Meeting Setup Tasks

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Meeting Setup Instructions

Initial Instructions

  • All left & right directions are as if facing the front from the back of the room.
  • Move “Reserved” Sandwich Boards from inside front door to in front of parking spaces 2 and 3.
  • If not on, turn on 3 light switches in foyer
  • Turn on all meeting room lights except “hanging strands.” 2nd set past storage closet.
  • Lower projector screen (switch between 3rd and 4th windows.) Move obstacles out of the way.
  • Lower window shades on all 4 windows.
  • If necessary, move podium between 2nd and 3rd row of tables along with small table

Front Door Greeter Table Items

  • Roll Sound System Cabinet (in storage closet) to Greeter’s table and remove badge boxes (3), cash box, Fraffle basket & sign-up sheets.
  • Remove covers from badge boxes and place on floor beside greeter’s table.
  • Place Fraffle restriction & Sign-Up reminder signs on Table.
  • Write meeting date on sign-up sheets.

Flags and Banners (cabinet by coat closet)

  • Move large speaker stands to front of room. Pull up center pole and insert metal pin in first hole to prevent collapse.
  • Roll Sound System cabinet to front of room in front of power outlet below left window. Place one speaker on left speaker stand as you go by. 
  • Don’t plug in cabinet power cord!
  • Move flag stand and National Flags (US, Canada & Exchange Student) to center front of room. Shorter brown staff goes on exchange flag.
  • Put up club trading flag banners (use yellow pole to put up on hooks. (Move drink table if necessary.) Large banners in storage closet.
  • Move Club banner and small stand to front of room to left of sound cabinet.

Sound System Setup

  • Put remaining speaker on right speaker stand
  • Unwrap the two speaker cables and run to the speakers. Keep cables against the wall.
  • Loop cable once around the stand and plug into speaker (left plug).
  • Unwrap podium microphone cable and run against wall to podium mike stand.
  • Remove wired and wireless microphones from left side of amplifier. Plug cable into wired mike and set in podium mike holder. Set wireless mike on podium.
  • Remove wireless microphone device from left of amplifier and place on top of cabinet.
  • Remove video cable from 2nd shelf and plug into projector connector (between 2nd and 3rd windows). Run against wall to podium. One loop around microphone stand.
  • NOW, Plug cabinet power cord into wall outlet.
  • Turn on all units using power strip switch (located all the way in the back to the right of the amplifier).
  • Set master volume control (lower right) to 2 o’clock position. Leave all other controls as set.
  • Place Bell, Gavel and Fine Buckets on table to right of podium.
  • Unroll banner located in front of amplifier and hang on front of podium