Meeting Teardown Tasks

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 Here is what needs to be done during teardown:

  • Sound System:
    • Turn the master volume down all the way before turning off the unit
    • Turn off the unit using the switch on the power strip next the amplifier
    • Leave the wireless microphone transmitter connected, and place it inside the roll away cabinet
    • Disconnect the microphones and speakers.  
    • Coil the microphone, speaker, and power cords on the hooks on the back of the roll away cabinet
    • Disconnect the laptop sound cord and put it in the cabinet
    • Disconnect the video cord for the laptop.  The white cord stays on the wall.  The black goes in the cabinet.
    • Place the speakers on top of the roll away cabinet
    • The speaker stands go in the metal cabinet outside the coat closet by the front door.
  • Podium/Lecturn
    •  * Leave the middle shelf open in the rollaway cabinet.  The badge boxes will go there *
    • Podium banner: rolled up and placed in the roll away cabinet
    • Microphones (Wired, Wireless, and Lapel):  Disconnect from the wires, and place in the roll away
    • Bell: In the roll-away cabinet
    • Fine Buckets: roll-away cabinet
    • Gavel: Roll-away cabinet
    • Speaker gifts: roll-away cabinet
    • The podium itself stays out (it belongs to the Sons)
  • Flags and banners
    • Nation flags (US, Canada, exchange student) and the flag stand: These go in the cabinet outside the coat closet
    • Trading flag banners: cabinet outside the coat closet
    • Club banner and stand:  cabinet outside the coat closet
  • Front door table:
    • Badge boxes:  Collect any badges from stragglers, and then place the badge boxes in the roll-away cabinet
    • Cash box: Roll-away cabinet
    • Paperwork: Place on top the badge boxes inside the roll-away cabinet
    • Fraffle basket and tickets: roll-away cabinet
  • Roll-away Cabinet:
    • After everything is in it, roll it into the double door closet where the table and chairs are.  And push it up against the metal cabinet inside the closet.
  • Parking Space Sandwich Boards:
    • There are two sandwich boards in front of the parking spaces in front. They can be picked up and put just inside the front door in the corner