and Bev Kincaid, Chair of the Philanthropy Award Committee.
Ardis Morrow selected for KCF Spirit of Philanthropy Award Hugh Nelson 2016-03-01 08:00:00Z

Nick Johnson's Journey of Hope

Nick Johnson tells of his Journey of HopeOur speaker, club member Nick Johnson, takes us back in time to the summer after he graduates from University of Washington to join a cycling team on his “Journey of Hope”. This grueling 63- day ride from San Francisco to Washington DC is a partnership with his fraternity and Push America to “build leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities.” In the end, Nick travels 4,000 miles, helps raise $400,000, and reaches 2 million people. But he also gets his girl and it’s my view this program has succeeded in building a compassionate leader.
Nick Johnson's Journey of Hope Hugh Nelson 2016-03-01 08:00:00Z

Mayor Erickson–State of the City of Poulsbo

Mayor Erickson presents State of the City of PoulsboThe State of the City of Poulsbo is presented by Mayor Becky Erickson. With a large map of Poulsbo and the surrounding areas on the screen, the Mayor takes each area and talks about the key activities taking place in that region. In the end, we all absorb current realities. Poulsbo is doing well and thriving. The city is growing quickly with 4.2 housing starts a week (not including apartments.) The city must be careful in how it grows so that it is balanced. This balance requires a lot of work. Mayor Becky reminds us that she remains committed to hearing from the city’s citizens and continues her Open Door meetings on Saturdays from nine until noon at her office in City Hall. 
Mayor Erickson–State of the City of Poulsbo Hugh Nelson 2016-02-13 08:00:00Z

Loretta Byrnes on her experiences living in Bangladesh and Africa

New member Loretta Byrnes mesmerizes her audience as she takes us on a journey of her life that starts from her California birthplace on to many countries abroad before finding herself in Poulsbo where she lives today. With a masters in Agriculture Economics from OSU in hand, Loretta pursues her desire to work for an NGO with an infant son in tow, working in agriculture development for 3 years in Bangladesh. From 1989 to 2008, she and son Gabriel spend 12 years there and 5 in Africa. In 2007, Loretta falls in love and marries Jim in 2009. Loretta has always been motivated by the need to make a difference and she continues to honor that commitment today.
Loretta Byrnes on her experiences living in Bangladesh and Africa Hugh Nelson 2016-02-13 08:00:00Z

Town and Country Markets Donates $25,000 to Morrow Manor

Rotary member Tom Hall and his teacher, mentor, and great friend Larry Nakata, past president of Town and Country Markets (which includes Central Market in Poulsbo) pose with Ardis Morrow. In the food business, Mr. Nakata talks about the importance and privilege of “nourishing the quality of life” in the community.  As a member of the Giving Committee for T&C Markets, he speaks to his gratitude for having the ability to give to the community. He presents a check for $25,000 to Ardis Morrow for Morrow Manor, a cause he believes in supporting wholeheartedly. The Poulsbo Rotary Club is deeply grateful for this generous financial support. 
Town and Country Markets Donates $25,000 to Morrow Manor Hugh Nelson 2016-02-13 08:00:00Z

Katri Celebrates her 18th Birthday

After sharing about her recent trip to Hawaii with family hosts, the Russells, our beloved exchange student, Katri, is presented with a surprise cake for a belated 18th birthday celebration. We wish her a lifetime of happiness.
Katri Celebrates her 18th Birthday Hugh Nelson 2016-02-07 08:00:00Z

Tom Taylor and Dave Shields receive Paul Harris recognition

Tom Taylor joins the Paul Harris Fellows while Dave Shields adds a 5th bling to his Paul Harris pin to make it 5+1. We congratulate these generous individuals whose gifts support Rotary Foundation grants for a wide variety of projects, scholarships, and training all over the world.
Tom Taylor and Dave Shields receive Paul Harris recognition Hugh Nelson 2016-02-07 08:00:00Z

Rosie Ludlow of Scarlet Road talks about recovery efforts for victims of sex trafficking

Speaker Rosie Ludlow of Scarlet Road takes our club down the painful path of the lives of sex trafficking victims in our county. Scarlet Road was started in 2008 to provide HOPE which is central and essential to recovery. Identification through outreach efforts along with long-term holistic care offer hope for women who are often invisible and suffer unimaginable brutality.
Rosie Ludlow of Scarlet Road talks about recovery efforts for victims of sex trafficking Hugh Nelson 2016-02-07 08:00:00Z

Bill Effinger tells fellow club members about his life and work

Bill Effinger classification talkNew member Bill Effinger takes the podium to share his life story in his classification talk. A self-made man, he is “an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker and innovator/pioneer in design, marketing and management techniques.” His motto for life and business is: JUST DO IT!
Bill Effinger tells fellow club members about his life and work Hugh Nelson 2016-02-07 08:00:00Z

Jan Kendall describes a life and career after contracting polio

Polio survivor tells her story about contracting polio at 7 and living in the hospital away from her family for 1 year. She also talked about the struggles of growing up with a disability, and her mission to overcome "vaccination apathy".
Speaker Jan Kendall makes her audience laugh when she says, “I am not a natural speaker, just a natural talker.” But she quickly lays claim to both our attention and our emotions as she reveals her often heart-breaking life from the time she is 7, when she is diagnosed with polio. Jan describes her life filled with cruel comments and assumptions that belittle her self-worth and her aspirations to become a nurse.
Defying low expectations and attempts to divert her, Jan Kendall receives her degree in nursing truly understanding the importance of empathy in giving and receiving care…or unconditional acceptance which is “simple, clean, and without judgment.” 
Vaccines prevent polio and other diseases, and Jan wants to spare the suffering that can be avoided if parents have their children vaccinated. She is grateful for Rotary International for all the efforts made by the clubs to eradicate this disease. We are grateful for Jan who is tireless in her efforts to keep children safe and healthy.
Jan Kendall describes a life and career after contracting polio Hugh Nelson 2016-02-01 08:00:00Z

Mary Nader tells about her life and career

Mary Nader gives her classification talk about her life working with the tech sector and with MicroSoft in the early "windows" period.President-elect Mary Nader presents her vocational history with eloquence and she delivers it with her usual humility. She is asked to focus on her worklife before her directorship of Fishline. Mary, we all know is full of talents, and as she describes her “early season”, we get a glimpse of the tumultuous and heady times life is at Microsoft for this young programmer in an elite group of fewer than 3000 Microsoft employees…total! After 8 years, Mary makes a very difficult life-altering decision and shifts into her “middle season” with her heart taking her into a vocation of meaningful service. She leaves Microsoft and the rest is history…as they say.
Mary Nader tells about her life and career Hugh Nelson 2016-02-01 08:00:00Z

Susan Averill presents her experiences with Ebola patients

Susan Averill tells about her experiences treating Ebola patientsSpeaker Nurse Susan Averill painted a harrowing first hand account of her experiences serving the medical needs of Ebola patients in Sierra Leone under the auspices of Doctors Without Borders. Under extraordinary cultural and geopolitical challenges, Susan and her colleagues saved one life for every death.  Nurses comprise 80% of the medical support in the world. Thank  you Susan, for making mankind your business. 
Susan Averill presents her experiences with Ebola patients Hugh Nelson 2016-01-23 08:00:00Z

Steve Garfein becomes member of the Paul Harris Society

Steve Garfein inducted into Paul Harris Society

Assistant Governor, Elayne Burton, inducts member Steve Garfein into the Paul Harris Society.  Named after Rotary’s founder, the Paul Harris Society recognizes Rotary Members and friends of the Rotary Foundation who contribute $1,000 or more each year to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or approved global grants.  Thank you Steve for your generosity. 

Steve Garfein becomes member of the Paul Harris Society Hugh Nelson 2016-01-23 08:00:00Z

Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Announces $50k Morrow Manor Challenge Grant

Members of Bainbridge Island Rotary with members of Poulsbo Rotary's Domestic Violence Prevention CommitteeWhat a love fest it was this morning (January 22nd) as our Rotary friends from our neighborhood Bainbridge Island Club basked in a glowing sea of warm friendship and heartfelt appreciation. Spokesperson Bob Linz announced their club’s commitment to support the Morrow Manor Campaign to Build Brighter Tomorrows with a $50,000 matching challenge gift. With this incredible donation, it is everyone’s hope that it will inspire other clubs, organizations, and individuals to step forward and join this effort.  We can’t wait to reach our goal so we can help survivors build sustainable futures, building strong families for generations to come.    
Stay in touch and like us on:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/supportmorrowmanor              
Twitter: @Morrow_Manor
Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Announces $50k Morrow Manor Challenge Grant Hugh Nelson 2016-01-23 08:00:00Z

Wade Moncrief shares his Personal Experiences of the Arctic

Wade Moncrief shares his experiences in the ArcticOur speaker on January 15th was Commanding Officer Wade Moncrief, Chief of Operations for the U.S. Coast Guard of Alaska. His last presentation to us was on Antarctica. This time Wade shared his personal experiences with the Arctic. We learned that the ice formed in the Arctic is multiyear and therefore denser and thicker than the Antarctic. While he was in charge of a ship, he took a group of researchers who collected data on the thickness of the ice so that ships could be designed with this information. It was not all work and no play. Spotted on the pure white ice was a brown football. Then, we were treated to images of the fearless and imposing polar bears. 
Wade Moncrief shares his Personal Experiences of the Arctic Hugh Nelson 2016-01-19 08:00:00Z

Alys Orsborn Inducted as New Member of Poulsbo Rotary

Alys Osborn joins Poulsbo RotaryWe would like to extend a warm and loving welcome to our newest inductee Alys Orsborn who hails from Barrow, Alaska where she has been a Rotarian for a number of years. Take note committee chairs; Alys is ready and rarin’ to participate in committee activities. At first a bit soft and gentle with her affirmative responses to PK’s membership questions, she got louder and rowdier after our club modeled our preferred energy-infused “YESes”!!! We look forward to working with you Alys.  Thanks to Ardis Morrow for sponsoring our newest member. 
Alys Orsborn Inducted as New Member of Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-01-19 08:00:00Z

Kim Colebrook Speaks on Local Disaster Preparedness

Kim Colebrook Speaks on Disaster PreparednessPoulsbo citizen Kim Colebrook appeals to members of our club to participate in getting our community prepared for a natural disaster. Poulsbo has been mapped into neighborhood grids that will serve as the first-line response unit should disaster strike.  Mr. Colebrook is hoping to have a designated “captain” for each unit be present at one of two meetings at City Hall: Saturday, April 9 from 6:30-8:00 or Saturday April 23 from 10:30 to noon.
Kim Colebrook Speaks on Local Disaster Preparedness Hugh Nelson 2016-01-19 08:00:00Z

Aubrey Doyle Receives Paul Harris Award

Awardee Aubrey Doyle looks as President Naveen pins a duplicate award pin on her mother MichelePoulsbo Rotarian Michele Doyle honored her daughter Aubrey Doyle for her service to the community and participation as a Rotary outbound exchange student. Aubrey received a Paul Harris Fellowship award based on contributions to the Rotary International Foundation made in her name by Michele. Shown is Aubrey looking on a President Naveen pins a duplicate award on mother Michele. We honor and celebrate both of them!
Aubrey Doyle Receives Paul Harris Award Hugh Nelson 2016-01-15 08:00:00Z

Morrow Manor Fundraising Challenge Goal Reached

Morrow Manor
On December 30, 2015, the North Kitsap Herald reported that fundraising efforts for the Morrow Manor Project, a joint effort between the Rotary Club of Poulsbo-North Kitsap, the Kitsap County YWCA, and the City of Poulsbo to build a planned eight-unit community that will provide long-term supportive housing for domestic violence survivors and their children, had reached the fundraising goal to qualify for matching challenge funds that had been offered by Tim Ryan Properties of Poulsbo.
The article notes that:
"Fundraising for the $2.1 million project is well underway with a commitment of $500,000 from the C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust, a major gift from the estate of Sandra Boro Hill and, now, a $100,000 donation match from Tim Ryan Properties."
Morrow Manor Fundraising Challenge Goal Reached Hugh Nelson 2016-01-15 08:00:00Z
Anita Blau, Chris Morrissey, and Larry Craig are Inducted into Poulsbo Rotary

Anita Blau, Chris Morrissey, and Larry Craig are Inducted into Poulsbo Rotary

Larry Craig, Anita Blau, and Chris Morrissey Inducted into Poulsbo RotaryWe are proud to induct the newest members of our club. They are Anita Blau, Chris Morrissey, and Larry Craig. Membership Chair PK Mclean inspires hale and hearty affirmations that are expected by the witnessing membership. Also shown in the photo with new inductees are sponsors Naveen Chadhaury, Ardis Morrow and Rand Hillier.
Anita Blau, Chris Morrissey, and Larry Craig are Inducted into Poulsbo Rotary Hugh Nelson 2016-01-15 08:00:00Z
Rotarians receive recognition for Math Tutor Program at Poulsbo Elementary

Rotary Volunteer Math Tutors HonoredRotarians Jim Schlachter and Roger Gallington honored for math tutor program

President Naveen Chaudhary honors Rotarians of the Month Roger Gallington and Jim Schlachter for their outstanding efforts in coordinating the volunteer math tutoring program at Poulsbo Elementary School.
Rotarians receive recognition for Math Tutor Program at Poulsbo Elementary Hugh Nelson 2016-01-15 08:00:00Z
Featured Article on Morrow Manor in this Month's District 5020 Newsletter

Morrow Manor Featured in District 5020 Newsletter

Morrow Manor logoPoulsbo-NK Rotary's Morrow Manor project, a collaboration with YWCA of Kitsap County, is featured in this month's District 5020 News. You can read the article, "Poulsbo Rotary Battles Domestic Violence in a Big Way," at this link. The Morrow Manor web site is now active. Keep up with the latest developments at supportmorrowmanor.org.
Featured Article on Morrow Manor in this Month's District 5020 Newsletter Hugh Nelson 2015-12-10 08:00:00Z
Special Club Recognition for Jim Martin

Special Club Recognition for Jim Martin

Long time Poulsbo Rotarian Jim Martin is given special recognition for his long and continued service to his community.  Whether it’s his amazing work with the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, helping with the creation of the Kingston Rotary, or whipping the other Jims into shape, Jim exemplifies the best of service above self.  Thank you Jim. 
Special Club Recognition for Jim Martin Kimi Kinoshita 2015-12-10 08:00:00Z
New Exchange Student from Finland

New Exchange Student from Finland

Exchange Student Katri Ollila from FinlandKatri Ollila, our inbound exchange student from 
Laihia, Finland is truly “A Gift to the World.”  
We are treated to an introduction to her home 
country but we are most delighted with the 
charms of everyday life on the 200 acres of the 
Ollila piggery farm and forest and “meeting” her 
family.  We are so grateful to have Katri in our 
Rotary Family. 
New Exchange Student from Finland Kimi Kinoshita 2015-11-24 08:00:00Z
Poulsbo Rotary Honors Jim Sund

Poulsbo Rotary Honors Jim Sund

Poulsbo Rotary honors Jim SundOur club is teeming with outstanding members who 
quietly give of themselves time and time again.  
President Naveen recognizes Jim Sund for such 
service over many, many years.     
Jim has not only served as a past president, he has 
been our youth protection officer, and he and Anne 
have been host parents to many exchange students. 
We are blessed to have you.  Thank you.
Poulsbo Rotary Honors Jim Sund Kimi Kinoshita 2015-11-24 08:00:00Z
Rotary Foundation Month

Rotary Foundation Month

Poulsbo Rotary Foundation Chair Lori Coutier presents information about The Rotary Foundation
In November Rotary's 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs just like ours focused their attention on The Rotary Foundation. Our November 13th club meeting was dedicated to this subject. The club's Rotary Foundation Chair, Lori Cloutier, made a general presentation about The Rotary Foundation (photo left), and club member Cindy Tveit (photo below left) told of her experiences as a Foundation Scholar in Australia in 1986. The RI Foundation supports (among its various activities) one of the largest private scholarship funds in the world.
Rotary International is global association of Rotary Clubs that supports Rotary clubs worldwide by coordinating global programs, campaigns, and initiatives. A separate charitable organization, The Rotary Foundation, uses generous donations to fund projects by Rotarians and our partners in communities around the world. As a nonprofit, all of the Foundation's funding comes from voluntary contributions made by Rotarians and friends who share our vision of a better world.
Club member Cindy Tveit giving her presentation as a former Rotary Foundation Scholar in Australia in 1986.
Together, Rotary clubs, Rotary International, and The Rotary Foundation work to make lasting improvements in our communities and around the world. RI directs its efforts in six areas to enhance its local and global impact. The most successful and sustainable projects and activities tend to fall within the following areas:
  • Promoting peace
  • Fighting disease
  • Providing clean water
  • Saving mothers and children
  • Supporting education
  • Growing local economies
The Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Club normally has several projects each year that receive funding from the Rotary International Foundation. In addition, our club members donate funds in support of Rotary's global initiatives such as eradicating polio.
The Rotary International web site reports:
The Rotary Foundation is now 93rd in The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual ranking of the top 400 nonprofit organizations in the United States. The ranking is based on monetary contributions from private sources and reflects the increasing generosity of those who support Rotary’s mission.
The Rotary Foundation earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the largest and most prestigious independent evaluator of nonprofits in the United States.
This year’s top distinction is the Foundation’s eighth in a row, which places the Foundation in the top 2 percent of U.S.-based charities. In a letter to the Foundation, Charity Navigator President and CEO Michael Thatcher wrote, “Receiving four out of a possible four stars indicates that your organization adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way.
“This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator differentiates The Rotary Foundation from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust,” Thatcher said.
The Rotary Foundation is not to be confused with the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation, which is our club's separate charitable fundraising organization for funding projects and partnerships specific to our club. Club members and friends of Poulsbo Rotary can contribute to separately to either organization.
Rotary Foundation Month Hugh Nelson 2015-11-20 08:00:00Z

Poulsbo Rotary Partners with Second Table Ministries in South Africa

Poulsbo Rotary Partners with Second Table Ministries in South Africa

Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary is a partner with Poulsbo based Second Table Ministries (STM) in two ongoing projects in South Africa. Below is some information from the STM Web site telling more about the projects.
Aliwal North Day CareHome Based Day Care project​
There are literally hundreds of thousands of orphans and vulnerable young children in South Africa. These kids are in urgent need of loving care and mental and physical stimulation. STM has launched a two-year demonstration project to show that by joining home based care with center based care, training teachers, providing good supervision and generating community support the participants can:
  • Provide quality care for kids.
  • Stimulate their physical and mental development.
  • Train teachers with skills much needed in South Africa.
  • Create programs that will be sustainable with South Africa resources.
STM’s prime partner and on site manager is the Hilton URCSA church in Aliwal North. Other partners include Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary, Caring Clowns International, and North Point Church all from the USA; also, the South African government, and several local Aliwal North businesses, individuals, and churches, providing mostly in-kind contributions. The care facility has been equipped, 15 caregivers have been trained, and 168 kids are being given care. STM's plan is to expand to 20 teachers and 198 kids in care by 2017.
Aliwal North Day CareMokgophong Community Center and Early Childhood Development Program
Desiree and Peter Fisher, a dedicated South African couple, have nearly exhausted their resources building a small community center which, in addition to other services, operates as an Early Childhood Development facility for 12 orphans and vulnerable children in a poverty stricken settlement in Mookgophong. They have asked for STM's help in enlarging the program and achieving sustainability through local resources.
STM has committed $10,000 for the first year and obtained an additional $2,500 from Poulsbo Rotary. They are working together with the Fishers to obtain funding from the South African government and other sources so this project can become sustainable and grow to care for 30 children. The project expansion begins in November 2015.
Poulsbo Rotary Partners with Second Table Ministries in South Africa Hugh Nelson 2015-11-03 08:00:00Z
Rotary Friendship Exchange to Australia

Rotary Friendship Exchange to Sydney, Australia

We are very pleased to learn that Gaston and Lynn Peter-Contesse will be part of a team representing District 5020 on a Friendship Exchange to District 9685 based in Sydney, Australia. They are among 6 couples from 5020 including 3 couples from Vancouver Island. The Friendship Exchange is hosted by Rotarians from a number of clubs within the District, so that visiting Rotarians stay 3 or 4 days with one club and then move on to another, thus maximizing their exposure to experiences and fellowship that the Exchange is meant to provide.
Participating clubs are:
    Norwest Sunrise Bella Vista
    Upper Blue Mountains
    Gosford North
    Upper Northern Beaches
The group leaves on October 29 and returns November 19. Gaston said that they will have two days in downtown Sidney before meeting their hosts. He's hoping to fully experience the national rugby tournament going on that first weekend against New Zealand. We are so proud of you, Gaston, and we are anxious to hear all about your experiences down under. G’day mate!


Rotary Friendship Exchange to Australia Kimi Kinoshita 2015-10-30 07:00:00Z
Be a Fifth Grade Math Tutor

Be a Fifth Grade Math Tutor

Be a fifth grade math tutorDo you know that feeling of joy the first time you solved a difficult puzzle? It’s almost as much fun to see a fifth grader master a mathematical problem. You can see some wonderful examples of these problems at http://www.blainesd.org/mathchamps/middle_school/MS14.html. As a tutor, you will help prepare students for the 2016 Math Olympiad and perhaps start them on the road to a STEM career in the sciences or engineering. Tutors will meet with up to four students each from 09:30 to 10:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Email Roger Gallington at rogergallington@comcast.net or call/text 206 730 3915 to learn more and volunteer. We would like to get volunteer schedules set so we can start next week.
Be a Fifth Grade Math Tutor Kimi Kinoshita 2015-10-28 07:00:00Z
Tim Ryan Family Donation to Morrow Manor Project

 Ryan Family Donation to Morrow Manor 

Ardis Morrow makes a stunning announcement immediately following her weekly “story” for us. Club members Dan and Kevin Ryan announce that the TIM RYAN FAMILY pledges a $100,000 match challenge to the Morrow Manor Project . We are all extremely grateful for this amazing gift!
Tim Ryan Family Donation to Morrow Manor Project 2015-09-27 07:00:00Z

Morrow Manor Corner

The Poulsbo Club has undertaken a major project to build four duplex units on a part of a donated parcel of land in the City of Poulsbo.  The dwellings, once constructed will be deeded over, debt free, to the YWCA or use in the YWCA's supportive housing program for survivors of domestic violence.  The dwellings will be collectively named Morrow Manor in honor of Ardis Morrow, a long time Rotarian and advocate for survivors of domestic violence.  With the addition of these housing units the supportive housing inventory in Kitsap County will increase by 200% over today's resources. The remainder of the land will be deeded over to the City for an active city park.

The target construction date is June 2016.  We are in our Capital Fundraising campaign now.  Our capital target is $2.3 million.  We have received two major donations and a number of smaller ones totaling a little less than $1M to date.  The Poulsbo Rotary club has pledged $8000/yr for 10 years to help support the YWCA's operational costs of the domestic violence survivor program.

If you would like a presentation about domestic violence in Kitsap County and the partnership of the Rotary Club and the YWCA or would like to be involved in the Morrow Manor Project, please contact Chad Solvie at (360) 394-4010.
Donations for the Morrow Manor Project can be made to:  The Poulsbo-NK Rotary Foundation (footnote:  Morrow Manor).  All contributions are usually tax deductible.

Please look for periodic progress reports here.
Morrow Manor Corner Rand Hillier 2015-09-15 07:00:00Z

A New Rotary Year

2015 -16 President Naveen Chaudhary led us through our annual club assembly, which can be seen here.  Naveen is pictured here with Rotary International 2015-16 President Ravi Ravidran at the President Elects Training (PETS).
We look forward to an exciting and rewarding Rotary year! 
A New Rotary Year 2015-07-10 07:00:00Z

Chris Madison steps down as Program Chair

Rotarian Chris Madison is stepping down after 17 (!!) years of service as Program Chair.  2014-15 President Rob Gelder presented Chris with a certificate for "A career as Program Chair with the Poulsbo/North Kitsap Rotary Club.  For the countless hours of searching, soliciting and scheduling interesting, thought provoking and downright excellent programs for the members and guests to enjoy Friday in and Friday out for nearly two decades.  We owe you a great debt of gratitude and heartfelt thanks."  
Gary Nakamura is the new program chair and can be emailed at nakamura@berkeley.edu
Chris Madison steps down as Program Chair 2015-07-10 07:00:00Z
Meet Rotary International's New President

K.R. Ravindran’s life has been molded by family, country, and Rotary. Serving as Rotary president is his way of giving back to each of them.  Before he gives a speech, K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran doesn’t like flowery, adulatory introductions. They make him uncomfortable.

The 2015-16 Rotary president would rather keep a low profile and share the credit. If it were up to him, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this article. Negotiating Days of Tranquility during the Sri Lankan civil war so that health workers could administer drops of polio vaccine? Although it was on his desk that the agreement landed, he says, a lot of people worked to make that happen. Rebuilding 23 tsunami-damaged schools for 14,000 children? He merely led the committee. Taking a label-printing business from a small outfit operating in a space the size of a garage to a global powerhouse in the packaging business that has helped change the value-added tea industry in his country? Well, he simply happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“I’m sometimes introduced as a self-made man,” says Ravindran, a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo. “You’ve got to be utterly egocentric to believe you are self-made. Each one of us is made because so many people helped us become who we are.

One of the reasons I work so much for Rotary is that I have been helped by so many people, and often you never have a chance to reciprocate,” he explains. “The only way you can is by helping others. When the people I help ask me, ‘What can I do?’ I say, ‘Go and help someone else in return.’”  Read more or see the video.  BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD!

Meet Rotary International's New President 2015-07-03 07:00:00Z

Kitsap County Core Public Health Indicators: Summary

Kitsap Health District issued their Health Indicators Summary, which makes for very interesting ready.  If you want to learn more about the demographics and health of our community, take a few minutes to look at the summary here.  
Kitsap County Core Public Health Indicators: Summary 2015-06-25 07:00:00Z

Viking Tour - So Much Fun!!

Viking Tour was a smashing success!!  Nearly 400 riders participated in the 3, 35, and 65 mile rides and their comments were universally positive.  Riders raved that the event was very organized, the volunteers were extremely friendly and enthusiastic and that overall it was a very fun event.  
The food  was delicious and the beer garden also had many fans!  What a wonderful inaugural Viking Tour! More photos and information will follow.
Kudos to Poulsbo Rotarian Dan Barry for hatching the Viking Tour idea, gathering such a great team of Rotarian and community volunteers, and developing such strong support of our sponsors.  What a leader and team builder!
Viking Tour - So Much Fun!! 2015-05-21 07:00:00Z

Tent Up for Viking Tour

A small group of Rotarians worked with Bennie and BJ Armstrong to set up the tent for Viking Tour, which takes place this weekend.  The tent is generously on loan from Bennie Jets Fireworks, and will also be used next for the Poulsbo Chamber's Uncorked Event (see http://www.poulsbochamber.com/)
 If you haven't already registered for Viking Tour, go to www.poulsbovikingtour.com.  Non-riders are welcome to stop by to listen to the band at Fishline (787 NW Liberty Lane off of Viking Avenue) from noon to 5 PM.
Tent Up for Viking Tour 2015-05-14 07:00:00Z

Thrivent Matches Rotary Grant to Coffee Oasis

The North Kitsap Rotary continues to be a strong supporter of Poulsbo's Coffee Oasis.  As we have witnessed many times, Rotary support encourages other organizations to support the causes that Rotary lifts up.  Naveen Chaudhary chairs the Dream Home Orphanage, a local 501c3 non-profit dedicated to assisting in education for youth.   The Dream Home was recently awarded a $500 Thrivent Financial grant for Coffee Oasis.  Thrivent Financial is a fraternal insurance organization.  You will recall that Jerry Deeter arranged for Thrivent to sponsor the Casino night.  This $500 grant from Thrivent is considered supplemental money to stimulate other efforts to raise additional funds for the identified charity.  Through the efforts of the Rotary Youth Services Committee, the $500 gifts was more than doubled with an additional $1300 for Coffee Oasis for a total of $1800  Many thanks to Don Jukam who coordinated these efforts with Coffee Oasis and the Dream Home..   
Coffee Oasis will use the $1300 to purchase an alarm system and a television/projector to use the expansion space.  This will provide video options for community and job training meetings.
Thrivent Matches Rotary Grant to Coffee Oasis 2015-05-14 07:00:00Z

Nepal Earthquake

The devastating earthquake in Nepal struck the close to the heart of Poulsbo Rotary given our relationship with the Dream House Orphanage in Nepal and Garrett Madison's adventures climbing Mount Everest.  
President Elect Naveen Chaudhary heard from the Dream House Orphanage Thursday that the kids and the orphanage are unaffected - thank goodness!   Naveen wants our club to lead the relief efforts for the victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal. This project will have two phases: the fist phase will focus on providing emergency funding for food, water, tents, medicine etc. and later when things have settled down we will focus on providing financial assistance to help families rebuild their lives. The International Services Committee has approved a $3,000 to Nourish Nepal, which goes towards this purpose. This project will raise money from various sources including our own club, other Rotary clubs in and outside of our districts, and from the general public. It will use all possible media in general to reach the broadest audience possible.
Naveen will be working with our club and foundation boards to structure our support and will report to the club as things progress. Thus far, $13,000 has been raised and Naveen thanks the following people and organizations: Chris Madison, Brenda Wall, Darla and Jed Selter, Ann Pyles, Bonnie Pedersen, Caring Clowns International, Dream Home Orphanage, our club, and our Facebook friends
For past stories about Poulsbo Rotary's efforts in Nepal, click on these stories. (Stories/dream-home-updateStories/nepal-orphanage-receives-new-mattresses).
Nepal Earthquake 2015-04-30 00:00:00Z

Poulsbo Chamber Director Mark Abshire joins Rotary

Poulsbo Chamber Executive Director Mark Abshire joined the ranks of Poulsbo Rotarians.  Mark was sponsored by long-time Rotarian and community activist Ardis Morrow.
The Poulsbo Chamber announcement regarding Marks hiring stated that " Mr. Abshire has more than 20 years of experience in organizational leadership, marketing, corporate communications, public relations, and operations.   A retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Abshire has held leadership positions and been a consultant to a variety of business, government, and nonprofit organizations. 
Poulsbo Chamber Director Mark Abshire joins Rotary 2015-04-23 00:00:00Z

Kitsap Immigration Assistance receives grant

​Poulsbo Rotary granted the Kitsap Immigration Assistance Center (KIAC) $1,000, which they'll use to bring the Medical Teams International mobile dental van to KIAC’s Family Services Center in Bremerton for a one day free adult dental clinic on May 26.  This will provide badly needed dental care for low-income immigrants in our community.  With support, hope to implement 3 more such dental clinics in 2015.
KIAC was started 2004.  It is committed to the well-being of immigrants and the development of a rich multicultural community. Integration of immigrants into our community is our high priority. 
Kitsap Immigration Assistance receives grant 2015-04-23 00:00:00Z

Great Give nets $13,351 for Poulsbo Rotary Foundation

YOU made great things happen for the Poulsbo Rotary Club during the KITSAP GREAT GIVE!  The initial results show that Poulsbo Rotary Foundation received $13,351 in support over the course of the day from 41 donors. Of that amount $5,000 was anonymous and $466 was through the Great Give matching fund pool.  Of the total amount, $2,575 was restricted for the Eli Sculpture project coming together for the city park near the future Morrow Manor. 
This is just another example of how wonderfully generous our community truly is! Thank you for caring and your support.  Click the image to see our video.
Great Give nets $13,351 for Poulsbo Rotary Foundation 2015-04-17 00:00:00Z

Kossoye Development Thanks Poulsbo Rotary

The thank you letter that Poulsbo Rotary received from Dr. Dennis Carlson, Associate Director of Kossoye Development Program says it all (emphasis added):
Thank you very much for your great help to the Kossoye Development Program. We received your check of $3,400 and it has been deposited and will soon be on its way to the program in northern Ethiopia.
We will use the Rotary funds to purchase open-pollinating seeds in Addis Ababa, transport them to Gondar by truck and hire very poor university students and other destitute women to prepare sets of four kinds of seeds (chard, carrots, cabbage, and lettuce). The total cost of one set of seeds
is US $1.20 including the packaging.
In total, we are planning to distribute 20,000 sets of seeds to students in the 3rd to 8th grades in rural elementary schools from Gondar to Dabat, Ethiopia. Since the average household has five people, the program will provide access to nutritious food for 100,000 people. Participants will also be trained to produce seeds for use in the coming year. Household-based seed production and saving of open pollinating seeds will provide self-sustaining vegetable growing activities for years to come.
Kossoye Development Thanks Poulsbo Rotary 2015-04-17 00:00:00Z

Grants to Poulsbo Orchestra and Parent Child Assistance Program

On April 10, Poulsbo Rotary's Foundation granted $1000 each to the Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP) and Poulsbo Community Orchestra.  PCAP provides support to families recovering from addiction to help them stay on track and connected.  The Poulsbo Orchestra (https://www.facebook.com/PoulsboCommunityOrchestra) is an all volunteer organization and in addition to other events, is scheduled to perform at Poulsbo Summer Nights on August 4.
Grants to Poulsbo Orchestra and Parent Child Assistance Program 2015-04-16 00:00:00Z

Garrett Madison Update

Garrett Madison, son of Poulsbo Rotarian Chris Madison, spoke to our club in March regarding his leadership and mountaineering adventures.  
For those of you who want to follow Garrett’s current expedition on Everest, here are two links:
- This link will be updated as the expedition moves up and down the mountain several times as they acclimatize to the altitude, http://madisonmountaineering.com/dispatches/
- This link is to ESPN Sports Center.  It was broadcast Sunday, April 12, 2015, http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12663968.  After you get through the two commercials, you may want to watch the video full screen.
Garrett Madison Update 2015-04-16 00:00:00Z

170 Years of Service - Ardis Morrow and Bill Austin

​Poulsbo Rotary is awarding three Community Project Awards as part of the free family event co-sponsored by the Poulsbo Rotary Club and the Greater Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce "BUILDING COMMUNITY CELEBRATION" to honor the lifetimes of community service of Bill Austin and Ardis Morrow, to be held May 2 form Noon to 4 PM at Poulsbo Waterfront Park & Pavilion.
The Youth Community Service Project Challenge (click here for guidelines) is open to any individual youth or youth group who live(s) in North Kitsap County. The projects chosen must take place in North Kitsap County and be completed no later than August 31, 2015. Individual youth, as well as youth groups, youth athletic teams, youth service clubs, neighborhood kids are encouraged to apply.
Poulsbo Rotary will make three awards:
170 Years of Service - Ardis Morrow and Bill Austin 2015-03-15 00:00:00Z

Update from Outbound Exchange Student Jake Brown

Myself and the other exchange students in Bydgoszcz, post valentine's ball performance! :)
Dear Poulsbo Rotary,
I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been in Poland for almost seven months now. Really, I still feel like I just got here, and time is going way too fast. It’s actually kind of sad. I am having so much fun, learning tons, and making new friends and connections. My life is so crazy right now, but the good kind of crazy! I feel like everyday there’s something going on, or some sort of adventure I'm finding myself on.
Photo: Jake and the other exchange students in Bydgoszcz, post Valentine's ball performance!
Update from Outbound Exchange Student Jake Brown 2015-03-13 00:00:00Z

Bathhouses in Nepal

Editor Note:  This article was corrected to reflect that the bath houses are located in Nepal.  Imagine not having a private place to take a shower or bath.  500 Nepal citizens will benefit from the three bathhouses constructed and one underway that have been constructed with a grant headed by the Poulsbo Rotary club.  Poulsbo Rotary President Elect Naveen Chaudhary has headed up this effort.  
Bathhouses in Nepal 2015-03-05 00:00:00Z

Building Community Celebration

On Saturday, May 2,  2015 we will celebrate two lifetimes of building community. That is a combined 170 years of service.  Ardis Morrow turns 90 and Bill Austin turns 80 in May. From 12:00 noon-4 pm. the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Club & our co-sponsor, The Greater Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce, is organizing a special celebration at the Muriel Williams Waterfront Park Pavilion and Anderson Parkway in Poulsbo.  It will be a free family event to honor the years of community service given by Ardis (not only her work since the mid-1980's on behalf of the victims of domestic violence; but her service as an art docent for 35 years, her service on  the School Board  & Kingston Port Commission) and Bill  (for his vision and the myriad of Poulsbo beautification projects he has spearheaded)
The celebration has a dual intent:
1.To honor Ardis Morrow and Bill Austin
2.To educate the community, especially our youth, about the value of community service
 A number of fun activities are being planned  for this day of celebration:
Building Community Celebration Ann Pyles 2015-03-05 00:00:00Z
Michele Doyle named Rotarian of the Month
President Rob Gelder named Michele Doyle as Rotarian of the Month.  Michele was recognized for her continuing service to Rotary including her efforts in the exchange student program and with Viking Tour.  Michele is a true Rotarian in that she loves to serve and is always willing to pitch in.  Rotary and our community are lucky to have her involved.
Michele Doyle named Rotarian of the Month 2015-02-28 00:00:00Z

Ron Orcutt and Wendell Verduin Inducted

Ron Orcutt returned to Poulsbo Rotary and Wendell Verduin joined the Club.  Ron was sponsored by his friend and neighbor, Gayle Heller.  Wendell was sponsored by Brenda Wall and is a board member with Second Table.  Welcome Ron and Wendell!
Ron Orcutt and Wendell Verduin Inducted 2015-02-19 00:00:00Z

Jon Pavey receives Paul Harris Fellow

District Governor Michael Procter award Jon Pavey his Paul Harris Fellow.  Jon has been a member of Poulsbo Rotary for a relatively short time, and we are please that he is so supportive of the Rotary International Foundation.  Congratulations Jon!
Jon Pavey receives Paul Harris Fellow 2015-02-19 00:00:00Z

Seeking Scholarship Applications

The vocational and academic scholarship committees are seeking applications for deserving recipients.  Rotarian Gary Nakamura is heading up the academic committee and can be emailed by clicking here.  Former Rotarian Gary Jackson is heading up the vocational scholarships and can be contacted here.  The applications are at www.poulsborotary.org, and can also be accessed here: Vocational and Academic.
Please forward this bulletin to students who might be interested.  This is an exciting program of our club supporting youth and vocational services.
Seeking Scholarship Applications 2015-02-13 00:00:00Z

Hunger Heroes

This Friday will be last day of this year's every Friday, 3 month long Rotary Hunger Heroes Food Drive for Fishline. To date we have donated 924 lbs of Food and $2,303. Thanks so much for your continuing support of Fishline and their clients.
Fishline appreciates all donations, but at certain times (such as now) they have special needs.
   FOOD items:
  • Hams
  • Pies
  • Canned Fruit
  • Coffee (not decaf)
    NON FOOD items:
  • Size 3,4 & 5 Diapers
  • One-man tents
  • Prepaid Phones & Phone Cards
Ann will be there to take your welcome donations to Fishline.  Alane Basco-Yu will be there representing Fishline, taking pictures and preparing material for Fishline's online media and marketing campaign. Dig down into your hearts and wallets.  Let's be bold and give BIG.  Neighbors helping Neighbors!!!
​In Rotary Service,
Kimi, Gary, Jonathan, Jack & Ann
Hunger Heroes 2014-12-18 00:00:00Z

Annual Meeting and Officer Elections

Our club's annual meeting was held December 12th.  Club officers presented a summary of our service and other work to date.  You can view the presentation here.  The following club officers were elected for the 2015-16 Rotary year:
President - Naveen Chaudhary
President Elect - Mary Nader
Vice President - Brad Allen
Secretary - Don Jukam
Treasurer - Donna Davidson
Community Service - Jim Schlachter
​Youth Services - Larry Bartholomew
Club Service - Jeff Williams
Vocational Service - Karen Timken
International Service - Ann Pyles
RI Foundation - Mike Cloutier
​Public Relations - Kimi Kinoshita
Membership - PK MacLean
Annual Meeting and Officer Elections 2014-12-18 00:00:00Z

Holiday Events for Rotarians and Guests

'Tis the season for holiday cheer and fellowship.

After our meeting on December 19th, we will take a two week break and resume club meetings on January 9th.  Your newsletter editors will be taking a two week holiday.  

Naveen Chaudhary is hosting a party on December 19th at his mother, Bonnie Pedersen's, house at 1205 Sawdust Hill Road. 

RSVP to Naveen at onetiger@hotmail.com or 206-799-1234

Rand Hillier is hosting "Aloners" on December 25th at 2 PM at his home.
Singles, couples without children in the area, etc. are welcome to this alcohol free open house.
Contact Rand at 360-697-4133 or drandrotary@comcast.net.




Holiday Events for Rotarians and Guests Meredith Green 2014-12-16 00:00:00Z

Friendship Exchange to Australia

WANTED!!  A group of 12 Rotarians and spouses (or single Rotarians) for a 18 day

Rotary Friendship  Exchange with District 9685 Australia.

This RFE will see the District 9685 RFE Team visit District 5020 from June 1 to 18, 2015.  Our outbound team will be in District 9685 November 2 to 20, 2015.
A Rotary Friendship Exchange is an excellent opportunity to meet Rotarians and their families from a different geographic area and cultural background.  Often lifetime friendships are made on a RFE.
This RFE will be for 18 days, with us hosting the District 9685 group for three days each in six different Rotary Clubs, three on each side of the border.  For those who are unable to travel, hosting a visiting couple will allow you to participate significantly in the friendship exchange.
District 9685 is one of two Rotary Districts covering the Sydney metropolitan area in Australia.  The district cover an area of 4 500 square miles (11 650 square kilometers) Its boundaries stretch from the Blue Mountains to the sea north of Sydney Harbour, reaching across the Hawkesbury River and north to Toukley on the central coast.  The Blue Mountains define its western boundary, beautiful beaches define its eastern border and rural communities make up its western and northern borders.  For more info go to www.rotarydistrict9685.org.au   
How do you get involved?
Friendship Exchange to Australia 2014-12-11 00:00:00Z

Coffee Oasis Celebrates Two Years in Poulsbo

Two years has passed since Poulsbo Rotary spearheaded the effort to help Coffee Oasis establish a North Kitsap location.  Let's pause to reflect on the difference that Poulsbo Rotary has helped make in the lives of Poulsbo/North Kitsap Youth.  From January 2013 through October 2014, Coffee Oasis results have been:
Street Hope
Youth contacts made at NK Streets and Schools                 1,335
Unduplicated Youth Contacted                                               506
Oasis Center
Youth who attended an Oasis Center                                  1,223
Unduplicated Youth                                                               228
Youth accessing resources (e.g. shower, laundry, food)           120
Partnering Hope
Youth enrolled in Case Management                                         73
Youth connected to services                                                     54
Youth enrolled in business classes                                           100
Youth enrolled in job training internship                                    29
Youth employed through internship/case management             47
Youth doing community service                                                76
Coffee Oasis Celebrates Two Years in Poulsbo 2014-12-11 00:00:00Z

Rick Endresen

Rick Endresen passed away suddenly as a result of a heart attack on December 6, 2014.  Rick was a North Kitsap native and long-time friend of Rotary, the Sons of Norway, and Fishline.  Rick volunteered at the Sons of Norway to serve our Rotary breakfast.  President Rob Gelder remembers that last Friday, Rick picked up his plate with a smile, which may be many Rotarians' final memory of Rick.  Rick's service will be held at the Sons of Norway Friday, December 12 at 1 PM.  Read his obituary here
Rick Endresen 2014-12-10 00:00:00Z
Steve Garfein Profile
Steve Garfein, born July 6, 1939, in New York City, is the oldest of three children.  The family lived in Manhattan in an apartment building on the corner of 104th Street and Broadway.  Steve never knew his dad’s father, who passed away when Steve’s dad, Eli, was 16 years old.  Dad completed high school at the famous Stuyvesant technical high school, and for the next 44 years Eli worked for only one company, Beck Distributing Corporation.  Founded in 1914, the company was involved with the distribution of aviation, radio, and motorcycle parts and accessories (dad was friends with Walter Davidson, the Davidson in Harley Davidson).  In the years before the children were born, Steve’s mother, Dorothy, accompanied his father on long cross-country trips in a model A Ford, back and forth between New York and California, while Eli called on his customers throughout the United States.
Steve Garfein Profile 2014-11-13 00:00:00Z
Second Table Trip to Africa
We heard from Second Table Ministries a few weeks ago regarding their service to poor people in South Africa.  They are planning a trip to visit their ministries and you can view the flyer here
Second Table Trip to Africa 2014-11-13 00:00:00Z
Outbound Exchange Student Jake Brown update
Dear Poulsbo Rotary,
          Let me just start by saying how amazing Poland is and how thankful I am to be here! Over only just two months I have made friends and memories that I’ll never forget! It’s so crazy to think that I’m living in Europe for a year. I’ll be doing the most basic tasks, like sitting on a bus, and I just have to remind myself how cool it is to be riding the bus in Poland as an exchange student. The feeling is amazing!
          Everything has become so familiar so sudden. At the beginning I had no clue where I was, what I had gotten myself into, and everything was so different to me. But now I’ve found a nice routine and I have a real feel for the city of Bydgoszcz, and I feel more comfortable with the differences around me. I remember my first morning here my family had poured me a bowl of cereal and ask “would you like cold milk or warm milk?” I was completely confused. I understood what they were asking, but I had no clue why they were asking. Of course I wanted cold milk. Who wants warm milk in with their Cinnamon Toast Crunch? But you know what I tried it eventually, and I have to say, it’s my new normal. Or when my host brother, Tomek, was showing me how to take the bus and tram to school. That was scary, so many bus and tram numbers to remember, and stops, and how to buy a bus pass, and where each bus or tram goes. Let’s just say I was horrified. But to this day I have not gotten lost, or ticketed by the transportation police. I even know how to get around to different parts of the city now. Not just from my house to my school, and back. It’s nice to just feel familiar with my surroundings.
Outbound Exchange Student Jake Brown update 2014-11-06 00:00:00Z

Blood Drive November 10th

Poulsbo Community Blood Drive
Forward this email, post on Facebook, tell a neighbor, bring a friend, donate.
Monday, November 10th  |  12:00 pm – 6:00 pm (closed 2 – 2:45)
Poulsbo Fire Station  |  911 NE Liberty (off Hwy 305)
To make your appointment call 1-800-398-7888 or click here
To learn more about the donation process and how your donation makes a difference go to www.psbc.org
Blood Drive November 10th 2014-11-06 00:00:00Z
Osprey Nest Moved
The club's community service committee decided to support the relocation of an osprey nest that was creating a hazard on top of one of the lights at Strawberry Field (at the corner of Hostmark and Noll Roads).   Articles about the osprey nest relocation appeared in the North Kitsap Herald and the Kitsap Sun.  
Osprey Nest Moved 2014-10-16 00:00:00Z

Viking Tour on FaceBook

Viking Tour is now on Facebook! Grab your mouse, tablet or phone and make sure to LIKE Viking Tour at: https://www.facebook.com/PoulsboVikingTour. The Viking Tour is a group ride on the Kitsap Peninsula which will take place on Sunday, May 17th. The tour starts and finishes in historic Poulsbo, “Little Norway”, and is held during the iconic Viking Fest carnival and festival.  Better yet, visit our new website at www.poulsbovikingtour.com and register for the ride.
The ride has three different lengths for all riding levels: The Odin: a 65-mile metric-century featuring over 5,000ft of climbing and a sprint competition with a $1,000 purse. The Thor: a 35-mile metric-half-century which is fairly flat and just for those looking to have a bit of fun with a little less challenge, and The Loki: a 5-mile Family Fun Ride where the whole clan can participate.
The Viking Tour is meant to be whatever you make of it. Do it for fun, do it to challenge your personal best or do it to WIN! Whatever your intent, you’ll be glad you came! We encourage professionals, amateurs, recreational riders, clubs & cycling teams to participate. It’s time for all Vikings to trim your beards, shave your legs and get ready to ride!
Viking Tour on FaceBook Dan Barry 2014-10-09 00:00:00Z
5 Things Every Rotary Club Facebook Page Should Have
Tell Rotary's StoryA post on the District 5020 Facebook page caught my eye the other day. It was a repost of Rotary International’s “5 Things Every Rotary Club Facebook Page Should Have.” The basic elements are:
  1. Determine your audience and create a strategy
  2. Use images that make your club look great
  3. Make your "About" and other Facebook tabs work for you
  4. Post content that is relevant to your audience
  5. Get club buy in
The link above is to a 40 slide PowerPoint presentation discussing these elements. Using that presentation as a guide, first we must decide whether the Facebook page is for club members or to inform the community and attract new members. 80% of our posts should be about what’s most relevant to our audience. How do we want them to feel after reading our post? What action do we want them to take?
Perhaps you are a new member of our club or someone looking for a new way to participate. Although our web site is robust and receives contributions from a number of participants, our club's Facebook page, though it receives regular posts, might be a place that could use your help in implementing the ideas advocated in the Rotary presentation. While it may seem reasonable that this is a job for the club's PR director, another article from the RI web site advocated using a group of Rotarians to get the best results.
5 Things Every Rotary Club Facebook Page Should Have Hugh Nelson 2014-09-30 00:00:00Z
Youth Exchange - "A Life in a Year"
We are still collecting applications for the Long and Short Term exchange programs!  We had our first Q&A forum last week and spoke with students and their parents about both programs.  We still have a week to go before the Club Level applications are due in to me so don't stop looking and talking about this life-changing program.  Go to RYE5020.org for more information and to download the Club Level application.  Or, put your referrals directly in touch with me!  I'm more than happy to take the time to speak with students and parents.    Once interviews take place on October 8, it will be too late to apply!  Contact Michele Doyle at 360-689-4156
Youth Exchange - "A Life in a Year" Michele Doyle 2014-09-25 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Walt Washington
Living a Life Inspired by Strong Examples
Walt Washington grew up in a large family when "many families during those times were big."  He was #4 of 7 boys and 1 girl - "Dad wanted a girl so they kept trying until they had one."
Starting out in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Walt remembers a good childhood.  "I loved hanging around with my brothers.  To this day, I can't imagine not having siblings."  Life was happy in Mississippi until Walt's dad unexpectedly moved to Nevada, leaving Walt's mom and all the children behind.  Walt later learned that his dad and uncle were involved in running liquor, had gotten caught and made a deal with local authorities that he would move out of state to avoid prosecution and jail time.
Rotarian Profile, Walt Washington Mary Nader 2014-09-24 00:00:00Z
Help for Victims of Domestic Violence
It doesn't seem real until it happens to you or it happens to someone you love.  Domestic violence occurs once every 18 seconds somewhere in the United States, usually but not exclusively to women.  It is often covered up, and those who are its victims need great courage and a strong support system to break out of its dangerous orbit.
Members of our local YWCA addressed our Friday meeting, armed not just with statistics but with poignant stories of victims and their escapes.  Survivors spoke of the need to have somewhere they can go that is safe and includes counseling and other support services to help bridge to better times.  Through its temporary emergency and transitional housing, its advocacy and counseling services and the myriad of other ways it offers help, families in this situation can move out of harm's way and onto a secure life thanks to the YWCA and its partners.
Our Rotary's decision for partial sponsorship of the Morrow Manor, a local transitional housing complex for domestic violence victims in the planning stages,  will be up for a vote on October 3 at our Friday meeting.  We will have a chance to decide if we wish to support this work with a 10-year commitment of funding.  Please consider attending this important meeting so your voice can be heard.
Help for Victims of Domestic Violence 2014-09-24 00:00:00Z
Fireside - Fun as Always
Rotary Club of Poulsbo/North Kitsap BIG shout-out to Jerry&Becky Deeter for once again hosting members in their home for a great Fireside Event September 17th! The place was packed to the gills; great food, great drink, great camaraderie! Best yet, as the club continues to grow. As always, Rotarians Kathy Rayment and Jim Shields pitched in to host.  Thank you!
Fireside - Fun as Always 2014-09-18 00:00:00Z
Youth Exchange, a Mother's Perspective
Even before I had my own children, I believed that it was my responsibility to be part of the global village that helps to raise the next generation.  Since joining Poulsbo Rotary, I've been a supporter of the youth exchange program.  This summer through my daughter Kader's involvement in the short-term exchange program (STEP), the benefits and FUN have delighted me.  Poulsbo Rotary sponsored four STEP students and our students were matched with participants from Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Brazil.  
The visiting students had a wonderful time touring Hurricane Ridge, Seattle, California and other locations.  Such opportunity!  When asked what her most memorable experiences of the trip were, Carol from Brazil said the visit to Seattle and the day at Mason Lake with Jerry Deeter.  Jerry invited all the students out to his place for the day, and hopefully they all have such great memories.
Having been a high school exchange student myself, I know that all of our exchange students and hosts learn much about themselves and our global community.  By being around the exchange program, our minds are broadened and we gain a different perspective about countries around the globe.  Hopefully, this perspective helps us resolve our differences creatively and makes our world a more peaceful place.
Michele Doyle asked our family to host our incoming exchange student from Nigeria and initially I hesitated because of Kader.  When asked Kader about hosting Archie, it was Kader's enthusiasm for hosting another exchange student that sealed the deal.  Archie arrives from Nigeria on August 29th and I look forward to working with the Poulsbo Rotarians to provide him a wonderful exchange experience.  Please contact me via email or by phone or text at 206.979.3700.
Michele Doyle will be recruiting soon for next year's Long Term Exchange program.   If you know an NK High School Freshman, Sophomore or Junior,  please share our Youth Exchange program information with them or have them contact Michele Doyle at 360-689-4156.  Michele will be hosting informational sessions in the coming weeks!  
Youth Exchange, a Mother's Perspective Meredith Green 2014-08-20 00:00:00Z
Hugh Nelson Joins Editorial Team
Hugh Nelson, a Poulsbo Rotarian who is on leave, will be contributing articles for the eBulletin.  Hugh and his wife, Brenda Prowse, have been living in Paris since January 2013 and plan to return to the US sometime in 2015.  We are delighted to have Hugh participating in our club again.  Hugh will peruse the Rotary website and strive to keep us abreast of pertinent global Rotary issues.  Welcome back, Hugh!
Hugh Nelson Joins Editorial Team 2014-08-01 00:00:00Z
Rotary.org - first you must log in...

Rotary.org is the Rotary International web site. If you’re like me, it’s not a place you visit often, since our club web site seems to provide plenty of information about the Rotary you see at meetings every week. However, since August 2013 Rotary International has been reaching out with a new site design that is intended to better connect you to that larger world of Rotary. It is the best place to learn about Rotary and the efforts of other clubs and districts, as well as to share projects and ideas from our club.
Rotary.org - first you must log in... Hugh Nelson 2014-07-30 00:00:00Z
Ambassadorial Scholarship Opportunity
The Ambassadorial Scholarship Program is one of the best, most successful programs Rotary has to offer. It is now called the  "Future Vision Global Grant Scholarship” program. The district component of that program is the District Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship (DRAS).  It is a $15000 value for one year of post baccalaureate study outside of Canada or the US.  An additional $15000 may also be available if certain conditions are met. The area of study must be in one of Rotary International's six areas of focus. 

Nominations are due by 15 September, with interviews of candidates in October.  We should be seeking candidates now if we want to sponsor one.  Basic eligibility:
  • Possess excellent leadership skills.
  • Have a proven academic record.
  • Have a BA or will obtain a BA in the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • Show a dedication to community service and some experience in the chosen field.
  • Have realistic goals that align with Rotary ideals or area of focus.
  • Willing to study in a country other than US or Canada.
  • Have a good understanding of Rotary so he/she will be a good ambassador.
  • Must be willing to maintain a relationship with Rotary for a lifetime.
  • Must be a permanent resident of District 5020 (but may be temporarily away at school or employment)
For other requirements and application forms contact Scott Sorensen. If you know a young person who would like the experience of  a lifetime and be willing to serve humanity it is highly recommended that he/she be introduced to this program.
Ambassadorial Scholarship Opportunity Rand Hillier 2014-07-24 00:00:00Z
Thank you, President Adams
Thank you, President Adams Mary Nader 2014-07-10 00:00:00Z
New Rotarian Profile, Pat Van Diest
Pat Van Diest was one of the lucky ones.  She grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, the oldest of 4 children, and experienced a life of "stability and unconditional love".  Her father, who worked for Western Publishing (publisher of the "Golden Books") was funny, adventurous and open.  He kept his family provided for and in happy spirits all the years they were growing up.  Her mother, a homemaker then bookkeeper, helped make their home safe and warm, as did the many extended family members who lived nearby.
Humor played a big role in their family, "and that is still important to me".  When Pat tells her story, you can see the twinkle in her eyes that comes from a life lived with joy and self-esteem.  These attributes would take her far in life, and "I am grateful for the upbringing that made that possible."
New Rotarian Profile, Pat Van Diest Mary Nader 2014-07-09 00:00:00Z
Rotary 5020 District Governor for 2014-2015

July 2014 District 5020 NEWSLETTER            


 Welcome Michael Proctor, 2014-2015 District 5020 Governor

It’s Happy New Year every July for Rotary. This is the Rotary theme for the month of July each year. This will be my theme for the next 12 months of the 2014-2015 Rotary year.

My road show commences soon and continues for the next six months. While it is a lengthy trip, it is a wonderful opportunity for me to visit each of the 88 Rotary clubs in our district along the way. I am looking forward to it. My schedule of club visits is on pages 17 - 19 in the District Directory, which is available on the District 5020 website at www.rotary5020.org.  (Editor note:  Michael will visit the Poulsbo Rotary Club on September 5, 2014.)



Rotary 5020 District Governor for 2014-2015 2014-07-09 00:00:00Z
Rotary International President for 2014-2015
Welcome Rotary International's New President, Gary Huang

Gary C.K. Huang is an adviser for Wah Lee Industrial Corp. and Bank of Panhsin, and is director of Federal Corporation and Sunty Development Co. Ltd. He previously was president of Malayan Overseas Insurance Co. and chair of Taiwan Sogo Shinkong Security Co. Ltd.

A Rotarian since 1976, Huang has served RI as vice-president, director, Foundation trustee, International Assembly group discussion leader, regional session leader, task force member and coordinator, committee member and chair, and district governor. He also was chair of the 2014 International Assembly Committee; adviser for the Permanent Fund Committee for Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong; and PolioPlus advocacy adviser for Taiwan.

He has been instrumental in membership development throughout Asia. As a Rotary Foundation trustee, Huang set the goal of recruiting 100 new Major Donors in Taiwan to celebrate Rotary's centennial; the result was the addition of 106 Major Donors in 2005 and 103 in 2006, who contributed more than $2 million to the Foundation's Annual Fund.

Huang wrote about his experiences in business and Rotary in his book, "Finding Solutions, Not Excuses." He received the Civic Service Award of the Federation of Non-Profit Associations and the Outstanding Community Service Award from Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior. In 2001, when the Rotary International Convention was held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, he was named the city's honorary mayor.

Huang is a recipient of the Rotary International Service Above Self Award and Presidential Citation and The Rotary Foundation's Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award.

Rotary International President for 2014-2015 2014-07-09 00:00:00Z
The first in a series: The Four-way Test, a Discussion
The first in a series: The Four-way Test, a Discussion Mary Nader 2014-07-09 00:00:00Z
Steve Garfein Wins Rotary International Vocational Service Leadership Award
Before taking office, all club presidents attend President-Elect Training (PETS). When Steve Garfein attended PETS, one of the major takeaways was to experiment and innovate, that is to try new things, and don't shy away from change.  During the District Governor's recent visit to our club, DG Pete Taylor presented Steve with the Rotary International Vocational Service Leadership Award, signed by Don Burton, Rotary International President, "For promoting the advancement of Vocational Service in Rotary's commitment to the highest ethical standards in business and professions." 
The award was based on Steve's service to Rotary and the community in four areas:
1.  Implementation of a state-wide high school-level Project Management Curriculum through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
2. Creation of the Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) program developed by the Vocational Service Committee of the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Club.  The pilot program was approved by Rotary District 5020 Council in 2012 and will be rolled out districtwide in the 2014-2015 Rotary year.
3. Development of a Multi-Club Fireside for the Rotary Clubs on the Kitsap Peninsula, first held at the Suquamish Tribe’s House of Awakened Culture.
4. Establishment of the Poulsbo Rotary Rendezvous, as yet to realize anything close to its full potential.
As with all things new, Steve's efforts achieved varying degrees of success; some were highly successful and others have yet to reach their potential.  Rotary provides an incredible platform for innovation.  And that innovation usually begins with one individual having an idea that just may work; and if it doesn't pan out, it still can be a valuable learning experience, perhaps leading to success in the next initiative. 
Steve Garfein Wins Rotary International Vocational Service Leadership Award 2014-07-02 00:00:00Z
Coffee Oasis Expansion Work Parties
The expansion of the Coffee Oasis continues.    Please join us August 2 for what may be our last work party.  We will have the unofficial "OPENING" of the wall between the old space and the expanded space.  More details will follow.    If you have any questions, contact Meredith Green by email or at 206.979.3700.   Please park in the Gateway Church parking l
Many thanks all the volunteers who've helped thus far.  
We're almost done!
Coffee Oasis Expansion Work Parties 2014-06-26 00:00:00Z
Everest Rescue
Below is a reprint of an article based on an interview that Joby Ogwyn had with TODAY to recount watching the deadly Mt. Everest avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas on April 18, making it the single deadliest day on the world’s tallest mountain. The harrowing aftermath is captured in the new documentary, “Everest Avalanche Tragedy.”  
in the article, Joby calls Garrett Madison, son of Rotarian Chris Madison, his hero.
An adventurer who was at base camp when 16 sherpas lost their lives on April 18 said he will never forget the avalanche's harrowing moments
Joby Ogwyn had been preparing to become the first person to ever leap off Mount Everest in a wingsuit for a Discovery Channel special, but the jump has been cancelled out of respect for those who lost their lives. Ogwyn was at base camp with an NBC camera crew there to shoot the special when the avalanche — the deadliest in the mountain's history — began on the treacherous Khumbu Icefall. 
"It's something I'll never forget,'' Ogwyn told Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Tuesday. "It was probably the worst day of my life." 
Everest Rescue 2014-05-08 00:00:00Z
Poulsbo Rotary Rendezvous Update


If you are a Rotarian and do not have a boat, no problem:  

Option 1, bring a dish to share with the boaters on the dock on Friday evening. 

Option 2, invite a friend who DOES have a boat and join the rendezvous from the water side. 

For Option 2, be sure to call the Port of Poulsbo at 360-779-3505 to reserve your slip.

We have 35 slips.  Reserve early.  The Port will release the slips to the general public on June 27th.


Click here to DOWNLOAD this flyer to invite others -
non-Rotarians welcome

Poulsbo Rotary Rendezvous Update 2014-04-20 00:00:00Z
Pouslbo Rotary Foundation Financial Information
The Poulsbo/North Kitsap Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 Foundation, which was created so that donations would treated as tax deductible (see your tax advisor) for federal taxes.  Each year, the Foundation files a form 990 with the IRS, which you can see here.  Each month Craig Steinlicht, the Foundation Treasurer, provides a financial report to the Club Board.  Click here to view last month's report. 
Committees recommend grant funding at the monthly Club Board meeting.  Upon approval, the request is forwarded to the Foundation board, which reviews the item for compliance with the charitable deduction requirements, and then disbursements are made to the beneficiaries.  All this means that the Club and Foundation Boards take the stewardship of donations very seriously, so you know your donations are used wisely.
Pouslbo Rotary Foundation Financial Information 2014-03-27 00:00:00Z
Hospice of Kitsap County Visits Rotary
"Hospice Comes to Me"
Facing the final days of life can be painful and anxious.  But thanks to our local Hospice,  patients can have the help of loving, calming and caring people who can mitigate the pain, be a companion until the end and help family and friends be ready for and better handle the loss.  This is a special calling, and one that Mary DeMers and her Hospice team take on with great compassion and skill.  As she addressed our Friday meeting, a reverent hush came upon our normally-lively group of Rotarians.  Mary described the services offered and how lives are better because of what they do.  It was a reminder to us all that life is precious and fragile.
Hospice of Kitsap County Visits Rotary Mary Nader 2014-03-25 00:00:00Z
Suicide Prevention Forum held by League of Women Voters
The League of Women Voters - Kitsap will be holding a community education meeting on Suicide Prevention on Saturday, March 29, from 10:00 to Noon at the Poulsbo City Hall.  These preventable deaths occur too frequently and the League wants to initiate a campaign to reduce suicide in our beautiful Kitsap. Bev Cobain, Kurt Cobain's Aunt, will be one of a panel of speakers to help all of us understand what we can do to prevent these tragedies.  Please contact Sue Hughes for more information.
Editor note: Two North Kitsap High School students have committed suicide this year.  We need to be aware of the issue and help prevent suicides.
Suicide Prevention Forum held by League of Women Voters Kimi Kinoshita 2014-03-19 00:00:00Z
Is a Coffee Oasis Coming to Kingston?
Is a Coffee Oasis Coming to Kingston? Mary Nader 2014-02-12 00:00:00Z
Registration Open for District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA)

ImageThe Poulsbo Rotary will pay any Poulsbo Rotarians registration for DLTA!!  This opportunity may only be provided this year, so lease let this inspire you to head ... 

 ...to the Hotel Grand Pacific, on the harbor in Victoria,
for the 2014 District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA) on March 29 and 30th

This event is all about learning, and with over 50 training seminars to choose from, we have something for everyone.  If you are a new Rotarian, newly elected to your board, want to know more about the power of Rotary, you don’t want to miss this event. 

Topics include all aspects of Rotary information, club administration, using Club Runner, Youth Services, Vocational Services, and the Rotary Foundation.  You can also hone your personal leadership skills, and learn how to develop them in others.    This is a great opportunity to network with over 400 Rotarians from around your district, make new friends, and share ideas.     So come join us.   Victoria is the “City of Gardens” and it is  beautiful in the spring!   

Visit the information portal for more information and to register.

Registration Open for District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA) Meredith Green 2014-02-05 00:00:00Z
Rotary International wins 3,358,099 miles from United
Rotary International (RI) placed second in the 10 Million Mile Giveaway by United Airlines, which will net 3,358,099 miles to RI.  Last year RI was awarded 2,500,000 charity miles.  Thank you to all who voted - you made a huge difference!
Rotary International wins 3,358,099 miles from United Meredith Green 2014-01-16 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Kathy Denton

ImageA Lifelong Commitment to Excellence

Kathy Denton's parents met in Oregon, married and then started their life together in the Lake Tapps area, near Sumner.  They chose this new home as a compromise - Kathy's Dad loved Alaska and had always wanted to move there, but Kathy's Mom wouldn't have any of it, with its long winters and its long winter nights.  "Dad is a surveyor by trade, and he could move anywhere and find work, so they chose Washington State as a happy medium that would satisfy them both."

Kathy is one of 5 children, and for many years, the entire family lived in a single-wide that had two bedrooms.  All the children were able to fit into the second bedroom, which had 4 bunks already built in.  But when child 5 arrived in 1965, it was time to move.



Rotarian Profile, Kathy Denton Mary Nader 2014-01-16 00:00:00Z
Gates Foundation and Rotary Partner to Eradicate Polio



Hats Off to Bill Gates: A Polio-Free India is £137 Million Well Spent

India is now officially polio free according to the country’s health officials, and that’s in no small part due to the philanthropic work of Bill Gates. He and his wife’s charity donated $225 million (£137,340,000) to the cause, with the disease’s eradication now the ex-Microsoft man’s proudest achievement.

“As of today, India has gone three years without a single case of wild poliovirus, which means it’s now officially ‘polio-free’,” Gates wrote on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.  ”India’s achievement is one of the most impressive accomplishments in global health, ever. India’s victory galvanized the global health community to commit to achieving a polio-free world by 2018. Now, we only have 3 more countries to go, down from 125 in 1988.”

Gates’s dollars were donated to Rotary International and put to good use by the World Health Organization, the CDC and UNICEF, with the Indian government employing some 2 million people to venture into the most inaccessible areas of the country to deliver vaccinations.

Good on you, Bill and Melinda. You’re now forgiven for Windows Vista.  We'll hold off on forgiving you for Windows 8.0 until polio is eradicated (MRG editorial comment).

(reprinted from gizmodo.co.uk)

Gates Foundation and Rotary Partner to Eradicate Polio Mary Nader 2014-01-15 00:00:00Z
January Rotarian Birthdays


Julie Kantana       January 21

Jerry Deeter         January 25

January Rotarian Birthdays Mary Nader 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z
Kingston Rotary Celebrates 10 Years of Service

ImageThe Kingston Rotary Club extends an invitation to their10th anniversary Gala to all Poulsbo Rotarians that would like to attend.  Brad Brown, was the first Kingston Rotary President, and he also served as Poulsbo Rotary's President in 1999-2000.  Brad said that Jim Shields, Jim Martin, Todd Tidball, Conrad Green and Jim Moore were especially helpful in getting our club started.

The details of the Gala are:

Date: February 1, 2014 at 6 PM
Location: Poulsbo Yacht Club
RSVP by January 18th to nanjmartin@mac.com

Kingston Rotary Celebrates 10 Years of Service Meredith Green 2014-01-09 00:00:00Z
Holiday Wishes from Nicole


I’m sending you my best Christmas wishes from here in Austria where me and my family are on vacation right now.



I’m wishing you wonderful Holidays and a happy, healthy 2014 with lots of new, fun memories.


Holiday Wishes from Nicole Mary Nader 2014-01-08 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Meredith Green

ImageServing Her Community with Strength and Compassion

In a world so often changing, Meredith grew up in a world of stability.  Her father, a general practitioner doctor, and her mother built a house in Placerville, CA  the year Meredith was born.  All these years later, her mother still lives in that same house, along with most of the neighbors who have lived alongside each other for decades.  "To give you an idea of how this was for us, 23 of the 30 kids I started school with in kindergarten graduated from high school together and attended our 20 year reunion."

Meredith's parents met on a blind date while her Dad was in medical school at Stanford University.  When Meredith's mother returned to the East Coast, where she was from, Meredith's Dad proposed in a letter and asked her Mom to join him in California.  They honeymooned on the cross-country drive. 



Rotarian Profile, Meredith Green Mary Nader 2014-01-08 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Donna Davidson

Turning Adversity Into Victory

ImageWhen Donna Davidson's parents married, they chose to start their life together in the home town of Donna's mother, Bothell, Washington.  Donna's mother came from 2 generations of Bothell women, and she longed to raise a family in her home town.  But when the newlyweds tried to start their life there, affordable housing wasn't available.  So they moved to Bainbridge Island, where military housing had been built behind where Town and Country stands today.

Donna and her younger sister would live a childhood of mixed blessings.  Donna remembers the wonderful times playing, hanging out with friends, swimming in the summers, horseback riding on the farms of neighbors.  But there were also darker times, because Donna's dad was an alcoholic who would become abusive when he drank.  When he was sober, "he was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet", a regular at Mac's Tavern where everyone knew his name.



Rotarian Profile, Donna Davidson Mary Nader 2014-01-08 00:00:00Z
Exchange Student Nike Sends Christmas Greetings

 Hello There!

This year I got busy with university and studying (I am preparing for my next exam- which is going to be on december 30th.. ) and could not send you a Nike First University Ballhandwritten Christmas postcard. However I wanted to let you know, that You are in my mind, and I also wanted to send you a little update about me. So where do I start?

Since January, I have graduated High School with all straight A’s and got accepted to university. I am attending ELTE at Budapest, and majoring in math. If everything goes well- in 2,5 years I will become a mathematician! J How cool is that? J Here the system is different, we have 14 weeks of classes, during that 14 weeks we have 2 rounds of finals that you have to pass so you can go and take your exam of the subject. After the 14 weeks of classes (we call that a diligence term) w eget 7 weeks „off” when we do not have to go to classes, but have to prepar for the exams, which we have to take. If we have passed the exams we can go and start our 2nd semester etc. Luckily I have passed all my finals, and I am already done with one of my exams- so I have 3 more to go, then I will finally have a little break.

Exchange Student Nike Sends Christmas Greetings Mary Nader 2014-01-08 00:00:00Z
Meet Rotary's New International President

New Rotary International President to Focus on Membership and Volunteerism

ImageK.R. "Ravi" Ravindran, a business leader from Colombo, Sri Lanka, will be the 105th president of Rotary International - a global network of 1.2 million volunteers dedicated to tackling the world's most pressing humanitarian challenges.  He will take over for the year of 2015/2016.  Learn more about this appointment and the goals he has established for his year in office by visiting: https://www.rotary.org/en/ravindran-choice-2015-16-ri-president.

Meet Rotary's New International President Mary Nader 2013-12-23 00:00:00Z
The final numbers are in...

Image"Rotary Can Do" Food Drive Exceeds Expectations

The goal was to raise 1,000 pounds of food for Fishline's clients during this holiday season.  In fine Rotarian style, that goal was blown away by the generosity of our club members.  The final tally?  1,497 pounds of food and $1,245 in monetary donations. 

Thanks to the dream team of Pat and Matt Ryan, Jack Archer and Ann Pyles, and the support of our club, no one in our town was hungry this holiday season.  That is a beautiful Christmas wish that has been granted by all of you. 

The final numbers are in... Mary Nader 2013-12-23 00:00:00Z
Christmas Generosity at the Rotary

First Lutheran Church and Coffee Oasis Receive Rotary Funds

The festive spirit was alive and well at Friday's meeting, with the generosity of spirit so much of our caring community expressed during several check presentations.  A grant was awarded to First Lutheran Church, a holiday tradition when Rotary Community Service funds are offered to help with holiday food baskets distributed by the Church. 

Another check was awarded to Coffee Oasis by Jerry Dieter and Thrivent Financial, the final results of the Casino Night Fundraiser held in the fall.  $11,500 was a combination of the night's proceeds and the matching funds given by Thrivent.  Coming at the best time of the year for the Oasis' efforts, Donna Pledger thanked the Rotary for their amazing support and the financial assistance.  "This will do so much good in the lives of our youth!"

Christmas Generosity at the Rotary Mary Nader 2013-12-23 00:00:00Z
The Six Jim's make good on Auction Item

ImageMeredith Green was the lucky winner of the 2014 Auction Item of the "SIX JIM's" - six Jim's for four hours.  By the time the work party was scheduled, three Jim's expanded their ranks to nine.  Jim Heins, Henry, Ingalls, Martin, Shields, Schlachter, and Sund were able to make the party, and what an incredible job they did.  Accomplishments included:

  • Rebuilt deck stairs
  • Cleaned deck
  • Installed handrail
  • Weeded & blew leaves
  • Laid 13 yards of bark
  • Repaired sheetrock
  • Installed ceiling tiles

We are fortunate to have such a great group of hardworking Jim's in our club, even if they don't know how to tell time.  Great fellowship and sore muscles were had by all.  Rumor has it that the Jim's may pool their funds for next year's auction, buy the "Six Jim's" and have a barbeque.

The Six Jim's make good on Auction Item Meredith Green 2013-12-12 00:00:00Z
Nominations for 2014 - 15 Board of Directors

Nominations for the 2014 - 15 Board of Directors are in and we will vote at the Club Assembly on December 13.  The nominations are:

 President-Elect       Kathy Rayment or Naveen Chaudhary 
 Vice President  Brad Allen
   Donna Strep
   Donna Davidson
 Club Directors:  
 Club Service  Don Plantz
 Community Service      Gaston Peter-Contesse
 International Service      Marlene Mitchell
 Vocational Service  
 Youth Service  Larry Bartholomew
 Membership  PK MacLean
 RI Foundation  Chuck Regan
 Public Relations  Amy Sanford










 By virtue of their current positions, Rob Gelder will become President, and Craig Adams will be Past President.

Nominations for 2014 - 15 Board of Directors Meredith Green 2013-12-12 00:00:00Z
Filling the shelves for those in need

"Rotary Can Do" Fishline Requests for this week



Let's keep the food items coming in! This week's theme is "Dinner Served", including:

Canned Beef Stew, Canned Pork & Beans, Instant Potatoes/Stuffing Mix, Mac & Cheese; Spaghetti and Other Pasta; Canned and Bottled Pasta Sauce

Fishline also encourages fresh donations, needed more so in the winter.

Filling the shelves for those in need Mary Nader 2013-12-12 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Ann Pyles

Ann Pyles, Living a Life of Excellence and Compassion

ann pyles family"You can do anything you want to - nothing is out of reach for you."  These were the words, coming from her Mom and Dad, that formed and prepared young Ann Pyles as she grew up.  And they weren't just words - they were backed up by her parents' support and encouragement.  For example, when Ann became enamored by the then state-of-the-art electric typewriters, she would soon find one on her desk to explore.

It is in this nurturing environment that Ann and her two younger sisters grew up.  Spending all their childhood years in the small town of Globe, Arizona, known as a mining and ranching community, these lucky girls remembered a peaceful time when they could play well into the evening without worry, with a loving family and the potential to become whatever she wished to become.

Ann's parents met during the war in San Diego.  Her dad was a fighter pilot and was on the Lexington aircraft carrier when it sunk during WW II.  After being rescued, he was brought to San Diego.  It was during this time that he met Ann's mom, a debutante of sorts in San Diego, who had her pick of suitors.  She was the only child of the successful local mortician and had lived a privileged life.   Ann's dad, on the other hand, grew up in a poor household, with 7 siblings and an abusive, alcoholic father.  Ann's dad remembers having to work at odd jobs just to get enough money for books and clothes his sisters needed at school.   But he was a good man, frugal, practical, the hardest worker you would ever meet, even putting himself through college.


Rotarian Profile, Ann Pyles Mary Nader 2013-12-04 00:00:00Z
Happy Birthday, December Rotarians


Birthday greetings to all of our friends who celebrate the anniversary of their birth this month.   And if you decide to get them a gift, make sure it's wrapped in birthday paper!!


Russell Ferguson - December 3

Bob Hawkinson - December 6

Steve Hogg - December 6

Jack Archer - December 8

Emily Nicholson - December 9

Pat Ryan - December 13

Roger Gallington - December 19

Matt Ryan - December 21

Duffy Selter - December 24

Dan Weedin - December 31


Happy Birthday, December Rotarians Mary Nader 2013-12-03 00:00:00Z
Learn to use ClubRunner to its full benefit
Learn to use ClubRunner to its full benefit Mary Nader 2013-12-03 00:00:00Z
December is FAMILY MONTH

A Holiday Message from our District Governor

December is chock full of things to celebrate that promote togetherness. Many of them have a foundation in the faith communities. Rotary has designated December as FAMILY MONTH, as this is the time of year when many families gather.

ImageThere is more to Family Month than just involving immediate family members in Rotary activities, though many clubs in the district host social functions and complete community projects with help from family members.

This is also a great time to help the Rotary family grow. Invite a potential member to one of your club’s activities. Clubs can also sponsor a new Rotary, Interact or Rotaract club. Think of friends, family or acquaintances who would cherish the opportunity of joining our Rotary family on one level or another, and who would thrive on our Service Above Self ideal.

Another way to expand the family would be to sponsor an Ambassadorial Scholar or Peace Fellow candidate. These are wonderful programs which deserve greater participation. Another way would be to send a student to RYLA or sponsor/host an Exchange Student.

We can expand our horizons and involve more people in the Rotary family. But it goes beyond membership. Actually, anybody in need is a potential member of the family of Rotary. How can you look at a picture of a child receiving an oral polio vaccine and not consider him/her part of the Rotary family?

“Mankind Is Our Business” was RI Past President Rick King’s theme. As we take it one step further, we realize that “Mankind Is Our Family”.

Thank you for your continued support of local and international projects. This is how we make the world – our international family – stronger.

May you have a joyous holiday season – and may your definition of ”Rotary Family” be all-inclusive!

December is FAMILY MONTH Mary Nader 2013-12-02 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Kathy Rayment

Technology Pioneer and Builder of Dreams

ImageGrowing up in Aberdeen, Washington, long-time Rotarian Kathy Rayment had a long, deep history in the Pacific Northwest.  Both her parents also grew up in the area and they raised their children, Kathy and her two sisters, with an appreciation for the beauty and possibilities of their home.

Aberdeen is and was a logging town, small, intimate, quaint.  Kathy's family owned a summer home in Ocean Shores and, although it was only 45 minutes away, it seemed like they were out of town on vacation when they would gather there.  These were fond memories for Kathy, harkening back to a simpler time.

When she went to college, Kathy chose Central Washington University, where she majored in mathematics.  She took 2 semesters to be an exchange student in Guadalajara, Mexico, the first time she had been out of the country and what turned out to be a great learning experience.  Even though Kathy majored in math, "my real desire was to be a home economics teacher because I loved to cook", a dream that would have to be postponed until later.



Rotarian Profile, Kathy Rayment Mary Nader 2013-11-20 00:00:00Z
Meet Nick Johnson, New Rotarian

ImageBuilding a Life of Contentment and Contribution


Back in the 1980's and 1990's, before it was Grocery Outlet and even before it was a Red Apple, the grocery store in Old Town Silverdale was called Johnson's Thriftway.  It was one of the only stores in town and was a thriving, center of the goings and comings of all who lived nearby.  This is the place where many childhood memories were built for new Rotarian Nick Johnson because the store was owned by his parents.  And since the store and its owners knew everyone in town, Nick remembers his parents as very much a part of their community - Dad was president of the Rotary, Mom president of the Silverdale Chamber and between them, they knew just about everyone in this growing town.

Nick remembers the fun of hanging out in the store.  Dad would bring him to work in the morning, and a checkout clerk would walk Nick to school across the street to Jenny Wright Elementary.  When he wasn't in school, he was having fun amongst the aisles and displays.  "My fondest memories were in the store, stocking cereal and jumping out from behind the displays to scare customers." 


Meet Nick Johnson, New Rotarian Mary Nader 2013-11-20 00:00:00Z
An Encore Presentation of Aaron's Fine Session

Rotary 2013 in Poetry

A Fine Session by Aaron Murphy

 As I look back upon the year, I find I’m filled with smiles and tears.

I think about all the good we’ve done, the people we’ve helped & those times having fun.

We know it takes a village, and we always bring a group.  No one goes it alone, PNKR brings a troop.

In January Ms. Hadley brought passion, making us aware of Sexual Harrassment.

Morrissey & Powers took turns with a speech, then Sanford set the bar as much higher to reach.

In February Funaro stood up and spoke, telling us of OC and their great plans and hopes.

The auction geared up, as did Todd Tidball, trusting the 11th hour would stir the best in us all.

Forbes and Strep gave us some insights on them, stories of childhoods and careers full of wins

Anna spoke of her year in school here abroad, casting fondly of Doyle’s and times w/ the Todd

Nichols brought chuckles while sharing his speaking, Toastmasters stories saved us from Weedin’s preaching

Nicole spoke of tennis and all her good times, while Ofsthun stood watching and beaming with pride

Burgess brought Haavik to talk Viking Ships, while Deeter sat nodding into his coffee drip

Shiplet brought Kristen to take our stage, Showing Boys & Girls Clubs really help every age

Gary spoke to our club about Paths and Careers, while Ed sat in the back simply yelling “go BEERS”

Patty, Sheenah, and Joan each gave their talk, while Bob crossed his arms and watched all like a HAWK

Speeches on gal Navy Divers one day, and one on Museums at the Auto of Liberty Bay

We heard about Chamber and Shelters for Homeless, even Baseball and winning in life being selfless

Service and Humility go a long way, as do CLOWN NOSES, as Duffy would say!

We saw Meredith leave, and of course there were tears – Then Adams came in with his SOUNDTRACK quite clear!

We’ve voted on bi-laws and had special meetings, shared in fining and setups, teardowns and greetings

Bowlin told us great stories about WWII, with both Shields attentive to the words that were true

Dawn spoke with great courage about her own face, while all summer long, of Edgren NO TRACE

Finnish influence is strong in our great NW, and Ardis’ stories our funny bone do test.

Gaston drove backhoes, Skelly just watched in fear, but took faith that the end of Fish Park work was near

Sanford brought FRIENDS in that could not attend, and Wall spoke of water that needed a mend

Chiefs Griffin and Townsend told of our town, and the great work they manage even without funds around

Naveen, Rand and others rallied for teens, with the thanks from Oasis we know how much that means.

Ingalls swung hammers, Doyle picked paint, sheetrock and flooring – the works of a saint

Jeff, Howard, and Joan each told of their story, while Donna wrote checks and thought of Brad’s days of glory

Pete Taylor gave updates about district 5020, while Steinlicht sat grinning like something was funny

Chop saws and drill drivers commenced on the park, Kathy and Fischer having orders to bark

We laid out each plank, cut down to the inch, Keith Russell and Morrisey made it look like a cinch

Emily took the mic, pulled it down to her height, the Rose Sale began in it’s fundraising might

Deeters held Firesides, the can’t miss event, and Stern’s sense of humor, you got “just a hint”

Doyle came back from Poland, her mind all expanded, Craig kept with the butt-rock, a bit heavy handed

Stevens told of the dogs and the cats in our county, we worked Oyster Park pulling weeds in a bounty

Nader told about Fishline and the great work they do, bringing hope food and shelter, making small dreams come true

Folks cleaned up the website with some time to spare, perfect it’s not, but it beats OBAMACARE

We’ve seen great visions from DV and some plans for new homes, Solvie and Sanford again stole the show

Darryl and Bubbles (that’s FISCHER you know), gave each of their speeches (and a mascara show)

We have Mayors and Auditors, Commissioners to and fro, some electeds un-apposed while others less so

We hope you now know about each separate Foundation, Dave will quiz at the end – we have expectations

Sherrard spoke on laws in the country Albania, while Craig’s disco shirt caused us all kinds of MANIA

We gamble with chips and with cards to make money, while seeing folks on their phones Chris finds not at all funny

Nader writes stories about each of us, and Koven with Jewelers for Kids makes a fuss.

But in a good way, Richard worked off his butt.  As he knew Coffee Oasis kids need each of us

Speakers, Committees, individuals and groups, all step up to the plate in this great NK troop.

Hannon and Hall, you do more than your share, from in Central Market there’s big hearts in there.

To the oldies like Archer, Bartholomew, and Edwards, I hope half what I said by your faint ears was heard.

To the newbies like Nick, Aubrey, and Taylor… well I just want you used to paying your dollar.

Hirsch with his handshakes, and Hogg with his llama, or alpacas maybe – whatever, it’s a dolla’…

Hawkins I missed, and I can’t forget Heins, mostly because I’m now ending my fines….


An Encore Presentation of Aaron's Fine Session Mary Nader 2013-11-19 00:00:00Z
Garrett Madison, Peak Climber and Motivational Speaker

The View from the Top of the World


It is a journey that most of us would never consider.  Climbing the world's highest peaks, sometimes dozens of times, takes the kind of courage, stamina and physical endurance that is reserved for only a few.  Garrett Madison is one of these special people, and he spoke to our Friday meeting in one of the most riveting presentations we've seen.  Using a slide show that offered spectacular pictures and videos of some of the most dangerous moments in the climbs, Garrett spoke of the "Challenge, Controversy and Conflict Resolution" skills that are necessary as an expedition leader to all of the mountain peaks on this earth. 

He talked about the technology that assists this work, including special breathing devices and instant weather notifications that help protect climbers.  Even then, many have lost their lives scaling these peaks, a reality memorably expressed through the dozens of colored flags that float in the wind on the snow-covered slopes that climbers pass as they continue on.

You can learn more about Garrett Madison by checking out his web site at:  http://www.garrettmadison.com/.

Garrett Madison, Peak Climber and Motivational Speaker Mary Nader 2013-11-19 00:00:00Z
Rotary Can Do Campaign Continues

ImageThanksgiving Donations Needed

Last week, our generous Rotarians donated 165# of Food for Thought items and other needed food items!  This week, Fishline has asked for Thanksgiving-specific items to help the almost 400 families who have signed up to receive a food basket.  These are the items most needed this week:

Turkeys and Hams, especially small turkeys

Thank you to all who have helped keep the momentum going and provided for our neighbors.  Your help will assure that all our neighbors can enjoy this beautiful tradition with a good meal.



Rotary Can Do Campaign Continues Mary Nader 2013-11-19 00:00:00Z
"The Poulsbo/NK Foundation is not the same as Rotary Foundation!"

ImageRotary International Foundation, Good Stewards and Great Accomplishments

November is Rotary Foundation Month, and to commemorate this extraordinary part of Rotary outreach, Dave Burgess talked with our group on Friday.  He described an organization focused upon the health and well-being of all world citizens, bringing healthy water, peace and goodwill to the far reaches of our earth.  Using donated dollars in the most responsible way imaginable, earning it the highest rating from charity watchdog organizations, thousands of people's lives are improved because of the work being done. 

Watch this 8 minute video for further description of the amazing progress being made around the globe thanks to the care and concern of so many.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SJeSgCvQS0


"The Poulsbo/NK Foundation is not the same as Rotary Foundation!" Mary Nader 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z
Rotary Welcomes New Exchange Student, Cristy Vargas

 Building a Life of Flight, Kindness and Adventure

ImageCristina Paola Vivas Vargas.  This beautiful song is the formal name of our newest exchange student, but you can call her Cristy.  When you meet her, you will be intrigued by the depth and intelligence of this young woman from Ecuador, and you will be impressed by her humble, quiet ways that make her seem wise beyond her years.

Cristy's story starts in Quito, Ecuador, where she was born on May 28, 1996.  Her dad, Carlos Vivas, is a retired air force pilot who is now a commercial engineer working at a university.  Her mom, Josefina Vargas, took care of Christy and her brother and also ran a small school supply store near a local high school. 

Living the life of a military family, Cristy remembers hearing of their move to Guayaquil, Ecuador when she was less than a year old.  They lived there until she was 6, and she has bits and fragments of memories from her life as a small child.  She remembers a time when she walked right into a swimming pool, thinking it looked great, and she thought she could walk around without dipping below the water.  Her father jumped into the pool in his street clothes to save this adventurous child.



Rotary Welcomes New Exchange Student, Cristy Vargas Mary Nader 2013-10-23 00:00:00Z
Coffee Oasis eligible for $10,000 grant - like it on Facebook!

Coffee Oasis is in second place.  Please vote so that they stay in the top ten!!!!  Through his business of Dahlquist's Fine Jewelry, Poulsbo Richard Koven nominated THE COFFEE OASIS for the Jewelers for Children (JFC) Local Grant Program. JFC, a non-profit organization founded by the jewelry industry in 1999 is dedicated to helping children in need. The recently launched Local Grant Program has set aside $100,000 to fund ten $10,000 grants for local children’s charities around the country. Jewelers were asked to nominate their favorite non-profit. Public voting on the Jewelers for Children Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JewelersforChildren) will determine the top ten vote-getters to receive the grants.

“We were pleased to hear about the program,” says Richard Koven of DAHLQUIST’S FINE JEWELRY. “It was such an easy way to help support the excellent work THE COFFEE OASIS does locally to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate youth of our community. Now, we’re trying to get the word out to the public to vote so THE COFFEE OASIS receives one of these generous grants.”


Voting is simple. Individuals wishing to participate can go the Jewelers for Children Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JewelersforChildren) anytime between October 15 and October 30 click on THE COFFEE OASIS from among the nominees; then encourage others to visit the page and vote, too.

“Pulling together, we can help provide some much needed funding for THE COFFEE OASIS,” Koven says. “One minute of your time, one vote, $10,000. What could be easier!”
Coffee Oasis eligible for $10,000 grant - like it on Facebook! Meredith Green 2013-10-17 00:00:00Z
Part 2 of Vocational Service October Spotlight

ImagePNK-RC & RI Vocational Service at a Glance – Part 2 of 3 _ -  RI V.S. Philosophy

October is Vocational Service Month for Rotarians throughout the world.  As stated last week, your Vocational Service Committee would like to increase club member awareness of RI’s V.S. Philosophy. We will wrap up the month with a glimpse of our club’s plans and accomplishments in Part 3 of 3 of our V.S. month articles.                                       

Rotary’s Commitment to “Corporate Social Responsibility”

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines it as: “The continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families, as well as of the local community and society at large.”



Part 2 of Vocational Service October Spotlight Mike Scott 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z
Red Cross Joins With Rotary for "Wine and Sign" Event

Come Enjoy the Evening! Honor Our Armed Forces Members!

On Tuesday, November 5, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Sons of Norway in Poulsbo, our Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Club with our local American Red Cross are hosting a “Wine and Sign” event.


This is free, casual, social evening signing holiday cards that Red Cross will send to our service members around the world.

Rotarians, friends, and families are all invited (Kids are welcome!).

Attendees may use and sign Red Cross supplied holiday cards, or bring their own signed by family members, pictures made by kids/grandkids, etc

The evening will include a door prize raffle.

One glass of wine per adult will be complimentary

Additional wine by the glass for $4.25

Finger food will also be served.

If you have not signed up at our Friday meeting, please RSVP by Monday, October 28, 2013 to  Jed Selter, Email:duffyboy1224@gmail.com

Cell (425) 890-2092 on any questions

Red Cross Joins With Rotary for "Wine and Sign" Event Jed Selter 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z
Assuring the Basics of Life for All

ImageThe Power of Global Grants – Clean Water and Sanitation

Have you ever wondered if there would be water coming from your bathroom sink when you went to turn it on to brush your teeth?  Did you know that one quarter of the world’s population has no access to clean water?  Our Poulsbo – North Kitsap Rotary Club has participated in Global Grant Water Projects in Honduras over the last 12 years.  We have helped bring clean water to villages and, with the help of the Peace Corp and Honduran Rotarians, we have improved the quality of the villagers’ health and taught them how to sustain their water systems.  Last year, our International Service Committee joined with the Bainbridge Island and Kingston Rotary Clubs to work on 3 Global Grant projects in Guatemala.  By joining together we are able to apply for the larger, Global Grants.  It was our intention to improve the water quality in the remote areas of Guatemala.  A group of 12 Rotarians went to Guatemala in February and we will make another trip next February.  By talking to the villagers and seeing the current living conditions, we have discovered that, although water is vital for sustainable development, there is an even greater need.  We found that the villagers have no sanitation.  Many simply defecate on the ground where they also eat.  So, we have applied for – and received approval for a grant – to provide eco-toilets for the Lake Atitlan area.  Part of the grant will be to provide education in basic hygiene.



Assuring the Basics of Life for All Gayle Heller 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z
Banner Exchange Tradition Highlighted

Image Symbol of International Friendship

One of the colorful traditions of many Rotary clubs is the exchange of small banners, flags or pennants.  Rotarians traveling to distant locations often take banners to exchange at "make-up" meetings as a token of  friendship. Many clubs use the decorative banners they have received for attractive displays at club meetings and district events.

Exchanging club banners is a very pleasant custom, especially when a creative and artistic banner tells an interesting story of community pride. The exchange of banners is a significant tradition of Rotary and serves as a tangible symbol of our international fellowship.

This tradition is alive and well in our Poulsbo Rotary, as 60 banners have been collected over the years.  The list of all the individual banners and the originating clubs can be found here.

Read further to hear Keith Russell's account of how this list was established for our club.




Banner Exchange Tradition Highlighted Keith Russell 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, Marlene Mitchell

Marlene Mitchell, Following Good Examples Towards Success

ImageIf you hear a whisper of a Canadian accent in Marlene Mitchell's conversations, there's a good reason for that.  Growing up on a small fishing island in Maine called Moosehead Island, their close proximity to Canada meant that most of the television stations that came into their home were from Canada.  So Marlene grew up imitating the news anchors and actors she watched, admiring their smooth speaking style, and that carried with her into adulthood.

Marlene's childhood was as idyllic as it sounds.  One of 8 children (7 girls and the youngest, a boy),  Dad was a high school principal and a math genius, working many years before as a mathematician on the Manhattan Project.  Mom stayed at home raising the children, working occasionally at a local sardine factory.  Marlene remembers summers in Maine, "beautiful days where we would be outside all day long, playing games and climbing trees. I remember always being barefoot."



Rotarian Profile, Marlene Mitchell Mary Nader 2013-10-15 00:00:00Z
Ghost Train to Benefit Kitsap Foster Care Association

Rotarian Tim Nichols and his wife, Naomi, are foster parents, and they're very involved in the Kitsap Foster Care Association.  Please see the attached flyer for this years Ghost Train event, benefiting Kitsap Foster Care Association.   

This is a fun event for everyone.  If you haven't been to Kitsap Live Steamers, you are missing out!  These scale model trains run along tracks through the woods of Jackson Community Regional Park in Port Orchard, carrying kids and adults alike on their rail cars.  Community members, businesses, and sponsors build "Spooky Vignettes" along the railway to create a "Haunted Railway" effect.  It's great fun and benefits a great cause.


Proceeds go toward providing school supplies, clothing, and activities for foster youth and training and support for foster parents.  If you are interested in participating as a sponsor, or building a vignette along the rails, please contact Naomi Nichols at 206 228 3885, or lapoop@gmail.com .

Ghost Train to Benefit Kitsap Foster Care Association Meredith Green 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z
New Domestic Violence Shelter Plans Revealed

ImageCommitted to a Safe Community For All

It is an unthinkable reality.  Of the many mostly women who experience domestic violence and seek a way out, 77% are unable to find a safe place to stay.  This places them in continuing danger of more abuse, which could be rectified if a haven were available.

This is the dark reality that has driven our Domestic Violence Prevention Task Force to the project it has envisioned.  By sharing their deeply personal stories of domestic violence in their lives, Poulsbo Rotarians Ardis Morrow and Amy Sanford painted a picture that was emotional and tragic.  They both reiterated how different their personal experiences would have been if there had been an escape, a place to go where they would be protected and loved. 


New Domestic Violence Shelter Plans Revealed Mary Nader 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z
Chips for Charity Event to Help Coffee Oasis

Fundraiser Planned for Coffee Oasis

Thrivent Community Silverdale and Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary invite you to join them for "Chips for Charity." This event will be held on November 9, 2013, 6PM, at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club. Thrivent and Rotary are hosting this event to raise funds for on-going operations of Coffee Oasis in Poulsbo. Coffee Oasis is helping many homeless youth throughout Kitsap County.  If you would like to learn more about The Coffee Oasis mission please visit their website at: www.thecoffeeoasis.com. Tickets are $40 per person, which includes heavy appetizers and your chips for the evening. Each dollar raised through your ticket purchase or donation will be matched by Thrivent Community of Silverdale up to $4,000 (your $40 ticket purchase or donation instantly becomes $80).  Tickets and/or donations need to be made prior to November 1, 2013.  Contact the Thrivent office in Silverdale at (360) 308-8239 for tickets or inquiries. or call Jerry Deeter at (360) 779-4686.  

Chips for Charity Event to Help Coffee Oasis Jerry Deeter 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z
Clever Rotarian Minds at Work


ImageInspired by the an innovative fundraising opportunity created recently by Chris and Fiona for Coffee Oasis, Pat Ryan had an idea.  "I was so impressed with Chris Morrissey and his idea of petting Fiona, that when I was asked to face paint at a recent event, I thought, 'Here's my chance to do something for Fish Line.'" Thanks, Pat, for helping keep Fishline shelves full! 

Clever Rotarian Minds at Work Mary Nader 2013-10-08 00:00:00Z
Celebrating October, Vocational Service Month

Vocational Service at a Glance – Part 1 of 3  - BackgroundImage

October is Vocational Service Month for Rotarians throughout the world.  Over the next few weeks our Vocational Service Committee would like to increase club member awareness of about RI VS Programs and Philosophy. We will wrap up the month with a glimpse of our clubs plans and accomplishments in the area of VS.

“The mission of Rotary International (RI) is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its FELLOWSHIP of business, professional, and community leaders.”

Vocational Service was the Second Avenue of Service established in RI and is the backbone of everything we do as Rotarians.  We are admitted as club members based on our classification which is to say our vocation or profession.

Our profession is what we have to share with the club, the community, and the rest of the Rotary World.  We share our profession in the areas of Friendship and Fellowship through the following  RI programs:  Rotary Friendship Exchanges,  Rotary Fellowship Exchanges, Ambassador Scholars grants, RI Peace Fellowship grants, RI 4-year scholarship grants, Vocational Training Teams (VTTs), Rotary Action Groups (RAGs) (35 or more existing groups),

PROJECT-LINK (6 Focus Areas): 1. Peace & conflict prevention / resolution,  2.  Disease Prevention & treatment,   3.  Water & sanitation,   4.  Maternal & child health,   5.  Basic education & literacy,   6.  Economic & community development

RI awards Community Grants and Global Grants using a time tested and proven process of project planning, Host Club “accreditation / certification” (located at the receiving or outreach end of the Rotary chain), project contracting, and financial accounting and auditing.  The RI Philosophy for Vocational Service will be addressed in Part 2 next week.

Celebrating October, Vocational Service Month Mike Scott 2013-10-08 00:00:00Z
North Kitsap Fishline Presents to Poulsbo's Rotary

NK Fishline Executive Director and Rotarian, Mary Nader, touched our hearts September 27th when she told of the  physical and mental suffering of many in our community who have neither a safe place to sleep nor a way to feed themselves and their families.  Mary related how Fishline has grown to address the increasing needs of our poorest.  We learned that the poor may be those who work up to four jobs trying to take care of themselves.


Fishline’s holistic approach partners with other community agencies and resources to provide help, including a variety of emergency services and counseling, as well as feeding the hungry. Reduced-cost food shopping, help with transportation, rent, clothing, and finding jobs is all a part of the work of this 501c3 organization.  Many children are eating only the meals provided at school, so “Food for Thought” back pack program ensures that the children are supplied with meals on weekends. 

North Kitsap Fishline Presents to Poulsbo's Rotary Pat Ryan 2013-10-02 00:00:00Z
Creative Fundraisers for Coffee Oasis Welcome!

Chris and Fiona Offer "Pet my Pet" for $1

ImageAfter an invitation to create new and interesting fundraisers for Coffee Oasis, Chris Morrissey and his beloved pet Fiona sprung into action immediately.  This clever fundraiser raised quite a nice donation while also making Fiona very happy.  Well done, Chris!

Creative Fundraisers for Coffee Oasis Welcome! Mary Nader 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z
Jed Selter, aka "Duffy", introduces column

Editor's Note:  For Volume 2 of "Duffy's Droolings", please check out his blog at http://duffydroolings.wordpress.com/.

"Duffy's Droolings", Volume 1

Using not their best judgment, Amy Sanford and Mary Nader, the Public Relations leaders of our Rotary Club, asked if I would periodically write some “stuff” to include in our newsletter. They flashed a shiny gold object in front of me (OK, a one millimeter paper gold star- I am easily distracted.) 

 How could I resist for a gold star? Geez, I’m not stupid ya know!)   Actually, I know what happened. I was walking in to Coffee Oasis the other day to get a hot cup of Jo. They saw me - bleary eyed, realizing I was only half awake and knowing they didn’t have a columnist yet.  

They said “Let’s ask “What’s-His-Name over there!” So they hailed me down and said, “Hey Jub, how about it?”  What could I say L…a sucker is a sucker, so here I am. It was a gold star, like I said (and now I can’t find it!  Can I back out?)  

Jed Selter, aka "Duffy", introduces column Jed Selter 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z
Oyster Plant Work Party


On Saturday morning, eleven hearty Rotarians and spouses whipped Oyster Plant Park into shape.  The group didn't let the power outages, wind, or rain interfere with their quest. Rotary helpImageed to create the park years ago, and with budget cutbacks, the Citty hasn't been able to maintain it properly, thus the Poulsbo Rotary recently adopted it.  When the work party began, the foliage had taken over the sidewalks, lawn area, fences and Rotary sign.  Pruning shears were essential as years of deferred maintenance was cut away.  The party resulted in two truckloads and a dumpster of debris, plus clear sidewalks and Rotary sign!

Many thanks to Rotarians Gary Nakamura and Kimi Kinoshita, who provided gardening expertise.  A weeding work party will follow shortly. 


Oyster Plant Work Party Meredith Green 2013-09-29 00:00:00Z
Rotarian Profile, John Powers

ImageJohn Powers, A Life of Achievement and Appreciation

Every once in a while, you meet someone so full of life, so full of enthusiasm and positive energy, that you feel your mood elevate in his presence.  John Powers has that kind of power, and this enthusiasm has followed him all through his life.  "I am fascinated by other people and I love to find the common denominators we share." 

John grew up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  His dad was a WWII vet who owned a one-isle main street grocery store and butcher shop and his mom, Lette, was an RN.  Losing their fathers early in life, John's parents grew up quickly and learned the meaning of hard work and caring for others.  They taught their kids that material success in life was not the goal: "it isn't about what you want or have, it's about what you give."  John's maternal grandmother also played a big role in his life, and her support and affirming coaching helped John overcome an adolescent stuttering problem through the power of song.

Rotarian Profile, John Powers Mary Nader 2013-09-29 00:00:00Z
New Rotarian Dan Barry Profile

ImageDan Barry, New Rotarian, Ready to Serve His Community

"My life has been filled with so much luck and many diverse experiences.  I've been very blessed."  These are the grateful words of Dan Barry, new Rotarian, when reviewing his life and all the twists and turns that brought him to our community and to our club.

He tells us of a long, multi-generational history on the west coast that started with his grandparents.  They had moved to the Alaskan countryside after the depression - they owned many acres of farmland and prospered while raising a family.  Dan's dad was born in Alaska, but his mom was born on the other coast, in New York, and was raised in Southern California.  Dan's dad was the youngest of 9 kids and himself lived an eclectic life - racing in the Iditarod on a snowmobile, running for Mayor and serving as President of the Alaska State Board of Realtors.  His dad and mom met at Seattle University while they were attending college - they both loved the area so much that they hoped someday to return.

New Rotarian Dan Barry Profile Mary Nader 2013-09-29 00:00:00Z
ClubRunner Tip #2 - Adding the App to your Smart Phone
ClubRunner Tip #2 - Adding the App to your Smart Phone Meredith Green 2013-09-25 00:00:00Z
Halloween Fun for a Good Cause

 ImageKitsap Haunted House To Raise Funds for Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary

Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary has taken on management and promotion of the Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds event in concert with Kitsap County Fairgrounds and the Haunted Fairgrounds group. Rotarians and Friends of Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary are encouraged to spread the word about this amazing happening at the Fairgrounds, weekends in October and early November.

Halloween Fun for a Good Cause Mary Nader 2013-09-24 00:00:00Z
Kitsap Humane Society Director Visits Rotary

Image"Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome" - The Compassionate Mission of the Kitsap Humane Society

Domestic animals like cats and dogs do not have a voice.  They trust us, they accept us unconditionally and they don't complain.  But when they are mistreated, it's a relief to know there are trained professionals tasked to help them.  Eric Stevens, Director of the Kitsap Humane Society, presented to our Friday meeting and spoke of the many ways they protect mistreated pets.  At its worst, it can be like a case he recently oversaw, where 90 cats were living in a mobile home in deplorable conditions.  After seizing the animals and getting them the medical care they needed, all 90 were adopted out to loving homes.  Other times, it may be through the temporary care of foster homes - 100 such homes are available in Kitsap County alone.  There are other goals KHS works on, including reducing strays and removing dangerous animals that may pose a threat to the community.  It's good to know that man's best friend has a best friend, too.

Kitsap Humane Society Director Visits Rotary Mary Nader 2013-09-24 00:00:00Z
Rose Sale Is Underway


Poulsbo Rotary Club

Annual Rose Sale

One dozen boxed long-stem roses


Proceeds to support:

•Coffee Oasis (Teen homeless programs)

•Domestic Violence Prevention


And Many Other Rotary Efforts

Order date: October 6

Delivery date:  Thursday, October 17

Click here for the flyer template

Rose Sale Is Underway Emily Nicholson 2013-09-23 00:00:00Z
Old Radios Wanted!

One of the most unusual and popular items in our annual auction is the restored vintage radio donated by David Shields.  He’s getting ready for next year’s entry already and is asking your help in finding one he can restore.  He’d like a radio from the 1930’s or 1940’s, either table top or free standing, and would like to have it in the next month or two so he can begin working on it - let him know if you know of one that can be donated.

Old Radios Wanted! Mary Nader 2013-09-18 00:00:00Z
Jim Shields, Rotarian Profile

ImageThe year is 1911 - Poulsbo looked very different than it does today.  The parking lot wasn't there, and the shops that now surround it were located on pilings because the bay ran underneath them.  Fishing was a big part of the local economy, and it was into these early times that Jim Shields' grandfather started the Pacific Coast Cod Fish Company.  A booming business specializing in salted cod, it quickly became the largest employer in Poulsbo and remained in operation until the 1950's, when it moved to crab fishing and then disbanded. 

Grandfather was a legend in the area and in the family.  He was colorful, flamboyant, successful and gutsy.  "He even tried to start a war with the Japanese in 1933, bringing attention to the Japanese overfishing of the Bering Sea.  He became famous for this 'one-man war', an early warning about a threat overseas." Jim's dad wrote several books about his grandfather, his fishing business and his fascinating life.  "Salt of the Sea" was the published work and, even out of print, is selling and raising money for the Poulsbo Historical Society.


Jim Shields, Rotarian Profile Mary Nader 2013-09-18 00:00:00Z
Gayle Heller, Rotarian Profile

Making the World a Better Place

ImageWhen Gayle Heller grew up in near Pittsburgh, PA, she remembers a childhood that was happy and secure.  She and her younger sister were cherished by their parents, and they grew up knowing there was nothing stopping them from reaching their potential.  "My dad taught us we could be all we want to be and our mom taught us to make the world a better place, and these are the good roots my sister and I both had."

Her father worked for Gulf Oil, which would one day take him overseas to build a laboratory in the Netherlands and then be knighted by Queen Juliana.  He taught his girls to reach for the stars, so when Gayle went to college at the University of Michigan, she pursued her love of English and continued playing the piano, which she began playing as a child.  Upon graduation, her one thought was to "find a skyline" and she chose the most exciting of them all, New York City.  Drawn to its 24-hour life, its vibrancy and its multicultural personality, Gayle found work right away and learned to live the city life.

Gayle Heller, Rotarian Profile Mary Nader 2013-09-18 00:00:00Z
New Rotary Report/Placemate is Available

Learn more about the amazing work we're doing!

Our Rotary Club is a very active, compassionate service organization that accomplishes remarkable things locally and internationally throughout the year.  It can be hard to understand the breadth of these achievements but, thanks to a tool created last year by Steve Garfein, a summary of these accomplishments is now located under your plate each Friday morning.  The new report has just been completed, with the most recent activities and goals for each committee and foundation, so take a moment to be inspired by the work in which you play a part.  Here's a link to the document in case you want to pass it along to friends or want others to learn more about our Rotary mission.

New Rotary Report/Placemate is Available Meredith Green 2013-09-11 00:00:00Z
Phil Rasmussen, Rotarian Profile


Phil Rasmussen, Living Life To the Max

"When I look back on my life, I don't have a lot of regrets about the things I didn't do."

That's Phil Rasmussen's musings about a life of lived opportunities. Criss-crossing oceans and continents, entering into new and dangerous occupations and turning interests into careers, getting in a little body surfing along the way, that's the life that Phil has built.


Phil Rasmussen, Rotarian Profile Mary Nader 2013-09-11 00:00:00Z
District Governor Visits Poulsbo Club

ImageDistrict Governor Pete Taylor visited the Poulsbo Rotary Club on Friday and filled members in on plans for the upcoming year.  With his beautiful radio voice and an easy style, he inspired us with his stories of Rotarian commitment and accomplishments.  Our Michele Doyle received his "Energizer Award", bestowed upon the Rotarian most representing great energy and enthusiasm for Rotary projects and its mission.  Leaving us with an opportunity to reflect upon "Your Rotary Moment", District Governor Taylor helped us all feel inspired and proud of our opportunity to serve our community and our world.

You can take a look at the District Goals Guide, which includes last year's accomplishments and next year's goals here.

District Governor Visits Poulsbo Club Mary Nader 2013-09-11 00:00:00Z
Joan Qvigstad, New (Returning) Rotarian


Joan Qvigstad Returns to Poulsbo Rotary

For many of us in the Poulsbo Club, new Rotarian Joan Qvigstad is no stranger.  That's because a few years back, she was a very active member of our Club, organizing Rose Sales and participating in many other Rotary projects.  But when her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, she had to "circle the wagons" and take a hiatus.  Her return to our Club signals a positive turn of events in her husband's illness and in Joan's life.

Joan Qvigstad, New (Returning) Rotarian Mary Nader 2013-09-10 00:00:00Z
Tamara Fischer, New Rotarian Profile

Tamara Shares Her Story

ImageThe ocean of life is lavish with abundance.

I grew up with my Dad and twin sister on an acre of land just outside of Poulsbo. We spent our weekends boating, fishing, camping, gardening, bike riding, picking berries and going to church on Sundays. To this day I can smell the pot roast and veggies in the oven when we would come home from Church. I attended Christ The King Academy and was involved in many activities throughout my childhood; choir practice, bible study and going to camp.  

I grew up on my Dads construction sites and we would sing on the way to work admiring what a beautiful day it was. I was able to learn how to work and save money by sweeping floors or spotting nails in drywall. Some of my fondest memories are enjoying our homemade lunches on the tail gate of my Dads truck.

I had fun working towards college. I ran for Miss Poulsbo twice and was a Lion Leo. I earned a full ride scholarship from The Lorraine Carter Scholarship Trust Fund at Olympic College. I graduated with an Associate of Arts and Science Degree and Minor in Business. I am also a graduate at Context International.

Tamara Fischer, New Rotarian Profile Tamara Fischer 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z
First of a Series - ClubRunner Tips
First of a Series - ClubRunner Tips Meredith Green 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z
Dan Foley's Story

ImageHumble, Accomplished and Loved - the Story of Dan Foley

Butte, Montana has been the home for 3 generations of Foleys.   Dan's grandfather came from a large family who moved to Butte in the late 1800's to carve out a living in the mines.  They built one of the first mines in Butte, and Dan's grandfather worked with his 7 brothers to make a lot of money in the great Wild West.  But after he died, his brothers excluded Dan's grandmother from the profits so she raised Dan's dad plus his 7 siblings on her own. 

Dan's father grew up poor, but he didn't stay that way when he became an adult, rising through the mining ranks until he was the superintendent.  "Dad was a brilliant guy and he was a hard worker." Before he was married, Dan's dad was one of the first to be drafted into WWII from Montana, serving an unimaginable 8 years in active duty, from the start of the war until the end.  Dan's mom was born of two Irish immigrants and came from a very large family as well.

Dan Foley's Story Mary Nader 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z
Archive of Rotarian Profiles Available

Missed last week's Rotarian profiles?  Find a link in the "LINKS" section on the left-hand border.  Want to know more about these remarkable people?  We've established a blog that will keep track of all our profiles, searchable by month they were released as well as by name and other key words mentioned in their profiles.  You can check the profile archive out at



Archive of Rotarian Profiles Available Mary Nader 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z
Cristy arrives from Ecuador!

Cristina Vivas (AKA Cristy) has arrived from Ecuador!   Here is a little bit about Cristina.  She's from Latacunga, Cotopaxi in Ecuador.   ImageShe comes from a very close family rooted in values and their faith.  She has a 10 year old brother named Jason, her father serves in the Air Force and is also a commercial engineer and teaches at a university and her mother owns a small book store.   When Cristina isn't focused on her studies (she takes 15 classes), she loves playing her guitar, gymnastics, running and working with children (she teaches Catechism). 



Cristy arrives from Ecuador! Meredith Green 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z
Jim Schlachter, New Rotarian Profile

Personifying the Best of Rotarian Ideals

ImageNew Rotarian Jim Schlachter has the perfect kind of job.  As a project manager in the manufacturing industry, his work is largely done by computer and the occasional travel to the customer site.  "At this point in my career  I can work from practically anywhere, so we knew we could choose any place we wanted to live."  After years of having their home port decided by work requirements, they were thrilled to be able to decide where they would land, "the first move we've done on our own".  Of all the places in the world they could live, they chose Poulsbo, a very deliberate decision.

Jim Schlachter, New Rotarian Profile Mary Nader 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z
Al Townsend, Police Chief and Jeff Griffin, Fire Chief

Protecting Our Community and Helping, No Matter What the Request

ImageWe live our lives, busy and content and free from worry and fear, because there are members of our community who are quietly serving and protecting us so that we can.  This is the mission of our local police and fire departments, tasked with responding to emergencies and answering the call when trouble comes.  Representing the dozens of volunteers and officers who protecting and serving our community, Poulsbo Police Chief Al Townsend and Poulsbo Fire Chief Jeff Griffin addressed our Friday meeting.  Citing examples of

Al Townsend, Police Chief and Jeff Griffin, Fire Chief Mary Nader 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z
Mike Scott, Rotarian Profile

A Lifetime of Commitment

ImageIn a world where short attention spans can be the rule, where people often come and go in jobs and relationships, Mike Scott is an exception. Living a life of deep commitment, consistency in purpose and long-term relationships, Mike has been able to sculpt out a life that is rich and meaningful.  A theme that runs through his life is this constancy in purpose and adherence to high ethical standards and unwavering devotion to the people and projects which make up his core.


Our Rotary club is one of the valued elements of Mike's life, and from its earliest days, he has contributed to its growth and accomplishments, being a part of the Rotary for more than 25 years.  If he could have joined earlier in his life, he would have, because as a child in New Jersey then in Memphis, Mike knew local Rotarians and admired the work they were doing.  He knew that when he was old enough, he wanted to be a part of this group as they served their community.

Mike Scott, Rotarian Profile Mary Nader 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z
Friendship Exchange



A group of 12 Rotarians and spouses (or single Rotarians)
for a 15 day Rotary Friendship Exchange with District 1200 (England).

This Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) will see the District 1200 team in our district June 16-30, 2014 and our group visiting England September 16-30, 2014.


Friendship Exchange Meredith Green 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z
Welcome DJ Pete, our District Governor

District Governor Comes to Poulsbo Rotary September 6th


District Governor Pete Taylor was born in New Jersey, raised in Miami and attended Duke University, from which he embarked on a career in radio, advertising and public relations. His work life started as a rock DJ in Miami. After serving as music director/DJ in Honolulu, he went on to serve as VP/GM of stations WJIB Boston and KFOG San Francisco. He ran his own advertising and PR firm for 18 years in San Francisco before retiring in 1996, at which time he, his wife Kristine and son John moved to Tacoma. Seventeen years later, Kristine is now a recently-retired dietitian (just in time to help her hubby through his DG year) and John is an engineer in Everett, WA.

His Rotary life started in 1984 when some tennis-playing friends invited him to a meeting at San Francisco #2. Pete admits that "Service Above Self" had not exactly been his credo over the years. SF#2 was a grand old, 600-member club at the time and provided multiple opportunities to help others locally and internationally in an environment rife with successful and caring members. He was hooked, and went on to serve as club president and in several district capacities. He joined Tacoma #8 in 2002, and after several committee chairmanships, served as president in 2006-07. 

Pete is delighted to be back on the road again after having a great time during Pre-PETS visits. He looks forward to (1) working with President Craig Adams as he  leads the club through another outstanding year, (2) inviting you to the District Conference in Whistler May 2-4, 2014, and (3) seeing all of you when he visits the club on August 2!

Welcome DJ Pete, our District Governor Mary Nader 2013-08-22 00:00:00Z
More than a coffee shop

ImageA great cup of coffee comes with a chance to help our kids

The first year of a new business is undoubtedly the hardest, and such is the case for our new Coffee Oasis.  Business is growing but must grow further to keep the staff and options needed to support their mission.  The coffee and meal service pays for the good work being done for our at-risk youth, so our patronage is an investment in a community where our kids are safe and prospering.  Make a special effort to stop by and support this important service.

More than a coffee shop Mary Nader 2013-08-20 00:00:00Z
Long-time Rotarian profiled

Ardis Morrow, Storyteller and Community Activist


For as long as most Rotarians can remember, Ardis Morrow has helped kick off each Friday meeting with a story.  This tradition started in the 1980's when Bill Austin was serving as Fine Master one Friday and told Ardis could get out of a fine if she told a story.  Not only did she not have to pay the fine, but she told the story so well that the next week, she was asked for another and again the week after that.  These unexpected beginnings turned into a published book of stories and a unique part of the Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Friday meetings.

From the earliest days, her parents instilled in her a passion to work hard and to better the lives of those around her.  She’s passionate about excellence in education, working vigorously to improve standards and make schools a priority for all legislators and local leaders.  "Education is the key for everything",  Ardis insists, "and I don’t mind reminding newly-elected leaders of this.”  She served for years on the North Kitsap School Board to do what she could to improve education in our community.

Long-time Rotarian profiled Mary Nader 2013-08-17 00:00:00Z
Profile of Frances Malone

Meet Frances Malone, Pioneer and Crusader for Children

ImageFrances Malone came to Seattle when her family moved here from Kansas and settled in the Central Area in Seattle.  It was a diverse and welcoming neighborhood that later inspired her when she began her career in public relations and community activism.

She developed her writing and communications skills as an English major and later as an employee in the Public Relations office at Seattle University.  After marrying and taking time off to have a family, she returned to the work force as Public Relations Director for several organizations, including Weisfield's Corporation, Goodwill Industries and, for the 23 years before she retired, at the Seattle Times newspaper. By that time, she was a single parent raising three young sons, "not an easy proposition in those days". She worked hard and with the support of her boss and mentor at SU and a network of like-minded women -all of whom became life-long friends -she was able to accomplish a great deal in a time when women first began beating against that “glass ceiling” separating them from upper management positions.

Profile of Frances Malone Mary Nader 2013-08-17 00:00:00Z
Darryl Milton, our first New Rotarian Profile

Meet Darryl Milton, new Rotarian but lifelong resident

ImageIf you want to know a little about Poulsbo history, take some time to chat with new Rotarian Darryl Milton.  A member of this community since 1943, he can tell you about a Front street that was the only way to get to Bainbridge Island.  He could paint a picture of an even quainter downtown than it is today, with butcher shops and old-fashioned ice cream counters where you could spin on your seat while downing your milkshake.  He could talk to you about barrels of lutefisk that were on the street -  "every dog in town lifted his leg on those barrels."

Darryl will remind us of a time when all the boats in the marina were fishing boats, where everyone knew everyone and when the fire department was a place everyone used to gather to visit with each other because they had the time - they only received a fraction of the calls they get these days.

Darryl's family came to Poulsbo, one of the many Norwegians who migrated here because of its similarity to their homeland.  Darryl's mom was pure Norwegian and worked in a bank and his dad was a carpenter.  They raised their family with a strong work ethic and respect for the ways of their home town and its people.  Darryl learned early about the importance of service and that notion carried him through all of his life.  He worked for 35 years at Peninsula Truck Lines, an organization he respects because "we kept service levels high without laying anyone off all those years."

Darryl Milton, our first New Rotarian Profile Mary Nader 2013-08-17 00:00:00Z
Building Friendships Through Shared Service

Introducing New Rotarian/Current Rotarian Profiles

Some of the most interesting, accomplished people in our community come together every Friday morning to share the Rotarian spirit of service above self.  Each person, in his or her own right, has a story to tell that represents a broad range of occupations and experiences.  Learning more about our fellow Rotarians will invite closer connections and shared interests.  But in the short time we gather each week, it can be a challenge to get to know each other with any depth.  So we begin a series this week, where we interview new Rotarians and long-time members, telling their stories and helping us get to know each other a little bit better.

This week, we begin with new Rotarians Darryl Milton and Frances Malone as well as turn the spotlight on one of our long-time members, Ardis Morrow. 

Building Friendships Through Shared Service Mary Nader 2013-08-17 00:00:00Z
Schedule of Club Committee Meetings

Club committee meetings are displayed under "Club Events", on the left-hand side of the club bulletins and club website and at www.PoulsboRotary.org.  Links to the locations can be found if you click on those events.   Please check the calendar because times and locations may change. The regular meetings and locations are:

Club Board (Craig Adams) -- 2nd Wednesday, 7 AM -- City Hall Council Chambers
Community Service (Gaston Peter-Contesse) -- 1st Monday, 5:30 PM -- Tim Ryan Constuction Office
Domestic Violence (Chad Solvie) -- 4th Wednesday, 8 AM --- Martha & Mary Health & Rehab Ctr.
Homeless Youth (Meredith Green) --- 2nd Monday, 5 PM --- City Hall 3rd Floor Conf. Room
International Service (Marlene Mitchell) --- Last Monday, 4 PM --- Naveen Chaudhary's home
Membership --- 1st Monday, 7 AM --- 18887 State Highway 305 NE Conf. Room
Vocational Service (Mike Scott) --- 1st Wednesday, 5:30 PM --- Stella's Restaurant
Youth Service (Larry Bartholomew) --- Last Wednesday, 5:30 PM - Michele Doyle's Office

Schedule of Club Committee Meetings Meredith Green 2013-08-12 00:00:00Z
Gary Anderson Presents to Friday's Meeting


Bringing Finnish Images Through PoetryImage


With the mind of a historian and the heart of a poet, Gary Anderson, Rotarian of Finnish ancestry, took those attending Friday's meeting on a journey of cultural discovery.  He told us of hearty immigrants, living off the land and doing whatever was needed to carve out a new life in their new world.  By reading poetry he had written on the subject over the years, he was able to take us to a time and a place foreign to us all by painting a picture that will linger.


Gary Anderson Presents to Friday's Meeting Mary Nader 2013-08-06 00:00:00Z
For your surfing pleasure

Several Rotarians asked for the list of web sites mentioned in last week's fine session.  Here they are: (all are .coms)

ImageWhere Cool Things Happen:  This photo blog is dedicated to inspiring news in art, travel, lifestyle, gadgetry and most anything in life that will give you a "Wow" feeling.  (This picture is from "mind boggling plant structures".)

Mashable:  News covering social and digital media, technology and web culture.

Veegle:  Wide range of trivia and substantiated facts. 

ClimburA premium daily newsletter that inspires and motivates entrepreneurs to build successful companies by serving up exclusive, actionable insights from today’s leading technology entrepreneurs.

Lifetips:  People share useful personal nuggets of information they have gained over the years.

Mental Floss/Lumosity:  Aerobics for your brain.

The Chive:  all about random-but-interesting news, organized into cheeky categories that cover a wide range of topics.

Upworthy:  Inspiring, positive stories about the goodness of the human experience.

Storytelling for Good:  "Promoting goodness...inspiring greatness."

Noteworthy:  Ted Talks, Emilypost.com, Khan Academy or Udacity for extraordinary online classroom experiences.

And if all this information puts you on overload,

try "donothingfor2minutes.com".  It forces you to look at a picture of the ocean, listen to the waves and not move your mouse for 2 minutes.

For your surfing pleasure Mary Nader 2013-08-05 00:00:00Z
We are in this together

As part of its support for the Poulsbo Coffee Oasis, our Rotary purchased the espresso machine, withImage help from the District 5020 Gates Foundation matching grant. With the espresso machine the staff makes dozens of beautiful coffee drinks every day, the proceeds of which ultimately go to assisting at-risk youth in our area.  To make it official, President Craig Adams affixed a Rotary symbol to the gleaming machine as a reminder to all of the partnership and joint commitment we share.

We are in this together Mary Nader 2013-07-24 00:00:00Z
Recounting the Sacrifice of War

ImageWorld War II Veteran Shares His Story

When Dale Bowlin approached the podium at Friday's meeting, a hush fell upon the room.  We knew that with him came a story that we wanted to hear.  It was a story of World War II service and sacrifice beyond what most of us could ever relate to.  On the front in France near the end of the war, Dale was injured, a result of shrapnel that had cut his leg and left him bleeding on the countryside.  But a German soldier came to his aid, then took him to a German military hospital where he lost his leg but his life was saved.  He was a P.O.W. for several months until the end of the war.

It was obvious the details were still clear in his mind.  He could retell his experience moment by moment, but now with the observations and lessons learned that come after years of reflection. When he was asked during the Q&A how he felt about the German soldiers in light of his experience, he replied "I've wondered about this so many times through the years - would I, if the situation was reversed, risk my life to save the life of a German soldier?   I just don't know if I would have done it."  But his gratitude for the decision of this German soldier has formed his life ever since.  "I want to live the kind of life that would honor this soldier's decision to spare it."  Dale asked us to encourage anyone who has served in WWII to tell their story, to record it for the years to come. 

Recounting the Sacrifice of War Mary Nader 2013-07-24 00:00:00Z
Meredith Reports on a Busy Year as President
Meredith Reports on a Busy Year as President Mary Nader 2013-07-03 00:00:00Z
Graduation Day for the Buea School for the Deaf
Graduation Day for the Buea School for the Deaf Mary Nader 2013-06-26 00:00:00Z
A Rotary Promise Made Good
A Rotary Promise Made Good Mary Nader 2013-06-26 00:00:00Z
Earl Bell, author and coach, visits Poulsbo Rotary

The Secret to Success:  Winning = Service + Humility


Life is like a baseball game.   Most of its challenges can be faced by "stepping up the plate and swinging".  This is just one of the precious gems of wisdom passed along to Friday's Rotary meeting by Earl Bell, consultant, CFO and baseball coach.  Inspiring the group with his memorable observations, he summarized them all with his motto and the name of his book, "Winning = Service + Humility".  Mr. Bell reminds us that caring about others, bringing out their best and encouraging them to reach for their greatness will ultimately bring out the best in each of us.  Other memorable life lessons:

Leaders do the right thing; managers do things right.

  • Practice doesn't just make perfect, it makes permanent.  Whatever we do regularly makes this a permanent part of our character.  We need to decide what we want that to be.
  • Failure is a requirement of life and progress.  It is an essential step along the journey to success.
  • Pointing out to the glass-like calm of the morning water in Liberty Bay, Earl reminded us that servant leaders working together create a smooth, easy environment for all, like "5 am water".  Managers caught up in ego trips of competition and fighting for control create "5 pm water", choppy and unsettled.  

 Good advice and enduring lessons that will undoubtedly stay with us for some time to come. 

Earl Bell, author and coach, visits Poulsbo Rotary Mary Nader 2013-06-25 00:00:00Z
Poulsbo Rotary Wins Three Awards At District Conference
At the District 5020 conference, Poulsbo Rotary was awarded the Presidential Citation, The Club Builder Award, and Membership Attraction Award.  The Membership Award is because we've attracted 15 new members to our club this year, which helps us sustain our membership levels even though we lose members, primarily due to job changes.  The Presidential Citation recognizes Rotary clubs for achieving an array of accomplishments that help them become stronger, deliver more effective service, and enhance their public image.  By qualifying for the Presidential Citation, clubs contribute to Rotary's organizational goals and multiple the impact of their good work through the collective focus of 34,000 Rotary clubs worldwide.  Congratulations to the members and board of the Poulsbo Rotary Club for this recognition!
Poulsbo Rotary Wins Three Awards At District Conference Meredith Green 2013-06-20 00:00:00Z
Career Bridge

Welcome to a Potentially Life-Changing Resource – Really, No Kidding!Image

Steve Garfein has been working at the Rotary District 5020 on a Career Pathways project, and is very impressed by the quiz, which helps young and old figure out what careers to consider.   

To get started, type the following into your web browser: http://www.careerbridge.wa.gov/
Then click “TAKE A QUIZ”

Follow the instructions to create an account, and you are good to go!


See the PowerPoint examples here, and a list of participants in this pilot project here.

Career Bridge Meredith Green 2013-06-20 00:00:00Z
Friends of the Carpenter
ImageDuane Sich, Executive Director of Friends of the Carpenter, presented to the Poulsbo Rotary Club regarding their Day Shelter for the Homeless.  Friends of the Carpenter creates a safe place where homeless and volunteers work on wood projects.  The focus is more on the relationships, and the beautiful wood items he considers a byproduct. 
Friends of the Carpenter Meredith Green 2013-06-20 00:00:00Z
The Kvelstad Pavilion Gets a Makeover!
The Kvelstad Pavilion Gets a Makeover! Mary Nader 2013-06-12 00:00:00Z
Chamber ED Presents at Friday's Meeting

Big City Opportunities with a Small Town Feel


ImageKeeping a healthy balance between a growing, vibrant business community and the quaint charm of a small town can be an art, and Chamber Executive Director Jan Harrison understands this better than most.  Drawn to Poulsbo after she had visited many years ago because her visit "felt like home", she wants to protect the small town atmosphere which makes Poulsbo so attractive.  Creating a vital group of employers and businesses will keep Poulsbo's economy strong, offering employment and prosperity for all.  Jan's vision includes partnerships and collaborations as one of the keys to success, and she described the recent Cruise Tour as an example of this cooperation at its best.  She hopes to inspire more of these partnerships as Poulsbo "grows up" to a mid-city, while assuring the quality of life we have all come to love.


Chamber ED Presents at Friday's Meeting Mary Nader 2013-06-11 00:00:00Z
Rotary Awards $28,900 in College Scholarships

Investing in the Lives of Local Young People

ImageThere may be no better way to leverage the hard-earned money that Rotary raises every year than to invest it into the futures of our young people.  So money from endowments and "raise the paddle" at our auction went to 15 deserving students on their way to college in the fall, chosen from a field of 38 applicants.  As they each, in turn, told the club about their academic progress, their chosen college and their career hopes, all agreed that our future is in good hands.


Rotary Awards $28,900 in College Scholarships Mary Nader 2013-06-11 00:00:00Z
Rotarians at Kingston Middle School (KMS) Career Fair

This note from Doug Segur, counselor at KMS says it all:

Image It is with sincere, heartfelt gratitude that I extend the warmest Thank You to each of you for your contribution to our school this morning.  It’s the end of the school year, kids are barely staying tuned in, and you held them this morning.   We’ve heard from staff all day that it was a positive event.

   Tomorrow we get the true test of the value of the event - the students’ perspective via a feedback survey. Going simply by their behavior this morning, I think they enjoyed the Fair.

  Thank you for giving of your time, your life experience, your expertise, and yourselves.  I sincerely hope that you found the investment in time to be worthwhile.  I also hope we are able to make this an annual event, and more importantly, that this might be the beginning of a relationship between our organizations that will be mutually beneficial.  Our kids NEED (and like) this kind of contact with the larger community and I think it helps Rotary to be more effective by actually being IN the schools, seeing more closely what’s going on.

Rotarians at Kingston Middle School (KMS) Career Fair Meredith Green 2013-06-06 00:00:00Z
MultiClub Fireside
Rick King, Past President of Rotary International 2001-02, spoke at a MultiClub Fireside hosted by the Poulsbo, ImageKingston, and Bainbridge Island Rotary Clubs at Whitehorse Golf Club in Kingston.  Over 200 Rotarians and their families, from the Bremerton, East Bremerton, Silverdale, and host clubs attended.  The fellowship was fantastic, a slideshow of our club's projects provided an overview of our service to the community, the 12 year old daughter of Rotarian Amy Sanford awed us with her rendition of God Bless America, and we were all inspired by Rick King's message.
MultiClub Fireside Meredith Green 2013-06-05 00:00:00Z
Sandy Church Talks About His Grandfather


A Great American Artist and Sculptor is Remembered


When Sandy Church, founder of Liberty Bay Auto and art enthusiast, asked Friday's meeting attendees who had ever heard of Alexander Phimister Proctor, a surprising number of hands were raised.  For these folks, the reputation of the great artist of statues and memorials had reached them.  Whether they had visited his work at the museum when it was housed in the Sons of Norway hall or admired the huge statues on display all over the country, there was clearly great appreciation for the immortalized work of a local pioneer.

This great artist was the grandfather of Sandy Church, and as he grew up hearing stories of the wild west from this sturdy, patriotic man, he learned to admire his work and his legend. "Proctor was a genuine Westerner whose love of the American wilderness - its social and natural history - never left him." He began collecting pieces from art collections around the world after his granddad had passed, and when he had amassed thousands of pieces, he decided the work should be shared with the world. 

Along with the huge memorial statues of horses and heroes located in cities throughout the country, his work is on display in a Buffalo Bill museum in Bellingham, WA.  You can learn more about this artist and his work at www.proctormuseum.com.

Sandy Church Talks About His Grandfather Mary Nader 2013-06-04 00:00:00Z
Eli's Place Gets a Spring Sprucing
Eli's Place Gets a Spring Sprucing Mary Nader 2013-05-28 00:00:00Z
Kenyan Well Project Being Considered


Bringing Life-Giving Water to Stella's People

ImageFor most people who have lived in poverty, it is enough to break out of that past and reach for a better life for themselves.  Having grown up in a tiny village in western Kenya, Stella Lugalia did not even know if there would be water.  Indeed, the women walked for many hours, carrying heavy jugs on their heads in order to just have enough water for cooking.  Last spring Stella gave a heart-felt presentation to the Club about her desire to help her village with a new well.  She could have walked away.  She has a good job for the State of Washington, her girls are in school, she has even brought her mother here from Imasaba, a world away.  Instead, she has asked us for help for the villagers left behind, still struggling with daily living.  Walt Washington led a response to her call for help. Recently, a few members from the Club met with Stella and her mother to discuss how we can help.  We will be starting the discovery process as soon as Stella is able to reach someone in the village who can provide us with information to determine what the villagers need regarding the water for their village.  We are looking forward to learning more from Stella.

Kenyan Well Project Being Considered Gayle Heller 2013-05-22 00:00:00Z
Latest news from "Much Ado About Paris"

ImageLocal Rotarians Join Hugh and Brenda Prowse in Southern France

For those of us who want to visit Paris this time of year and can't, there is a wonderful, picturesque substitute:  Hugh and Brenda Prowse's blog.  The latest installment starts, "Last week, we had the pleasure of joining friends from Poulsbo, Karl and Kelly Hadley, Jim and Sharon Moore and the former Rotary exchange student Flora Midiou and her boyfriend Julien Plubel on a wonderful barge trip on the Canal Du Midi in Southern France.  Now I better understand the song from Camelot, 'It's May, the lusty month of May!'"

Their beautiful description of this trip will put you there and the amazing slide show will too.  It can be read by visiting http://muchadoaboutparis.com/parisblog/.



Latest news from "Much Ado About Paris" Mary Nader 2013-05-22 00:00:00Z
Filling Fishline's shelves for the summer

2013 Stamp Out Hunger Drive Brings Thousands of Pounds of Food to Fishline

ImageBecause of  the efforts  of over 140 volunteers, 11 Rotarians, 30 postal workers and over 1,000 community members who donated food, this year's Stamp Out Hunger food drive was a success for the clients who need Fishline's services to provide for their families.  13,400 pounds of food were gathered that day, which equates to about 350 banana boxes full of canned goods, boxed meals, peanut butter and even dog and baby food.  Though this result was a little less than last year, it was not nearly the drop experienced by all other county food banks, some of which had a 60% reduction from last year. 

Thanks to all the Rotarians, their family members, and friends who gave up their Saturday to drive routes to pick up food, joined the crew at the Post Office dock to sort through the incoming donations or left a bag filled with donations next to the mailbox.  Special thanks to Ann Pyles who organized the Rotarian involvement. 

Filling Fishline's shelves for the summer Mary Nader 2013-05-22 00:00:00Z
"From Hope to Home", a foster care success story


ImageTim and Naomi Nichols Honored as Exemplary Foster Parents

On Monday, April 29, supporters and families gathered at Amara’s luncheon From Hope to Home to celebrate the joy of finding lifelong families and the positive impact for children in foster care who have been  abused or neglected.

One constant of the luncheon for the last six years has been the presentation of the Stella Mae Carmichael award. Stella Mae was a mother from Bellingham and hero in the world of fostering. She positively influenced the lives of hundreds of children she fostered in her lifetime. Her eponymous award honors foster and foster‐to‐adopt families in Washington who open their hearts and homes in exceptionally kind and selfless ways to our community’s children in foster care.

This year’s honored family, the Nichols of Kitsap County, was nominated and selected from many compelling entries. Their journey to becoming a family with two sons and two daughters, who came to the family through adoption, is an inspiring tale spanning several years with many characters involved. (If you missed the luncheon, watch this moving 5-minute video [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GafDSg5Wnno] and catch yourself up on the family’s story.)

Both girls fought for their lives at young ages—one as a premature infant who spent the first months of her life in the hospital before the Nichols adopted her. The other girl, a very determined toddler, emerged from a month-long coma after being abused. Her resulting near blindness and struggles to walk didn’t stop her from thriving in her Amara forever family.  When this inspiring family of six stepped on stage to accept their award, the room of 600 supporters honored them by standing and applauding joyfully. The strong sense of community was palpable.

(From King 5 Blog, written by Danielle Hermeler, Amara Communications Director)

"From Hope to Home", a foster care success story Mary Nader 2013-05-15 00:00:00Z
Increasing Options for Today's Students

Rotary Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) program


The Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) is a Rotary District 5020 effort to raise the awareness of students to the multiple pathways to education and career success; alternatives to going directly to 4-year universities following high school. This awareness formally begins in middle school.  Doug Segur, national board certified counselor at Kingston Middle School, presented the Navigation 101 program, an education and career readiness program for grades 6 to 12. Students explore their interests and aptitudes, potential vocations and careers, and develop portfolios to track their middle school performance and guide their high school course decisions.  The result has been an increase in college admissions, reduction in high school drop-outs.  www.Navigation101.com .


As important as college admission is the ability of low-income students to afford it.  Pat Jensen is Regional Director for the College Bound (CB) Scholarship program. Low-income and foster youth apply for the CB scholarship in the 7th or 8th grade, and have to maintain a 2.0 GPA through high school.  The goal is to improve high school graduation rates and college enrollment for low-income students. 130,000 students in Washington are enrolled. In 2012 4,200 received CB scholarships to colleges and vocational/technical schools.  Based on 2012 data, CB scholarship students graduated at a 79% rate, versus 60% for eligible but un-enrolled students.  www.collegebound.wa.gov


On Thursday June 6, the Rotary CPI program is sponsoring a Career Information Day at Kingston Middle School, 8:30 to 10:30 AM.  We need 10-20 Rotarians from various vocations to share their careers and education experiences with 200 middle school students, and answer their questions. For planning purposes, we need to know by this Friday May 17th if you are interested in this opportunity.  Contact Gary Nakamura for information on this event. nakamura@berkeley.edu , 206 201 3416.

Increasing Options for Today's Students Gary Nakamura 2013-05-14 00:00:00Z
Why Eradicate Polio??
ImagePoulsbo Rotarian Rob Gelder visited a museum in Indiana and sent some photos, which reminded me why we should continue our efforts to eradicate polio.  It has been so long since we've had a case in the United States that we forget that so many people suffered here.  We haven't had to worry about the braces and iron lungs for decades.  Shouldn't we work to make sure that none of our global neighbors need to be faced with this dreadful disease?  Wouldn't it be nice if polio existed only in museums?
Why Eradicate Polio?? Meredith Green 2013-05-09 00:00:00Z
Watson Furniture CEO Talks with Rotary

ImageProfitability with a Conscience a Winning Formula

When Clif McKenzie of Watson Furniture speaks, people listen, and that was certainly true when Clif addressed our Friday Rotary meeting.  While leading a prosperous manufacturing facility, carving out a niche for specialized office furniture that has become a leader in its field, he has done so in a way that benefits people and planet.  Clif has found the perfect synergy of stewardship and profitability, and he doesn't believe them to be mutually exclusive.  The success of Watson furniture can be tracked back to fundamental principles that guide strategy and day-to-day operations, all the while looking to the future where "we return this world in better condition than we found it."  A near-zero waste percentage is just one way that Watson's shows its commitment to practical conservatism.

His organization focuses on people ("We believe in the dignity of the working man and woman."),  responsible leadership (”The frontier is our home. We continually forge new ground and set standards that raise the bar of excellence in our markets.") and customer service ("We strive to astound and delight every customer. No level of service short of this objective is acceptable.”).  Watson's hires the best, provides a healthy working wage with good benefits and expects hard work from each employee.  But Clif is working right there beside his team, leading by example and through his visionary ideas. 

To learn more about Watson Furniture and its guiding principles, visit them at www.watsonfurniture.com.

Watson Furniture CEO Talks with Rotary Mary Nader 2013-05-08 00:00:00Z
Helping Youth Succeed

ImageBoys and Girls Clubs Help Youth Find Their Potential

What if you could increase a young person's chances of graduation from High School and then increase their potential in higher education?  What if you could keep our youth from getting into trouble or using drugs?  What if you could help a young person explore their potential and feel part of something important and worthwhile?

These are not questions for the Boys and Girls Clubs, this is the reality.  By offering a teen center open every day after school, where kind and caring youth leaders teach character development, career choices, healthy lifestyles, culture and the arts and sports and fitness, local youth are offered the mentorship they need to grow up strong.  Kristin Shiplet talked to our Friday meeting about the good work done by this club throughout our country and in our neighborhoods. 

Karlee Cossette, a member of the Boys and Girls Clubs and 2013's Youth of the Year, told her riveting and touching story about being a mother at 16 but, thanks to the help of this club, went on to graduate with her peers in 2013 and will pursue her goal of a doctorate in physical therapy. 

Kristin showed a wonderful video that you can see again at:  http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2013/04/pajaki-chandelier-diy.html

Contact Kristin at shipletk@bgcsps.org to learn more about the Boys and Girls Club. 

Helping Youth Succeed Mary Nader 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z
The Poulsbo Rotary Auction Raises Over $90,000
The Poulsbo Rotary Auction Raises Over $90,000 Mary Nader 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z
Rand Recognized



Not one to seek recognition for himself, Rand Hillier was indeed surprised to be given a certificate of appreciation by several of our Rotarians who are also members of Caring Clowns International (CCI)…clowns, Rotarians?  Why doesn’t that surprise anyone?

CCI has a long standing partnership with our Rotary Club, providing funds to nonprofits helping children in need which our Rotary Club also supports.

CCI recently awarded $2,000 to Facing Africa – a nonprofit which provides surgical repair for children in Ethiopia suffering from a facial flesh eating disease called NOMA.  The grant was given in honor of Rand for his years of support to CCI.

Rand’s only comment was “Well, I guess I’ll have to replace that $2,000.”  That says it all about him.

Thank you Rand for all you do for others – from all of us (not just those clowns!)

Rand Recognized Jed Selter 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z
Ready for Viking Fest
ImageRotarian Jack Archer, along with several volunteers, has been busy building a float for Poulsbo Rotary to use.  We're signed up to walk in the Viking Fest parade on May 18th, and we'll also help out with parade management.  Please save the date and expect more information to follow.
Ready for Viking Fest Meredith Green 2013-04-24 00:00:00Z
Exchange Student Jenny Ryder reports from Belgium

ImageJenny Ryder writes "The last few months of my exchange have been a whirlwind of changes and experiences. Belgium is treating me well, and I am forever grateful to the Rotarians who decided to place me here. Here is a little update of the past four months.

Jenny's letter is an inspiration for any student who might consider an exchange experience.  Truly, when one reflects on the global understanding youth develop through exchange programs, world peace seems possible.

Read Jenny's entire letter and see more photos her